Frequently Asked Questions

If one of your books featuring Sean Doyle was made into a film, which actor would you personally like to see play him?

Hugh Jackman (Wolverine in 'X-Men') or Gary Oldman (as he looked in the film 'State of Grace').

What is your secret pseudonym?

J K Rowling (believe that, you'll believe anything...) Just kidding. Not telling, well, not just yet anyway.
My pseudonyms are:
Robert Neville
Nick Blake
Frank Taylor
Tom Lambert
Samuel P. Bishop
Wolf Kruger
Stefan Rostov
Nick Shadow
Spike T. Adams
Daniel Graves

I've seen some war stories written by a Shaun Hutson. Surely that isn't you?

Yes, the war stories were written by me, years ago. Now only available in libraries.

Any chance of a signed book?

You post your book to my publisher, together with return postage, to:

Shaun Hutson
c/o Darren Laws,
Caffeine Nights Publishing,
4 Eton Close,

How can I book you to appear at a signing / shop opening / library / etc.?

You can't I'm afraid. I don't do signings, shop openings or anything like that anymore. Sorry.

I want to be an author. What advice would you give me? How do I get published?

Write want you want to write and then hope to God that someone wants to publish it. That's what I always used to do. Otherwise, get an agent. There are a list of them in the WRITER'S AND ARTIST'S YEARBOOK which is available in all libraries (remember them?) and should be available online too I would have thought. A good agent knows how to guide you and your work and will give you invaluable advice as well as knowing what publishers are looking for etc. etc. But bear in mind they're not miracle workers...

Could you send me a signed photograph or autograph?

In a word, no!! Sorry about that but I don't have author photographs taken any more (trust me, you should thank me...) As for autographs then send whatever you want signing to the address above, (again with return postage). Warning though, it might take a while.

Which book by any other author would you recommend to a die-hard Hutson fan?

The Exorcist or Legion by William Peter Blatty.
The Keep by F. Paul Wilson.

Are any of your books that are out of print going to be re-published?

It's unlikely that any of the pseudonymous ones will be but the ones under my own name are in the pipeline with Caffeine Nights and Audible.

Do you do book signings?

Not anymore. I didn't do them much even at the beginning. Not really my thing...

I've never read any of your books, but what would be a good one to start with?

RENEGADES, SPAWN, RELICS, ASSASSIN or DYING WORDS. All are what I'd call quintessential Hutson books. All have got my "trademark" style.

Will you read my manuscript/story/poem?

At the risk of sounding like a miserable bastard, I just don't do that I'm afraid. As in I don't read. Also, just because I earn a living writing doesn't mean I'm qualified to know what's good and what isn't. Leave it to the experts, i.e. agents and editors.

When is your next book out?

Publication dates vary, check on Caffeine Nights and Audible's websites.

Sean Doyle is featured in what books?


Where do you get your ideas from?

Real life mostly, believe it or not. Small snippets of things that have happened in real life then I've just expanded on that central idea.

What do you think of the "survival horror" genre of game, like Resident Evil? Do you think your books have inspired them?

I quite like these games although I can never get past the first level. (I can just about manage a football game...) I would like to think that my books have inspired them (if they have I'd like some of the royalties...)

I'm sure I have a watched a film based on one of your books. Have any of your books been made into films or are any planned for the future?

The only book to make it onto film is Slugs, but do yourselves a favour a don't bother watching it, it's awful! But I must admit to having a soft spot for it simply because it was based on my novel. It isn't as appalling as some people might have you believe (I've seen worse) but CITIZEN KANE it ain't.

Read the Internet Movie Database ( entry for Slugs here

When do you update the site? Why isn't the site updated more often?

I don't run the site, that's done by Graeme Sayer. Whenever I have something I want you all to know I send it to Graeme and he puts it on the site for me. As well as this, Graeme sends me your questions once a month and I reply as soon as I can, so the site is normally updated at least once a month.

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