Questions 2012


Firstly congratulations on some amazing books - loved them all. I was wondering if you would be able to help me. My other half Peter is an avid reader of your books, and has been for as long as I can remember, and as a fellow MiltonKeynesian I was wondering (and I bet you have heard this a million times) if you would be able to do me the greatest of favours, and sign a copy of your latest book for him.
He was about to purchase epitaph, and I put him off as he is a hard man to buy for, and was wondering, if possible, if you could do that for me. I am more than happy to pay you for it, or make a donation to a specific charity - we support SANDS and selfishly donate to them every opportunity following the loss of our Son.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Best Wishes,

Thank you for the kind comments, Sarah, glad your husband likes my books. I don't know how I'm going to sign and get a book to you if I've got nowhere to send it... so if you want to forward an address to the site I'll do my best... hope that's ok.

Hi Shaun,
I've just started reading Purity, and found that it gets to chapter thirty two, and then jump's to chapter forty one and then the chapters repeat themselves from forty one to chapter forty six?
Please help, a confused reader

It was obviously a publishers cock up, Diane, I'm really sorry about that... God knows what happened. I don't think it was in the original version, maybe you read a reprint that no one checked!!!! Obviously someone somewhere should have checked the finished copies if it was a reprint but apparently this hasn't been done. This should not have happened as you might have guessed and I can only apologise for this. I wish there was something I could do about it. I would say hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment but obviously it will spoil your enjoyment completely... .sorry again... try writing to the publishers and complaining... they might even send you a decent copy if they've still got any in print (but don't hold your breath..) Sorry once again.

Hi Shaun, Hope all is well with you? I have enjoyed he hammer book that you have done. Just having a thought about your old works. I am finding it hard to get some of the early items that you wrote. I was thinking any chance f you do electric versions of these? You could charge people for these via this website? Good luck in your writing of your new stuff and keep your chin up. What do yu think of the new Liverpool manager?
Take care
Guy (any chance of the sign manuscript that I mention in the past to you?)

Hello, Guy, glad you've enjoyed the novelizations... I have a feeling I enjoyed writing them more than some people enjoyed reading them... ha ha... I think the publishers have just let the early stuff go out of print... there are e-book editions of some but I'm not sure which. New Liverpool manager... ask me again in a few months... all the best, mate.

Hey Shaun
Loved the Cheryl Cole comment in your last post mate, cracked me up totally. Just wanted to say glad to hear you've got a couple of ideas for upcoming novels. Good to see new releases on sale by yourself and James Herbert. I know a lot of your fans (and you do have a lot, mate) would like to see the return of Sean Doyle but, and I am speaking about myself here, would love to learn more about Nick Ryan. That character was so enjoyable and easy to relate with - why did you have to waste him in his first book. Perhaps it would've been interesting to have done something with both Doyle and Ryan? I don't know - you're the author who writes what others don't dare, not me! Knowing you're something of a moviegoer (and a lethal critic on occasions) just wondering your top 10 of all time? I assume Wild Bunch would be number 1? For me Duel, The Thing, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn of the Dead and From Dusk till Dawn would make the grade.
Anyway, regards to you and yours
James the Arsenal Fan.

Hi, James, good to hear from you (a good win for your boys at the weekend against Spurs... ) Yes I've got ideas but probably no good ones... !!! The return of Doyle would be great, I'll have to see how it goes. I actually had a story to write with him in it but don't hold your breath!!!... to be honest I always intended putting Matt Franklin (from Necessary Evil) and Doyle together in a book (Franklin as the sort of apprentice if you like) but obviously that will never happen now... Ryan couldn't really have survived in any way shape or form I don't think... .My top ten films of all time... bloody hell that is really really difficult but I'll have a go and you might be surprised at some of goes... 1. Taxi Driver/The Wild Bunch (impossible to choose between them) The Godfather (parts 1 and 2) Psycho, Alien, A Man for All Seasons, Straw Dogs, Cross of Iron, Jaws, Network,The Exorcist... er... that's more than ten I think and there are probably others too but that would be the basis of it... how's that? Mostly non horror as you can see... but there are so many films I love and admire but the ones I've mentioned are ones I could watch over and over again without bothering and also ones I've learned so much from (and probably ripped off over the years... ha, ha..) Take care, mate and hope the wife and youngster are doing well too.

Hi Shaun, Please, please, please could you please send me a signed photograph of yourself as I really think you are one of the greatest horror writers of all time. You probably hear it all the time and obviously know your brilliant so I'm really sorry that this is not an original fan email. I did try to think of something clever and witty to write but my brain just didn't want to know. I have always loved your books, even when I was at school. The first one I read was"Slugs" and I was completely blown away. It was shocking and thrilling and gripped me right until the end and so ever since then I have read every one of your books (or at least I think I have, I can't think of any I haven't got). You just seem so down to earth and I'm loving your website and your comments you write.
Oh dear, I'm sorry, I'm rambling and probably boring you so I'd better go and send this before I decide to delete it all because I just write twaddle.
Kindest Regards,
Jennie Goulding

Ah, Jennie, a signed photo... do you want to keep people away from your door then... ? I don't think I actually have any at the moment (not that photogenic you know... ). And don't worry about praising me in the e-mail..I like feel free to ramble as much as you like... God knows I do enough of it. I would like to think I'm down to earth and it's nice to be appreciated. Take care and I'll do my best with the photo but trust me... you might be more relieved if you don't get one... it's not a pretty sight!!!

Hi Shaun.
I have emailed you many times, so you know I love your stories. That is my question. When are we going to have a Shaun Hutson original??? I must admit I'm not over keen on the Hammer books you've done. I am sorry, but I'm not. They are missing something, sex mainly. So fingers crossed for a 'new' one.
Lots of love as always.
Denice Andrews xxx=

Denice... yes I know you love my stories and I appreciate every email and comment... sorry you're not keen on the novelizations and I know what you mean about them having no sex... and don't be sorry about saying what you think it's nice to hear your opinion... hopefully there will be a 'new' one some day... many thanks for the e-mail as ever and you look after yourself.

I really liked the Terminator franchise and your book. I actually have an idea for a sequel. But am I allowed to write it? How did you write the novelization? Did you require any permission? I'd be really glad if you could take a little time out of your busy schedule and answer my questions. Thank you.

Glad you enjoyed the novelization of The Terminator, Nikhil. As far as writing one yourself I'm not sure whether you'd be allowed to for legal reasons. Obviously when I wrote the first novelization back in 1984 my publishers at the time had got permission from the film company and I had a script to work from. You could always write to the company making Terminator 5 and ask them if it's ok for you to do a novelization or were you thinking of doing something original? If you're that enthusiastic you could write the book first and then ask them about permission I mean to say no one can prosecute you for writing something that's never going to be published! If you want something published then it would probably be safer to get permission from the film company/script writer or someone associated with the production company. How you'd do that I don't know. But, just a thought, you could even write to the publishers of the other film tie ins... .there are bound to be websites that you can find the info from. There's one called The Terminator Fans (I think..) they'd probably be able to help you...


Hey Shaun
Just want to thank you for your kind message recently regarding the birth of my son. I'm not sure if you'll remember me but I have messaged you a few times in the past and just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the baby has now arrived and both wife and baby are doing great! How's things in the literature world, mate? Noticed you've done another novel for Hammer Horror, X Unknown, but what I want to know is when're you going to do another Hutson Novel? Perhaps a final chapter to the Slugs series? An Erebus sequel? That'd kick the brown stuff out of the Twilight books and I know that'd put a flicker of a smile on your face. Apparently no more rants I hear? You can't just leave them hanging! Maybe you should slip them into your books from now on eh? Anyway, I'd better shoot, currently writing this in work...
James the Arsenal Fan

James, hope you and the wife and the little one are doing well... congratulations again... I think being a father is amazing and trust me it gets better and better... You won't hear any horror stories from me (no pun intended). I haven't got a clue about things in the literary world... Never been in it... My next book is also for Hammer, The Revenge of Frankenstein novelization... As for another Hutson book... I haven't got a clue to be honest. I've got bits and pieces of about 6 novels here... I just think it's going to take a lot more than kicking the shit out of Twilight to put a smile on my face again... the new Twilight film is out soon too isn't it... oh, joy... Breaking Wind part 2 or whatever the fuck it is Maybe you're right, putting the rants in the books would be great. Doctor Frankenstein turns to his assistant and says "pass me the brain and lets hope it works better than the one we put in that useless cunt Cheryl Cole last week." What do you reckon? Take care, mate.

Hiya Shaun, hope you are well. I must admit it's been a while since I last read one of your books - I buy them all but life gets in the way! Loved Unmarked Graves and I recently picked up a decent paperback copy of Assassins. Ahhh, page 144 holds a special place in my teenage years! Perhaps my first introduction to what sickness a man can achieve when he really puts his mind to it (and we are all, of course, very grateful to you!).
It got me to remembering just how awesome you are and to thinking of a couple of things I'd like to know the answer to. First of all, about a thousand years ago you ran a competition, to give a collective noun to your fans, but nothing ever came of it! First prize was that you'd drag yourself round to the winner's house for tea and biscuits (or something), second prize, if memory serves, was a signed manuscript. But there was no winner! I submitted about 10 FREAKIN' awesome suggestions, so what happened?
Secondly, your recent books have been adaptations of classic Hammer movies. Now, we all know what a huge film buff you are, so the thrill of writing these must have been something else. I'll admit that when I first heard I worried that this somehow meant the end of you, you know, like how "celebs" end up on so-called reality shows when their careers are flagging, rather than making their own original stuff. Needn't have worried, all reports I've seen are full of praise - BUT - are we going to see more original Hutson madness in the future? A return of Doyle perhaps?
Did I say a couple? Ok, make it three or four. You might have seen that a television adaptation of a James Herbert novel is scheduled for later this year. It came as something of a surprise to me because tv producers never seem to make anything I like into good tv! Are we likely to see any Shaun Hutson books on the telly? which of your novels do you think would make the best tv adaptation? And who would you like to star in it?
Ok, I'll let you get back to it mate. Over the next few weeks I'll be bringing myself up to date on the books I haven't read yet. Very excited by the prospect of next year's offering btw, the Frankenstein Hammer films are amongst my favourites. Oh, one last thing - Slugs is on Netflix! Take it easy Shaun.

Hello, Mark and thank you for the kind words... That page in Assassins wouldn't have something to do with maggots would it... (or am I thinking of something else... I have terrible trouble remembering my own bloody books... ) That competition, probably thanks to me, was never really resolved I don't think... But I think my readers should most aptly be called Renegades... However, like I said, nothing was ever decided on due to me I would imagine... I come up with these great ideas (occasionally) then do fuck all about them... Typical... Sorry about that... The new books were labours of love to be honest... The stuff for Hammer and just the chance to work with them was a huge thrill for me. As for a new Hutson book I don't know... I've still got to finish one for Hammer so we'll just have to see. I've got bits and pieces lying around of about six novels but can't seem to summon the enthusiasm to finish them... Mind you, publishers aren't exactly falling over themselves to be helpful either so we'll just have to see... It would be great to bring Doyle back and one of the 'fragments' I've got is the opening 30 pages of the new one with him in. It starts with him in Iraq as a Security Guard and then returns to this country and Ireland and was beginning to look like a sequel to RENEGADES... So let's see what happens there... Any of my books adapted for TV... I wouldn't hold your breath... Any of them would be good for TV but there is no chance that any will be bought.
Slugs on Netflix eh... And the audiobook of Twins of Evil on iTunes... What next? All the best, mate.


I have just picked reading back up again, in my busy life I don't usually have the time, however I decided to buy hybrid for the 2nd time, and read it again. Reminding myself of the amazing writer that you are. I also bought Twins of Evil, I must say I read both books in less than 30 hours... Now I have ordered your new book, 'X The Unknown', which I should receive tomorrow. Decided to keep myself pre-occupied tonight watching 'Twins of Evil' and I must say though it was a good film, I preferred your telling of it, every book I have read of yours I have been able to imagine each little tiny detail... I think they should re-make this film based on your telling. By the way 'Slugs', 'Breeding Ground' and 'Spawn' gave me nightmares for weeks! Love everything I have read! Keep up the good work!!!!
Sorry I know this is not a question, I just wanted to let you know... I suppose you're always hearing good comments from your fans, but seriously please keep it up.
Oh also... I went against your judgement and bought the dvd of 'Slugs'. Still yet again I love the book more, seeing as everything you write is so graphic, and to me that's what makes you fantastic.
Anyway enough rambling.
Take it easy,

Many thanks for the kind words and compliments Charlotte and I'm glad to hear that Slugs, Breeding Ground and Spawn gave you nightmares... (Sorry but that was the idea...) Glad you enjoyed the novelization of Twins of Evil too. It wasn't one of Hammer's best but I enjoyed doing it and I hope you like X The Unknown too. That one reads a bit more like one of my own books (I think...).

Hi Shaun,
I appreciate you are probably very busy (hopefully writing new books) but an occasional update on how things are with you on the 'Shit' page would be nice.
If you are posting elsewhere (or fucking tweeting or such shit) then let me know.

Rob, I can assure you that I am not 'posting' anywhere else... Why the fuck would I do that? I hate all forms of technology as you know so I'm hardly likely to be on fucking Twitter am I?
I haven't been doing my shit for the reasons I mentioned in an answer to one of the questions last month. After a while it just feels as if I'm banging my head on a fucking wall. I know people find it amusing seeing me have a mental meltdown (in print) at the useless fucks that populate this useless fucking world of ours but I'm starting to see it as some kind of aversion therapy. If I don't see what fucking celebrities are doing I won't go ballistic about them... Having said that I have just written another rant having finally cracked over something or other... The bullshit that goes on in my life from day to day is certainly of no interest to anyone (it's not even interesting to me for Christ's sake...) so I'm definitely not going to bore people with details of what passes for my fucking life... In answer to your first question I'm putting the finishing touches to the third book for Hammer, the novelization of THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN and that's about it! Like I said, there should be a couple of rants soon. Take care.


Alright mate,
I've been reading your books lately and I love them. I love 'Last Rites'. I'm 15 and am really interested in your background and what got you writing and especially writing 'last rites'. Know it might be a sensitive topic as it is for many people but I was just wondering. I've been brought up in Hertford which I know is near where you were brought up. I've also read some of your rants and their spot on. I'm a football fanatic and a celtic supporter mainly because of my Scottish roots. I also follow Sunderland and am a Stevenage Fc season ticket holder because I'm fed up of seeing players do it for money and wanted to support my local side. As for music, I have to agree with you and say that music is shocking nowadays but I do like the Killers and Joy Division. As for life, the clocks ticking and everythings positive in my world.
Hope you and your family are well.

Thanks very much for the kind words and comments, Finn and I'm glad you enjoy the books. Well done too for supporting Stevenage (which is near where I was brought up as you rightly say...) I wonder how many more people will start to get fed up with overpaid Premier League players and sky high prices? Take it easy...

Dear Shaun
My name is Glenn Spencer i'm 41 and i was born and still live in Hitchin Hertfordshire,and although i have read and re read about 12 of your novels when i was in my 20's and 30's (I must have read Death Day 20 times,the giant slug or worm thing the two gravediggers unearth still givers me a chill)i never knew that you were from Letchworth.That is until today.My mother passed away a few weeks ago and as i was going through all the old photos and school reports that she had kept i came across a section of the North Herts Gazette dated Thursday July 19 ,1984.My mum had kept it because my older sister at the time had been a member of a local dance group and there was an article about them in the Gazette.Anyway above the photo of my sis is a few paragraphs about you entitled "Shaun gets his teeth into a vampire tale". Apparently you did an interview with that great publication concerning your forthcoming novel Erebus.Shaun 25 it says was about to start a whistlestop tour taking in 6 cities then back to John Menzies in Commerce way for a book signing,there is even a photo of you looking like Joe Lynn Turner from Rainbow with the dodgy shades .I hope you get to read this and i haven't took up too much of your time, but from reading some of your work i got the impression that you were probably a sound bloke and you wouldn't mind the odd fan letter even a odd one like this.The piece in the Gazette finishes with you stating "It's a better book than the others because it's more horrific. I defy anyone to find a more horrific book this year"
Thanks Shaun and if you read this, I've got to mention i'm a lifelong Liverpool fan too(everton higher than us!) and i'm also a big rock music fan,can't beat Thin Lizzy live and dangerous even now,take care and i will try to catch up on my horror reading.
P.S. if you wanted the Gazette for any reason it yours

Joe Lynn Turner! Bloody hell Glenn, I had a pretty awful perm but I think Mr Turner's hair was straight... ah, well, the old memory's going... I remember doing that bit in the Gazette, I also remember doing the signing session in Menzies for which I think about 2 people turned up..! I think my mum has still got the same cutting... she kept everything back then... take care, mate...

Hi Shaun,
I wonder if you remember me. We corresponded way back in 1984, when Queensryche supported Dio at the then Hammersmith Odeon. My name is June. I wrote to you after I had read 'Shadows' and I said I think it is the best horror story I have ever read (I still do). I wrote to your publisher who kindly forwarded my letter on to you, and you wrote back to me. Queensryche have since become my favourite band for the past 20 years. I've been lucky to meet them after a concert in Seattle. Anyway, at the moment I'm reading 'Last Rites' and I can't put it down, as with all of your books. You even put a character named June in 'Breeding Ground', she got killed off of course!
I would be thrilled to get a reply from you again. Keep up the fantastic work,
June Smith

You mean you were one of the people who used to use pen and paper, June... I still remember that gig... Two truly great bands. The first time Queensryche ever played in this country if I remember rightly just after The Warning came out... Glad you like Last Rites... All the best.


Just a few points re your page...I am an avid fan of Hammer...C Lee being my hero...and I am about to start reading Twins of Evil. I have read everything of yours that I can get my hot little mits on...have been a fan since the days of Slugs and Erebus (think that book is reason I went veggie ha ha).
Totally agree with todays music all being shite...I love Fear of the Dark, prob one of my fav pieces of art aswell as music. South Park the movie prob funniest thing I have ever seen.
Its nice to know I am not the only person who rebels so strongly about modern stuff...nothing beats C Lee P Cushing and V Price.
So my question....please write a version of Brides of Dracula or The Wicker Man...any chance?????
Thanks for all your continuous hard work and dedication to such a wonderful genre....would be lost without your books...
Samantha McMath

I would love to write a version of Brides of Dracula... someone did an interview with me the other day and asked which Hammer film I'd most like to novelize and that was the one I picked. I think it's superb... The Wicker Man was done back in the 70's by the guy who wrote the script... another great film.

Hi Shaun I've been reading your books from the beginning all though I must admit I enjoy your horror novels more then anything else your early work about war was very graphic and your later stuff on mob rule was fascinating I still prefer the horror so when are you going to do another.Like you I'm a Liverpool supporter and love Iron maiden and any rock and metal music. Please could you tell me if and when your next book is coming out. Hope you and your family are well
Kind regards
Andrea watts

Many thanks for the kind words, Andrea. Glad you like the books. And rock and metal too... and Liverpool of course... my next book is out on July 5th, it's a novelization of an old Hammer film called X the Unknown... see what you think and let me know...


Hi Shaun.
Just wanted to drop a few lines and say that YOU gave my imagination the ride of its life every time I read one of your books.
Being a fellow maiden fanatic it was the sight of their names in the book that lead me to purchase my first Shaun Hutson novel. I was only 14, and my parents thought I was just reading 'scary-Mary stories' if they had taken a closer look they probably would have confiscated them :) Nobody has got me turning pages as quickly as you did.
Also, anyone who would get pleasure from seeing Katie price get mauled by a Pitt bull, and also endorses blackie lawless is a 'top geezer' in my book
With great pleasure
Beth :) x

Thanks for the very kind comments, Beth. Did I endorse Blackie Lawless... can't remember that but I'm sure he deserved it, I loved WASP...

Hi from Cape Town, South Africa.
I dont have any questions just a thanks for writing such gut wrenchingly good stories!
I have been reading horrors and thrillers since I was 13, mostly King and Koontz. I always find myself thinking 'get to the point' when reading Kings books... his good but a little too slow. When I discovered Koontz I thought I'd found it all and to date I have read all his books. So one day I wandered into a bookstore and found your book, RELICS, and read it in one night. All I can say is fucking brilliant (not too lady like but it's the best way to say it). Fast paced, weird (in a good way) and page turningly exciting.
Unlike King I find you don't spend paragraphs and paragraphs on describing the weather/scene etc. Thus far I have read four of your books however I am finding it difficult sourcing your books...either you so popular it's always sold out or Cape Town has no literary taste!
Anyway...I'm so excited that I have found this site and can't wait to get my hands on another of your books.
PS loooove your Shaun's Shit rants...truth plain and straight finally...Refreshing. (except the part about you being a Liverpool supporter lol)

So glad you like the books, Nadia and thanks for the kind words about my books and my rants...


Hello. I wrote an e-mail some time ago. It was about Your facebook fanclub. Maybe it is nothing to be proud of (but I am, though) but we already have almost 50 people gathered. It is so nice to know that there are more people like me.
Greetings from Poland.
PS Here is the link to the Facebook page:

Paweł, I think this is great and thank you for setting it up. As you say, nice to know there are other people like you and thanks again for your efforts.

Hi Shaun
Having read almost all of your books i cannot wait until your next one. However the one book which eludes me is SWORDS OF VENGEANCE .Could you please tell me where i can get a copy at a reasonable price.
many thanks
Gary Horvath

Gary I haven't got a clue where you could get a copy other than maybe e-bay! It's been out of print for years so that would have to be your best bet. Let me know how you get on.

Hi ya, I have been reading your books for ages now and would like to say I like them better than Steven king books. Anyways just wondering when a new book is due out again.
Michelle from Australia

Thanks Michelle, you're the second person in two months who's said I'm better than Stephen King... I'd just be happy to swap bank accounts with him... New book out in July, a novelization of an old Hammer film called X The Unknown... hope you can find it somewhere... all the best.

Hi Shaun. Was there ever a first book of The Uninvited? I've seen references to II and III. Was it based on real events? I live in Derby near Matlock.

There was a first book of The Uninvited. It was written by a guy called Clive Harold as far as I can remember. It did really well and the publishers wanted a sequel but he couldn't do it so they asked me and that's how the next two came about. It was indeed based on real events just like two and three were. It's been out of print for years though. Good luck finding it.


Hi Shaun,
I wanted to see if you know the name of the person who painted the coverartwork for Chainsaw Terror, as I did not notice that in the gallery. I'd be interested in seeing that website.

To be honest Darrin I'm not sure who did the artwork for C hainsaw Terror, sorry. I loved it I must admit but when it was banned they re-jacketed it with a different cover!

As an avid reader of your blogs and spending many of my Sunday mornings laughing my guts out at them, I have been somewhat disappointed at the fact you haven't updated them this year!!?? Come on Shaun, something must've pissed you off this's been nearly 8 weeks of 2012 already.........oh yeah and I watched Slugs again the other night on the Horror Channel, what a wreck!!!! I made my missus read the paperback just to prove you weren't a bad writer it was just the production LMFAO :)

Glad you like the rants Keith. It actually gets a bit depressing after a while going over the same stuff over and over again and realizing that I'm actually just a sad old bastard moaning about things that will never change... if I thought my ranting was going to rid the world of the talentless cunts in it then I'd be at it 24 hours a day but it won't... as long as we have a world with Cheryl Cole, Jordan, One Direction and anything else like that then we are all worse off... I know writers are horrified if someone goes mad after reading what they've written and murders someone but if my rantings inspired just one person to blow Jordan's head off I'd feel it had been worthwhile... (I'm joking... I think... no, fuck it I'm not... kill her and Cheryl fucking Cole... yeah... go for it... sorry, time to take more medication)

hello mr hutson,
i have just discovered your website (along with a computer) and one of the first things i looked up was to see if you were on here. i expect these gushing comments get through but would just like to say how much i enjoy your work. i have been reading you for years and have always been a bookworm but when i read SKULLS i was hooked on the fast paced, adrenaline filled pages. i am sad to say i inherited a love of horror books from my dad (i wont tell you who he used to read) much to my mothers disgust.
but i tell everyone who i know who reads horror to read your work and i must admit that it has gone so well that i am now thinking of starting a book club (if only to get all my copies of your books back that i have loaned)
anyway i tend to drone on so i wont keep you.
thankyou for all the moments in my life that i was able to get away from through having an outlet in your books. hope you are well.
ginny fear

Ginny, I love gushing comments. And thanks to your dad for giving you the taste for horror (did he used to read James Herbert by any chance... ) I'm really glad you enjoy my books and thanks for letting me know.

Hello Shaun.
Just interested to know, are you flattered or pissed off by the Garth Merenghi piss take?
All the best

I'm pleased you asked that Fletch... one I've never seen it and don't know who the fuck Garth Marenghi is but I'd just like to tell you and anyone else listening that Garth Marenghi is based not on me but on James Herbert... sorry to disappoint you... who is this fucking bloke anyway? It was a TV series wasn't it? Maybe I'll look it up on Youtube. I wouldn't have minded one way or the other to be honest.


Hey Shaun,
I hope you're well :)
My name's Wayne Simmons and I'm a fellow horror hack, so far known for zombie horror. I'm due to release my third novel in February and am gearing up for its promotion. You may remember me asking you the question to kickstart Read Horror's GOREFATHER column, which is an awesome read and one I look forward to every month (looks even better on the new This is Horror website). Anyway, I've been on a real Shaun Hutson bender (oo-er!) of recent, tearing through at least one of your back catalogue each month. I'm learning so much about addictive writing from your books - the short chapters and cliffhanger endings, your sharp delivery. I love your characters, how the 'heroes' of your books are every bit as fucked up as the 'villans'. It's brilliant stuff. Noir at its very best: you're up there with the pulp fiction greats; Day Keene, Lawrence Block etc. I love your stuff, man. Been reviewing some of it on my blog over the last year. Particularly loved PURITY: Anyway, one of the things I was hoping to do in promoting my own book was to interview the writers of some of the books I've enjoyed over the years for my blog, then share via facebook/ twitter etc. hoping it will promote not only my own release, but also the work of said writers. I'm going to call the series of interviews SNAPSHOTS as they are intended to give the reader a snapshot picture of the book in question. They will be very short interviews, just a few lines, enough to build a picture of the book and what inspired it etc. So... I'd very much like to do a short interview with your good self on any one of the following books you felt moved to talk about: STOLEN ANGELS, UNMARKED GRAVES, PURITY or LUCY'S CHILD. If you would do me the honour of getting involved, I can e-mail the questions over to you. Thanks for your time. Kindest regards,
Wayne Simmons
Genre Fiction Writer

Wayne, many thanks for the kind comments. Of course you can interview me (it's so long since I answered questions on the site you've probably already done it... ) I'm really glad you enjoyed my stuff. Just one thing, don't feel you have to apologise for what you write by calling yourself a Genre Fiction writer. You're a fucking writer. Forget the genre... you are a writer, if people don't like the genre that's their loss... all the best.

Hi Shaun,
Just had a long break from reading....a move to Yorkshire, a marraige and 9 months of hyperemesis and a new baby has a way of interfering with my reading, lol.
Just got back into your books again (I mailed you before as Lisa McQuillan and my very crap ending to your EOS comp is on the website. Im also one of the ones lucky enough to die in one of your books) and finished Last Rites yesterday (loved it btw). Went out and bought Twins of Evil, Epitaph and Body Count today. Looking forward to getting back on the horse!
Hope you're well and dandy and continue the fantastic work! Have to have a catch up on your rants as well.
Lisa Davy

Hello, Lisa, glad you're well... congratulations on the little one... I still have the ring you sent me and the thesis you did about my work and I will always treasure those... take care of yourself...

Hello there Shaun. I know I only sent an email a day or 2 ago, but I have just finished epitaph and last night I finished last rights. I thought they were both cracking reads and I can't wait to read the next one, im not sure which one yet, I have a few and iv also read a few aswell, loved each one that I have read. Thank you for the amazing things you come up with, one of my favourite books so far is slugs, one line in mind. Towards the end of the book the man is on the phone to his wife and I think he says something along the lines of (im going into the sewers to kill the slugs and I may not come back) that made me giggle my ass off. I can picture each of your books as a movie in the cinema and the detail you describe every detail in helps alot, I love your books because I know its gnna have sex, sick deaths scenes and the detail of the places, its amazing, I would love to see all your books as movies. And also, has there or will there ever be a follow up from deathday? I let a friend borrow it and she was disappointed that there wasn't, I think there should be. Well thank you for reading this like the thousand odd emails that you get from fans that you have. And thanks again for the books, it helps me retreat from the world im in and to one which looks and sounds like fun:-) take care and keep writing
Luke harrison

Glad you enjoyed Last Rites and Epitaph, Luke. I feel very proud when people say they can retreat from the real world into one of my books... I wish I could do the same... take care...

Hey there Shaun, hope all is going well. IV not asked a question or commented on here for about a year or 2. Last question I asked was how do I get a signed book from you? And I'm asking again because id love to try and get one however hard it is. But, I want to write a book, like most people in guessing have asked for your help, but I was wondering how do I go about setting up the book in general? I have a concept in mind but not sure how to go about writing it. It combines 2 of my biggest interests, reading horror books (yours mainly) and mma (mixed martial arts). I have an idea of what I want it to be like if it makes sense. Mixing horror and mma has properly happens already but I want to give it a hit and try myself. Any words of wisdom and help u give me would be an amazing help. Thanks for taking the time to read this and look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes
Luke Harrison :-)

If you want to write something then just write it, Luke... that sound obvious but as long as you work your plot out beforehand, figure out your characters and everything else then there's nothing to stop you. Just do it (apologies to Nike... ). If you get the time write a couple of pages a day, there's no rush. Once you get going you'll find it comes easier to you. Either that or you'll discover you don't want to do anymore. But promise me you'll at least have a go. Let me know how you get on.


Hi shaun,
Love your books you have been my favorite author for years . I am now downloading your books via ebooks. Have you thought of setting up a way to download them directly from your web site. I have always had trouble buying hard copies in australia.
Kind regards,
Chris from australia

I know nothing about technology, chris but if I had my way then all the downloads of my books would be free... ha, ha... you know the way Prince gave away one of his albums. Anyway, I'm glad you can download them from somewhere...

I just wanted to say that I have read every single one of your books. Much better than Stephen King. I am a big fan and can't wait until your next work comes out. By the way, I tremendously enjoy seeing the look on peoples faces when I talk to them the plot of Spawns (my all time favorite).
Looking forward to reading more from you,

"Better than Stephen King..." bloody hell Margot... I wish I had his money... glad you liked Spawn and the other stuff.

if you could write a horror book with another auther who would you chose.

Mark, I would love to write a book with any female author aged 30-40 who was about five two, with blonde hair, a great personality, small feet, a face and figure like a young Michelle Pfeiffer and who thought I was the most sexually attractive man in the world (I'd even feed her blind dog for her... ) that would be my idea of a perfect collaboration... me write with another author... you are fucking joking aren't you? But seriously, I'd be interested to see what came out of me and James Herbert writing together...

Hi Shaun,
Yes it's me ( if you can of course remember me) Terry Buckingham from Lammas Way, Letchworth
Used to sit next to you in 'O' Level History......yawn....
I never know that you got expelled!!! And yes I do remember firing your air gun out of your kitchen door into the back garden and the Napoleon and Wellington battles that you used to reconstruct up in your bedroom.
Only wanted to say Hi mate and great to hear your doing well.
Shame you didn't make the 21st year reunion at Norton School, a lot of our old mates were there, Martin Elliot, Richard Millar, Gary Swazback?? Not sure if I've got his surname right, but shit, I only mange to remember my own name these days.......
What happen to supporting Rugby by the way, were had the best team (Norton) when we were 1st years. Remember Pinky in the second row and Peter Lilly.... Oh that's odd, I did say I couldn't remember names.
Going to go and have a lie down in a dark and quiet room....if I could, still at bloody work.
All the best mate.

Of course I remember you, Terry... yes you're right we had a brilliant rugby team didn't we... I used to love playing I must admit (except the getting up on Saturday morning bit... ) I'm sorry too that I missed the 21st anniversary reunion (purely and simply because I would have liked to have seen if Julie Leverington was still as gorgeous... ) I hope you're well anyway and I will always remember a joke you said in history one time... Mr Cross (remember him?) was talking about a political thing called Gerrymandering and you said "Jerry mandarin, is that a German orange?" it absolutely cracked me up and yes I still remember it after all these years... look after yourself...

Hi Shaun
What do you make of Gary Speed?
I was shocked and upset and I can't remember the last time a news story effected me so much. My boss called him 'scum' and went on to say how selfish he was for leaving his kids without a Dad. My dad complained that they went overboard on the news about it. When David Rocastle died of cancer in his 30's, they didn't seem to make so much fuss.

I think there is far more to that case than we'll ever know, David. Yes it was shocking that a man with so much should kill himself and I agree with your Dad too...

hi shaun
how you doing,great fan of yours got most of your books[chainsaw massacre]is my fav.Could you send me a autograph so i can frame it and add to my collection
keep up the good work

Nick, send me an address and I'll send you an autograph... cheers, mate...