Questions 2009

13th December 2009

Dear Mr. Hutson,
Hello! My name is Cliff Clark. I am 15 year old and live in Nanaimo, BC Canada. I just finished your novel "Twisted Souls" and wanted to tell you that i really loved it. I think you are an awesome writer and can't wait to read more of your work. I'm honestly not much of a reader and it normally it takes me a long time to actually finish a novel, but I read "Twisted Souls" in only five days. That is a record for me! Your writing really grabbed my attention and made me want to continue reading. I'm actually kind of shocked that I could get so much enjoyment out of reading. I want to thank you for that!
Anyways I was wondering if it would be possible to get an autographed bookplate? Or would it be possible to send you my copy of "Twisted Souls" and have you sign it? I'm not sure how it works, but I could send you a money order or a self addressed stamped envelope if you'd like. Just let me know. I'd truly consider it a great honor to have your autograph!
Thank you!
Cliff Clark

One critic once called me "the man who people that don't read, read.." Cliff, if that makes any sense so you're not the first "non reader" to read one of my books and enjoy it. Glad you did. If you want anything signed then sending book plates via my publishers would be the best idea I reckon. Send them and I'll sign them...take care...and by the way, if you write in again you don't have to call me Mr Hutson...I'm not important you know..

Hi Shaun,
I saw your email post from Andrzej Migdalek and I just wanted to let you know to be careful regarding Andrzej Migdalek as it is a hoax. I received an email from him 20mins ago and at first I thought it was identity theft as he called me Mr - though when you go on my website you can clearly see I am a lady.
I Googled his name to see if anything came up and came upon this blog, please take the time to read as Leigh posted her signed photos to other emails she received similar and later found those photos being sold on eBay for a whopping £1... She received other emails once she had posted them off. Names she heard from were Anika, Denis, Bodo and Silke from Germany and Piotr Hasse from Poland.
I hope this helps and please send to people you know who are receiving these emails.
Jackie Le

Thanks for the warning, Jackie. I actually can't remember this and nothing's arrived or been sent so I'll assume nothing went wrong. If you're the Jackie Le I think you are (aerialist and artist?) then God knows how anyone could have mistaken you for a Mr! Thanks again for the warning...

fuck me the new book is superb!! when are you going to write someyhing in the same veins as 'erebus' or 'death day' (my favourites!!) ,you've done a bit of everything in your twighlight years how about a bit of gut munching or just total offensive gore!!!!!!! all the best matey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
matt chapman.

Gosh, thanks, Matt...Twilight years my cheeky fucker...I would love to do another book like EREBUS or DEATH DAY to be honest but will probably be told that there's no market for it anymore...take care, mate..

Hey Shaun,
Greetings from "da norf" of England. I've been a fan of yours for a couple of years now, but until very recently I'd only ever read Dying Words (which some obscure relative had got me for Christmas when i was 15) and when i read it.. i was blown away. At the time, i'd never read anything like it and it absolutely amazed me. Even if Dying Words wasn't the epitome of your usual work, it was a fantastic detective thriller (with a bit of gore thrown in for good measure). You sir, rekindled my faith in British fiction.Exit Wounds was the next book of yours that i read. I actually read that very recently on the train to Manchester. Since then, I've been hunting for your books like mad. Yesterday i had a good old rant at this fat woman in Carlisle Library for not having enough of your books (then again, i could only fish out two James Herbert books and only one Raymond Chandler book. Plenty of fucking Twilight though. About eight fucking copies of that bollocks). So anyway, I searched high and low and could only get my hands on about six or seven of your books. i read some of your earlier ones like Slugs, Spawn, Erebus, Nemesis and Heathen, as well as your later ones (Exit wounds, necessary Evil, Body Count, Unmarked Graves and Dying Words) but i can't seem to find any of your 90's era books (particularly the Sean Doyle ones). I love the gore, i love the suspense, but i also think you're very good at creating sympathetic (if at times a little unusual) characters.With that in mind, would you be so kind as to recommend me something that i would (theoretically at least) be easily able to get my hands on? I'd like that very much.One last thing before i go to bed, i'd love to hear you rant about talentless writers who get paid more than you do. People like Dan Brown and that cunt who wrote Eragon spring to mind. If you've never read anything by Dan Brown, you probably aren't aware of just how fucking bad his prose is. His books are more like lengthy science reports than works of great modern day literature. And that bitch who wrote Twilight needs to be shot. She's another talentless fucking cunt. While i'm on it - fucking X-Factor. the only semi-talented people on that ended up getting kicked off because of Jedward - that gay double act who have about as much talent as a wet fart. Anyway i'm going off on one, so i'll get to bed.
Have a good Christmas
Sam from Carlisle

Many thanks for the compliments, Sam. I'm glad you enjoyed DYING WORDS (I always thought it was one of my better books, but what the hell do I know...) and I'm pleased you've liked the others you've read since. If you want to find the other stuff then your best bet is to have a look on Amazon (or a different library...) because I'd love to know what you think of the stuff with Sean Doyle in...see if you can find RENEGADES, WHITE GHOST, KNIFE EDGE or something like STOLEN ANGELS, LUCY'S CHILD and PURITY. You'd like to hear me rant about talentless me, how long have you got, Sam? The problem is, or should I say I problem I'm having at the moment is that some people who look at my rants and my site don't like it/are offended by it/frightened by it (I'm not talking ordinary people now, I'm talking publishers...) I know everyone's going to immediately think "oh, Shaun's lost his bottle" but it's not quite as simple as that...writers are so over protected that any criticism is... oh fuck it...I've had enough...I've never read Dan Brown but you can't argue with his sales figures, same with the fucking Twilight shit. Problem is, that's why publishers love them because they make them shit-loads of money. Now, to my mind, the secret of creating a huge seller is to have a particularly spineless and insipid central character at the heart of your novel. I'll expand that theory...the central character of Dan Brown's books is fucking useless, too academic and not dynamic right. Harry Potter himself is basically someone who other things happen around. The girl in Twilight is a simpering waste of space so, that's what I'm doing wrong obviously, if I had weak and pathetic central characters in my novels then I'd be a multi-millionaire...On the subject of the X Factor etc. that's a different matter, these useless twats are merely symptomatic of a pop business that's turned to shit. No point in having a winner who can sing because they'll get swallowed up by the dross that pollutes the charts...I'd better stop now otherwise my agent will have a stroke...I'm glad you like my rants and my books though Sam and hopefully you'll write in again...all the best...

Hello Shaun,
I was just wondering if you could shed some light for me on the planning/preperation stages you might go through before you write a new book. I've tried to pen a few of my own ideas but they generally turn out shite, and i've found that most of the stuff i've written has been, frankly, a tad rubbish. I'd like to think its not my ideas that are crap, just more the way im doing it. If you could give me any pointers, it'd be much appreciated.
Ashley, Manchester.

It all depends on the complexity of the novel, Ashley (sorry to sound pretentious for a second there..) but a novel with lots of characters and locations needs more planning than one with just a handful and set in one or two locations. I work out a detailed plan and synopsis before starting so I know exactly what's going to happen from page one through to the end (although lately, some scenes have been inserted that haven't always been planned for, if it works just go with it) but you have to keep a pretty tight structure or you lose track of things and the plot ends up with big holes in it. Get all your ideas down on paper, go through them three or four or more times until you're happy with the structure and how the story develops then go through it one more time and look for holes, be hyper critical of yourself at that stage. Then, when you're ready, start writing. I'm betting there's nothing wrong with your ideas, Ashley, you just need to work them out before you start writing. Good luck and let me know if I can give you any other bits of advice...

Remember me,
The cameraman from Magnum Farce and Count Fangula. Can't believe they're not on your c.v.
By the way you swear too much on your site.....................cunt x
Brian Petty

Of course I remember you, I went to school with you for Christ knows how many for swearing too much on my site...fuck me, what a prick...Brian...of course I remember, I've been trying to forget ever since but still can't. Seriously though, I remember Magnum Farce as if it was yesterday (and you know what a lousy day yesterday was...), trying to work out "shots" in the middle of lessons and pissing ourselves...a great laugh I must say. I see Martin about twice a year for Liverpool Arsenal games and I sometimes ask about you then (only if there's nothing else going on...). I hope you're well by the way. I've still got a photo that was taken of you, me and Martin at an Arsenal V Liverpool game about fifteen years ago (fucking scary..). Anyway, it's good to hear from you, I hope the world of photography is still being good to you...all the best, mate...

Shaun, hope you are well and happy.
Bit of a tricky one this. I have just recived in my post a prospectus from The Writers Bureau and after reading most of it i can't help but wonder if it is the real deal or are these people just out to cherry pick tallent to exploit there efforts.
I realy don't want you to put your balls over the fire, but if you do know of this company or indeed any others I would welcome your comments.
Over the past few years I have read and heard about talentless celebs who support the writing of there publications and sell books by the shedload while writers with true tallent and dedication starve and end up stacking shelves and probably decide to never write again and live there dream.
For the past eighteen months I have worked on my first book and after changing it many times I have come to the conclusion that I need help and guidence to continue but I am not sure that by joining this bureau is the correct direction to go. Am I a sceptic or do I need a slap? Some help or even a bollocking from you would be welcomed.
Stay well and happy,

Lawrence, was this one of those WHY NOT BE A WRITER adverts you answered? If so then it's probably bullshit, however, I've never seen one of these things up close so don't quote me! The fucking "celebrities" who get published for shit loads of money are a different matter. This is nothing to do with submitting novels or books and waiting for publishers to say yes or no. publishers approach these fucking people with huge advances and then the books are ghost written for them. This is nothing to do with talent or writing skill, this is all about a marketing angle. Almost all publishers, given the choice between a shit celebrity book or a brilliant book by an unknown author will choose the celebrity book. That's just how it works. That's how bad the book business has become. There are many many truly talented writers out there who have fallen by the wayside or simply never had anything published and it will only get worse. I'm not trying to put you off here, I'm just being honest (one of my biggest faults). If I'd started writing now and not in the 80's, I wouldn't have a fucking chance because the horror market has been run down and neglected to such an extent by publishers and before anyone points me in the direction of Twilight, I'm sorry, that is not horror and never will be...I don't know about the books but the films are for pubescent girls and bi-curious confused teenage boys. Anyone over twenty who gets excited about these fucking things is retarded...Anyway, back to the Writers Bureau...If you feel you need some guidance then accept their help, Lawrence but just make sure you cover yourself by keeping copies of your books etc. If they can help then let them. Do whatever it takes to get published and if it takes some arse kissing then do it (you can stick the boot in later when you're more established). Give it a go and see what happens but let me know if you don't mind. Yes you are a sceptic but you should be patted on the back for that, not given a fucking slap. Never stop being a sceptic and you'll be fine. I hope this has been helpful in some way...good luck, mate...

Hey Shaun,
Howdy from an American Fan
Hope you're doing well, man. I've been a fan for a long time.
I've got two questions, I guess. I'm sitting here trying to remember when exactly I read SLUGS. It might have been when I lived in Melbourne, Australia as an exchange student back in 1988, when I found a shitload of British novels that weren?t available in the states. I remember stumbling over a copy of BREEDING GROUND and about shitting my pants when I realized that it was a sequel to SLUGS.
Fuck, I even own the SLUGS on DVD. I know, it's garbage, but still?
Anyway, the first novel I wrote is about to be published. It?s called WORMFOOD, and you can find the front and back covers here:
Needless to say, SLUGS was a pretty goddamn big influence. So I felt like it was only right that I name a character after you. I?m going through the final edit at the moment, and figured I?d better make sure it was cool that I had the local undertaker named ?Mr. Hutson.? It's a small role (no reflection on you or anything), but I wanted to make sure that somebody reading my book would know damn well that I wanted to honor your work.
If you'd rather I didn?t use your name, then no worries. I certainly understand.
The second question is, knowing that you are a big metal fan, would be: Who are you listening to these days?
My second novel, FOODCHAIN, will be published in March 2010 from Five Star Mystery. It?s not at all related to the first one, it?s more of a vicious crime story. In the acknowledgments, I thank many of the bands that helped fuel the story, bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Amon Amarth, and Insomnium, among others.
I couldn't help but wonder what bands you're listening to at the moment, since I do all my writing listening to heavy metal, cranked up to a ridiculous volume.
There's about a thousand other goddamn things I?d love to ask you and explain about my novels, but I?d hate for this email to get into stalker territory, so I just like to end with this:
I'm a big fan. Your work taught me a lot. It taught me not to flinch. It taught me to just fucking go for it.
So I can't tell you how happy I am that you?re still writing. Looking forward to the new books.
And if nothing else, just to say, man, I dig your writing.
Jeff Jacobson

Nice to hear from you, Jeff and I must say thank you very, very much for naming a character after me in your first novel...excellent...I am really pleased about that. Believe it or not, I wanted to be an undertaker when I was at school, you must be psychic...I'm really happy to be named in your book and well done on getting it and FOODCHAIN published. I'm also flattered how much SLUGS was an influence on you and don't worry about asking however many questions you want to, that's what the site's here for. Well done and good luck and thanks again for naming the character after me...

Hiya Shaun.
Just thought id start with the usual crap,im a huge fan etc nearly all of your books blah blah..............I may be a bit behind the times here,but, have you written a 3rd " slugs " book,if not ,why not? I loved Slugs and Breeding ground so plz write another sequel.By the way your performance in When evil calls was,in my opinion,not bad.
Yours ever faithfully

Many thanks for the kind words, Anthony, there's nothing wrong with being a huge fan you know...I'm very grateful. I haven't yet written slugs 3 and can't really see it happening to be performance in When Evil Calls...bloody hell, someone's actually seen it...I think I look better as a zombie...type casting really...all the best...

Hiya Shaun,
I'm a newby at this so bear with it !!!. I love all your stuff , have every one of your books ( even slugs ).
What I want to know is this..................where the fuck is Doyle? When's he going to make another appearance?? Go into amazon regular for your new stuff in the hope he's back , but no!!!.
Been bloody ages since he's had an outing , have a serious think and write a Doyle book next please. With all whats going on in the world we need Doyle badly!!!!! Am I getting message across?

Thanks for the compliments about my books, very much appreciated. Where is Doyle? Good question...I was planning to do another book with him in and hopefully will get around to it in the next year or so...However, publishers seem scared of the old bastard for some reason...he's not P.C. enough you see...a bit like me...keep your eyes peeled though, he'll be back soon, I promise.

Hi Shaun,
I first read one of your books, Slugs, when I was twelve years old (my Dad was having a clear out and I managed to persuade him ti let me have the horror novels) and since then I have managed to collect a copy of all your novels (including both visitation novels, The Skull, Chainsaw Terror,&The Termonator) and now I'm working my way through a compilation book of your war stories (No Survivors, Forged In Fire,&Taken By Force). I'm not really an avid reader but something about your style of writing really got me hooked. Any way my point was...err, I have no point, no question, just wanted to drop you a line, say hi, and thank you.
Kind Regards,

Hello, Neil, thanks for making me feel like an old bastard...(read Slugs when you were 12...) only kidding...glad you enjoyed it and I'm glad you liked the other stuff too. You don't need a point to write to me by the way, why pressure yourself? I appreciate the kind comments. Let me know what you think of the war novels when you finish them. If you like them then have a trek down to the library and dig out the other war books, there's a list elsewhere on the site.

Hi Shaun,
Just wanted to say that I recently read 'Compulsion' after being recommended it by a mate. He didn't say why I should read it, he just said, I'd find it interesting.
I must say I did! I found it that and in places very familiar.
I'll explain . Used to attend a 'certain' Norton Road Secondary School (now turned into housing) and be taught by a certain 'Ginger haired C**t" (JA, been in a few Ski Trips with him, he's still about and living locally). I still live on a certain housing estate to the north side of LGC, have used a certain row of shops (Trophy Centre included) for many years.
'Obviously all names and places in the story are fictional, and any likenesses are coincidental' (?) but it's interesting to observe some influences.
I thoroughly enjoyed your book, and will be hunting out more of your work to read.
Dave Lewis
PS. My dad knows your dad and often speaks to him on the bus into town.

Glad you enjoyed COMPULSION, Dave. I reckon any similiarites between real events and people and places mentioned in the book intentional. Yes, the teacher with the unfortunate colour hair...I remember him well. That fucking trophy centre is still there isn't it? I see it sometimes when I go home to visit my mum and dad. My dad speaks to your dad, fuck me, my dad hardly ever speaks to anyone...(he'll take that as a compliment by the way)...look after yourself, mate...

The Zombie night was great, I really liked Pontypool and Colin was ok as well (could have been 25 minutes shorter though). I am now attending lectures about Horror films, they are great! I am just waiting for someone to create a lecture series called 'the work and art of Shaun Hutson'. Anyway, just to put the record straight since you referred to me as a man...
I am from Finland; the blond haired and blue eyed variety and most definately a woman (think Hammer horror)
Keep writing, I am seriously running out things to read.

I must apologise to you Satu for implying that you were a man...even more so now you reveal you're a Scandinavian blue eyed blonde (Finland counts as Scandinavia doesn't it?) Hammer horror...we're talking Ingrid Pitt or Yutte Stensgaard here and not Christopher Lee I hope...only kidding...any photos you'd like to send of yourself will be gratefully appreciated...(only joking...) I think you might be waiting a while for someone to do a lecture series on "THE WORK AND ART OF SHAUN HUTSON"...however, someone once did a thesis on me as part of their degree course and they passed too...glad Zombie night was good...I'll try and write quicker..

Hi Shaun, just to let you know got Bodycount last week. Read it, loved it, cant wait til the next one. Dont forget to bear me in mind for as a victim.
Sickest way you can think!!! Keep up the brilliant writing.
Denice Andrews

At last, thank God for that, Denice...let me know what you think when you've finished it...

Hi Shaun,
It's a long time since I last contacted you; I wonder if you remember me? "You don't half talk a load of shit!" (Apologies again for that)
Anyway, I'm still reading - and loving - your books: 'raw' is how I'd describe your work - like viscera slopping from disembowelled cannon-fodder. (I'd be so honoured if I could get a mention in one of your future works - as cannon-fodder, of course)
I've got to say, I look forward to your rants almost as much as I look forward to your books. I've been disgusted to see the amount of 'celebrity' books being foisted on the sheep by major booksellers like Waterstone's: Katie Price (whose breast enhancements seem to have been filled using a mixture of her brain and the BS she spouts - her whole brain split evenly to fill her nipples), Gordon 'Get the fuck out of my kitchen!' Ramsay (Get the fuck off my telly!), Jamie Oliver (twat) and Gerry Halliwell (Yeah, she read 'Romeo&Juliet! More likely she thought it was a brand of ice-cream) What happened to civilisation? Did most of the planet get a lobotomy while I wasn't looking? Everything is so dumbed down, aimed at young teenagers and as bland as a box of porridge! The 'Twilight' movies? WTF!! About as scary as the Teletubbies ... well, maybe not quite as scary. (I have two grandchildren - I see a LOT of the Teletubbies - Sob! Sniff!) And Jedward ... unwittingly used as puppets and they danced much the same. The 'Entertainment' industry will grind them up and spit them out as soon as the cash-cow dries up. My heart bleeds for them and others like them - used and abused.
By the way, I love Shinedown too. A couple of my favourites from their phenomenal album 'The Sound Of Madness'; 'Devour' and 'Second Chance' - both singles, I believe. I also highly recommend a few other bands: Creed, Anberlin, Theory Of A Deadman, Three Days Grace and Staind. Other bands whose recent releases have impressed: Dream Theater, Pearl Jam, Muse, The Answer, Redemption, The All-American Rejects... really, rock music is still the best and still providing most - if not all - of the great music being made today. I was disappointed with Thunder's swan song; they must be the only band that went out with a 'Bang!' and a whimper at the same time. Still, they've brought hours of great listening and I have their older albums to enjoy. I'm really going to miss them.
One final thing on music: Queen are still the best band I've ever heard! Ha!
Finally, please don't moderate your rants; I'm sure if people were offended by anything you wrote they wouldn't be long in telling you. It's good to read something that gushes venom, passion and sincerity in equal measures. Anyway, isn't moderation a bit like - (drum roll maestro, please) - censorship? I'm a big boy, I can take it.
Well, I think I've taken up enough of your time. Keep the thrills coming, the wounds raw and the blood flowing. All the best to you and your family.
Jim McArthur

I can't actually remember what you said I was talking shit about, Jim but I'm sure you had your reasons...nothing like a decent bit of banter eh?...I think people get too offended too easily these days to be honest and yes, I will definitely kill you off in a forthcoming book...I think you already know my thoughts on celebrity books and celebrities in general. I agree about things being dumbed down. If that wasn't the case then this celebrity obsession would never happened. Years ago things like intelligence were celebrated not the crass stupidity displayed by rags like HELLO, OK and the other arse wipe publications existing only to further the money grabbing of these talentless fucks...As for people being used and abused by the record business...fuck them...they know the risks. They're whores trying to get their noses in the trough and they'll make a few bob, probably more than most honest working people will make in their lives so, if they get shafted then the sooner the better. I find it completely impossible to make comments on this kind of shit without getting irrationally angry so I'd better stop... Nice to see you like Shinedown too. What a fucking superb album "The Sound of Madness" is. I like Theory of a Deadman too and I've got a couple of Staind albums. My 14 year old daughter is a rock fan but many of the bands she likes (Bring Me the Horizon, Youmeatsix and Enter Shikari for instance...) I think are shit. However, she likes all sorts of stuff and has pillaged my record and CD collection for Megadeth, Metallica, Disturbed, Sepultura and a few more which is great. She even buys Kerrang every week...I agree about thunder. The earlier stuff was excellent and it's sad to see a band like them go under when there's so much shit about. On the matter of moderating the rants, it isn't you lot, my readers who are offended, it's publishers. However, I'd better stop there or I'll go off on one. Check out the latest rant and see what you think. It's really good to hear from you again, Jim and you take care of yourself, mate...

Hey Shaun,
I'm starting to get frustrated with this writing lark and thought i'd ask you a few questions. I am trying to get my first book published but its not looking so good. It's been four months now and all the agents i've sent my book to have either ignored me or sent me the same dismissive email. Seriously, do they share a template for rejections? Because all the emails i got back read the same ha ha. I was just wondering how long it took you to break into the writing game. Did you get many rejections or were you signed straight away?
I'm also thinking about 'exaggerating' slightly on the CV they require. I'm a paranoid fuck anyway and can't stand giving out my real details. Do you reckon if I give them a pseudonym and tell a tiny fib about my background, that it will inevitably come back to bite me on the arse? What i'm doing at the minute obviously isn't working so should i try a different approach or fuck the book and just go back to being an avid reader. Would like to hear your opinion and interested in how it all started for you.
PS I know you're a fellow movie fanatic and was just wondering if you've seen that 'Paranormal Activity.' I have yet to see it, but seeing as it has been labelled 'one of the scariest horror movies ever made' has aroused my curiosity greatly.

I can understand your frustration with "this writing lark", Phillip. I know how you feel...I understand completely how you feel about being rejected and the impersonal way it's done. I had over 40 rejections when I started, before I was published and I still get them now believe it or not...It took me about four years to break into the business. The only advice I'd give is don't tell them too much about yourself if you don't want to. They're supposed to be judging your writing ability not your worth as a fucking human being...Keep at it though...I know you think it's easy for me to say but I went through the same thing you're going through. Grit your teeth. Agents are only interested in their percentage anyway (very few are bothered about nurturing new talent, just like publishers) so they're going to be more critical and the book business is in such a stagnant state you haven't got much fucking chance unless you're a celebrity or already a household name or you know an editor or agent or know which arses to kiss. I wish I could be more positive but you know me, too fucking honest for my own good...Let me know what happens though. Try switching genres and see what happens but don't change your writing style...good luck... p.s. Paranormal Activity is is The Descent Part 2...
Right folks, that's my lot. There's a rant of sorts if anyone would like to give an opinion on it...let me know what you all think about what I've got to's important to me...
Thanks again for the questions.

26th November 2009

Before I start, I must just do something I haven't done for a while and that is recommend an album to anyone who cares...that album is THE SOUND OF MADNESS by Shinedown. I bought it last week and it is, in my humble opinion, excellent...just thought I'd let you know...and one more thing but check that out on my newest rant...
Right, on to the questions...

hi shaun
i know u get shit loadsa questions on here from your many fans, ive just been trawling through loads of them, so im not expecting to get a response.. dont wory i wont hold it against you. ive been a fan for about 3-4 years now, since i read necessary evil, i realised i never read anything more than a comic book, and decided i wanted to read a good horror, i read loadsa blubs on books (not reviews cos there is 2 much over-rated shit out there, that the vast majority of mainstream viewers jump on the band wagon to praise, many noted on your page, which by the way; i agree with pretty much all what ive read, your rants about jade goody, the celebrity walk up the mountain for charity etc, good to know that someone of your status acknowledges all the over-hyped bullshit in the media, and isnt afraid to speak there mind on it in fear of being sued, or upsetting the pampered arseholes. anyway waffling a bit now back to what i was saying) since necessary evil ive been drawn into reading your books, Hybrid, Twisted Souls, Death Day, Assassins etc, currently Shadows (which is great so far) and nothing since has come close to overhauling my growing obsession with your books, i gave Dan Brown a crack, and hes damn good, but it feels too pollished towards a mainstream approach, as opposed to your nastier grittier darker settings, which doesnt hold back and is what it needs to be for the story to work, and for that im a huge fan. I was wonderin if theres anything you choose to avoid putting in your stories cos it turns even your stomach, or because thats where you draw the line on what you think should be published? i'l watch pretty much any violence or torture, if its necessary for the story, i dont see the pint in it for the sake of it, i do however really dislike sexual violence, dependin on how graphic it is, that aside, i have i really don't care how violent or graphic it goes. anyways thanks 4 readin, even if this doesnt get posted or replied to.
all the best,
PS. i noticed you said you rented martyrs and couldnt finish cos of the state of the disc, have u seen it since? if so what did u think? i cant decide if its a masterpiece, or if it falls short at the end and they couldnt make the ending match the rest of the film.

Not expecting a response, Carl! Bloody cheek...Many thanks for your comments about my books and about my rants too...I agree with you about hating violence mixed with sex. I'm not sure there's ever been a rape scene in any of my books, I would find that very, very hard to do but, if it was necessary to the plot then I'm sure I'd manage somehow. You have to be so careful with stuff like that. I did finally manage to see all of MARTYRS and found it to be very powerful, if almost unwatchable in places. A good idea that maybe didn't quite work but still very impressive. Let me know what you think of my books as you read them, I'd be interested to know.

Hi Shaun,
Its been a couple of months now and I've still kept up reading your books. We went away on holiday a few months ago and I found a little book store that had loads of your books (for a very good price I might add) so I helped myself to a couple more and believe they are all read now too. You asked where i was in the 80's/90's and I wanted to answer that I was living in South Africa and have only lived in the UK since 2002. I read one of the emails before that you were not published in the US and thats probably the same for SA which makes me wonder why not? Wouldn't you love to break that market too (especially the US)? And if so, whats stopping you? I see no reason at all why anyone living abroad would not enjoy your books as much as I do.
Anyway Shaun, it is my birthday coming up soon and I know that I will be getting a truck load of your books and that makes me very excited! And I look forward to your next release.Finally, it was my husband who pointed out that you had actually replied to my email before...I, like an idiot, had stood by my emailing awaiting a response and when there was nothing...gave up. I acted like quite the star-struck fan when I saw you are written back on the site (silly me hadn't gone to look there) and said to hubby that I would reply to yours. He now worries that I may become you next stalker fan :)Don't worry...I won't...muchTake care and keep up the brilliant work.

Bernadette, I would love to break into the South African and American markets but it isn't up to me, it's up to publishers in those countries and no one is interested. Horror is dead everywhere (except in the cinema where it's thriving). Publishers aren't interested and seem completely oblivious to the fact that there are many, many people out there who love it. Perhaps if I write a book about teenage vampires who aren't really scary and werewolves who look like Alsatians then I'll have a chance. Thanks to your husband for pointing out that my replies to you will come in this section, good man...and as for becoming another stalker fan then why not?...the more the merrier..take care..

Hi Shaun.
Just read your bit in Classic Prog magazine. I remember the same shop in the Arcade in Letchworth. Bought a few good LPs from the same lady including Exit...Stage Left by Rush for a rather dear 7.99 in 1983. By the way which school did you attend in Letchworth...I was at The Highfield School where both my parents taught. Thanks for the trip down memory lane

Wasn't that shop fucking brilliant, Paul. The lady in it was amazing. I went to Norton Road school (now gone and replaced by houses..) I remember Highfield, up by the football ground. Ah, the memories...I'd better go now, I'm getting all wistful...

My 76 year old father and I love your horror book writing. The stories keep us enthralled from start to finish. He prefers mainly your earlier written war works. Do you know where I would be able to locate all of your war books? Or just keep looking around for them? As he gets so much enjoyment reading the war books you've written.

Many thanks to you and your dad, Julie. My war books are out of print and have been for a while, the only place you'll find them is in libraries I'm afraid. You might pick some up on e-bay or at car boot sales though. Good luck...

Hello Shaun,
Just finished the new book and wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed it (It was a weird one for a while there though... i mean, i thought you were going to subject me to a 'Them' or 'Eden Lake'). It's nice to know that an old fuckin' cynic such as myself(who thinks he can see it all coming a mile away) still gets a shock... no matter how many times it happened the suicides in the book got me every bloody time!?
Great stuff, mate!

Glad you enjoyed LAST RITES, Rob (would it have been so bad if it had been like THEM or EDEN LAKE, both bloody good films in my humble opinion). So glad you didn't see the twist coming. Many thanks for your kind comments, they're really appreciated.

Hi Shaun
You seem to get rattled easily - do people just get on your nerves for being alive?
I love your books and I also enjoy a good chuckle at your rants!

Easily rattled,, well, maybe. I just hate stupidity and most people are fucking stupid. If everyone was like my readers it would be a much better world. No celebrities. No shit music. No crap films and no morons walking the streets or driving cars. I never used to be this bad but then, the world never used to be so fucked up. I only react to what I see...there you go, how was that? Glad you enjoy the books and rants though...take care..

I am fairly sure after nearly 20 years you won't possibly remember me, but I was once upon a time Ricki Rampant, the roving, raucous, rock 'n' roll reporter, sadly the raucous and rock'n'roll parts have kind of left me behind, but the roving never has... for my sins I ended up in PR & Marketing, working with video games and media... yes a corporate whore, but I never let them take my love of Rock music away from me... anyway enough of the crap...
Just wanted to write and tell you 2 things...
1. Thank you for the acknowledgment in Nemesis, I still have my dog eared copy and it has been carried around with me with pride from country to country.
2. I just read Dying Words and I posted a review on my book blog, and all I can say is thank you, I picked it up at 7pm last night and finished it at 4am this morning... result!
Well on that note I will leave you be, and just say keep on writing, you have always been a shining light in horror and thriller fiction in the UK, keep 'em coming :)
John Phillips

John, or should I say Ricky, I know you won't believe this but I do remember you. Who the fuck could forget a name like Ricky Rampant? Where and for who did you interview me by the way, I can't remember that?..Glad you liked the mention in Nemesis and I'm really pleased that you enjoyed DYING WORDS. Many thanks for your kind comments, John...

Hello Shaun,hope you are well.
Just been watching "Britains best dish" on the telly where six of our best chefs work there arses off by cooking the finest food ever produced for three critics(or pretentious fat wankers)who procede to shovell as much of the stuff down there gullets that only a hippo would be proud of.After what seems hours of them sweating,belching and copious farting,they then procede to mark these poor barstards fuck all out of ten for cooking in there opinnion a pile of rancid shit.Three of the six chefs are then told to fuck off and go and work in a Burger King while the other three remaining poor sods have to sit it out while the general public phone there votes in.Now call me a sceptic,but how the hell can you vote on a dish that you can't smell or taste and only have the oppinions of the three pigs that scoffed the soddin lot in the first place.Let's be honest now, most of the halfwhits who phone in think that rice pudding on toast is sophisticated.If you can't cook or have never had a meal cooked by a half decent chef or don't know the diference between a black truffel and the left bollock of Red Rum,then dont fucking vote.
Shaun,iv'e got loads more to bang on about but for now im'e going down the pub to watch the footy. Love your work,read most if not all of your books,and if you could find it in your kind and wonderfull heart (how am i doing) to send me a signed photo, then you will go straight to the top of my christmas card list.
Live long and happy,

I did have a laugh at your rant about Britain's Favourite Dish, Lawrence...A man after my own heart...I must admit, I hadn't thought until you mentioned it but the sheer stupidity of getting people to vote for a dish they can't taste, smell or touch is incredible, I agree...The reasoning behind this is obviously that the three "critics" are so knowledgeable that people will just do as they're told...I've always thought that food critics were some of the most useless fuckers in existence even within the generally useless network of critics as a whole to be honest. Here's some food criticism for you; "oi, these fucking chips aren't hot." There you go, now where's my fucking show?... I would love to send you a signed photo, Lawrence but that could be difficult because a) I don't keep any and b) I don't know your address...however, I'm sure there's a way around that (I just don't know what it is...). Many thanks for the kind comments about my books, Lawrence and you're bang on with the rant...


I don't know what Waterstones are talking about Denice, as far as I know there was never a change to publication date. Try Amazon or someone more reliable...As I'm not literary fiction or anything to do with the fucking Twilight books Waterstones probably didn't even order any of my paperbacks...let me know how you get on.

Hey, hello!
I came across your blog whilst searching the web on how you were doing. You won't remember me, but I met you in person many years ago and we got on like a house on fire.
I still have the signed book you gave me and remember the kiss on the cheek ;) You had long hair, were dressed in all black leathers back them and I was quite smitten with you for a while (it was that bad body/rock star look I think!) and the amusing thing was, I had never read your novels before nor did I know who you were when we met.
I went on to read the autographed novel you gave me that day ( a gift) and still have it in my bookshelf and over the proceeding few years I read every book you have ever written. You were a nice guy when I met you and you gained a fan when I read your work.
Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am so relieved to see that I am not the only person in the country who is sick to the back teeth of Cheryl bloody Cole !!!! lol
Hope you and Belinda and your daughter (she'll be all grown up now!) are all fine.
Take care,
C ~

I am absolutely intrigued by this e-mail, C (what is that initial for...?) We got on like a house on fire...where and when? I'm desperate to find out who you are (oops, slipped into sad stalker mode there for a second...) A kiss on the cheek...(upper or lower?)...If I had long hair and was dressed in black leather then it must have been a while ago. Smitten with me...You obviously never told me at the time (were you drunk, was that it?)...Good God, put me out of my misery for Christ's sake...being the shallow bastard I am, you must have been very pretty for me to kiss you on the cheek. I'm delighted you read the book I gave you and that you've become a fan. Also good to see you agree with me about Cheryl Cole...For Heaven's sake let me know who you are because this is driving me nuts...(it's very unusual for me to make an impression of any kind on someone, you see...)

Hi Shaun
I finished 'Last Rites' a couple of days ago and I must say it was a real page turner ! I thought it was very good with a great twist at the end !
Now I've got to wait until next October for the next one !
Regarding films, do you think it as been a real stinker of a year ? I enjoy going to cinema but I've only been twice (Star Trek and Angels & Demons). All they seem to make is rubbish aimed at teenagers. Do you agree ?
Thanks (Keep up the brillant work !)

Sorry about having to wait until next October for the next one, David...but very glad you liked LAST RITES. There hasn't been much at the pictures this year to be honest and, as I write this I'm struggling to think of anything that leapt out at me...I agree that most of the big films are aimed at a younger audience (about fucking three judging by some efforts...) Trouble is, it's only going to get worse...there you go, thought I'd cheer you up...take care..

Hey there,
Check out my new teaser trailer for HARDCORE -
And if you missed it, I revamped my CHEMICAL MAN trailer, which is now:
Any feedback, criticism or links would be much appreciated J
Andy Remic.

I will have a look in due course, Andy...

Hi Shaun
Hope you are well. I am typing this whilst grinning happily since I just bought tickets for our local cinema. The event is called 'Dead and Breakfast', it is an all night long feast of Zombie films including 'Colin' and 'Pontypool' starting 22.30 and carrying on until 7.30 for breakfast. Hurrah, what a great way to spend Halloween. Oh well, off to SAW 6 now (I know, I know but I have seen all the other ones...). Are you planning any cinematographical extravagancies for this Halloween?
Have a great Halloween

A whole night of are a sick man, Satu...(probably why you like my books...). I also saw SAW VI and I hear that there is a part Seven on the way only reaction to that would be WHY?... Anyway, enjoy your zombies...

Hi Shaun,
I came across this article on the Guardian website today and thought it would interest you (there's a lovely picture of Katie Price holding two copies of her novel on there, which I know you'll love!). Not sure if you've seen the article or not, but you might be consoled that you're not the only one pissed off at so-called celebrities 'writing' novels.
Richard Phillip John BMus(Hons)

Thanks for the info about that vile bitch, Jordan, Richard. I will check out that article. The thing is now we have so many more of them to hate, not just her. I read something the other day about publishers approaching people like Coleen Nolan, Ulrika Jonson and Fern Brittan to write novels too. What that should say instead of "approaching" is "offering celebs shit loads of money to have novels ghost written for them". This whole situation really is so far out of hand and will only get worse. Nice to know someone else shares my would be even better if something would change...

Dear Shaun,
My name is Lee-Anne and I live in South Africa, I was introduced to your books by one of my cousins, I am a huge fan of your books in my opinion there is no Author that even comes close to you. One of the best books that I have read was Victims, it was this book that inspired me to study Producing. One of my other favourite's is Captives. Your books are my bible's, I think I will probably be buried with them. Anyhow so I have a question.
I am planning on producing a film next year and I would just like to know what are the chances of taking Victims or Captives and turning it into a film, I know that you probably get asked this a lot but I would like to break into the industry overseas with something I know will keep the audience captivated and on the edge of their seats, as well as having the chance to work with the best Author that has ever existed. I was just saying to my husband the other day that it is quite obvious that the folks over in Hollywood and England are running out of good ideas for movies if they can classify the crap they put on the big screen as good, I mean lets take an example Twilight I don't know what all the fuss is, its a load of crap, Vampires that don't scare people next thing you know they will be producing movies about people keeping werewolves as pets. Now your work on the other hand is truly works of art.
P.S. I totally agree with you about technology taking away people's ability to conduct normal face to face conversations, what happened to the days when everyone would go down to the pub for a pint or two, play some darts or pool, good days gone by.
Lee-Anne (Tintinkie)

Hello, there and I am extremely flattered by your comments, Lee-Anne...The chances of making VICTIMS or CAPTIVES into a film will depend on stuff like buying the rights as far as I know...if you get in touch with my agent she'll be able to tell you what to do if you're really serious. That would be great. Good to see that you agree with me about Twilight too...what is the attraction of that bloody thing if you're over fourteen? Let me know what happens with this venture and thanks again for the praise and kind words..

Hi Shaun
I'm a huge fan of yours (which my mates find worrying, coz I'm only 17). I pick up your books mainly at car boot sales, charity shops and bargain bins, because I'm such a cheapskate.
I'm just wondering, are you interested in mixed martial arts at all? It's just that I do it and I think that the levels of violence associated with it and the injuries people sustain would translate quite well into one of your novels, for some reason. All you need is a plot...
Do you rate Graham Masterton's work (if you're familiar with it)? I kind of like it, but some of it is getting a bit dated.
From Ben in Bedford

Ben, it doesn't matter that you're only 17 and reading my books...I know of people younger...Martial arts always looks too bloody dangerous to me...My daughter used to do karate and can break planks of wood with her face (just kidding...), she did do karate though. I on the other hand couldn't break a plank of wood with a fucking sledgehammer...I don't know enough about it to write about it, Ben but you never know in the future...Graham Masterton I haven't read enough of to comment to be honest. In fact, I don't think I've read any. We did share a publisher in the eighties though... p.s. Yeah, and Fearne Cotton and Peaches Geldof and the rest of them...

Hi Shaun,
I wanted to e-mail you personally but I could not find out how to so I am going to contact this way , ah well.
I just wanted to say I am a life long fan ever since I read Slugs when I was eleven, now that was a fucking great read.
I just wanted to say that you were one of my inspirations when I first decided to be a writer, by first novel will soon be published soon (it isn't horror but I will be writing some horror in the future and they will be filled with all the good stuff).
I was surfing you site, and reading 'Shaun's Shit' and could not agree more with what you said about that show called The X Factor it's show filled with cunts aimed at mindless fucking idiots, they have no fuckin talent just doing bad covers of old songs, why can't these fucking twats come up their own material instead of doing a shit impersonations of someone else's hard work.
Can't' stand these X Factor whores to tell you the truth, give me some Alice Cooper and Iron maiden any day.
Anyway just wanted to tell you how much I respect your work, love your stuff man real horror, when I want to read a damn fine horror novel, you are always at the top of the list.
I do have two questions though.
Firstly: what in your opinion is the greatest horror novel ever written?
And secondly: what is your personal favourite novel?
Take care and God bless and keep those novels coming.
James Miles.

Ah, James, your rants about the X Factor are a joy to read...apparently I'm not the only one in the country who thinks that it's shit and the judges are all publicity seeking scum only interested in self-promotion..As far as your questions go.
The greatest horror novel ever written...Christ, that's difficult...pushed I'd say THE EXORCIST. THE KEEP is also a superb novel. I suppose I should say something like DRACULA as it's been so influential but I won't...
My personal EXORCIST...
Sorry, I wish I could be more expansive and informative but that's my opinion. Look after yourself, James.

Hello Shaun,
I've just read your book 'Bodycount', bloody excellent, same again please! I also thought a couple of bits reminded me of the popular videogame 'Manhunt'. Do you play videogames often and if so whats your favourite?
Chris Jermyn

I have to admit Chris that Manhunt is one of the best video games I've ever played and if bits of BODY COUNT seem similar then it's by way of a homage. I think that fucking game is brilliant and was so disappointed by the second one I couldn't believe it. It was like all the great bits about the first one had been ditched. Maybe I should go back to it...I had an old Nintendo console when they first came out and loved CASTLEVANIA on that. Otherwise, I like KILLZONE and, obviously, the football games, well, PES whatever number we're up to now. I've never rated FIFA to be honest. I did buy a game a while back (cheap) called JAWS where you actually play as the shark and I love that bloody thing, makes me laugh every time I play it. I don't play as much as I used to but any recommendations? Glad you liked BODY COUNT.
Right folks, that's it. Just a quickie to ponder before I go...I got home from the football about 1.15 last night having watched Liverpool draw 2-2 with Birmingham and I was sitting there flicking channels when an advert came on promising a channel so good it would "make your head explode"...Is this a good thing I wonder? I'm all for good quality TV but programmes so good you have a cranial detonation...fuck that...just joking...a bit like laughing until your sides split I suppose...nasty...
See you next time and if anyone would like me to moderate my rants then please, please let me know. I've got a feeling I already know the answer...

24th November 2009

Hi Shaun,
I read my first of your books (slugs) back in 1988. Loved all yor stuff. Lost contact for a while but read some of your recent stuff in Australia, which is where I am at the moment. Not permanently! I've discovered I really enjoy writing fiction as a hobby (particularly character development) and I find I'm influenced by film, drama, history and music. Not by other authors.
I would like to know if you write to music? It seems apparent in your work. By the way, as for people asking you if you're worried about people acting out for real the more gruesome aspects of your work, I've found in my research for my stories that there is nothing more sick, twisted and evil than real human history! By the way, there are quite a lot of your books in a library in Mona Vale north of Sydney! Spread the word!
Nicholas Hughes

Nice to know I'm getting bigger down under...ha, ha..(it's about time..). Thanks for the kind comments Nicholas. Like yourself I've never been influenced by other authors, my influences have always been cinematic. I don't write to music, I find it too distracting. I used to listen to music before I started but I don't do that either and as for the old chestnut about my books influencing people to go on mad orgies of murder etc. etc. then if it happens there's fuck all I can do about it...oops, sorry, what I should have said was, I would immediately stop writing and would burn off my fingers as a penance...something like that...To be honest, if someone is off their head then anything could tip them over, not just my bloody books...Keep up the writing...

Hello dear Shaun!
I'm writing you from France.
I would like to know if it's possible to send you one book, and that you could sign it and send it back to me ?
I'll include some irc's in the enveloppe.
Thanks :)
Jeremie Dreux

If you send a book to my publishers, Jeremie then they should forward it to me to sign for you. How's that?

Hi Shaun
Just been reading a few of those question and answers and thought i'd give it a go. I've been a fan of yours for quite a while now - The first book I bought was the EREBUS/VICTIMS omnibus (I know; never judge a book by its cover, but it was the cover art that got me!) From then on, whenever I see a Shaun Hutson book I just pick it up and buy it - almost subconciously. One week I bought seven of your books! And I still haven't got round to reading them all yet.
I noticed that you mentioned you've never read a Laymon book and i'm surprised. You, Laymon and King all inspired me to become a horror writer. His writing style isn't the same as yours, but i'd still recommend you give it a go. Also thought i'd ask for some advice. I've finally finished my first book (just editing it at the minute) and i'm about to start on another.
Altogether, i've got about 21 different ideas for books to either start or finish off. I've also written 2 short stories and have 17 more to start (What can I say? Those long summer nights are ideal to think up story plots when you're a kid and all your rich mate's have gone abroad and you're left with your bucket and spade sat on a shitty beach in Scarborough). Anyway, just wondering if you reckon I should concentrate on the book i've already written i.e. finishing it off and attempting to get it published or should I do what i've been doing for the past few months which is writing a bit on one book and then writing some more for another etc. Oh and by the way, how the hell do you get in touch with a legit literary agent? Half of them are robbing bastards who want shit-loads of money before they look at your novel, and the other half are so stuck up themselves, they require you to have gone to university and gained past experience in writing etc. What do you recommend?
P.S the EREBUS/VICTIMS omnibus which I first bought isn't listed on your History page. Might wanna get that checked out.
Keep up the good work mate

The artwork on a book cover is always important, Phil. Did those seven you bought in one week all have good covers?...Thanks for that..
On the subject of agents I know it can be hard finding the right one when you're starting out. The thing to remember is that they are working for you, or should be if they're any good. Don't let them think they're doing you a favour by taking you on. They're taking you on because they think they're going to make money out of you. Some very good agents do have a genuine interest in guiding good writers (I nearly said grooming but in this modern world I know that means something appallingly different now...) and trying to get good fiction on the shelves but they are few and far between. Concentrate on one book at a time and, when you're happy with it, write a letter to an agent introducing yourself, find out what they need from you (how much of the book to make a decision etc.) and see what happens.
Good luck, mate and keep me posted on what happens.

Hi Shaun,
I loved Unmarked Graves and I can't wait to read Body Count, I think you're one of the few authors who've been going a while where you just couldn't say "the new stuff isn't as good as the old stuff", anyway, on with the question, in the early part of your career you flirted with various genres, if the Horror thing hadn't worked out for you and it was the Westerns, War or Sci-fi books that really grabbed people and took off do you think you'd be just as happy and still writing them to this day?

Many thanks for the kind comments and also for saying that I haven't got any worse over the years...I would have written whatever worked Barry to be honest...I always found it easier and more interesting writing horror but, as a writer, you do what you have to and hope that it works. I was lucky, the horror worked. It's a real shame that westerns, war novels and so many other genres fell by the wayside though. There must be fans out there somewhere surely...

hi shaun watched any good films lately? i watched the original omen great film! scary music rise of the antichrist?end of the world fucking great just up your street mate , mind you watched the newer version what a pile of shite that was,just what is it with all the fucking remakes of nearly every good film ever made!shit im starting to rant looking forward to your new book mate.keep churning out the darkness your the dogs bollocks.
john baker
chelski northampton.
ps remember to make me die a grusome death when you can mate.

No, John, I haven't seen any particularly good films lately unless you count FANTASTIC MR FOX...I am perfectly serious, I loved the fucking thing...JENNIFER'S BODY was reasonable but had too many good ideas undeveloped I felt...The original version of THE OMEN is, I think, wonderful. I was at Liverpool's match at Fulham the other week (yeah, forget the fucking score..) and was walking along the banks of the Thames having passed the church where the priest gets impaled. It was like being in the film sitting on a bench watching the leaves fall...very atmospheric and the match was pretty horrifying too...I thought the re-make was reasonable but completely pointless. Nothing new. Nothing wrong with a rant every now and then John...and yes, I'll kill you...

Hello Shaun,
I've just finished reading your book Necessary Evil and enjoyed it up till Chapter 102. The CO2 used in fire extinguishers is not "Highly volatile" as stated, in fact its the very gas used to put out fires and will not ignite under any circumstances. Im afraid such a basic error took the edge off :-)) As an ex handgun owner and competitor I thought your descriptions of gun use and effects were quite realistic though :-)
Michael Wilkinson.

Sorry about that, Michael...a fuck up, I acknowledge that...Glad you liked the gun descriptions though...

Hi Shaun
I can't wait for Last Rites to be released. I want to say a big big thank you for your note wishing me a happy 40th birthday (which now takes pride of place on my living room wall - sad I know!). All the best to you and to our boys in red for this season.

Glad you got the note, Trina. Happy birthday again...

Hi Shaun,
Just getting over the 6-1 mauling you guys gave the Tigers (Phil Brown needs to go) but whilst passing through a charity shop managed to get a hold of an Omnibus of your war novels and as usual I loved it. It was a bit different but it was unmistakeably your style. I also loaned a guy at work Lucys Child and he said he hated it as it didn't make sense to him and here were too many loose ends (should have loaned the twat Compulsion to really make him wanna puke). Still you can't please all the people all the time but I'm looking forward to Body Count on paperback in October. Stay cool mate.
Francis Moon

I think you got what you should have got last season, Francis...but anyway...Glad you liked the war novels. Shame about the bloke at work not liking Lucy's child (alright, hating it...) Never mind, win some, lose some...Let me know what you think of Body Count...don't lend it to that fucking bloke at work though...Take care, mate...It looks like we're both in for rotten seasons...
Right folks, that's it...I'll see you next time...

21st October 2009

Hi, folks. I must just say before I get down to answering the questions, how much I fucking hate computers. Really fucking hate them. In fact, all electronic devices like mobiles and shit like that, anything where people are needlessly communicating other than by proper speech.
The main reason for this outburst is because I was asked to do a blog (doesn't matter for who, it's supposed to secret, blah, blah) and the fucking thing won't work properly despite me following all the instructions so, I'm officially fucked off.
Thank God Graeme always keeps it simple for me when I'm doing stuff on the site.
Anyway, now I've thrown the toys out of the pram, here goes with the answers...
Oh, and by the way, isn't Cheryl Cole a greedy talentless fucking cunt...ah, that feels better...I've just tried to have three pops at her in this fucking blog thing I'm supposed to do and all three have been cut out...gutless fuckers...
Anyway, on we go...

Hi Shaun
I read ages ago on your website that you've written a screenplay for Lucy's Child. Did anything ever come of this? I've seen Slugs... Christ that was wank. I'm hoping anything else would be better!

Gema I wrote a screenplay, Gema but, surprise surprise, nothing came of it. In fact, I don't think it was even submitted which would explain me, it would have been better than Slugs...

Hiya Shaun
Have you decided to get organised with dividing your questions and emails from us lot into chronological order? Great stuff!
Can't wait until Last Rites comes out in October. Fantastic stuff, mate, keep going.
Frances Drake (you know the one, from Norton School - I didn't know you'd been expelled! Nice one!)

Decided to get organised...cheeky fucker...Graeme organises for me on the site. He's good like that. Let me know what you think of LAST RITES when you've read it.

Dear Mr Hutson,
I hope that this finds you well. I was just wondering what your views on the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer are? I'll bet your a HUGE fan...ha ha...sorry had to get that one in.

Ross, for fuck's sake don't call me Mr Hutson, it makes me sound like a schoolteacher...however, seeing as you're taking the piss by asking my opinion on the dogshit that is Twilight I assume the Mr Hutson bit is a piss take as well...The fact that the Twilight series is done by my publishers in this country and they're always wanking over how wonderful the books are doesn't help...Nice sanitized vampires to further help the destruction of the horror genre that my own publishers helped to ruin by bulk buying shit from America like Laurel K. Hamilton...

Hi Shaun
Further about our conversation about watching the mighty reds against your lot I will accompany you to Anfield in October we will have to decide where to meet up.Will i be sitting next to yours truly. Do you travel up by car.Back to business have you read any of James Pattersons novels some are quite good I also like to read James Herberts like yourself he does not publish more than one novel a year which is a pity

John, I travel up to Anfield and most away grounds by car. For London games I get the train, sometimes for the City match too and with your lot I usually drive up with a mate and we park in the Cricket ground car park then walk over. I'm having serious thoughts about this and I think you should too...You know the depth of hatred between these two. I'm wondering if we both might be safer in our respective sections...

Hello hope your doing well.i mentioned a while ago about setting up a myspace page.seems so long ago now well here it is ( let me know
what you think? also you get a few mentions on a new british horror novel board(mostly good!)

I remember you mentioning it Tony. How's it going? I don't use things like myspace or facebook so I don't suppose I can look for myself but many thanks anyway for setting this up.

hey, iv read two of your books so far and im on the third one now after ready death day(first one i had read) i was hooked right in to u, the way you describe every little detail, i have a sick and twisted imagination(as i am told) but when i read the death sences in the book my imagination widend a whole lot more, death day was the first book i had read in years, and its the best book, i never watched horror films till a couple of years ago, the first one i had watched was freddy vs jason, but as iv said, death day was the first horror i had read. iv have five of ur books so far (death day,nemesis,body count,unmarked graves and hell to pay) im on hell to pay atm, im going on to body count next the unmarked graves. i am (as im guessing many people have said) a fan of urs nw, and i will one day be getting all of ur books and i will be enjoying every second of them. just one thing before i go, how do you come up with the ideas for the books, i mean, hace things happend in the past that help you come up with the ideas or do you just have a extreamly good imagination. thank you for writing the books because its good reading and gives ideas to people that want to write books themselfs and thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Thanks very much for the kind comments, Luke, very much appreciated. Most of the stuff in my books is based on real events (not stuff I've done obviously..) but on what I've read and researched but a large amount of it comes from my imagination naturally. Like you, I'm blessed with a warped mind...Let me know what you think of the books as you read them, I'd like to know. Take care.

hi shaun have u any intention an doing something in the same vein as erebus??? a cracking read, also i have ideas for a book , but how or where the hell do u start im afraid ill make a complete balls of it&no-one would make head nor tail of it , any advice?? by the way , up the pool.
mark .

Any more like Erebus...well, you never know, Mark. I liked writing those 'someone goes apeshit in a small isolated town' books, LAST RITES is heading back in that direction. Don't worry about making a balls up, Jesus, we all fuck up at the beginning (or, in my case, 25 years later as well...). Writing is like experimenting really, you have to find out what works for you and all that shit. Just write, you'll instinctively know whether its good or bad and if its bad then go back and do it again. Trial and error, Mark. Trust me, I've made enough fuck ups over the years. But don't worry about it. Despite what other authors would have you believe, it isn't rocket science (well, obviously not, it's writing isn't it...). Write what you want and work it out. Let me know how you get on.

Hi Shaun ...
G'day from Australia.
I was cleaning out a box of old junk I picked up from my mum's a while ago and I rediscovered my raggedy, coverless copy of Erebus which I hadn't read since I was about 16 in the mid-80's. I'm not much of a reader these days but I thought I'd have a re-read of Erebus for old times sake if nothing else. Once I started I couldn't put it down and it was amazing how much of it I actually remembered from 25 years ago. It's inspired me to track down more of your work and take up reading again. I guess it's taken 2 and a half decades but you have a new fan :)
Thanks for a great read, hope to have many more.
Regards, Matt

Hi, Matt from Down Under and many thanks for the kind comments about Erebus. Glad you enjoyed it again. I hope you can find some more of my stuff and enjoy that again too. Look after yourself.

I picked up a copy of The Terminator from a second hand bookshop when i was 11 years old.
Loved it, ruthlessly graphic, no 'it too mature for you' shit. But, to an 11 year old, the world of 'Sean Hutson' was a complete mystery.
Now i see comments of you leaving Clive 'speechless' with Chainsaw Terror, and personally, i like a bit of rediculously disturbing and violent shit (thats a compliment from me. i though Saw was pussy. Plannet Terror, The Devils Rejects&The Descent more my style.)
however i hear some shit about a CENSORED copy, which can get fucked.
Anyway, i was whondering how i can get my hands on an UNCENSORED copy of CHAINSAW TERROR,
Prefferably via a link that i can give to a local bookstore and they can do all the complicated stuff, because i tend to be busy.
Or, ofcourse, if you have a recomendation based on my psych profile (diturbed, mature, ultra-inteligent, whacks-off too much&the above) please do make it.
Thanks in advance from the south hole.
Lewis-Alan T
Sydney, Australia

Another Aussie, is it a National Holiday over there or something?...As far as I know, there's no way of getting hold of an uncut version of CHAINSAW TERROR, fuck me, even I haven't got certainly was ridiculously violent but that was what the publishers wanted at the time. Telling me to go crazy in a book with power tools is a fucking mistake believe me...'shaun, go as far over the top as you can' was my brief...big mistake...I did and they ended up cutting 25 pages...ah, well...

Heya Shaun,
Just a follow on from last time, i got the original script of that old flea market e-bay surprise surprise, although i still can't get that bloody Hardback of convoy of steel to complete my collection got the wolf kruger paperback but it just aint the same.
Anyway what the hell mate
'I read James Herbert when I was a kid as well and really enjoyed his early stuff. Hope you get over your swine flu and don't worry I will kill you off when I get the chance...'
i remember baiting you about that particular author all that time ago in Wolverhampton, something to do with slugs vs. rats i believe. Don't tell me your going soft in your old age and seeing the good in everybody.
Looking forward to getting the new book, will give me a break from the humor of Terry Pratchett (I'll kill my mother-in-law for introducing me to the discworld books) and get me back into some honest to goodness massacres.
By the way... any chance of bringing the old secret pseudonym out of retirement for something different or even revitalizing the old Wolf Kruger name and give us a couple of war books?
Look forward to seeing you on the road again soon mate
Woody the Baggies Fan

Boing, boing to you too Woody, hope you're well, mate. I'm not going soft by the way, just because I didn't call Herbert a twat doesn't mean I'm going're reading Terry Pratchett...fuck me...very sad that he's got Alzheimers when it should happen to so many more deserving cases...I would love to do more Wolf Krugers but there's no market for war anymore...well, not unless you're Andy McNab and that's not really the kind of war I used to write about is it? Look after yourself and see your boys back in the Premier League next season...

Hi Shaun
Just been reading a few of those question and answers and thought i'd give it a go. I've been a fan of yours for quite a while now - The first book I bought was the EREBUS/VICTIMS omnibus (I know; never judge a book by its cover, but it was the cover art that got me) From then on, whenever I see a Shaun Hutson book I just pick it up and buy it - almost subconciously. One week I bought seven of your books! And I still haven't got round to reading them all yet.
I noticed that you mentioned you've never read a Laymon book and i'm surprised. You, Laymon and King all inspired me to become a horror writer. His writing style isn't the same as yours, but i'd still recommend you give it a go. Also thought i'd ask for some advice. I've finally finished my first book (just editing it at the minute) and i'm about to start on another. Altogether, i've got about 21 different ideas for books to either start or finish off. I've also written 2 short stories and have 17 more to start. Just wondering if you reckon I should concentrate on the book i've already written i.e. finishing it off and attempting to get it published or should I do what i've been doing for the past few months which is writing a bit on one book and then writing some more for another etc. Oh and by the way, how the hell do you get in touch with a legit literary agent? Half of them are robbing bastards who want shit-loads of money before they look at your novel, and the other half are so stuck up themselves, they require you to have gone to university and gained past experience in writing etc. What do you recommend?
P.S the EREBUS/VICTIMS omnibus which I first bought isn't listed on your History page. Might wanna get that checked out.
Keep up the good work mate

Phil, seven books in one week...bloody hell...and thanks...I must admit, I did have a giggle when I noticed that you knew exactly how many novels and stories you'd got ready to finish/start etc. etc. I can hardly remember which fucking chapter of which book I'm on. For God sake..CONCENTRATE ON ONE IDEA AT A TIME...that's my honest advice, mate, (although what the fuck do I know..) seriously though, Phil if you're thinking about several ideas at once you will end up not doing justice to them all. Stick to one. At least you know you've got something to move onto when you've finished one. Good luck. As far as the agents go I don't know what to tell you. I understand that a lot are up themselves and especially now with the book business being so fucked up, no one wants to look at new authors. Never go with an agent who wants money just to read your book...that's like the equivalent of vanity publishing (where you pay a publisher to print your book). There must be a website or something that you can go on to find an agent. There used to be a book called The Writers and Artists Yearbook but I'm not even sure if that still exists. It lists agents. If you can find one in a library or order one at a bookshop then you should be able to find a reputable agent in there somewhere. Let me know how you get on.

Dear Mr. Hutson,
I am a long-time fan of your novels. I also had the joy to translate one of your novels (Deadhead) for Goldmann Publishing in Germany years ago, which was a lot of fun.
Your last columns were laugh out loud. Yeah, Internet-Porn is destroying the world. Reminded me of some girls calling a german call-in radio show who wanted to kick their boyfriends out because they *gasp had some porn-sites saved on their PCs. So this idiocy is not an english problem.
Your remarks on Miley Cyrus were also spot on. The Disney executive who invented her and the godawful Jonas Brother´s will hopefully get a special place in hell. It is a relief that you are still writing, when the horror novel is getting a kicking from the so-called Paranormal Romance :-)
Keep up the good work!
Andreas Decker

Hello, Andreas I remember you doing the translation of Deadhead...well done.. I'm glad you agree with me about the overreaction to internet porn by many people. Nice to hear that there are some similarly hysterical folks in Germany too. I'm also glad you like my rants...

Hiya Shaun
It's Kelly from up north in the chilly Highlands of Scotland here. I've been silently enjoying reading your rants and answers to questions over the last year or so. I am now the proud parent of a little girl called Jessica who is 7 months old today. I thought that you would appreciate the fact that I had sat with my feet up for several months - nothing pretty about it though I'm afraid. (And incidentally, why the F*CK would anyone willingly go through that more than once!!!!)
I thought I would respond to your pornography rant. I think that you're right in that this woman has completely over-reacted about this. I recon it's one of those subjects that there is no right or wrong viewpoint, everyone just has an opinion and you can argue about it till you peg it. I personally don't see anything wrong with porn, internet or magazines, whatever floats your boat. I don't make a habit of looking it myself but if I saw a picture of a naked Danny Dyre or Gerard Butler I might look twice (maybe three times). Then again, if I saw a picture of a naked Jonathan Ross I would look twice as well - not for pleasure but just to see, know what I mean? It's a lot to do with curiosity. Also, I'm not bothered about my partner looking but one of my friends is venomously opposed to it and has always told her fella that if she caught him looking at anything she'd chop his bollocks off! Extreme?
Anyway - itching for Last Rites to come out - will devour it in a day as usual and then have to wait another year for a new one.
Stay Cool.
Kel J xx

Hello, Kell, thanks for the kind comments and congratulations on the little one...Thanks also for giving a woman's perspective on my porn rant. Nice to know that some ladies are on my side too. I just thinkthat as long as no one's getting hurt (in the video or in real life) then it's harmless. Mind you I watched a documentary the other night about the porn business in the States and some of it was a bit worrying but they were focussing on the more extreme aspects to be honest. Your friends threat to chop off her boyfriends bollocks...a little extreme I feel but then again, each to his own. Let me know what you think of LAST RITES when you've read it.

Fuck me Shaun you don't change, thank God. Love all the books and having just read your last rant (28th, July 09). I have to agree with you. Internet porn is not a problem, well not for me anyway. Find a free site now again just to see what some lucky gits are up to, enjoying themselves lol. And yes you are right Holden is a useless bitch who should be taken off TV. Now that gives me an idea. You could right a horror X factor. That would be fucking great. All those talentless idiots could find themselves being horribly murdered by the judges, but which one, or is all of them tee hee. I'm sure they kill all ones that never make onto TV lol.
Look after yourself Shaun and keep up the good work. Love the site and love your rants.
Mick Deakin.

Thanks for that, Mick, I try not to change...Glad you agree with the rants and also with my stand on internet porn...some guys have all the luck eh?...A horror X Factor eh? If only...You'd have to drive a stake through Simon Cowells wallet to kill him and a train over fucking Cheryl Cole...God I hate that useless bitch...and her husband...and...

Hi Shaun
We will have to get in touch because you will be quite safe sitting at old trafford where I sit. I do agree with you about the hatred, our local postoffice is run by a scouser, and he went to Old Trafford two seasons ago and said he has never been so intimidated but apart from that ,do you think you will be able to make it I would be prepared to sit next to you at anfield THAT WOULD HURT I will give you my number then you can get in touch. we are going Kos again on September 3rd but will get in touch as soon as possible .I realise you cant give me your number ,but give us a ring we can sort something out.Do you travel up by car or train.What about the super start to the season you are having.
All the best

Hello, again, John. I still think that this matter should be very, very carefully considered and probably, for the safety of all concerned, forgotten about. I don't want to be responsible for you getting twatted at Anfield and I'm assuming you wouldn't really want me to get my head stomped on at your place...(even though I am a red..) Probably any other two teams in the country we could get away with this but not with these two. It would also be unbearable for the away fan should his own team score...think about it...what would it have been like for me last season at your place or for you the season before at ours with a last minute winner...I've seen Mancs slapped and/or spat on in the past and I know much worse has happened to our supporters at your place so maybe discretion should be the better part of valour, John. It's alright you and I having a bit of a laugh on the site but in the not...

I have been reading your books for a while now, and living in England it is easy for me to find your books in second hand bookshops. When i go to the shops though, they have usually have half hearted Horror sections, and more often than not throw them together with Sci Fi and Thriller, and sometimes put them in the Crime section, which makes it hard looking for different authors in the Horror genre.
Right now i am reading books by Peter Straub, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Herbert, etc ... I guess they would be the more famous authors because they are usually in all the book shops i go into.
I was wondering if you could tell me a few authors that influenced you to start writing, or authors that you enjoy reading, preferably in the Horror genre, so i can keep an eye out for different authors to that of which i normally read.

Believe it or not Matthew, I rarely read fiction these days. I used to read a lot before I wrote but now I just don't seem to have the interest in it. William Peter Blatty (Author of the Exorcist and Legion) is a great writer but, other than him or H.P. Lovecraft at the beginning of my career, no one has really influenced me. My influences have always been cinematic, not literary. And you're right about the horror sections in bookshops these days...there aren't any...

Hi Shaun
My lady friend has every book of yours (not online at present).
Convaying request.
Best Wishes Sean Scott

Obviously a woman of impeccable taste, Scott. Thanks for letting me know.

Thinking about writing a short novel/story..advice welcolme
'The Aunties' (short novel about two satanic aunts who drive thier nephew to madness and steal his soul). Peters mother had gotten a wrong side of Margrette. She didn't live long. Crunch, crunch the gravel beneath her feet. She strode towards him. His mothers tiny coffin had been lowered into the ground all of 45 minutes, still he was submurged in the most v(h)ile self pity. Flicking a regal paw towards his baby neice she anounced 'life goes on!'. After his gentle disdabled fathers death, verbally bullied or 'reassured' to the point of suicide. Constance confided with Peter; 'if you don;t trust me, I'll have to defend myself' her voice so sweet with a sinister undertone. He sat in his room. Alone. Flung between violent thoughts of retribution and then guilt then bewilderment...
Sean Scott

Do it. The only way to write is to on, have a go, you might enjoy it.

What happened to the 'competition' to name your fans?
I STILL don't know what happened to this. I've just been trawling the site to see if you ever answered the question but I can't find an answer. I can't believe it was TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO!

That must be my fault...Sorry, I am a terrible fuckwit when it comes to remembering stuff. Sorry, Mark. I probably did answer the question but I can't remember the answer...

Are any of you books available in e-book form. I moved to the usa and I can't find a book store that stocks your great work.

I can't imagine it somehow. If you want any of my books then have a look on Amazon. The only one ever published in the U.S. was Heathen. Good luck.
Right, that's my lot again. If any of you were thinking of going to see Tarantino's new film, 'Inglourious Bastards' or however the pretentious little twat spells it, then don't bother, it's shit. Too long, too up its own arse and badly in need of a decent editor...If he really wants to use spaghetti western imagery so much then why doesn't he just make a fucking spaghetti western? Answers on a piece of rancid shit to Quentin's office...
Talking of rancid shit, I see Jordan's got a new book out...
But anyway...see you next time.

25th August 2009

hi Shaun
i love your books and have read many from terminator to the original skull to death day; and some of the war books and ufo books but what i was wondering is! how many book are there with Sean Doyle in ? i really like the character hes well cool and always manages to survive against the odds.
i got a guess is your pseudo name Guy N Smith ? :) hes another author i like along with lymon, ray garton ,Masterton mainly his dream warrior books, king i find boring to much god stuff
anyway must dash
ps chojin on my name is not my name lol for some reason my profile on windows has added it to my name, Chojin is a monster from the jap anime urotsukidoji legend of the overfiend. to comlicated to explain the story but if you get a chance watch it i think you will like it. the brit version is missing a fair amount so go for the unrated american print!!

Dave, is my pseudonym Guy N. Smith...cheeky bastard...(just kidding...) No, it is not Guy N. Smith...Can you imagine me writing a book about a killer caracal (you can, oh, shit..) or called The Slime Beast? Sorry, it's just that I always used to say in interviews that if I hadn't read Night of the Crabs by Guy N. Smith that I'd never have started writing...but anyway...back to business. Doyle has appeared in four novels; RENEGADES, WHITE GHOST, KNIFE EDGE and HYBRID. He will be returning in a year or so with any luck...It could be worse, they could have added Godzilla to your name...

Hi Shaun,
I recently joined up on the forum (nice bunch of folks in there) and have been trolling about in the Q n A section. I was wondering if you find writing it a means to vent or do you get that 'movie in your head' thing and the story just flows or a bit of both? And do you ever wonder if someone would mimic your books? I know...sounds like a daft question...but...I've been struggling with a manuscript of mine and I keep coming back to that question. Thought perhaps you could shed objective light on it for me.
Thanks for your time n take care

I do sometimes find writing a good means of getting out stuff I don't want inside me, Kat. I used to use it far more for that in the beginning and couldn't get involved in a book unless I was mentally fucked up while writing it...a weird way to work I know but we all have our own little idiosyncrasies don't we? I find that some of the main characters tend to voice opinions I hold but never to the detriment of the story, there's nothing worse than being preached at by an author, especially when he hasn't really got much to say that's worth hearing anyway...Do you use your own writing as a purging process? Do you write about stuff that's best left hidden inside your mind normally? I think some writers do and I think that some readers find the same kind of release in their work. As for wondering if someone could mimic my work I assume you mean do I worry if someone will, for instance nail a cat to a wall (as in COMPULSION), push their fingers through a baby's head (as in TWISTED SOULS) etc. etc. Well, there's no point worrying about it, Kat. If someone is unbalanced enough then there's no telling what will tip them over the edge (Charles Manson and his family were tipped over by the Beatles Double White album, John Hinkley, the guy who tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan was tipped over by TAXI DRIVER and Mark Chapman who shot John Lennon was influenced by THE CATCHER IN THE RYE) so, don't worry about it. We can't take that amount of responsibility for what we write or we'd never write anything also, you can't deprive hundreds of thousands of people enjoyment for the sake of one nutter...sorry, a bit callous I know but that's what I feel and I'm talking to you as a guy who's had death threats over my books...Write what you need to write and fuck the consequences basically. The public aren't stupid (apart from Hello and Ok readers...) it's only politicians who would like us to think they are...

Hello mate,
just want to say that i've been reading your books for a few years now and i love em. Assasin is my favourite. I'm currently reading Twisted souls, and i'm glad to say that your signiture is in the front of the book. I'm about to finish my own book. I'm looking to become a writer like your good self. Just wondered, do you travel to locations to get insperation? By the way you have great taste in music. Up the irons!!!

Glad you like the books, Paul. Glad too that you've got a signed copy of TWISTED SOULS. Good luck with your own book by the way. As for locations...I've never travelled to one with the purpose of getting inspiration but sometimes if I've been somewhere I'll use that location in a book. Or, more often than not I'll describe a place I've seen and use that as a setting. I do the same with characters sometimes, people I've met I use as the basis of characters. A Hammers fan eh? I've always had a soft spot for West Ham...

Hi been hooked since reading Erebus. And loved everything you wrote before and since.
will anything you write ever be available on e-book format I have moved to the USA and I can?t find anything here.
William Wood

I think it's extremely unlikely that any of my books will ever be available on e-book William, sorry. Write to the publishers and complain. You won't find any in the states either, the only one that was ever published there was Heathen back in the early 90's.

Hi Shaun
I'm a big fan from waaaaaaay back and i have just got to say that Relics is by far my favourite of your novels, i love all that ancient god coming back to kill us all stuff!
tell me, as you quoted HP Lovecraft (another of my favourite authors and a great inspiration to me) at the start of Relics, was he the main inspiration for the novel itself?
many thanks

Thanks, Ian. I must say, RELICS is one of my favourite books (of mine) I don't think Lovecraft was the main inspiration despite the Old God returning slant. I had read a lot of Lovecraft and thought how brilliant he was but I've never written a book that was influenced by another novel, they were always influenced by films. I fancied doing something about dog-fighting and it all got tied up in the novel. I would like to do another book like RELICS I must admit...maybe one day...


Glad you liked it, folks. A happy ending?...Well, I suppose by my standards it was...I don't think I sat down to make it that way and I didn't actually see it as a happy ending (I don't want to say too much for those who've not read it yet). The same thing happened with the end of the next book, LAST RITES by the way (it's out in October)...but you'll see what I mean when you read it. I do the ending that fits, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...

oh my, i'm such a dick. i'm really sorry about not having seen the replies on the website, really. i'm even more of a retard than what i thought, i actually checked the replies every week... anyway, thanks for the info, i just sent Stephane Marsan an email. Translating 'forged in fire' was great, Kessler is the shit ! plus i got a really good grade : 16/20, that's crazy.
So then again, sorry for being the dick i am.
Keep up the wicked shit.
guillaume magueijo

Hello, guillaume...I'm saying nothing...16/20, well done...Kessler was actually a forerunner of the character who became Sean Doyle and I liked writing about him I must admit. You are not a's the kind of mistake I would have made...Well done on your translation work...all the best.

Hi Shaun
Sorry to bother you well no I am not sorry, just to let you know cant wait for new book to arrive in the shops but more importantly the great Utd meet your team at Old Trafford the weekend of March 20th now i have arranged with my mate who sits next to me that we can have both seats for that game and I will kidnap you for the day we can watch the game together and I can get you to sign your novels which I have purchased but more importantly back to the business at hand i cant wait to be killed in one of your novels the name is john burrell the manc who keeps mithering you looking forward to seeing you I wont take no for an answer and I hope we get a better result against you than we did last season
cheers john.
P.S keep up the good work

John, good to hear from you again...So you're chucking your mate out of his seat so I can sit next to you...bloody Manc...ha, ha, This whole idea seems fraught with danger, John (mainly to me...) If the mighty Reds turn your lot over as comprehensively as they did last season it could be awkward. I can just see you losing control during the match and screaming 'Scouse Bastard' at me as the third goal flies past Van Der Sar...I've sat with opposition supporters before (at Chelsea and Arsenal) but never at a game that is so filled with hatred and loathing between the two sides...You want to hope I'm still alive after the match to sign your books...Let's think this through more closely shall we? You know that there is a kind of sixth sense amongst football fans when it comes to spotting opposition supporters in their midst...I've seen it at Anfield. You just know that the guy sitting there quietly and not getting to his feet so quick when a home side scores is not quite just the meantime, look after yourself, mate...

Hi Shaun, how are you ?
I'm a very big fan of yours, infact i,m only waiting for your new book to come out in October then I have all your books under your name.
Can you give me any suggestions on how to get books on the above names that you also use, i,ve tried ebay and its not very good at the moment,do you know any good book shops that do them please.
As far as i,m concerned people like Stephen King has got no match on you !
Anyway, all the best and keep up the good work with the books, brilliant is the only word i can use.
colin foxall

Other than e-bay, I don't know how you'd find the other books, Colin but there is a bit on the site about it unless I'm mistaken. Bearing in mind they're out of print it's difficult anyway. I hope you can find what you're looking for.

First of all i love your books and have read shed laods of them. Just finished writing my first book. I want to be a writer like your good self and was wondering do you go on location for research? By the way you have great taste in music. Up the irons.

Er..haven't I already answered this, Paul...the answer now, as before, was no.

hi shaun,
after reading many of your books over the years (the first being slugs when i was a teen) this is the first time i have been on your site and your rants have had me in stitches! its was just like listening to my other half when he,s watching sky news. whats unusual is that you are both a similar age and both come from letchworth!! you don,t have a half brother called neil do you?
thanks for keeping me amused

I haven't got a brother called Neil as far as I know, Sarah, not unless my mum and dad have been keeping something from me all these years...What's his second name? I might have gone to school with him...Glad you like the rants, if he's the same age as me then obviously the same things piss him off. What a fine man...

I collect autographs of famous people all over the world. I would like a poster or ma piece of paper signed by you. Could you send me ad autograph to my address..
Thank you very much. Best wishes.
Andrzej Migdalek

Autographs of famous people, Andrzej, then why do you want mine?...Just kidding, if you send your address I'll see what I can do...
Right, that's my lot for another month. Thanks again for all your questions, folks. Keep them coming and I'll keep answering them.

25th July 2009

Hi Shaun
Have read all you books and was wondering if there will be a new one coming soon. if not i will have to resort to fluffy romance me thinks.

LAST RITES is out in hardback in October, Vicky so you don't have to resort to fluffy romance...there is romance in LAST RITES by the way...well, not really romance just a fair bit of sex...does that count?...

hi shaun just a quick one for you mate, what do you think of steven king? just finished his dark tower series fucking long read with a barstad of a ending but still found it worthwhile fucking strange though!also james herbert i read the dark and thought that was good,im still grieving over chelski losing to barca and we just won the fa fucking cup wot a sad twat i am! gotta dash mate think im dying of that world destroying swine flu !all the breast dont forget my disgusting death in one of your books if you can fit it in.
john baker chelski fan northampton.

I think Stephen King is a very good writer, John (ow, that hurt..). I read all his stuff when I was a teenager, SALEM'S LOT, THE SHINING, THE STAND etc. and loved them. I read James Herbert when I was a kid as well and really enjoyed his early stuff. Hope you get over your swine flu and don't worry I will kill you off when I get the chance...

Dear Mr Hutson,
I am a long-time fan of your horror books. I was introduced to 'Slugs' by my then 12 year old brother when I was 16. He loved the book and convinced me after a month or so that I would like it too. In short, I was an instant fan after blazing through the book in a couple of days -everyone else is right, it is very hard to put your horror books down once they pick up the main narrative. Slugs and the Sean Doyle books are my favourites.
I became a bit uncomfortable reading Breeding Ground I believe with the way black characters were treated and referred to and this was a nagging thought of mine that I couldn't shake -yes, I am black. After a Hutson Horror hiatus of some 5 years I chanced upon 'Unmarked Grave' in WHSmiths this past Monday (I have bought all your books I own from WHSmiths) and smiled instantly and bought it. Needless to say my nagging thoughts about the treatment of black characters was inflamed by this book (which I will have probably finished on the bus ride home today).
I was surprised that the main character was black (Pearson) but very uneasy with the regular derogatory references to him and other black character as being black so and so's, usually spat with roaring bile by hateful white characters. I don't find the way that Pearson reacts to being verbally and racially abused as very believable (he never even answers back or objects to being called a black so and so, his hackles never even flutter never mind rise). In addition, I was dismayed when voodoo was then brought into the mix with the African characters. All seems to lean on cheap stereotypes.
I am a fan of your work but I would like you to state or wax lyrical on your position on this matter. I do not in any way mean to sound combative but the way that these black characters are written about is offensive and I'd like to know the reason.
ps -I may hunt down that old adaptation of 'Slugs'. 'Slugs is definitely worthy of the big screen as well as the Sean Doyle books.

Henry, first of all, many thanks for getting in touch and for pointing out your concerns about the way black characters are written about in my books. You don't sound combative by the way, you're just making valid points. I didn't realize I was doing anything worse to black characters than to any other characters...maybe that's my fault here. Why were you surprised that the main character in UNMARKED GRAVES was black? To me, it was easier to show the racism against him. What did you expect him to do when being taunted by three white thugs? Turn round and fight them? Blokes like that only ever act in groups, never one to one. I never intended to make any comments one way or the other about racism, just as I don't make comments about other issues in my books. The information is there and people make their own judgements one way or the other. I don't preach in my books, Henry, I don't try and send messages. My dialogue reflects things I've heard over many years (too many...) and that goes for the way people speak about sex, women, black people, child abuse, infidelity and any other touchy subject I might have used in a novel. I don't claim to be infallible, far from it and if I've got some things wrong then I'll be the first to hold my hands up, however, over the years I've met a number of my black readers at signings and talks and none of them have ever complained so, I was a bit surprised by your reaction. Would you consider WHITE GHOST racist against the Chinese because it was about the Triads, or RENEGADES to be anti-Irish because lots of its protagonists were terrorists? Or was NECESSARY EVIL having a go at Muslims? Maybe HEATHEN showed all women as vengeful two-timing bitches? I think not. If you were offended then I'm sorry, Henry but no offence was ever intended. Get in touch again and let me know how you think I should have dealt with the black characters. In fact, just get in touch again anyway, it'll be good to hear from you...

i'm the one who translated one of your books for my final research paper, i'm a fuckin student. why did you never send an email back?? i still love your books though, no sweat, have a good one homey
guillaume magueijo

If you'd read the answers page on the site, guillaume, you'd have seen that I sent Two e-mails back...hope you're well, mate.

Hello mate, just want to say your books are cool and have read shit loads of them. I'm going to be finishing my first book soon and am planning to be a writer like your good self. After it's completed what would be my first move?
Just started reading Twisted souls and it has your signiture in the front, i'm well chuffed. UP THE IRONS!!

Your first move after completing your book would be get on your knees and pray, Paul...pray that someone wants to publish it then that someone wants to read it...I do that all the time and always have. Seriously though, finding an agent will help but expect to put up with tons of bullshit and excuses from publishers who are too busy trying to pay fucking celebrities shit loads of money for their fucking books rather than paying proper authors for worthwhile novels...on the other hand, you might just get a bit of luck which counts far more than talent these days. Let me know how you get on...

Hi Shaun,
My name's kat...just joined the haunted forum and decided, 'bugger it...I'm gonna ask' since you were offering so nicely...
I've been wondering how much flack you got when people read your work? I've done some horror/gothic work ghost writing and copped a lot of shit for writing some pretty graphic stuff. How'd you manage to move past their issues and push into mainstream?
Have to admit tho, it was a relief to find an author who has the balls to just say it as it is. Thank you for that if for nothing else.
Take care,

Do you mean flack from readers or critics, Kat? People are always going to be shocked/offended/ pissed off etc. by anything extreme in literature and you have to cope with the extra burden of the hypocrisy against horror and fantasy too (if extreme issues are tackled in mainstream fiction then everyone says how "challenging" it is...). The best way to move past it is to ignore it. If people have issues with the stuff in horror then they shouldn't be reading it. At the risk of bringing this down to its lowest level, the simple answer to anyone criticising you would be "Fuck them." As long as you're enjoying what you do and, even more important, getting paid for it, then all other considerations can be hurled out of the window. If the people who've criticised you don't like what you write they don't have to read it...All the best...

Hi Shaun,
Just though I'd drop you a line to let you know what a star you are! I used to have every one of your books, but due to a bloody house fire, have had to start collecting them all over again, a bit more fanatically now though, like 3 copies of Erebus, 2 of Shadows etc, just because they have the earlier cover art! getting there now, only about 10 short now! Well worth it though, think I've read The Skull at least 10 times!
My son has started asking to read some of my books! He's 10!! What age do you think I should start fucking him up with some of your genius?
cheers mate

Sorry to hear about the fire, Chris. I hope you manage to get the book collection back in one piece again. As for letting your ten year old read my well, my daughter's 13 and I'm reluctant to let her read my books but, what the fuck, each to his own eh? Maybe I'm just over-protective. If you do let him read it and he likes it then let me know, if he thinks it's shit then keep me mercifully in the dark...good luck..

hay shaun baby. first thng THANK YOU so much for all your books they are brilliant and all the ones i have read i haved loved. i just wanted to ask all the books you have written whch one is your all time fav?
i love your rants you so on the shauns shit page i love people who speek there mind and say how it is. and a big thanks to gray for forwarding on all are question to you i have made some real good friends on your/grays site. thanks again. Xx Rachel

I do like being called baby, Rachel, please do it again when you write back...My all time favourite book? Bloody hell...probably RENEGADES because it introduced Sean Doyle. I also have very soft spots for DYING WORDS, HEATHEN, HELL TO PAY and RELICS for different reasons but I like them all in various ways. Have you got a favourite yourself? I'm glad you like the rants too...I'm sure there'll be many more to come...

Hi Shaun,
Every now and then, I'll come across a new author that i've not read of before and become instantly hooked. I've been reading horror, suspense etc stories for as long as I can remember and have been a huge fan of Stephen King and Dean Koontz since I was a teenager. I've long since left teenage years behind me :)
Anyway, a few months ago, I found a book (it was rather tattered and old looking) in our library at home which I hadn't read, by an author I hadn't heard of, which is probably the reason it lay unread. The title of the book was 'Heathen', I think I must have picked it up at a boot sale or something a few years ago, and I thought I would give it a try. I was instantly hooked.
Since then, i've been to the local library and picked up a few more. I finished 'Hybrid' in the week, 'Twisted Souls' last night, and have just started 'Hell To Play'. Your acknowledgements page always makes me laugh and I find your writing fast paced and easy to read, factors which help considerably towards keeping me hooked and wanting more...
Seeing you always mention your website I thought I'd have a quick look and I was delighted to see that there are loads of books i've not read yet! Simply loads so I have a lot of reading to be doing over the next couple of weeks/months. Its one thing to discover an author (Tess Gerritsen) that I really enjoy who has a few books released, but quite another to discover one who has over 50 to catch up on! Heaven!
Anyway, I just thought I would drop you a quick email - especially after reading your May contribution to 'Shaun's Shit' which had me laughing and agreeing with every single thing you said there - but also to say thank you and to keep up the good work. I will be constantly on the look out for new work by you, and will updating my Amazon Wish List just as soon as i've sent this email. My husband will probably also thank you now that he will know what to buy me for christmas and birthdays.
Take care and keep up the good work

Hello, Bernadette and I'm really glad you've finally discovered me after all this time. Where the hell were you in the 80's and 90's when I was reasonably visible? Only kidding..I'm delighted that you like the site and even more delighted you like the books. Feel free to write again and let me know what you think of them as your husband buys them for you for Xmas and birthdays...Good to have you along for the ride, Bernadette...

Hi Shaun,
Just been recovering after the Tigers managed to avoid the drop, Jesus these guys never make it easy for the fans. Anyroad I'm just wondering two things, when is Body Count coming out on paperback and is the reprted Doyle novel the next release.Also to let you know you have two new readers thanks in part to yours truly and in part to your talent. There is a girl at work (stop it I'm married to someone as mad as me) who is from Vietnam and really into Japanese horror - she understands it better than most - and she was interested in your work so I lent her Lucys Child which scared her half to death. She is now an avid fan and has read or owns nearly everything you have done. There is also one of the accounts girls who has read some of your stuff and again has a broad mind - the only problem is she didn't like White Ghost !?! but still you can't win them all.
Anyhow keep up the good work and we look forward to welcoming the mighty reds and the end of next season.
P.S. The 2-2 draw at Anfield, I think that the wrestling match with Michael Turner had something to do with Gerrards goals, hmmm?

You jammy sod, Frankie, no wonder you were sweating about Hull going down. I went to the KC to watch the match towards the end of the season (I also had the dubious pleasure of visiting Boothferry Park back in the 90's when we played you in the Coca-Cola cup...) Not the easiest ground to get to is it? I ended up on a park and ride thing. Anyway...BODY COUNT is out in October in paperback and the next Doyle novel will probably be 2011, sorry...there was a change of plan and the next novel is three quarters finished...I'm glad to hear that your workmate was terrified by LUCY'S CHILD. Thanks for spreading the word, Frankie... The 2-2 draw at defending by the Mendy being a right pain in the arse down Liverpool's left hand side...just a thought...I must admit, when it went to 2-2, I thought we were going to hammer you but, what do I know. See you next season...

Hi Shaun,
I've been reading your books for two years and find your new ones even more enjoyable than your 'classic' ones ( I also read other books but i not going to name all the authors i read as some are v. embarrassing). I also want to know would your ever do a sequel (or a prequel) to a book and which one would you would prequel/sequel
Bebe (15) X-D

Thanks for your very kind comments, Bebe (you share a name with a character from the quite brilliant TV show SOUTH PARK by the way, sorry to mention it, I'm sure you're sick of people telling you that but it's an unusual a good way of course) Would I ever do a sequel or a prequel? Well, I've done sort of unrelated sequels (WHITE GHOST, KNIFE EDGE) and obviously, BREEDING GROUND but as for a prequel I don't know. The answer is probably yes if the material was there. If there is material for anything good enough then I'd consider it. A prequel to RENEGADES anyone?...

Hi Shaun
How are you mate, yes i am the Manc who keeps mitherimg you.i sent you an email last month which you did not reply to.i take it you did'nt like my dig at Liverpool again or are you just to busy I am actually pleased Rafa has got another 5 year deal that means thats another 5 years before you can challenge us for the premiership.on a more serious note I have arranged next season for you to have the next seat to me at the theatre of dreams for your big match of the season , this will allow me to kidnap you and you could sign my collection of your novels.Cant wait for your new novel dont you think these authors who write a dozen books a year are using an agency and they are just putting their names to you asked what my surname was so that you can kill me in a future book as i am sure you would like to kill all red mancs well it is John Burrell seriously though would you come to old trafford with me because it would be a real pleasure even though you are a scouse bastard .must sign off can't waste any more of your time
all the best

So, John, you bastards are relying on an ex-Red to score goals for you this coming season. I look forward to seeing hordes of your supporters with OWEN on their shirts...I did reply to your last e-mail, you manc bastard, I reply to all of them, you should know that by now...Just like to say how sorry I was that you got pissed on by Barcelona in the Champions League Final, I'd like to but of course I can't...I know you'd be the same...As for sitting next to you at your place next season, does that mean you might be able to accompany me to Anfield for the reverse fixture...By the way, mate, you never waste my time with your e-mails, it's always good to hear from you. Have a good season...

Can you tell me if there is a follow on from the Stolen Angels story?
(on behalf of Laura Hackett)

No, Sam, there isn't. A few people have asked me that. Maybe I ought to read it again and see if there SHOULD be a sequel...

Hi Shaun
Now go back to the Blockbusters and get 'Martyrs' immediately!! I thought it was an incredibly powerful film, although there are those who think it is just another flick of torture porn. I saw it at our local art cinema (it is too brutal for main stream) and there we were, waiting in silence and anticipation... and somebody had mixed up the reels therefore we were treated for the first three minutes of 'Horton hears a who'... Although blue elephants can be quite disturbing J
What did you think of 'Drag me to Hell'? I thought it was gloriously silly, just right for a light night out. Have a good summer, take care

Satu, I will definitely get Martyrs on your recommendation. Thanks for the tip off. DRAG ME TO HELL, fucking hell, I thought I was in hell watching it. I know it wasn't meant to be serious but I thought it was awful, not a patch on the remake of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. But what the fuck do I know...
I'm going to see the bloody Harry Potter film tomorrow God help me and, yes, I'll moan all the way through it...I'll let you know what I thought of Martyrs next time you write...take care..
Right, that's me done again. Thanks again for your questions everyone. As usual they are very much appreciated. There should be some news on the next Doyle novel and also on the next book to be released etc. etc. very soon so I will inform Graeme and he, fine man that he is, will post the details on the site...until then...look after yourselves...

May 2009

I'm a HUGE fan of Richard Laymon, who sadly passed away a few years ago. Having read all his books, I'm in the process of reading my first Shaun Hutson! I'm reading (and loving by the way) Victims. I'm about 30 pages from the end plan to finish those as soon as this email is sent! My question to you is, have you ever read Richard Laymon and if so, what did you think?
Sue xx
PS - I'm SO excited to have found a new author that I'm enjoying so much. I can't wait to get stuck into the next 27!

Sue, I'm really glad that you've finally discovered me, I hope you enjoy all my novels once you've read them. Let me know what you think. It's very sad about Richard Laymon. I never actually read any of his books but I'm reliably informed that in one of his novels (The Stake I think), one of his characters is reading one of my books...We actually shared a publisher for quite a few years (W.H. Allen) and I think we both shared the same agent for a time too at the beginning...It was a sad loss.

I loved your shit! What actually makes you happy?

Lots of things make me happy, Mark. It's just that more things seem to piss me off these days. Mind you, when you look around the world it's not difficult to get annoyed is it? Having said that about lots of things making me happy I'm now struggling to name one...Shit, that's it...I'm so consumed by anger I've forgotten what happiness is...aaaarrrrgggghhh...To be honest, I'm actually sitting here struggling to think of things other than stuff like my daughter doing something really good (that makes me happy). I think just not having any worries, that kind of thing. I can just about remember what that was like..

Hi Shaun, been a big fan for ages now. When I'm feeling life is just a festering shit lump, I run over to my library and get out one of your books. I've just got back with ""Dying Words"" and settled to read it when my cunt of a neighbour's dog started barking continually, so I've had to adjourn to my computer room for some silence where I took time out to look at your website. Your two articles in Shaun's shit had me in stitches, spot on mate. You make Jeremy Clarkson sound like Mother Theresa. Anyway must go, I've got a dog to kill. Any Ideas?
Graham T

Hello, Graham. Life is a festering shit lump by the way, you were right...Thanks very much for the kind words about my books, I'm glad they make life more bearable sometimes and glad that you like the rants too...Jeremy Clarkson...fucking hell, what a cunt..Now, about killing that dog...The people next to me have got two of them and I'm terrified of dogs so I have to make sure the fucking things aren't around when I go out. It always pisses me off when dog owners laugh and say "He won't hurt you" when their pet is bounding around you. I always feel like saying "Maybe not, but if you don't get that flea bitten fucking mutt away from me then I'll hurt you." Ah, well we can all dream can't we...

Hey im Nyle Ball, 18 from Leicester, i think your books are great and i love reading them. i would love to see them in film form also as they would be sweet and i would deffinatly watch them. Have you ever been offered a film deal or have ever wanted to create some of your books into film form. write back if possible.

I'd love to see my books in film form too, Nyle. Unfortunately this will never happen for a number of reasons. My books aren't exactly Hollywood friendly...nasty characters..real life situations etc. They prefer nice "safe" stuff and won't take chances on anything different. Also, to get your stuff bought for filming you have to "know" the right people, be prepared to suck up where necessary and generally be a part of that literary/film parties circuit so, no, there's no chance of my stuff ever being filmed...

Hi Shaun,
I'm loving your rants, "Shaun's Sh1t". You bought tears of laughter to my eyes.
I was wondering your thoughts on the Peter & Katie split, hahaha, and also your thoughts on internet social networking sites such as Facebook etc?
I am reading Slugs again for the umpteenth time. I never tire of this book. It's utterly repulsive and I love the chapter where the man in the greenhouse is forced to hack off his arm to save himself from being eaten alive by the fat slithering, evil, human munching slugs. When I read your gruesome words I've felt dizzy and slightly faint on more than one occasion. This book has affected me where I have to take me eyes from the pages as it's just too disgusting yet I have to go back for more. Thank you for sharing this.
What inspires your sick but brilliant work?
All the best to you and yours.
Sal J

Glad you like the rants, Sal. Do you honestly want my thoughts on Jordan and that Australian nobhead? Fuck them would be my first reaction...A huge publicity stunt to get more stories sold to the rags like OK and HELLO, to be consumed by people who should know better. The amount of coverage given to shit like that by the media is quite unbelievable. Even in supposedly better papers they still get mentioned. In all seriousness, I really do despair of this fucking world sometimes when the manufactured marriage of a shit pop star and a pig ugly, pneumatic slag with a face like a smacked arse and a voice like a tuneless buzz saw is "news"...
As for the Internet networking sites...please...does no one actually talk to anyone else anymore. Everything's on fucking facebook or Twitter or shit like that? I honestly don't see the attraction if you're over twenty-five. My daughter (who's 13) is on her computer on her networking site, my wife is on hers, I might as well live on my own...If it's not that then people are sending texts and shit like that...An advert the other day said "How did we manage without it" when talking about Blackberry. Answer; We did fucking manage...No one missed it before. I'd ban it all...burn all mobile phones, smash all computers, rah, rah...oops, sorry, slipped into rant mode again...This is what inspires my work, the anger...(By the way, I was watching a cookery programme last night where the guy was cooking slugs...he wanted to get his own back for them eating his lettuces...) What do you think of Facebook? Do you use it? Do you go on YouTube? Let me know...Look after yourself...

Is Shaun going to attend World Horror Con 2010 do you know, or won't his publishers foot the accommodation?
Paul Evans

No, Paul, Shaun is not going to World Horror con 2010... and not just because the publishers probably wouldn't pay for the accommodation but I went to one of those fucking things back in the 80's and that was enough for me thanks. What the hell does everyone do there anyway?...All I remember is wandering around aimlessly trying to avoid speaking to the authors who were swanning about trying to look important. Where is it, just out of interest? It's usually in the Winter time and at weekends which rules me out anyway because of the football...

Shaun, greetings from the U.S. ! My mother and father are visiting my Grandfather in West Sussex right now and I have them on the prowl looking for some Shaun Hutson books for me. I was in London in 2006 and was able to get Twisted Souls in hardcover. They called me a few days ago and told me they couldn't buy me the Hammer DVD set I wanted but picked up for me Dying Words and Unmarked Graves. Have you seen the new Terminator film yet and what did you think of it? I wanted to recommend for you the film Martyrs if you haven't seen it yet. The French have put out some damn fine horror films lately (Haute Tension, Them and now Martys).

Hello, Jamie. Glad to know your mum and dad have got you DYING WORDS and UNMARKED GRAVES while they're here. I hope you enjoy them. I have seen the new Terminator film and thought it was ok but I've never been a great fan of that franchise anyway to be honest.
I agree with you about French horror films lately, especially THEM. Spookily enough I was in my local Blockbusters the other day and picked up MARTYRS and thought it looked interesting (I came out with GRAN TORINO in the end because I knew it was good). However, now,on your recommendation I will check it out. I know it's not French but I've just seen the remake of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and was very impressed with it. Very tough film for a multiplex movie. I don't know what kind of business it's done in the States.
Anyway, enjoy the books...
Right, that's my lot for another month. Thanks again for your questions, you lot. Nice to know that so many of you enjoy my rants. I think there's another one on the way...

April 2009

Hi Shaun,
Glad LFC beat Real 4-0 last night, I'm not so disappointed about losing to you boys 3-0 at Ibrox in pre-season now!!
What do you think, Champion of Europe again?? My money is on Inter, think they'll beat Man U at Old S**tground and go all the way, just a pity we got knocked out in the pre-group stages! Mind you, think you owe us Gers fans a pat on the back for smashing Manchester up!!!
Keep up the great writing, just reading Nemesis again after eight years, great book.
All the best.
Phil, a bluenose living in Bucks
Follow Follow

Hello, Phil. I hope you enjoy Nemesis again after eight years...Everyone seems to be glad the mighty Reds beat Real Madrid...(well, apart from Real Madrid fans that is...)

Just thought I'd drop a quick line to say, I'm really enjoying your books, Hybrid, Hell To Pay, and one other, the one with the estate agent chick i think. Sorry, the old memory...
There are always references to metal in your books, just wondering what your into, and if your ever interest in new music???
If your bored, check my new stuff at
Its really dramatic stuff, imagine Lord of the Rongs to music, and your almost there!
Thanks, and keep writing!

Estate agent chick...fuck me, I can't ever remember writing anything with an estate agent in it...unless they were horribly mutilated and tortured for about three chapters...I hate fucking estate agents...Glad you like the books, Phil. Lord of the Rings to Music, my God, I'll check it out...

Hi Shaun,
At the moment I'm stuck in the house with tonsillitis, and in order to decrease the risk a little of my baby son catching it, my wife has taken him to Border's for an hour.
"Could you buy me a book?" I asked her.
"Yeah, sure. Which one?" she replied.
"Something by Shaun Hutson as I haven't read him yet." I said.
Having just had a good look around your wonderful website I am very excited for her return. I'm sure I'll enjoy whichever of your books she decides to buy me and I look forward to reading your work for the first time.
Think I'll have a little sleep for an hour first though as this tonsillitis is wearing me out!

Hope the tonsillitis is better by now, Rich. I also hope your missis managed to find some of my books in Borders for you...I wouldn't hold my to get them from Amazon or someone like that I reckon. Hope you're feeling better by now..

Have any of your novels been adapted for film/HDV?
James Evans

Slugs was filmed (badly) back in the 80's but, other than that no. Can't ever see it happening either to be honest, James.

Dear Shaun,
You probably don't remember me but we met at the Dead by Dawn film festival a few years ago. At the event you kindly consented to let me interview you for The Darkside magazine. You were very gracious and we spent the best part of an hour chatting but we got interupted before we were able to finish off.
To cut a long story short the interview was never published because The Darkside and I had a falling out - over money - isn't that always the way!
However, I have a friend who puts together a well thought of fanzine, which started life as Pulpmania and has now morphed into The Paperback Fanatic, and he, like me, is a huge fan of your work and wants to include the interview in an upcoming issue. However, there are still questions I have for you which I never got around to asking you so I'd very much like to finish off where I left off and complete the interview.
With this in mind I just wondered if it might be possible for you and I to do either an email interview, a phone interview, or preferably a face to face interview sometime in the not too distant future. Would this be possible?
I believe you live in Milton Keynes. I have a friend who lives near there who I visit fairly regularly at weekends - perhaps we could meet at a convenient time/location and finish off this epic interview...Let me know what you think. I'm happy to buy lunch, if that helps to convince you!
Thanks for entertaining me all these years.
All the very best,

Ah, Justin, the promise of lunch...I remember doing the interview in Scotland (well, most of it anyway...) If you want to send the rest of the questions by e-mail (or some completely new ones if you like...) then I'd be happy to complete them for inclusion wherever you like. Send them on and I'll do them for you, mate.

Hi shaun,
i have come off a 2 hour stint playing left for dead on the xbox...great game by the way, and it gave me an excellent idea for a game show..."celebrity left for dead"...check out this format...the game sees four people trying to get from one safe house to another whilst trying to avoid being killed by the zombie horde...since we have no real zombies to use..(the comic relief lineup may qualify) maybe we can release the mentally deranged we have locked up in this country, load em with amphetamines and arm em with machetes and chainsaws, then we need a part of the country thats a run down plague infested shit hole...Manchester should do, fill it with our mentalists then drop in our four celebs and see if they can make it from A - B ...
this could run and run mate...the list of these celebrity cunts is fucking endless...i suggest the initial lineup include...Russell brand, Ben (thinks he's fucking Indiana Jones) fogle, and those two greedy cunts off master I'd love to cook for them...hmm tastes like pork..yeah it's your fucking wife mate!
oh well we can fucking dream mate.
keep on writing!

Lovely rant, Kenny, I'd have been proud myself. Good idea too...I see a new series of Hell's Kitchen has just started...why not just put the fucking celebs in ovens and roast them...first one to turn crispy gets evicted...I must say I don't know that game Left for Dead. I completed MANHUNT 2 the other day (not a patch on the first one unfortunately) and someone bought me JAWS UNLEASHED for a joke but it's great fun. You play as the shark in Jaws and have to chomp through swimmers, boats etc. I like that when I'm feeling really pissed off (which is most of the time...) Take care, mate.

Hey Shaun just wanted to say thanks for keeping me so entertained, I recently visited the library and have always loved horror gruesome so to speak, the librarian pointed me in the direction of horror and I picked up a booked called Shadows.  Took it home and read it.  I couldn't put the book down it was amazing, graphical and what a story.
I have never been so entertained by any other book and wanted to say i will be finding more books authored by you and plan to do today.
Thanks again and definitely now a fan

Thanks, Carol and thanks to the librarian who pointed you towards my books. Let me know what you think when you've read some of the others.

Hi Shaun, I used to have some of your books, but when I split up with my first wife she took most, but now I am collecting again and have got up to sixteen now and still going.
Like many other of your fans, once started you cannot put the books down until they are completed, I wont read any other author, it's the detail you go into what I like.
Anyway carry on with the good work.

Foxy, what kind comments...sorry about your ex taking most of my books when you split...hope you get your collection completed again. Let me know what you reckon to BODY COUNT when you've had the chance to read it...

Hello Shaun
just finished reading your latest rant ,and again, found myself nodding along in total agreement. I actually managed to avoid the whole circus that is Red Nose Day, although i was unfortunate enough to glimpse Davina mcCall discovering for BB morons and blind sonambulists everywhere...that apparently babies die in Africa..., oh and lots of people have HIV too, and also some people are a bit hungry.
As if that weren't enough, there was something i saw on the news that summed it all up for me - cheryl cole being interviewed, apparently the 'celebs' were having a bit of a rough time of it...because they'd all gone three days without a mobile phone signal. Well, fuck me... what a sacrifice.
Again, the other circus in town (that of the late Ms Goody) has thankfully run its course... we've had the full page, gushing reports of her final hours and all that shite...even The Times had a full page obituary!? (with a WW2 hero relegated to less than half a page...i guess it's just not that interesting to have fought in a war and then lived that long, huh?)strange...i must be getting old but i swear everyone was calling for her head on a spike a few months ago. The same thing happened with Lady the time the press fuckin hated her, people were calling her a leech and wanted to know what the fuck she actually did for the taxpayer, but the minute she croaked: instant memory loss, break out the fuckin flowers, and have a good cry. It's shameful.
So the Watchmen was that bad huh? I feared it may be...but i'm going to see it monday anyway.
I managed to get a hold of that film that you recommended: Eden Lake... unfortunately, it affected me the same way as that french film Them.. it just irritated the shit out of me. I lasted until The (amazingly stupid) Couple made a mess of running away (with the aid of their big car) from the angry young delinquents...brandishing ..erm..sticks.... before my girlfriend sent me out of the room so she could watch it in peace. Sorry, I just can't get my head around kids being a threat, fuck that...give me zombies and proper psychopaths any day of the week!
She loved it though.
I did, however, enjoy Burn after Reading and There will be Blood (which i finally got to see)... what did you think of them?
More importantly though: Will you have a new book out in Aug/Oct time again? It's getting a bit dire now, i've only got three books to go before i've read them all!?
A while back i got the War & UFO omnibus books, which i really enjoyed too, ever get the urge to do more of those war stories?
Take it easy

Sorry you didn't like EDEN LAKE and THEM, Rob. Ah, well, win some lose some, eh? I love the rant by the way, nice to know others feel the same as me...Getting back to films, I really liked BURN AFTER READING, I reckon the Coen brothers are geniuses...THERE WILL BE BLOOD was good but I'm still completely undecided about it. Daniel Day Lewis was good but, for me, just did a two hour impression of John Huston but, what the fuck do I know...GRAN TORINO is worth seeing and so is LET THE RIGHT ONE IN...50 DEAD MEN WALKING is also pretty good and THE DAMNED UNITED is excellent...Stay tuned for my comments on 17 AGAIN...or maybe not...Yes, I would love to write some more war stories, Rob but there's no market for them, just like there's no market for westerns, horror or anything else I like writing...maybe I should do a biography of Jordan, something people really want to read...any thoughts...

I am sorry to say i've only read two books up to date, but i've got two more stacked somewhere (if i can find them).
Ive read Assassin and Death Day. They're my favourites. But, what happened to Martin McAuslan in Assassin? Did he just dissapear? Please tell me!
Oh...there is only one thing that you dissapoint me: supporting Liverpool, ever thought about Arsenal? Am kidding. I heard they tied in the match Gordon Reece watched, but Arsenal will win in the forthcoming game. I can't wait to read your next book. Im sorry I can't give you a bad comment for a change! I suppose I like the same stuff, I got into a book myself. Just a short passage I wrote.

Only two books...bloody hell, Josh, you've got a bit of catching up to do...No, I've never thought about supporting Arsenal instead of Liverpool...I might be mad but I'm not completely insane...ha, ha...By the time you read this, Liverpool will have played Arsenal at Anfield in the league but I'm making no predictions, especially as one of my best mates (a goner) will be sitting next to me as I sit next to him when the Reds play at the Emirates...I can't remember what happened to Martin McAuslan in Assassin...fuck me, Josh, I only wrote it...

Well, dear Shaun, just that there is only one novel in Spanish yours?
maybe ask a million in royalties??
the only one there is the "la crueldad de la bestia", aka renegade

Correct, Pepe, Renegades is the only one in Spanish. Actually, some of my pseudonym stuff was published in Spain too but I can't tell you what that pseudonym is unfortunately...

I first discovered Shaun Hutson in the early nineties after seeing an interview in a new rock magazine.
I think the said magazine took you to Anfield but what rock magazine was it and what was the year ......
S Hunter

A rock magazine did indeed take me to Anfield in the early nineties for an interview but I'm buggered if I can remember which one, I'm guessing the magazine is now defunct...the year was 1991, the date was March 16th and I sat in the main stand (I've been a season ticket holder on The Kop and in the Upper Centenary ever since and haven't missed a game at Anfield since 1992) I know that for sure, I can even tell you the score. Liverpool beat Sunderland 2-1, coming from 1-0 down with goals by Beardsley and Aldridge. How's that...

March 2009

Dear Shaun
I've just noticed on Amazon that you have a new book coming out in October called "Last Rites".
Can you give us some details about this new novel?
Many Thanks

In a word, David, no...only joking..there'll probably be a sample chapter on the site very soon so you can see what LAST RITES entails. I don't like talking too much about forthcoming books (and I've usually forgotten what happened in them by the time they come out...) as whenever I think something's good everyone else thinks it's crap and vice versa. Suffice it to say that LAST RITES is probably the closest thing to a Gothic novel that I've ever done (oops, does that sound pretentious...sorry..) Keep your eyes peeled..

Not sure if you remember me but you did kindly give me a credit in one of your books some time ago. Ray Pocock the famous harpist! I used to run Harp Beat and I think we met through Bill Young who was at Chiltern Radio, at Milton Kenyes Bowl for a gig. Later Monsters of Rock at Donington!
My partner and I are interested in promoting new writers and have a web site that we acquired called Authorbank, but we need to solicit the assistance of people like yourself to make this a UK project viable through 'famous'support to draw peoples attention to it. If you are remotely interested then please drop us a line, and I will send more comprehensive details, it would be nice to hear from you anyway.
Kind regards and all the best.

Of course I remember you, Ray. The gig we met at through Bill Young at the Milton Keynes bowl was a Marillion gig (with Robin George's that...) and my wife and I ended up back at your place that night for a party you were having...or something...If you want to send me more details of the Authorbank project then that's fine but don't bank on my name persuading anyone to make it viable, Ray...but I would like to help in any way I can. If you get in touch through the site then the fine man who runs it will forward the details. I hope you're well.

Hi Shaun
I just thought to let you know that I have just watched a Finnish horror film!!!!!! I never thought that the words Finnish and horror would in associated with a film (although we do some really good war films). Unfortunately it is called 'Sauna'... but it was nicely slow burning and intriguing, really enjoyable . So if you would like to expand your knowledge of all things Scandinavian, have a look at this one. I am now off to watch the 'Martyrs'. Hopefully it is as good as it sounds.
Enjoy the snow

'Sauna' eh?...doesn't sound like a horror film, Satu...I'll trust your judgement though. I recently saw a very good Norwegian film called LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, a really efficient vampire film. I'll keep my eyes open for Sauna...

My son is 15 and has started to write horror stories, which include death&suicide, at what age did you start writing this sort of stuff, only I am worried that the school might think him disturbed and have social services sent round.
Chris Davies

If the school think he's disturbed, Chris then it's them who need the might be reassured/horrified to know that I was writing horror stories when I was about ten (the quality hasn't improved much unfortunately...) and I really wouldn't worry about your son. At least he's got a creative outlet for the stuff he's feeling (oops, did that sound a bit pretentious..). Hopefully the school will realize this and not overreact. Horror writing's supposed to be cathartic so it's probably saving you a fortune on therapy, that's the way I've always looked at it. My daughter spends all her time drawing Goths but I don't think that means she's on course to be a vampire...well, I hope not anyway...

Heya Shaun,
Its woody the baggies fan mate how've you been. Thought I'd drop you a line as i've just had a 2"" thick A4 manuscript of nemesis dropped through the door with your Monica from 1989 on it, which reminded me that you seem to have become something of a recluse of late.
Alex and Me are now married and the mom in law is as outspoken as ever, Hope things are good with you and yours. I do hope your going to visit the midlands again this year, figure its my round this time. That and the longer you leave it the more books i collect for you to sign, your getting quite a backlog mate.
Last time I saw you you were talking about some other pseudonym projects one of which i believe involved vampires, did anything come of them?
Well I'll leave you too it, as im sure that having Sean Doyle invading your brain again after all this time has taken its toll.
Hope to see you soon
P.S. BOING BOING, coca cola championship here we come

Good to hear from you again, mate. Congratulations to you and Alex (and your mum in law...). Now you're married, your mum in law can be 'officially' outspoken...Where, dare I ask, did you get the original ms. of NEMESIS from? (Just curious...). Me a recluse...I wish...There was a house on sale in our local paper a while ago that actually had a moat and I thought then that would be my perfect home if I could afford it...pull up the drawbridge at night and no one gets in or out...excellent...I can't see me managing a trip to the Midlands this year to be honest...sorry...(even though it is your round..). Things are pretty shit to tell you the truth, I've been distinctly under the weather for a while now but, if anything ever happens I'll let you know. The pseudonym stuff came to nothing, surprise, Jack Nicholson says in THE SHINING, 'plenty of ideas but no good ones.'...Hopefully that won't apply to the new Doyle novel if I can ever manage to get going with it. Shame about the Baggies and I mean that. They played more football at Anfield than anyone this season. Good to watch and a real shame that shite like Stoke will probably stay up while your boys go down. Still, fingers crossed, eh?...All the best, mate.

just wondering if 'body count' was going to be printed in paperback any time soon?
write back.
charlotte (:

It'll be out in paperback in October, Charlotte...same time as LAST RITES comes out in hardback.

I have just started to learn this e mail business at the library. I don't work in Birmingham city centre anymore so I won't be seeing the posters advertising your book signings. when are you coming again? I was told you regularly pop in to Waterstones in New street. I have got something that I made for you which is taking up space. Could you let me know when are coming so I can give it to you. A nice present I think but a suprize.  love Val Weston  P.S. no I don't get fed up of listening to you talk so expect me at the next one if I manage to find out about it.
Valerie Weston

Hello, Val, good to hear from you. Well done for sending the e-mail. If it's any consolation I hate technology too. E-mails, texts, blackberry's and all that shit. We all managed before we had them. I'm intrigued about this thing you've made me...can't imagine what it could be...You might have to hang onto it a bit longer though, Val, I can't see me getting to New Street for any talks in the foreseeable future and the days of me popping in there regularly are long gone. Anyway, take care of yourself and, hopefully, one day, I'll get my present...

Love your books and wondered if you were ever looking for proof readers!

The publishers sort all that out Lisa, I'm sorry to say...otherwise I'd say yes straight away.

I've just finished reading Unmarked Graves (I'm a little behind, I know you have Body Count out which looks brilliant and is next on my list) and although the plot and writing was, as ever, gritty and gruesome in equal measures I was a little disappointed that it was just a little over 300 pages. It just seemed to be over way too quickly which is a backhanded compliment as I would have preferred more.
As for films, as we true "one-step-from-a-restraining-order" fans know you love your movies I was curious to hear your take on The Mist. Now I thought it was 90 minutes of mediocre with an anti-climatic ending, then again I'm hard to please.
Still hoping you kill me off in one of your books.
Keep writing, keeping movie watching, keep being insane enough to produce wonderful books.
Tina Cocks, a fan since forever
P.S It's either geniuses or genii - both are equally correct.

I'll stick with geniuses, thanks Tina. I'll just be careful not to use it in a book in case some smart arse editor takes issue with it...Sorry UNMARKED GRAVES was a bit short for you but glad you enjoyed it all the same. The main reason I was impressed with the ending of THE MIST is that it was unexpected for a Hollywood film, it didn't have the obligatory happy ending and I'm always grateful for that...and by the way, I'll be happy to kill you off...

Hey Shaun , how are you . Looooooooooooooooong time no speak . You still supporting that shower of shit that are going to blow the title ?!!
Any way , question . What was the book that you put me and Gary into as police officers ? and can I get it at a decent book shop ? Was telling my daughter that i was in a book and she just looked at me like i was talking shit (usually do) and said ' yeah , right ...'
Hows life generally champ , seems forever ago , all that .
Up the gunners,

With a bit of luck, Chris, it will be 'up the gunners' next week when you play Liverpool at Anfield...Do you know what, to my shame I can't remember which book I put you and Gary into...sorry, mate, no way of getting your daughter to believe you then (I have the same me, mine's thirteen and is singularly unimpressed by any tales of my doings during the 80's and 90's...not that I blame her...) Life is generally shit, mate but then again, it is for most people isn't it? I hope you're well.

i sent you something like three or four emails tellin you i'm workin on one of your books, i'm actually translatin it for my final research paper. I thought you'd be interested in seeing how it all turns out, i'd still be glad to translate your other books if only we could get them published.
have a good one, keep up the good shit.
guillaume magueijo

Like I said before, Guillaume, you'll need to speak to my agent or publishers about translation rights etc. I wish I could be more helpful.

February 2009

Hi Shaun
I hope you are well. I've been looking at your website with interest and am waiting to buy Body Count when I go out shopping at the weekend! It appears to be rather expensive so I'm assuming it is a massive book that will take ages to get through! Lol. Anyway, I've read all your books bar three and I was on the Waterstones website and they have a book of yours that hasn't been released yet - it is called Last Rites - I was just wondering if this was a book that you have in fact written but just isn't released as yet?
Anyway, thanks for your time and I look forward to reading more of your books - I just finished reading Unmarked Graves on Saturday - read in a day and a half - very good book!
Take care,

Michelle, no, Waterstones website isn't playing jokes my next book is called LAST RITES and its due out in October this year. I would tell you something about it but it's sort of hard to one thing I will say is that there is, due to many complaints from readers, shit loads of sex in it...there you go, how's that? You'll be glad to know that BODY COUNT comes out in paperback in October too (much cheaper than the hardback). Let me know what you think when you've read it...

After my recent purchase of 100 classic books for the DS Lite I thought "Wouldn't it be fab if Shaun Hutson put a compilation of his books onto this format".
I have a disability and have missed reading and I've missed your books the most. Is it a possibility that you may go down this line?
Thanks in advance,
J Tait

Ah, if only Nintendo would decide to put one of my books on the DS's down to them, not me I'm afraid. At the moment they seem content to patronize the work of lesser known talents like Shakespeare and Jane Austen...ha, ha. My books (well, some of them) are available in large print if that would be any help and also on audio format by a firm called Isis.

Can you tell me when your new book will be available for me to purchase?
Caroline McStay

My new hardback BODY COUNT, is out right now, Caroline. It goes into paperback in October when the brand new one, LAST RITES comes out. Hope you like them both.

Hi Shaun   I was looking at the list of books you've written on your website and can't believe I've read all of them except the latest one (which I'll buy this week).  I love all of your books, every single one of them.  What I love the most about them is that they are non-stop action always with a brilliant twist at the end.  Renegades is my favourite of the lot, the ending of that one stayed with me for a long time.
  Just wanted to say thank you for the many years of enjoyment and keep em coming - you are by far the best horror writer around.
  Jay Smerdon

And Jay, you are wonderful at giving compliments...many thanks for the kind words (and I'm serious). I don't think my readers realize how much their kind comments mean to me. Very much appreciated.

Hi Shaun,
  Hey i'm a french student in english and i'm currently translating one of your books for my research paper, i chose Forged in Fire.
  I'd like to get it published but i guess i gotta talk to you about it first.
  Actually, i'd love to translate some of your books, whether they're old books or not because i'm a big fan of your shit.
  Would you help me with that or have your agent deal with it?
  Anyway, keep up the good work and much props!

I was curious as to why you chose FORGED IN FIRE to translate, Guillaume...I'd love you to get it published and anything else you'd like to translate. I'm published in France by Bragelonne, perhaps you could get in touch with them, my editor there is a great guy called Stephane Marsan. My agent in this country would have to deal with it eventually (that's what they're supposed to do). Let me know how you get on.

Hi Shaun
Just read Body Count for the second time.Superb as all the rest of your books are, with so many people dying i was hoping i had made it into the book to die a miserable death,.especially being as I am the Manc who keeps writing to you,When is your next novel released will it be October.talking about your books i was talking to the staff in our local Waterstones and I mentioned your name the reply was "Is he that guy who wrote Slugs yes i have read about two of his books "but at least I saw two copies of Body Count on the shelf there but there were no other titles .Anyway more importantly how is the season shaping up for you as.I predicted early in the season you wont win fuck all again United can go to Japan and while they are Chelsea nor you can win .we come back eight points behind you and within a month from becoming world club champions we qualify for a final at wembley and also go to the top of the premiership.I realise you had some big games like Stoke etc.,never mind leagues dont lie and at the end of the season the best team always wins hopefully it wont be your lot.What did you think about Rafas burst about Fergie .Anyway its time I went love to hear from you as always, all the best, keep up the good work.
John the Manc

Good to hear from you again, John and many thanks for the kind words about BODY COUNT. Read it twice, Jesus...I'm not surprised about your conversation with the Waterstones staff or at the lack of books in there. I feel as if I'm in this fucking business alone these days, no support from bookshops or publishers but what can you do? Except moan that is...As for killing you off, I've forgotten your surname, let me have that and you will be slaughtered accordingly, mate.
As far as football goes, I'm writing this much later than you (obviously) so have got the benefit of having seen your lot get tanked 4-1 at home by the mighty Reds then lose 2-0 to Fulham and struggle to beat Aston Villa to secure a flimsy one point lead over Liverpool (forget Chelsea, they were never going to win it). Christ knows what state the league will be in by the time you read this...(Liverpool above your lot hopefully). I could understand Rafa having a go at Taggart (er, Ferguson), I think he just said what lots of people had been thinking for many seasons. He maybe would have been better waiting until later in the season but what the fuck do I know? It could still be a Liverpool - Manc Champions League final of course but I hope not...I don't fancy flying all the way to Rome just to play you bastards... Take care of yourself, mate, no doubt we'll speak again before the season finishes.

My friend Jenny and I are your biggest fans... when we were teenagers we rated your books by how much sex was included and if any good metal bands were mentioned but we have grown up a bit now!
It's great to see Doyle coming back next year but will you have any new books out this year? Don't know how long I can wait! I read your latest in 2 days whilst in hospital waiting for the arrival of my baby girl and it was the best ever! Totally brilliant!
Keep em coming,

Thankyou, Michelle. Nice to know that you and Jenny rated my books by how much sex was included...if that's still the case then the next one, LAST RITES, should go through the roof...You'd better reserve extra copies because there's a lot...It'll be out in October this year. Really glad you enjoyed the new one and I hope your little girl is doing well.

Hi there Shaun, when you writing on Shaun's Shit again, I just discovered you and are very disappointed that I have to date not find any of your books I our town(White River, South Africa). Pathetic hey???
vicky Leach

Vicky, if I were you I'd have a look on Amazon or some other on line bookseller, I don't think I'm exactly huge in South Africa... There will be more Shaun's shit in due course, have no fears...

When I knew you over 20 years ago I didn't like the "C" word, I still don't.
I thought I would look you up and bang, first paragraph.
You are a writer, I realise your English is not university standard, in fact it is barely G.C.S.E standard (first page of your comments page "know doubt"), but, really ... the "C" word?

Now, if you're the Karen I think, and hope, you are, did we used to work together at W.H. Allen many years ago? Well, I worked as an author, you did as little as you could get away with...(ha, ha). Is that you Miss Jones? The Welsh Miss Jones who was taller than me and never stopped telling me about it? (I've still got a picture of us taken at a W.H. Allen conference to prove this wild claim..)Are you still Miss Jones? Have I made a complete twat of myself (not for the first time) and mistaken you for someone else? If it is you then let me know and let me know how to contact you I'd love to know what you're doing. Also, it might help if I knew it was you before I launched into a series of hilairious (well, hilairious to me anyway..) reminiscences about things that happened at W.H. Allen 20 years ago...Get in touch an put me out of my misery...

Hi Shaun
Just wanted to know what has happened to your long hair? Must admit l haven't seen a picture of you for a few years and l was quite shocked when l logged on your website and saw the ad for your book twisted souls and you minus the hair.
Anyway l have been a fan of your books since the first one and l have to say that unlike some writers all your books are very different which is a good thing, l especially like the ones with Sean Doyle in. Will you be writing anymore with his character in?
Just been reading some of your shaun's shit which is really funny you have the same sense of humour as me, l too think people are very ignorant these days and have experienced the same thing in the cinema when people want to get past but don't bother to ask, what's even worse is once they sit down they then change their minds and decide to sit elsewhere that really pisses me off.
Well thats my rant over for now, keep up the good writing and l hope some future book will be about Sean Doyle.
Sharon ( A dedicated AC/DC and heavy rock fan)

Sorry to shock you with the lack of hair, Sharon (one of the reasons I hate having my picture taken) but if it was good enough for Bruce Dickinson then it's good enough for me...and Angus isn't exactly blessed in that department anymore is he?...I just thought I was starting to look a bit sad with hair past my shoulders and decided to have a change...I'm still contemplating whether or not to give Doyle short hair in the new book...any thoughts? What do you think of Black Ice?

Hey Shaun!
I am just over half-way through reading your book "Body Count", I love it, love it, love it!!! Poor Mum was enjoying a holiday in UK (from Australia), missing my birthday... so I gave her a list of your books to hunt down for me :) They are hard to find here. I must say I have always loved the short chapters. It makes me read 'just one more chapter tonight' thing I know, I've finished the book :) is annoying though - I get really excited after tracking down one of your books only to finish it in two days! haha :) I'd love to write a book, but unfortunately I can only come up with plot ideas, but storytelling isn't one of my talents :( I'm one of those people who have crazy nightmares, wake up and think, that would be a great story! ...then by the time I boil the kettle in the morning to make a cup of tea, I'd forgotten the dream completely. Oh well!
I just wanted to let you know that there is a typing error in your "Body Count" book. In the hardcover, chapter 41, page 174 - it says "Black Andi" instead of "Black Audi". Not being picky! ...really! I'm a typesetter/graphic artist and little things just stand out to me. Besides, it's a good excuse to email my favourite author! I thought it might be kind to let you know so it can be fixed for any new editions.
Well, I had better let you get back to work, or I will have nothing new to read!
Take care and keep up the great work,
Rachael :)

Thanks for spotting the typo, Rachael (a black Andi...could be a new craze..) Many thanks for the kind comments, apologise to your mum for me for having to go on a shopping spree for my books...Can't you get them off Amazon? It'd be easier wouldn't it? Well, easier on your mum anyway...If you want to write, Rachael, then give it a go. You might be surprised that when you sit down to do it, the ideas are still there. Go on, have a go and let me know how you get on...

shaun, loved latest offering mate fucking good read, is the horror film making a comeback?i know most are shite but there does seem to be a lot round at the moment, are you going to write some more horror like your old stuff ? oh and dont forget to please let me die horribly in your next one or one after ...keep churning out the darkness.
john baker, chelski fan, northampton

I don't know if the horror film is making a comeback, John, I don't think it ever really went away but I don't think the horror novel will ever make a comeback, sadly. It's weird because usually when a certain type of film is popular in cinemas then that trend spills over into fiction but this is the first time I can remember a trend (horror) at the cinema not being reflected in books. I keep saying that horror is dead and I stand by that (written horror that is..) You're right, most of the horror about in cinemas is shite but have a look at a Norwegian horror film called LET THE RIGHT ONE IN if you get the chance. I saw it last week and was very impressed. All the best, mate. P.s. I'll kill you in the next book, how's that...

Hi Shaun,
First off, thanks for a wicked website- out of all the authors of all the books I read, which is quite a lot, you are the one who is most prepared to get involved and let people know who you are and what makes you tick. I have only recently got into your books I must admit, but the have struck a chord somewhwere coz I can't put them down!! Having an "enforced holiday" from work at the mintue, so I managed to clear Slugs and Hell to Pay in 4 days...f**cking ace mate!
Just to ask, from looking at what you write, it appears that you put a lot of yourself into your stories, and writing comes very easily to you, and that you truly get involved in what you commit to page. As someone who has problems with my anger and somewhat twisted mind, and needs a realease, I would like to have a crack at writing a story- I think that maybe if I could get what is in my head onto paper, it may be half decent if done the right way.
What was the right way for you, and how did you come about finding it? Thanks for the books aswell mate- Got Knife edge, White Ghost and Heathen come today, so that's my time taken up for at least six days.
Take it easy.
Chris Elwell

Chris, slow down for fuck's sake, I don't write that fast...Seriously though, thanks for the kind words about my books, mate, just take a bit longer reading them..I'd be interested to know what you think about Knife Edge, White Ghost and Heathen when you've finished... As far as your own writing goes, just sit down, have a go and don't worry if it's shit to begin with. Persevere. Look at me...Writing is much harder now than it used to be for me. Every day is like pulling teeth if I'm honest. I did used to put a lot of myself into my writing and if you do the same I think you'll see the benefit. Use it like therapy for yourself. It worked for me. Just don't expect to clear all the stuff in your mind out at one go but at least give it a try. Let me know how you get on and if it makes you feel better and don't do it with a view to getting published, just use it as a way to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Good luck, mate.
Right, that's me done for another month. If anyone's interested, THE DAMNED UNITED is a really good film. The best film about football I've ever seen and the only one where the actors don't look as if they're about to fall over every time a ball comes near them...
HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT was pretty average, I thought. I was very impressed with GRAN TORINO. Not too impressed with GUILT. HUSH was reasonable in places but once I knew the lead character was a Manchester United fan I wanted him to die anyway (childish, yes..) and I hated LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS with a passion. Who are those two nobheads in the fucking thing? This months 'big thing'? What a pair of objectionable twats (apparently, the skinny one collapsed on stage recently, wish I'd seen it, maybe the fat cunt will collapse from lack of food...)Without doubt the worst British film since SEX LIVES OF THE POTATO MEN. MONSTERS VS ALIENS was good fun, better than bloody BOLT but is anyone else getting fed up with 3D films already...? Apparently, there are loads on the way this year and I think the problem is that everyone's so busy going 'wow, I nearly got poked in the eye by that spear,' or 'ooer..that dog nearly jumped into my lap..' that no one pays to much attention to the quality of the film itself...a good ploy if you're a film maker with a substandard picture. Let's make it in 3D then the audience won't notice how shit it is, they'll just come out raving about the effects...just a thought...However, I did have the privilege of seeing THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY again at my local in their Monday Special slot...ah, that brought back memories...they've got RAGING BULL in a couple of weeks...I can't wait...

Saturday 9th January 2009

Hey Shaun,
Just wanted to say i'm a huge fan of your books and i've not read one yet that i dont like and whenever someone asks me what im reading, its always one of yours. I've not yet read em all tho, sorry mate, and Renegades is by far my favourite so far. Dont think i'd be one for kissin your arse or anythin, but seriously, your work is unmatched. I like to write myself, and you're the reason I got into it. I dont have a question or anythin, but more of a request to be honest; dont ever stop? lol. Cheers mate, I look forward to catchin up on reading your collection.
Mr Ash

Many thanks for the kind comments and, as Renegades was your favourite, know doubt you'll be happy to know that Doyle will be back next year in a new novel...Feel free to let me know what you think of the others as you read them.

Hi Shaun,
Was wondering if you got the copy of Hammerhead I sent you? Was keen to see if you noticed that I'd killed off a character named Hutson. I thought it was about time someone did it seeing as you treat so many with the same kindness.Also wanted to offer you a big thank you for the quote. It is on the new cover for Heaven's Falling which should hit shelves around the New Year.And did you give any thought to any of the suggestions I sent over with Hammerhead? Wasn't sure if you'd tried replying as things seem to go missing in the post recently. Bloody post men.Keep writing and I'll keep reading.And here's hoping you have a good Xmas.

Hello, mate. Many thanks for killing off the Hutson character in Hammerhead...nice to achieve immortality by being killed eh?...Have I done the same for you in a book? I can't remember? Everyone's going on about stuff going missing in the post...what's happening to our wonderful postmen? Send me your suggestions again Garry and I'll reply by e-mail or something (well, that or normal post...) I'm just about to start re-writing my new book (which I hate doing...) but, what the fuck, my agent knows best...

I run the widely read Tainted Archive blog at
The blog covers both book reviews and authors interviews. I have been reading your stuff for years and I wonder if you would undertake an interview by email?
I would email a list of questions and you can answer in as much or little detail as possible. I plan to post a feature on your books and the interview would go with it.,
Look forward to hearing from you.
Gary M. Dobbs
AKA western writer, Jack Martin

I would be delighted to do an interview by e-mail, Gary. If you send your questions to the site I'm sure Graeme will forward them (he's good like that..) Ask whatever you like, I'm only too happy to help.

Hey, Shaun,
Firstly, I'm sorry if you get a lot of mail like this but I wanted a few pointers to help getting published or represented. I've been writing for about 6 years, mainly comedy, with some success (TV sketches, magazine articles etc) but recently decided to try my hand at thriller/horror, and really enjoy it.
Now, I've read a couple of your novels in the past, and found them very high speed, breakneck writing and deliciously gory but with great stories and premises.
I sent my first couple of chapters to a friend whose stark opinion I value (no ego massaging from her) and she said how much she liked it and commented how it reminded her of your books!
So, I thought, well, if you dont ask, you dont get! So, I'm just asking for any tips or advice to gie me a bit of a headstart over the stacks of other wannabe writers. I dont know if just ploughing off loads of intro's to agents etc. from the writers yearbook is sufficient any more.
Any advice or assistance would be much appreciated.
Brendan O'Sullivan

I do get a lot of mail like this, Brendan but that's no problem. All it proves is that there are still so many people out there wanting to write and I wish that I could give you some useful advice. My first bit of advice would be stop showing your stuff to a friend no matter how critical they are...(especially as your friend said your stuff reminded her of mine...) I find it best to let a publisher or agent make the first and most important judgement. You'll instinctively know yourself if something feels good or bad when you're writing it. Trust your own judgement to begin with. What your doing now, sending intros and synopses to agents is the only way I'm afraid. Most of writing has nothing to do with talent anyway, it's luck, pure and simple. If you've got the right product at the right time and place then you'll get published. There is very little you can do to increase your chances and I wish I could be more positive but the book business is in a fucking awful state and "real" writers are getting pushed aside in favour of the "household names" and celebrity authors who infest the shelves. However, keep trying. All I can tell you is to believe in yourself. Not much help I know but I know exactly how you feel. Keep me posted on how things progress.

firstly, can i just thank you for the great books, one of the few things that take me out of this fucked up world if only for a short time...cheers! I was reading your shaun's shit page on the site, as i was reading and totally agreeing with your opinions on every fucking topic you raised and hissed at, i remembered wondering if you were a bill hicks fan, and lo and behold you declared it in the next paragraph. I'd love to hear more about your opinions and thoughts of this great man, i was recently thinking that everything he detested in this world has exploded into prominence since his death and how i wish he was here to keep the list of detestable infected slurry spewing human ticks we call celebrities in check. it really has to be the work of satan, hicks taken from us before he could save us all, now we have boy bands, girl bands, wannabe pop stars, celebrity politicians (should be heard not seen) jade goody, a take that comeback, the pc brigade, friends, cristiano ronaldo the list is fucking's not fucking fair mate...anyway fuck it im off to decimate a city and its population on GTA 4, because i can do that without the urge to go out and repeat it in the real world, contrary to some peoples beliefs...although im starting to wonder how long i can keep fighting the urge.
merry christmas.

Nice to know you agree with me on all the shit that infects our world, Kenny, especially the plague of fuckers that are labelled celebrities...also nice to know that you too are a fan of the late and very great Bill Hicks. I often think how he would have viewed this toilet of a fucking world we live in, how much he would have hated this culture of celebrity that we have to inhabit and how wrong it is that someone as gifted and brilliant as he was had to die early when there are so many more deserving fuckers still walking this earth be careful on GTA 4, you know how us weak minded mere mortals are so easily influenced by videos and games...only the other day after spending an hour on MANHUNT 2 I felt like going out and stabbing Russell Brand, Jonathan Ross and anyone else who had appeared in fucking Hello magazine to death with a broken bottle..oh, no, sorry, that was before I started playing...take care, mate...

First and foremost I want to thank you for taking the time to respond to my question about Chainsaw Terror. I was recommended the book through a fellow forum buddy of mine on I did not realize that it is not a complete book. Very odd since some sites seem to carry it now and again. I have read it is one of the goriest books ever written. I was just curious is all about it. In it's absence though I have read Victims which was delightfully disgusting and Spawn which was amazing as well! I had to order your books on though. Perhaps you could recommend a shop in the UK for me? I have a brother in law from Scotland that I could ask to look. If not don't worry about it! You are an excellent author and I am a huge fan now! Thanks for the great stories!!!
Adam Hartley

Your best bet is to buy my stuff from Amazon, Adam. Or some other on line book seller. High street book shops hold so little stock these days at least the online sellers have all the backlist. Not, however, CHAINSAW TERROR, I'm afraid as it's been out of print for years now. Yes, it was incredibly gory (I'm proud to say...) Maybe I should re-write it one day...have it re-published with all the cut bits put back in...(but, meanwhile, back in the real world). Anyway, good luck with the rest of my books and let me know what you think to them if any really take your fancy.
Right, that's it from me once again. Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas and let's hope we all have a good New Year (I'm not holding my breath by the way...) Just in case anyone's interested, I got the complete SOUTH PARK for Xmas from my missis, every single show from 8 seasons on confirmed to me once and for all that Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators, are complete and utter geniuses (or whatever the fuck the plural of genius is..) and, listening to their mini-commentaries on the episodes only increased my admiration more. If ever anyone could pick up the mantle of the late and much lamented (well, lamented by me anyway..) Bill Hicks it is those two fine men...right, that's it, I'm off...