Questions 2024

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Just reading incisions cut one love night games just ordered book 2 what are your favourite movies and albums of the year all the best from Liverpool
Steven Houghton

Hi Steve, many thanks for messaging. Glad you're enjoying Incisions. I'm thinking of doing a third volume (might as well use the material I've got... Lol) I am appallingly out of touch with new music so I can't give you a list, Steven. I'm still listening to 80's rock lol... Favourite films is not easy either because I haven't been impressed by too much. I'd go with Sisu, The Northman, Crimes of the Future and Barbarian (unless I got the year wrong with that one). Sorry to sound like a miserable old bastard but, as I said, I find that so little at the cinema impresses me anymore. Ah, well. Thanks again for your message, Steven.

Hi Shaun
Bloody working Christmas Day looking after the Eye, but Just read the Christmas Rant and I'm giggling here like a crank. So glad you have lost none of your venom towards these people who claim to be celebrities. Like you I remember good times and excellent television, I watch repeats of so much, Sweeny, Columbo, Hammer Horrors anything from my past that contained talent, anything concerning Morecambe and Wise, two Ronnies and I am battling with my Daughter who reckons Hawaii Five O is great but I have informed her that unless Jack Lord is in it saying “ book em Dano, Murder one, two counts” what's the point.
Anyway, I told you I was struggling to find Incisions, I do not shop online so struggling but two presents from my daughter this morning, Incisions cut 1 and 2. Needless to say, I am going to enjoy reading these over the next couple of weeks, in between work and will give you feedback. Have a superb Christmas with your family, I hope you did not have to act aggressively in your hunt for Roses this year and again, when you are down this way, giving me a couple of days notice, do not hesitate to ask for tickets.
All best
John Elliot

Hi John, many thanks for your message. Working Xmas day must be a pain. Who the hell goes out on Xmas day??? Some great programmes you mentioned there, John. I'm with you as far as Hawaii Five O goes... lol...
I'm so pleased you managed to get hold of Incisions 1 and 2 finally. I hope you enjoy them and please let me know what you think. Favourite stories etc. Anything you think that maybe didn't work.
I will definitely let you know if I'm in London and would love to take you up on your offer. I've never been to the London Eye. Thanks again for your message, John.

Hi Shaun.
First off, big fan but not much for reading so thank the lord for audio books.
Now, favourite book of yours is an oldie, Renegades... Such an amazing idea.
I came across an uncorrected proof of it which is in proud place on my very limited book shelf.
Would you please consider signing it over to me.
That's it, not a huge thing but huge for me.
Hope to get hear from you soon.
Many thanks
Kev Alexander

Hi Kev, thank you for messaging. Glad you're enjoying the audio books. I can understand that it is a great alternative to actually sitting there with a book in your hand. A friend of mine listens to them all the time (not mine... Lol...) An uncorrected proof of Renegades!!! Bloody hell, even I haven't got one of those, Kev. I would be only too happy to sign it for you if you trust the post office to get it to my publisher who will forward it to me. Many thanks again for getting in touch.

Hi Shaun,
Presently I am perusing your novel 'X The Unknown' and will mince no words in appreciating your pain and efforts in gifting such a wondrous literature to the literary enthusiasts like us. The novel is yet to reach the culmination. Previously I watched the flick but it had put me in a state of commotion to a considerable extent, for the reason of which I picked up your book to unveil the exact mystery behind the occurrence of a dreadful monster lurking beneath the earth in Birminghamshire. But now the complex things are gaining access to my cerebrum and am to follow the story without impediments.
I have also glanced the other titles of yours and felt that you have a strong fervour for horror. The twins of evil was also an amazing read!
My query is how come you have managed to write brain teasing SciFi novel though with a slight mix of horror with so much expertise and ease.
Also I would be grateful if you give some pieces of advice to the aspiring writers.
Thank you,
Pavan Kumar

Hi Pavan, thanks for getting in touch. I'm really glad you enjoyed X The Unknown and Twins of Evil. Normally I say that novelizations shouldn't change the originals too much but, with X The Unknown, the threat of nuclear war etc. was stronger in the 50's when it was made so I felt I had to alter the threat a bit. I loved writing it and I love the original film. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Tips for budding authors... Hmmm... That's a difficult one. I would say never give up is the most important. Believe in yourself. Don't let family members or friends read your stuff because the only opinions that matter in the end are those of an agent or publisher. Write the sort of stuff YOU would want to read. Write about what you know and just let your imagination go wild!!! Never try to follow trends. As I said, write what YOU want to write. You'll get there in the end.

Hi Shaun
I know it's a bit late but Happy and Hopefully a Prosperous New Year, Really enjoyed both books. As usual once started couldn't put them down.
Any date set for the release of your new book?
I know You enjoy the cinema have You seen Napoleon? Comments please.
I was disappointed! Years ago in the 60s70s 80s you could see a film and couldn't wait to watch again.
Now one viewing is enough, anyway better stop here or I will end up doing a rant like yourself which I enjoy Keep Safe.
Kind Regards
Mike Blake

Hi Mike. A happy new year to you too. It's never too late for good wishes lol. Glad you liked the books. I haven't got a date for the new one yet mainly because I haven't finished the bloody thing lol... I'm with you on Napoleon, Mike. I really wanted to like it but I think the historical fuck ups just go too much and it annoyed me that the young Napoleon was presented as so dull. The real guy was dynamic and, well, you don't conquer half of Europe otherwise do you? Even the battle scenes weren't as good as I was hoping. I also agree with you about one viewing for most films now being a one watch. I've got films on dvd which I happily watch over and over again but most are from the years you mention. Nothing wrong with a rant every now and then Mike...

Dear Mr Hutson,
me and my friends are big fans of your books and we were wondering, would it be possible to send somewhere our Czech copies to be signed and inscribed by you? Of course we'd pay for all the shipping included.
Thank you very much.
Best wishes,
Petr Uvizl

Hi Petr, thanks so much for the kind words. I'm glad you an your mates like my books. I'd be more than happy to sign them for you but you'd have to send them to my publisher first. If you drop him a line I'm sure he'd be pleased to help. He's good like that. Thanks again for getting in touch.

Hello from the bottom of the world.
Just want to say thanks for your great writing, from a 52 year old New Zealand fan.
I found a copy of CHAINSAW TERROR in a very small second-hand book store here in 1990, still got it.
Is it true that there cut and uncut versions of this released, as I've read conflicting posts on the web.
Also, your stories kept me sane in the early 90s, when New Zealand was part of the 'video nasties' rubbish going on with certain films being banned, so after having to go to court and being fined $1000 for importing the likes of Cannibal Holocaust, etc... I found solace in the blood spattered pages you wrote.
Fun times!
James Packman
New Zealand

Hi James, thanks for getting in touch. Chainsaw Terror... Wow, one of my favourites lol... It's being re-issued in the States later this year so hopefully it'll be possible to get hold of a new copy too. The story about it being available in an uncut version is probably bollocks. I know at one time copies of the uncut manuscript were being sold "under the counter" in a bookshop in Birmingham for 75 quid a time (back in 1984) but even I haven't got an uncut one now. There was some talk of it being re-published and me trying to put back the missing bits. I'd be interested to do that. Your encounters with court because of video nasties is interesting!! It's ridiculous how some films were held responsible for the collapse of society back then. As the man dubbed “the initiator of the literary nasty” I know only too well lol. Anyway keep your eyes open for that new edition of Chainsaw Terror and thanks again for getting in touch.

Right, that's it for another month. Keep the questions coming. I love getting them. There should be some news soon on the next release from me. I'm doing my best for you wonderful bastards.
Take it easy.