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Hi mate
How're tricks Shaun? Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to see how thing's were going. I hope you don't mind. I Would also like to offer my own personal salute to the very affectionate words you said about the Late Great James Herbert. I never knew that the two of you had a disagreement. I can still remember reading Rats when I was a child (sneaking into my older brother's bedroom when he was at work...and I was meant to be at school....was something of a habbit back then). I'm currently wading through Epitaph at the minute interesting read even though I am only three chapters in...haha. Read the Hammer books have come to an untimely close. What's the plan now mate? I'm currently halfway through my very own horror novel at the moment (don't worry, I'm not going to ask can I send you a copy) and was just wondering if you remember your very first piece of fiction? I can remember (about the age of 10) trying to do a rip-off of the movie Judgment Night (starring Emilon Estevez back in the day when people heard his name without adding "Billy the Kid outta' Young Guns, y'mean"). I've read a lot of people asking permission to be an extra in your next novel. I didn't even know that was possible. I don't give a Stephen King about myself but any chance of mentioning my two babies (don't worry I've not had any more since we last spoke) in your next piece? If so their names are Amelia and Chase. Hope everything's okay up your end of the woods mate. And don't let the fucker's grind you down, pal. Anyway I've bored you enough mate. Many reagrds to you and your family mate
James the Arsenal fan
P.S I haven't forgot about my Erebus trailer

James, good to hear from you really are the most fertile man in the country I reckon...glad you liked what I said about James Herbert, that was from the heart. He was a wonderful talent in this world of non-entities and I think lots of people will miss him (I know I will). If it hadn't been for The Rats etc. there would never have been a horror book boom in this country. So, you're working on your own book well, good luck, James (I remember Judgement Day, wasn't Denis Leary in it too?) Just keep at it and remember to enjoy it. I used to!!! Let me know how it goes, serioulsy, if there is anything in the way of advice I can give (it won't count for much but what the hell) then just ask. Take care, mate.

Dear Shaun,
Hope this finds you well, any thoughts of making magnum farce 2?
Love to hear from you,
Lynne Goddard

My God I don't believe it!!! How are you..? I was so surprised when I saw your name at the bottom of this...(apologies to other people on the site reading this as I now chat to someone I've known for years...) Magnum God, those were the days weren't they? Were we ever that young? For others reading this, Magnum Farce was an 8mm film that myself and some friends made when we were about 16 or 17....(some would say my script writing abilities never progressed...)
No, no plans to make Magnum Farce 2 Lynne....We'd need defibrillators and iron lungs on the set now not just cups of tea...ha, ha....I hope you're well and you probably still look as good as you did when you were the leading lady in Magnum Farce!!! Take care...

Sorry about that folks but at my age it's nice to hear from someone you went to school with just so you know they're not dead!!!


Hi Shaun
I first started reading your books back in 1986 I think. A friend of mine had read your book Slugs and mentioned that you spoke of Iron Maiden. Being such a massive fan of Iron Maiden, I wanted to read you book (I know, a little strange).
As with so many, I became immediately hooked with your hypnotic style of writing and couldn't wait to read more of your material. After purchasing every book I could find and getting my prized possession 'Hell to Pay' signed by yourself in Birmingham's Waterstones (2003/2004?). I became so busy with my business, that I never had time to sit down and enjoy it!
Shameful I know!
The business seemed to take over as I read more books about my career and more books on business and the subconscious mind. Anyway, a few weeks ago I decided to pick up my prized possession and read it! No surprise, I absolutely loved it and I am now catching up with all the books you have written since Hell to Pay.
Currently reading X the unknown, I am finding it so hard to put it down and get back to work! This has actually been really good for me as I now count this as my down time and make sure I schedule the time to read your book. I even woke up early this morning to get a few more chapters in. Not that it helped, with your constant tease/cliffhanger at the end of nearly every chapter! Tried to limit myself to 90 minutes of reading but ending up engrossed for over 2 hours!
Just really wanted to thank you for being (in my opinion) the best author I have ever come across. I would also like to say how much of a pleasure it was to meet you nearly 10 years ago! and how much of a positive impact you had on me.
Thank you so much.
Kevin Raison

Many thanks for the kind words, Kevin, I appreciate them. Good to know you still enjoy my books and that you're enjoying X The Unknown. Scary to think I signed your copy of Hell To Pay ten years ago! Makes you wonder where the time goes doesn't it? Ah, well, I'm getting too philosophical now so will stop rambling...all the best, Kevin.

Hi Shaun,
I've been a fan of yours for a long time now, ever since stumbling across one of your books (Lucy's Child) in the shop where I worked.
I had no idea you could ask to be a victim in one of your books so here goes...
Shaun, you have my permission to kill, mutilate, decapitate me (whatever works for you) in one of your books. I would absolutely love to be a victim in any of your books :-)
Kind regards
Sam Todd
P.S I'm soooooo looking forward to your next book!!

I would be delighted to kill you, Sam... No problem... I usually have terrible problems thinking of character names anyway so if my readers ask then that helps me too... Thanks also for not specifying what kind of death you wanted... Just leave it to me and I'll kill you nastily... All the best.

hi shaun
i've just finished reading necessary evil, might i say what a fantastic read i loved question, is there a follow on book cos you left it open and me wanting more ??? thanks for reigniting my reading kick, i couldn’t put it down
john buttle

Hello, John...glad you enjoyed Necessary be honest I did think about a possible follow up which would also have included Sean Doyle (from Renegades etc.) and would have taken place after Franklin came out of prison but unfortunately that never came off....Glad that the book helped you find your passion for reading again and thanks for the kind comments...take care.


Hi Shaun,
This isn't so much a question for you as an appreciation of the post you recently made about the sad passing of James Herbert, I thought it was brilliant, poignant and very apt. Like yourself, I followed JH's work through my teenage years and if the high school syllabus was geared up more in the 80s towards the type of literature individuals read instead of the usual bollocks then I think the pass rate would've been much higher. I was force fed Wilkie Collins Woman in White for my English Literature GCSE and it just did not work for me, I realize it is a classic but I just couldn't be arsed with reading it, analyzing it and then re-hashing it. Our Catholic school just 'did not endorse horror books'.
JH like yourself was a master in the art; I've been a horror fanatic since an early age, thanks to late night Hammer films etc. I had a shed load of the Pan books you mentioned (probably because the covers shit me up so much!). One of the best stories I read out of one was I think called H2O and a guy was boiled alive in an enamel bath full of water and heated using Bunsen burners. Brilliant stuff.
Yeah, whatever did happen to Horror sections in book shops?
Not into the vampire sagas myself to be honest but I'm well into Deborah Harkness' A Discovery of Witches at the moment. That's nearly finished then I'm starting Ash (JH) I'm a huge fan of Phil Rickman too, we email each other from time to time.
Anyway, I've taken up too much of your time now, I'm off for a bevvy and a few hard rockin' tunes.
Take care, best wishes
Caz Bailey

Hello, Caz, glad you liked the piece about James Herbert and, as I said, what I said about him was heartfelt. Like you I was brought up on a diet of late night Hammer films when I was a kid and also on the same kind of books. Those Pan books of Horror Stories were brilliant and some of the stories are still terrifying now. The Little Girl Eater, The Attic Express, The Bats, The Snail Watcher and The Graveyard Rats were incredible. The horror section in book shops is now 90 shelves of Stephen King, a couple of graphic novels and Twilight!!! One of the things I hate about so called horror now is that it's been sanitised... .not that I'm an expert, I never fucking read!!! I remember Phil Rickman too...
Anyway, thanks for the e-mail and you look after yourself...

Hi Shaun,
Thank you for your fantastic words about the legend that was James Herbert!
I've read all of his works over the past 36 years and will miss spending a night in his company with his new book immensely. Thank you for the pure escapism and may you rest in peace Mr Herbert.
The great horror period that followed 'The Rats' is the reason why I went on to discover, your books, the late Richard Laymon's and some of Mr Koontz, and Mr King's.
I thank my Dad for letting me read 'The Omen' when I was 8 years old as it led me to look in bookshops (with horror sections), yes, I remember them fondly... and it was in one such shop that I found 'The Rats' and my Dad got it for me. I haven't turned into a deranged lunatic by reading horror at such a young age (Enid Blyton just didn't do it for me) but have learnt to appreciate the good in horror literature of that era and a few years beyond as well as the authors behind the fantastic works.
Keep up the great work Shaun and all the best.
Dave Bourne

Hi there, Dave, glad you enjoyed the piece about James Herbert. The publication of The Rats really opened up the horror genre, closely followed as it was by the publication of Carrie. As I said in that piece the same guy, Bob Tanner, discovered James Herbert, me, Dean Koontz and first published Stephen King in this country (I think he also first published Guy N. Smith too... ). He had an amazing eye for writing talent and was really supportive but without interfering in the actual writing process. Good on your dad too for letting you read "The Rats" at an early age... ha, ha... (I didn't like Enid Blyton either... too much sex... .) Thanks again for the e-mail. Take care.

Hi Shaun,
I first picked up your novel Death Day when i was 14 years old and immediately fell in love with the horror genre, and became addicted to your style of writing. I have read every novel written by you and have just picked up 'Revenge of Frankenstein', I do love these Hammer books however I (and many others I'm sure) would love to know if you have any original ideas in the works?

Liam, thanks for the e-mail and the kind words. Glad you like the books. Original ideas... some would say I've never had an original idea in my life, Liam..ha,ha... There's a few ideas floating about but there usually are... just have to wait and see what happens. All the best.

hi shaun,
have been trying to get your book erubus,cant find it in any bookshop,even tried to order it from waterstones with no !!!!.many thanks.
Kerry Irvine

Your best bet is to go on Amazon, Kerry. You've probably got a decent chance of getting what you want there. Well, hopefully anyway...

Hi Shaun,
Been a huge fan for as long as I can remember. I've seen some of your books are now available in ebook format, is Renegades likely to be one of them? It's my all time favourite book, would love to have it on my Kindle so it's there in my handbag whenever I get the urge to read it!
Cheers :)

Hi Jo, yes, some of the books are available in e-book and I think Renegades has just been bought by an American company along with Spawn, Relics and Assassin so that should be available in the near future... just when I don't know sorry... I think Renegades was always my favourite of all the stuff I wrote if I'm honest... all the best.

Hi Shaun, I'm a massive fan of your work. Just reread Body Count. Must have read it about ten times. Just wondering if your next book is going to be another Hammer Novel or if you're working on something else? Excited whichever Thanks Alex

Hello, Alex, glad you like the books (Body Count especially by the sound of it... ) The Hammer books are finished I'm afraid which is a pity because I enjoyed doing those. In fact I would have been quite happy to carry on doing those until their entire back catalogue had been novelized! Would love to have done "Brides of Dracula", "Plague of the Zombies" and "Frankenstein Created Woman" but, ah well...

I'm sorry but i have resisted asking you this for a little while now, but fuck it. Clannad? Really?? :p Are you doing anymore Hammer re-write's? Frankenstein was really good (even if there was not much violence in it). Suzanne

And what's wrong with Clannad, Suzanne... .I've seen them live a couple of times too... sorry... there are no more Hammer books to come I'm afraid. Originally they were going to have every single film they'd ever made novelized but there wasn't enough call for it I'm afraid which is a pity because there are some great films that could have been novelized, especially the early stuff from the 50's. I must admit when I did Revenge of Frankenstein I was conscious of not making it too revoltingly violent. Certainly not as violent as some stuff I've done. Anyway, thanks for the e-mail and I'm off to listen to some Enya... .all the best...

Dear Shaun
Thanks for the words about James Herbert and his legacy on your Shaun's Shit page. I didn't realise he'd left us until I read your page and I was deeply saddened by the news. I too grew up reading The Rats, The Fog etc and I felt as though a little part of my teenage years had been lost. I think you're right on the money to say how much James influenced and revitalised the horror genre in the 70's and I think we all owe him a huge debt.
I only began my own writing 'career' a couple of years ago, and no I'm not writing to you in an effort to get you to read my work. I just wanted to let you know how much I liked what you said, how deeply it touched me and to agree with you.
I love your work, although I don't have a huge amount of it, but the books I have are in hard back and sit proudly in the horror section of my bookcases.
Thanks again

Hi Charlie, glad you enjoyed the piece about James Herbert. As you say he was an incredible influence on all of us. What sort of thing do you write yourself? Whatever it is I wish you good luck with it... Take care.

Dear Shaunhutson,
I need to ask a question? Did you make slugs 2, because when slugs came out I saw slugs 2 long time ago and have been trying to find it and buy it too.I have read your books and I saw the movies.Please let me no.
Thank you
sharon foster

Hello, Sharon, thanks for e-mail... there never was a Slugs 2 film... I wrote the sequel to Slugs (Breeding Ground) but it was never filmed. There was a rumour that the same guy who made the first one wanted to make Breeding Ground but I wouldn't hold your breath...

Hi Shaun,
I've just been reading your questions page on the website and felt compelled to write to you again myself.
Trouble is that the computer froze on me for a couple of minutes and now I've got to try and remember what I was going to ask you!!!
Ah that was it... I noticed Mark Vasey's question about being a victim in one of your future books. I didn't even know you could ask that, so now I want to ask if I can be horribly mutilated in an upcoming novel as well? That would be amazing.
I also noticed that someone else besides me has asked your permission to adapt one of your novels... this time Warhol's Prophecy. I've made a start on my screenplay for Death Day, though I had to put it on the back burner for two weeks in order to meet another writing deadline that unexpectedly dropped into my lap. I had two weeks to write a crime novella before a certain deadline, but I took inspiration from you, telling myself 'If Shaun can knock out a cracking novel in two weeks then so can I'.
That's been sent off so wish me luck on that and now I can concentrate on the screenplay. I did notice a very big plot discrepancy in Death Day when I was rereading it, but I've got it covered. I'm pretty sure that I can explain it away.
Anyway I think that's all for now. I'm currently reading The Revenge of Frankenstein which is pretty good so far and I look forward to whatever it is you'll be writing next.
Bye for now.
Mark Leney

Mark, thanks for the e-mail and the kind comments... you can certainly have a go at Death Day (bearing in mind you'll have to speak to my agent when it's finished concerning different things I don't deal with..ha, ha..) A plot discrepancy... my God... that's not like me!!! Well, it probably is but there you go... Good luck with the script, Mark and yes, I will certainly try and kill you off when I get the chance... all the best.

Hi Shaun,
I have a couple of questions for you. Are you the same author who wrote "The Skull "? That's a fucking awesome book, but I don't see it on your list. Can't tell you how many times I have read that book. It's on of my favorites! Second question, would you ever consider allowing your books to be published for Kindle or Nook? Thank You! Please don't stop writing! Sincerely,

I am indeed the same author who wrote "The Skull", Sandra... glad you liked it... it's not on any of the lists in books because it was published by Hamlyn Paperbacks who haven't existed for years. Five or six of mine are already available for Kindle and four more will be later in the year. Take care...

Hi shaun
I'm loving you're novelisation of X the unknown, and I wondered if you have ever considered applying your craft to a couple of other classics, Fiend without a face and The Quatermass experiment.
I still get shivers up my spine every time i watch them.

Now here's a real fan of fifties horror... Fiend without a God I remember that, the one with the flying brains right... and The Quatermass Experiment too, that was a good one... Fiend Without a Face wasn't a Hammer film though (unlike Quatermass and X the Unknown) so it's unlikely this will ever get novlized (not by me anyway) also Hammer aren't doing anymore of the novelizations unfortunately but thanks for asking... I loved the films of all three of the ones you mentioned, real fifties black and white sci-fi horror stuff. There was another one called The Trollenberg Terror which was similar and of course It, the terror from Beyond Space which bears an uncanny resemblance to the plot of the very famous and very brilliant Alien... .(but It was released in about 1957 so who copied who... ha, ha..) Take care.

Hi Shaun,
I was a big fan of yours growing up in the 80's, (39 now, from Liverpool) and really connected with your quick, punchy writing style and short chapters. I loved Sean Doyle and always looked forward to reading opening quotes/lyrics from great thinkers/bands (you know, Cheryl Cole/JLS etc... sorry, just kidding!). One standout for me was an assassin who listened to rock music on headphones just as he pulls the trigger: Guns n Roses' Welcome to the Jungle I think, superb stuff. However, my love for movies took over and I tuned out for a bit, until a while back when I discovered your website which is great.
I like your rants, and although I wholeheartedly agree with your views on celebrity, I'm surprised at the number of name checks (I know I've just done it, damn!) certain individuals are getting. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, these fuckers are here to stay, so the most we can do is stonewall them, don't even mention them cos that's how these bastards breathe.
I've recently bought a tablet and discovered ebooks and am pleased to see your work there (first name I searched for). I like the look of Necessary Evil, so will give that a go for starters after I've read my free downloads (times are tough!)
Couple of questions then: is it becoming harder to think of ways to shock people after so many years; how far can you go? And also, as I know you're a fellow LFC fan, have you ever set any scenes at Anfield or anywhere else in our fair city? If so, where? Just so I can say to the missus, 'look that's where Shaun Hutson drove a knife through a guys mouth slicing through cartilage, severing the blah blah blah, coppery taste of blood etc, before pinching his nose between thumb and forefinger... (sorry, told you I'd read em!)
Anyway, hope you get to read this, thanks for improving my vocabulary over the years, keep giving shit to everyone and take it easy.
Keep on keepin' on,

Steve, thanks for writing and thanks for the kind words. Assassin is released on e-book later this year, Steve so you can read it again electronically (or whatever the fuck people do with e-books... ) I loved that one myself (I think I'm allowed to say that... ) Renegades also comes out digitally (so Sean Doyle goes digital... ) later in the year. I'm stopping the rants because it just gets me worked up for no reason and no matter what I say these talentless cunts are still going to be around as you say... .if I thought that a few harsh words would cause the destruction of just one I'd carry on... !!! I have never set anything at or near Anfield (out of respect as much as anything I think... ) and there are no scenes set in Liverpool but one of the characters in Necessary Evil is a scouse called "two dogs" because he's from Huyton (as in "two dogs fightin', Huyton... " which I'm sure you know) but that's the closest I've got I'm afraid. On the matter of shocking people I've never really consciously tried to shock, Steve (hard to believe I know) but you're right, what shocks people now has to be stronger than it was back in the 80's I suppose... I will now pinch my nose between my thumb and forefinger, inhale the coppery smell of blood, run a hand through my hair and blow the smell of cordite from my nostrils and thank you once more for writing... all the best, mate...

Right, that's me done again. Hopefully be back again soon.


Hi Shaun
I really enjoyed reading the omnibus relics spawn and shadows, each one left me wanting more. Is there more if I get the individual books?
Also, is there any particular order I should read your books in?
The first one I read was unmarked graves, then I was hooked and I have been treating myself to your marvellous creations ever since.
Never stop writing
Yours truly

Hi Jemima, many thanks for the kind comments and I'm glad you enjoy my books. No particular order you should read them in except the books with Sean Doyle in and you're better off starting with Renegades then read White Ghost, Knife Edge and Hybrid...otherwise just read what you can in whatever order you books don't follow on from each other. Thanks again for the kind words...

Are these on I books? I have put in stefan Rostov, nick Blake , etc but no trace. Your books are fantastic, my fave author,keep that pen to the paper.
Alan white.

Sorry Alan, but none of these are available on ibook or anywhere else...

Hi Shaun
I am a returning reader and fan of yours as i stopped reading your books after White Ghost but picked them up again about 3 years ago and have subsequently been buying all the one's i hadn't read as well as re buying all the old one's i had read but had misplaced in house moves over the years. Someone has to keep you in the lap of luxury! Just wanted to say thanks for all the brilliant stories down the years and wondered what your plans were for new releases? Will you be continuing with the Hammer stuff or will you be returning to your own new ideas? It must be difficult to keep on coming up with fresh and exciting ways of telling tales but believe me your novels are always appreciated. I realise everyone probably asks for this but if there is any chance i could meet a grizzly end in one of your books it would make my bloody year! Keep up the good work and what are your thoughts on Brendan? I think he's doing a cracking job and just needs a bit of time and financial support in the transfer market.
All the best,
Mark Vasey

Hello Mark, thanks for writing...glad you like the books...the stuff for Hammer was like a dream come true for me to be honest as I'd always loved Hammer films when I was a kid but unfortunately they didn't look into the project properly before launching it and couldn't get the clearance for many of their films. I would have been quite happy just novelizing Hammer films for the next ten years to be honest...ha, ha...but that won't happen now. I will certainly try and kill you off messily Mark, finding character names has always been a problem for me so it's good for me when readers ask to be included. On the football front, I think Brendan Rodgers is doing ok as to give it a couple of seasons before things start to happen though I reckon...

Hi Shaun,
When is your next book out, and is it the long awaited next instalment of Sean Doyle.
Many thanks,

Hello Jim, the next book isn't the next instalment of the Sean Doyle saga I'm afraid...!!! The most recent one published is the novelization of The Revenge of Frankenstein for Hammer. After that I'm not sure....there are some ideas floating around but I haven't sorted anything out yet...just keep your eyes open and I'm sure there'll be something on the site....all the best.

Hi Shaun I was introduced to your books through James Whale (when he was on talk radio 1089am). I remember you read a chapter of a novel that you wrote each week about an animal research laboratory. At that time, Warhol's Prophecy was just published and I would love you to give me permission to attempt to write a screenplay for it. Once complete, I will send it to you via your publisher for approval. I think this would make a fantastic movie (however, for a wider audience, the sex scenes would have to be toned down!). Who would you choose to play Adam Walker and Hailey?
Kind regards
Jeremy Langer MSc

Hello Jeremy...Ah, James Whale...those were the days...that story I wrote about an animal research centre was written especially for his show. I wanted to do a kind of Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" thing and make people think that there really had been an accident at a chemical plant!!! The night the first episode was read there were several enquiries afterwards from CNN asking where the chemical plant was because they wanted to cover the story!!! But that was as far as it got...I enjoyed that to be honest. If you want to write a screenplay for Warhol's Prophecy then feel isn't one I'd ever thought about as being filmed but then again I've never thought that any of them would be filmed!!!!

Hi Shaun,
my girlfriend and I are fans of your work. We met on a facebook fan page in August 2011 and started chatting about your books. If it wasn't for you, we would probably never have met, so we'd just like to say a massive thanks :).
Dave & Nick

Awwww...what a nice story...glad to hear I'm also a bit of a secret matchmaker too...ha, ha...I hope you're both happy together for many years to come (and don't forget an invite to the wedding when it happens...ha, ha..) All the best to both of you.

Dear Mr. Hutson
Just wanted to email you about a few writerly pieces. For my sins, I have a Kindle and regularly check up on what books are out there in cyberspace. I've seen you've been involved in the Hammer Horror series, which looks interesting. In the 70's, my older brother used to have some gory magazines that centred on those and other films, which added to my nightmares when I sneaked a look! I'd forgotten the impact writers such as yourself have had on me until James Herbert passed away this week. Just dug out Relics and Assassin from my dusty bookshelf to look back at your personal influence. Things now make sense!
After reading The Rats in 1978/9, as a young teen, everything changed. In 1984, aged 19, I wanted to grab the novel writing shirt off your backs and join you all n this visceral field. 29 years and a world of life experiences on, I'm finally making progress! If you are bored, Google me, second page of names! You might like going to Mobius: a journal of social change, where there is poem more in the spirit of horror I was brought up on. Sorry. As I've read you, I'm trying to get you to read me!! Bad fan!!
Most of my stuff is speculative poetry and getting picked up at on-line and print magazines. Poor pay but the very best way to learn the trade of writing in this quick, quick way to gain celebrity -- Britain's Got Talent, etc... Enjoyed looking around your website. You wrote down some of your other author names. The best book I ever read was Stickman by Seth Pfefferle published in 1987. The closest I could find to who had this odd name and could produce such impressive writing, was Stephen King. Does it help to leave your real name behind?
Long letter. Only respond, if you have time.
James Herbert: Grand Master...
Shaun Hutson: Grand-Guignol...
Neil Weston

Hello there Neil, good to hear from you. I agree with you about the death of James Herbert, very very sad. Things in the horror business changed completely with the publication of The Rats and I'm sure you weren't the only one who wanted to be a part of that...good to hear you're still at it and even more that you're actually learning your craft. Not many have to do that these days, Neil, as you may know, getting published has very little to do with talent and more to do with who your fucking agent has lunch with....I've never heard of that novel you mentioned called Stickman...could have been King but I'm sure it would have been re-issued under his name by now...interesting. Doing stuff under pseudonyms just allows authors to do stuff they're not normally associated with, well, that was how it used to work but now the small group of authors who actually get published all the time just put their names on whatever they do. I was thinking of a time when the publishing business had a bit of integrity, sorry...I was reminiscing. Anyway, I will check out your poetry and thanks for letting me know. Many thanks for the interest, Neil. Take care.

Hey mate
How're you doing mate? It seems that every time I send you a message I am either telling you that my wife is pregnant or that we've had a child (we both work full time btw, not all young couples with kids are on sex, drugs and on the dole) and we have had a beautiful little girl on Saturday morning after twelve hours of gruelling labour. I say gruelling, but it was my wife who went through the pain (although I did almost end up in A&E after all the scratching, clawing and slapping haha). But, thankfully, both mum and child, along with our little boy, are doing well and settling into our new home. I don't do things by halves. How're things up your end of the woods, pal? Looking forward to the tsunami of "summer blockbusters" heading to Cineworld soon? Man of Steel looks pretty damn good (yes, I am a massive comic book geek - although we do prefer the term 'graphic novel' hahaha) and the second GI Joe film has had good reviews (I am also both a huge wrestling and the Rock fan - I just reread that and realized how much of a nerd I actually sound, sorry mate). Watched the new Die Hard the other night and must say, apart from the CGI, it wasn't that impressive but, hey, what do I know, huh? We recorded the new Straw Dogs the other night off Sky (haven't had a chance to watch it yet) but I know you hate it with a passion. I watched the original years ago and can't really remember much apart from the booby-trapping scenes at the end (man trap to the head springs to mind, no pun intended). Just want to say keep up the good work mate, you are one, if not the best British horror writer we have. I so much love the way you battle small but digestable chapters, something you can wade through on your lunch hour. Hope there's a new Hutson novel coming soon. I'm sorry I didn't have a question or anything mate.All the best to you and yours and keep your chin up
James the Arsenal fan.

James, you must be the most fertile man on the planet...many congratulations on the newest daughter was a C section delivery so no scratching and clawing for my missis, just disembowelment and six weeks of not being able to drive...ha, ha....talking of scratching and clawing that was what I felt like doing after sitting through some recent cinema offerings....I hated GI Joe and the new Die Hard, enjoyed Iron Man 3, The Look of Love is interesting (all about Paul Raymond the girlie mag and theatre owner etc.) Jack the Giant Slayer was ok...Olympus Has Fallen was (they should have just had Gerard Butler waving an American flag for 2 hours screaming "We are great..") Oblivion was reasonable for the first hour then went haywire...the remake of The Evil Dead was disgusting...the original hasn't held up I don't think but this new one is bloody vile...I think I'm getting old but too much violence just does my head in now...Enjoy the re-make of Straw know I did!!! Anyway, congratulations again, mate and thanks as ever for the e-mail...(and don't worry, I'm a nerd too...ha, ha..)

Hi Shaun,
I read a story in a National newspaper a couple of days ago, about a woman who has started a hate campaign against Cineworld because they ask her and her downs syndrome kid to leave because the kid wouldn't stop screaming. I'd like to know what you think of someone who is so selfish that they thinks it's fine to ruin hundreds of peoples entertainment then uses its disabled kid to get National attention, while trying to ruin the reputation of a perfectly descent organisation.
Sorry for not using more expletives, but I thought I'd leave the fate of this festering shit lump to you...
Kind Regards
Graham Turner

Well, Graham, nice of you to leave it to me...just kidding...ha, ha...I didn't see that story but I think it's fucking disgusting...Hopefully Cineworld will triumph and the woman and her kid will be banned from every one of their cinemas...and before people jump in and start moaning about political correctness and compassion etc. etc. Fuck that!! People pay good money to go and see films and it's bad enough having to put up with the twats on their mobiles, eating their sacks of popcorn or just talking without having some kid (Downs or otherwise) screaming all the way through!!! I hate anyone who thinks it's fine to ruin other peoples entertainment/lives/afternoon out etc. but then to use the disabled kid as a lever is appalling....if it had been a normal kid presumably no one would have batted an eyelid when they threw her out!!! Well, all I have to say is Fuck her, fuck her kid and fuck anyone who thinks she's right because it's bloody expensive in the pictures these days and people like to actually hear what they've paid to see...why not take the kid somewhere no one will be disturbed? That seems the easiest way around this or better still, wait until the film comes on DVD then she can watch it in the peace of her own home while her kid screams its fucking lungs out...There you go, Graham...hope I've summarised this argument for you...(festering shit lump...I like that...) And by the way if anyone thinks I've got a thing about Downs Syndrome kids you can fuck off because one of my friends is Downs Syndrome so fuck you...and even if I hadn't people still have a right to an opinion and that's mine...(drumroll..)


Greetings from Australia
Huge fan from down under, own pretty much everything you've released (except Swords of Vengeance - can't find that bastard anywhere).
Anyway, was just browsing your last lot of questions - the Jack The Ripper book Judith refers to is 'Savage' by Richard Laymon, one of my 'desert island' books for sure. Which brings me to my question: are/were you a fan of the late, great Laymon (he referenced you in one of his novels - The Stake, I believe)? If not, are there any other modern-day horror authors that you make it a point to read?
Thanks for your time, look forward to a new Hutson original soon.
Tony Simpson

Many thanks for the kind words, Tony... sorry you can't get hold of Swords of Vengeance, it's been out of print for years though... I haven't even got a copy myself if that's any consolation!! I remember ready The Cellar by Richard Laymon and I know he was good enough to mention me in one of his books but I never read any of his other books but he was good at what he did. I would love to be able to tell you which modern day horror authors I read but I don't read any!! I never read much when I was writing at the beginning and now I only really read non-fiction if I read at all... Are there some modern day horror authors then? Thought publishers had killed them all off metaphorically speaking... .not that I care, I was just mentioning it...

Hi I have been a fan as long as I can remember,I now get my books in ebook form I have the few that have been released but would love some of your older books ie slugs,Erebus etc to be released on ebook do you know if this is going to happen.Many thanks for the great books you have written.

Hi Steve, thank you for the kind comments... nearly all of the older books are out of print and not likely to be released as e-books... some American company is doing four of them later this year (Spawn, Relics, Renegades and Assassin I think... ) but that's about it... thanks again for the kind words...

Hi Shaun
I'm sure I'm one of many who have pointed out the book Judith was talking about is "Savage" by the late Richard Laymon. On a side note - what do you make of the soap-opera Queensryche have now become? And which version of the band would you have on your fantasy Download bill you described, Geoffs' or the rest?

It seems a real shame whats happening with Queensryche... I loved that band... the version that made Operation Mindcrime would be my line up for Download... what a fucking album that was... I honestly don't think there'll ever be a better rock/metal album...

I just read your rant page and agreed with every thing you said, celebs are worthless shite, what I hate is the way the bastard media refer to these knobe by their first name, assuming you know who they are, Amy said this, or Cheryl said that and you can't escape this shit, fucking reallity shows, as if any of those Z list twats are in the tiniest danger, the show would be sued to death by the pathetic bastards. I'm from Liverpool, I used to shoot a Dirty Harry Smith & Wesson, I took my son to see Maiden when he was nine, I've even read a lot of your horror books, I hate horror stories where the writer loves his characters too much to kill them for my amusement, I don't really think that I'm related to you, but we are definitely on a similar wavelength. I hate politicians, lawers, celebs, celeb magazines, twitter, facebook, soaps, celeb chef shows, gardening shows, t,v, mediums, fucking "singers" who mime on stage, boy bands, rap, oh jeez I could go on moaning about the shit of life, but no bastard would care anyway, all the best Mr Hutson, keep giving them stick,

Fucking hell, John, nice to hear someone else shares my hatred and cynicism for... er... everything... maybe we were separated at birth..ha, ha... You're right about the way the media call these fucking no marks by their first names as if they're so close to them, sickening... That's my main complaint is that lots and lots of people (with more than two fucking brain cells) have no interest in these talentless cunts at all and yet you can't avoid them... .if they had a special TV channel (fuckwit TV) where these twats were on all the time then fair enough, then normal people could avoid them but like you, I don't want to SEE them, I don't want to know what any of them are doing and I don't think I should have to hear about them or listen to them whining on or hear about their fucking kids etc. etc...


Hi Shaun,
One of your readers asked about a book she thought was by yourself about Jack the Ripper in America. The book she's thinking of is actually Savage by Richard Laymon.

Thanks for solving that little mystery, Rich... I've just looked at the question below and am hoping that maybe next time I'll get some questions about my own books instead of someone else's ha, ha... I had a few Laymon books myself... the poor sod died didn't he..? Very sad. Thanks again for putting everyone (well, the lady who wrote last time anyway) out of their misery...

Hi Shaun
In the 80's I was a teenager and read The Terminator. I am sure that I can remember also having some other novels of yours that were part of a series, but I can't find them on your website... so now I am not sure if I remember correctly that you were the author.
The stories were set in a vaguely post-apocalyptic sort of world... not quite all gone to hell, but society was trashed and gangs and criminals were in control of most things. All that I can remember on details was that the main character lived with an 'Aunty Mel', an obese woman with whom he had a distasteful sexual relationship, more for convenience than anything. One line has always stuck in my head for some reason... 'it wasn't sex with Aunty Mel, it was more like a rodeo'.
I can also remember one of the stories had a scene where the main character came across a group of men who were in the process of being crucified.
Sorry that's all I can remember, but it was twenty years ago. Does any of this ring any bells...? Have I remembered correctly that these were your novels?
Many thanks for any help... I would love to track down these books and read them again.
Geoff Donaldson

Hello Geoff, no, the above books are nothing to do with me... I seem to be becoming quite popular for being mistaken for someone else... so sorry to disappoint but the stories mentioned above were nothing to do with me... well, The Terminator was but that's about it...

Hi Shaun.......
Absolute legend..can never put your books down, 'Assasins' being my very favourite of yours.
I have recently read 'Last rites' and was,as ever,gutted to come to the end of it. I just had a question if that's ok?
I was just puzzled as to the relevance of the suicides that featured in the book? i.e the car crashing into the wall and the boy jumping of the parapet?
Please,don't take this as criticism, I am your number one fan and by no accounts no reflection on my enjoyment of the book :)
Debbie x

Many thanks for the kind comments, Debbie... glad you like the books (and glad you're actually asking for details about my books and not someone elses... ha ha... ) Any question is ok... the suicides in Last Rites were caused by the Ley Lines that ran through the town (as far as I can remember... oh, shit, forgetting my own books now... to be honest... it seems so long since I wrote the bloody thing I can't actually remember clearly myself... that sounds so unprofessional and I hope you'll forgive me... maybe you'd better read it again then you can tell me too what the hell is going on..) I think when you've written so many books (as I have) you do tend to forget large chunks of them (which I've always done) it's a case of finish one and then move straight to something else. Once a book is finished I tend to put it out of my mind (as you'll have gathered) and I never look at it once it's finished not even when it's published. Still, as long as you enjoyed the book I suppose that's all that counts... thanks again for writing.

hi shaun your'e probably sick of people asking whens the new book out but im gettin shit off the wife about it, i have to buy her the brand new copy as soon as its released, as she has to be the one who breaks the spine open and no one is allowed to borrow it,it goes straight in the bookcase with all the rest and i mean all the rest she has everyone youve released all pristine so if you could help me out here and save my ears id be grateful thanks paul.

Paul, for the sake of your ears, mate... the next book is just out. A novelization of the 1959 Hammer film The Revenge of Frankenstein... it's around now so tell your missus to stop nagging you she'll have something to read now... nice to know she's got all of them. What a fine woman... and thanks for writing mate, very much appreciated.


Hey Shaun,
Let's get this bit out the way first, been a huge fans for all of my adult life and always wait in anticipation of your next book, all of which have been awesome (thank you for that). I wanted to ask you a non-booky question. Purely out of my own interest and thought it would make a change for you...
If you could organise the final day's line-up at Download who would you pick???

Hi there, Cyd... last day at Download... er... I'd be very predictable and say Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Seether, Metallica, Megadeth and Queensryche and let all of them play two hours each... ha, ha... how's that..?

Dear Shaun
I read a load of your books about ten years ago when I was going out with a guy who had a collection of your novels. I got stuck into them as I'm an avid reader and loved them all... Even though I did squirm through some of them, lol!
However, there was one specifically that stuck in my head as it really gripped my interest as it was a brilliant storyline and I have told so many people about it from time to time in conversations about novels. I would really love to read it again but I can't seem to find it.
I'm not totally sure of the name of it now but I thought it was called something like 'Blade' (I also run the risk here of discovering that it wasn't written by yourself and I'll feel totally stupid... In which case I apologise now...)
It was based on the story of Jack the Ripper in Victorian London and the 'hero' in the book followed Jack across the Atlantic to America (Jack had a female victim with him on the boat) and he tracked Jack across the country and hunted him down to kill him.
If you did write it could you possibly shed some light on this for me and help solve the mystery as to the proper name of the book and whether I can still get hold of it?! Many, many thanks in advance

Hi Judith... glad you like the books (glad the guy you were going out with had such great taste... ha, ha..), unfortunately the one you described isn't one of mine!!! I know I'm notorious for forgetting the plots and characters in my own books but that one definitely isn't one of mine. I've never done anything with Jack the Ripper in it... and that I'm sure of... Hope you manage to track it down and if you do then let me know what it's called just to put me out of my misery too... take care.

On one of your fan pages on Facebook they say you won't be writing any more books pleazzzzzze say this isn't true!!
And please bring back doyle x x
gilly x x

Hello, Gill... thank you for the message... a fan page on Facebook? What the hell is that..? I am shit with all forms of social networking so know nothing about it... what I will tell you is that whoever says I'm not writing any more books will get a shock next month because the novelization of The Revenge of Frankenstein is released so if I haven't been writing I must have magicked the bloody thing into being... ha, ha... hope that reassures you a bit... as for bringing back Doyle, I'd love to. I've even got the first thirty pages of a new novel featuring him written but what happens with it remains to be seen... but you can tell whoever said no more books that they're talking shite... all the best.

Hi Shaun,
I've written to you before a few times with general questions and praise of your work. It has always surprised me how so little of your work has been adapted for film and television, especially in the wake of the recent adaptation of The Secret of Crickley Hall. I sincerely believe that anyone of your books would transfer well to the big (or small) screen.
After reading through your answers to some of the other questions you've received recently it got me thinking again about an idea I conceived while watching The Secret of Crickley Hall. I found myself wishing that I was watching a dramatisation of one of your books. So I decided that if I want something doing, I'd best do it myself.
I have some experience in writing scripts for television, not long ago I submitted a sitcom script to the BBC (it was turned down, but please don't let that colour your decision). I would like to ask your permission to adapt one of your novels into a screenplay and perhaps see if I can generate some interest in getting it made. The novel I had in mind was Death Day; the first of your books that I ever read and, therefore, a personal favourite of mine, however, if there is a book you'd rather I adapted I am open to suggestions.
In order to help you decide I was thinking of writing the screenplay and showing it to you. If you think my adaptation is good enough then perhaps we could take it from there?
It would be a great honour if you were to allow me to adapt one of your books and I look forward to reading your reply, whatever you may decide.
Yours sincerely,
Mark Leney
PS: A lot of people don't seem to like your Hammer adaptations. For the record I've enjoyed both Twins of Evil and X the Unknown and I'm looking forward to next year's Frankenstein book. I think you made each story your own and put your own personal stamp on it. Keep up the good work!

Mark, thank you for the kind comments, very much appreciated... I also think that my books would translate very well to the big or small screen but unfortunately the people who buy the rights for them don't seem to agree with us..!!! It isn't always down to how cinematic your work is, it comes down to whether or not your agent has lunch with the right people etc. etc... I gave up hoping anything of mine would ever be filmed a long time ago... If you'd like to adapt Death Day then please go ahead... once it's finished you'll probably have to speak to my agent about it but if you really want to do it then fine and I appreciate your enthusiasm. There's no point in me suggesting a book for adaptation because you're the one who wants to write it and it should be the one that draws you most strongly so go for it... By the way, I'm glad that you like the Hammer novelizations... I'd loved Hammer films since I was a kid so when an opportunity like that came around I certainly wasn't going to say no and, as you say, it gave me a chance to try and put something of a personal stamp on each one which I think I've done... I'm very pleased with The Revenge of Frankenstein which is out next month and I hope you'll enjoy it too... many thanks for your interest once again, Mark. Take care.

Hi mate,
I hope you don't mind me dropping you a quick line but I wanted to let you know that me and the wife are expecting our second child (feel free to enter your own "don't you have a TV" joke, haha) and even though my wife went through 3 stages of hell with our first child, we're both ecstatic. I know you'll probably be wondering why I'm messaging you but, beaming like a Cheshire cat here and when I saw you're latest update just thought I'd throw it out there. Our little girl should be here come April so that's 1-1 now (with definitely no plans for anymore). I was sort of shocked when I saw your list of top ten movies with, like you say, hardly any horror movies in it. I see I was correct with the Wild Bunch being number one, but I was kind of shocked to see Slugs didn't make the list.
I watched it the other night on Netflix (I was surprised I even made it past the opening scene) and I have to say that it is fucking horrible. I know you had nothing to do with the film (in fact, were you even mentioned in the credits?). Surely it would have been better if they had stuck with the original script? Or at least, have filmed it in bloody England? As I've said before, I'm a big Hutson/Herbert fan and I know you like the occasional James Herbert novel, too. It would have been good to have seen the Rats trilogy on BBC1 recently rather than Crickly Hall three-parter.
What about you? Any work you'd like to see on television? Watched Banging Dawn part 2 the other night (the wife's a massive Twi-hard, but don't hold that against me) and I must say, I DID kind of enjoy it. Oh well, it's not exactly Lost Boys but...I did film production at college and was toying 'round the other night with making a Hutson movie trailer. What'd you think? Split the proceeds between us, haha?
Regards to you and yours mate
James the Arsenal fan

James, many many congratulations to you and the wife... I wish we'd have had two but I was terrified the second one would be a boy, ha, ha... if I could have guaranteed the second would be a girl I'd have two daughters now instead of just one... I know guys usually want boys but I never did... anyway..moving on... You were shocked SLUGS didn't make my top ten list... er... well..fair enough, James but as much as I have a soft spot for it I would never include it with stuff like The Wild Bunch just for the technical qualities involved. I was mentioned in the credits (I think there's a picture of me crying somewhere in the background... just kidding... ) I'd like to see all my fucking work on TV but it will never happen unfortunately... I hate the Twilight films with a passion basically because of what they've done to vampires and werewolves turning them into non-evil, non-threatening twats instead of the powerful and frightening creatures they're supposed to be... if Stephanie Meyer wanted to "re-invent" them then she should have called them something different like "Wumpires" and "Carewolves" or something... it fucks around with the mythology of horror and it doesn't work... then again she's got millions and I haven't so what the fuck do I know... A Hutson movie trailer... go on then...
You take care, James and congratulations once again.

Just a quick note so say how I really enjoyed your latest blog post (if I ever win the lottery I will sponsor your concert plan). Anyway, met a long time ago (I worked in Andromede Bookshop with Dave Holmes and was on that crappy TV show called 'Central Weekend' with you and Peter James back in the day, circa 1990).
So, hope all is well with you and I was chatting with Nick Royle the other day (well, actually many months ago) that you two look so alike.
Keep up the great work and good wishes mate!

I remember you Chris... how could I forget the many happy hours I spent at Andromeda over the years having the piss taken out of me by Dave... ha, ha... seriously though, it's good to hear from you, mate... I remember Central Weekend very well... God, those were the days... A bit scary that Nick Royle and myself look alike (is he short, gaunt and without much hair too... ha, ha..) Anyway, thanks for getting in touch and you look after yourself.
Right, that's my lot. Look after yourselves and thanks for all the support and encouragement.