Questions 2005

Saturday 24th December 2005

Right, here we go again...
Hello, folks, yes, it's been a while but, thank Christ, not as long as usual for me to answer your questions and generally find enough time between books to reply to everyone kind enough to write in to the site.
Since I last answered some questions the usual has other words fuck all.
No, that's a lie THE BUMPER BOOK OF LIES was published a couple of weeks ago (nice little stocking filler with Xmas coming...), I finished the second draft of DYING WORDS (next years book out in hardback in August), wrote some more stuff under another pseudonym (no, I'm not telling you yet and I know it pisses people off but there's a very good reason for it..) and have been involved in some what I call "If and but" stuff too.
What I mean by that is people contact me and say they've got ideas they'd like me to work on (Scripts, TV etc.) and I do the work in the spare time between books and then see if anything happens but it's nice that people are keen to work with me and I appreciate that.
If all of these projects come off everyone will be sick of the fucking sight of me I tell you.... fingers crossed but I'm saying nothing because, until a contract is signed and I can give you details on stuff it's not worth talking about at any length.
Otherwise I've spent my time (for what it's worth...) watching Liverpool (who I had the pleasure of seeing qualify for the knock-out stages of the Champions League with a game to spare last Wednesday against Real Betis at Anfield). Yes, I'll be at The City of Manchester Stadium on Saturday, Sunderland freezing my bollocks off next week and then at Anfield for the Wigan game and Chelsea the following Tuesday night.
Around that time I'll also be Xmas shopping....aaaarrrrgggghhh
Fuck doesn't seem five minutes since the last one does it? I mean, I love Xmas, I don't even mind the swarms of people in the shops, it's just the thought of walking into places and hearing fucking FEED THE WORLD, SIMPLY HAVING A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS TIME and STOP THE CAVALRY every five sodding seconds....Why not put on some Slipknot or Maiden? That'd create a slightly different and interesting atmosphere wouldn't it? Imagine doing your shopping to DUALITY, VERMILLION or RUN TO THE HILLS and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA....Ah, well, I can dream...
Anyway, a very, very Merry Xmas to all of you
Also, new series of I'M A GRADE Z FUCKING WANNABE GET ME OUT OF HERE SO I CAN GET MY PICTURE IN FUCKING HELLO MAGAZINE... and yes, I'm watching it...just waiting for the day when Ant and Dec are actually in the fucking thing eating Koala bear shit and drinking kangaroo piss
Just getting back to music briefly, don't stone me to death, but am I alone in thinking the Kaiser Chiefs album EMPLOYMENT is one of the albums of the year? I am...oh, shit... I bought the new Enya album the other day...Yeah, right, I know but I do have a mellow side too you know, oh ye doubters....My little girl is into the PUSSY CAT DOLLS (I was going to follow that up with an extremely sexist double entendre but thought...) No, fuck it, bollocks to political correctness... I'd love to be into the fucking PUSSY CAT DOLLS too....Any feminists reading this, sorry. (Well, I'm not really but there you go...) And I know GIRLS ALOUD are shit but, well, Nadine and Sarah, come on, you would wouldn't you....?
I've just realized that I've probably just lost half my female readership, sorry girls. No, just kidding, I know you realize I'm only human (or should that be barely human...) feel free to send in your lists of male singers you'd like to rut with and I'll have a laugh at them...(just kidding).
Right, this is turning into MAXIM, I'll move on...
Films....I'm looking forward immensely to KING KONG...Elsewhere, I saw FLIGHTPLAN and enjoyed it (what a brilliant actress Jodie Foster is), WALLACE AND GROMIT AND THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT (wonderful) THE LIBERTINE (not bad), THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE (interesting but little more), BROTHERS GRIMM (visually good but otherwise a bit disappointing) KISS KISS BANG BANG (fucking hated it...) DOMINO (someone tell Tony Scott to keep his fucking camera still...) LORD OF WAR (very good) SAW 2 (I hate to say it but a couple of the deaths even had me cringing...) and REVOLVER ( Jesus tap-dancing Christ...I'm speechless at how fucking bad it was...) Off to see TRANSPORTER 2 this afternoon, if it's as bad as the first one I can't fucking wait.... Jason Statham is about as animated as a fucking dining table..
Anyway, on to your questions;
Paul wanted to know about war novels;
Sorry Paul, no more Kessler books. I enjoyed doing those but war novels are dead unfortunately
Simon from Horsham..
I'll be back in Horsham in March when TWISTED SOULS comes out in paperback so there'll probably be something on the site about it. Glad you managed to get some of my signed books though.
I'll just stop there for a moment to clear up a question that's been cropping up for the last few months....The end of NECESSARY EVIL...Yes, I know C02 doesn't explode...I know that's why they use it in fire extinguishers... It's the fucking propellant that's explosive... It's the propellant that blows up in the book and causes the train wreck....Can we please put this to bed now?...Thanks..
Woody W and a return to horror...
Very glad you enjoyed TWISTED SOULS...Have I returned to horror? To be honest Woody, I'm not sure I ever left it but I know TWISTED SOULS is more like 'old style' Shaun Hutson and that was what I always intended. DYING WORDS is the same you'll be delighted to hear but, I think, better.
I hate to say it but I don't think that there's any moves back to horror. As long as the shelves are over-crowded with serial killer novels then horror will stay marginalised by the big book chains, I'm afraid.
You asked me about political correctness... I fucking hate it. No, it hasn't altered the way I write, it just causes more arguments with editors about which bits are acceptable. I think the politically correct lobby should fuck off, mind their own business, get a life and leave us all alone. I refuse to be told what to think and say by some out of touch twat who's only experience of 'real life' is watching QUESTION TIME. Fuck political correctness, fuck anyone who upholds it and fuck everyone who tries to force their views on others...(oops, heading for a rant there...was that politically correct?)
I enjoyed A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, it had the balls that SIN CITY lacked...Let me know what you think of BUMPER BOOK OF LIES...
Denice Andrews and T-shirts..
Hello, Denice, nice to hear from you again. Now, personally, I would love the idea of me all over your chest (I mean my book covers on a T-shirt...ooer missis...) Actually, a few years ago, as a marketing thing, Warners did Shaun Hutson tour T-shirts, they had my face on the front (pretty scary) and the cities that I was visiting on the promo tour on the back then, a couple of years later, they did HEATHEN T-shirts with the other book titles on the back (extremely rare). Unfortunately, these were only given out to book buyers who probably used them to wash their fucking cars with. Well, apart from one very attractive buyer who I know used to sleep in hers....but that's another story...
But I reckon you're right, T-shirts with the book cover designs on the front to sell on the site...Anyone else think this would be a good thing?...
Scott Tuplin from Gainsborough...
Yes, Scott, I do signings wherever people will have me. Not organised signings but stock signings. I got into bookshops all over the country, sign my books and then fuck off. I'll be doing that again next year when TWISTED SOULS comes out in paperback in March and DYING WORDS comes out in hardback in August..
Gabby in Australia..
Many thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you enjoy my books. Yes, I think there are unavoidable similarities between main characters as there are bits of me in all of them, some more than others. A character like Sean Doyle is more me than most but so too is someone like Matt Franklin in NECESSARY EVIL and there's a horror writer in DYING WORDS called John Paxton who my publishers reckon IS me....See what you think...
Dave and a strange meeting..
Hello, mate. So, your other half dragged you off to see David Gemill in Bristol eh, and he hinted at a beer drunk with yours truly....Fucking hell, I can't remember must have been at some Fantasy Convention years and years ago. I don't go to those anymore, haven't for years. It might be the same one where I tipped Neil Gaiman out of a chair (twat..). He was trying to be funny about SLUGS so I warned him twice that I'd tip him out of his chair if he didn't stop mouthing. Did he stop? did he fuck...Result, Neil Gaiman lying on the floor with yours truly standing over him. (That wasn't the same time I threatened to put Kim Newman's head through a window by the way...) Writers are used to serene literary bollocks, my football mentality doesn't seem to suit them. And people wonder why I don't mix with other authors..
Jeff and omnibus editions..
They're a good idea, Jeff. Two for the price of one-ish. Fine by me, mate. As long as people are reading my stuff. Let me know what you think of TWISTED SOULS..
Tori Ley-Davis and being a writer..
Don't ever give up on the idea of becoming a writer. Tori. Christ, they call Jordan a writer for fuck's sake...I'm glad you found the BBC Get Writing thing I did helpful. As for careers officers and their views... forget it...a teacher at my school told me I'd never amount to anything...bastard's dead now...No, it wasn't me...You keep on writing. Let me know when you get published. You have my best wishes
Martyn Rowinski and signed books..
If you want a book signed, Martyn, send it to my publishers, they'll tell me and I'll wander down to the office and sign it. It will be done, I promise you
Peter Dawson...a captive audience..
Hi, Pete, nothing like a fucking smartarse is there? Seriously though, your letter made me laugh. No, I don't have a problem with my age, the reason you use terms like 'the younger man' and 'the older man' is to break up repetition... I never said tube trains ran on diesel and your other query is answered earlier on.
Fortunately, as you say, the book is escapist fun and, thank God, a hell of a lot of people buy and enjoy them. Each to his own eh?
By the way, when typing the name of the Almighty, always use a capital G. Just a minor point but some people might pick up on it. You were a bit sloppy there, I thought..
Jamie and more signed books..
Send them to my publishers and I'll sign them, mate..
Richie Bordley, you fucking nutter...
Hello, mate. I have never owned a Capri, you twat...where the fuck did you get that info from?....First car was a Ford, that was a car (well, barely...)
You are a mad bastard and I welcome all mad bastards with open arms. Look after yourself
Tony D and life being shit..
I agree Tony but sorry to hear it. I hope you're well and that the book's coming along. I would love to recommend a publisher to you, mate but they're all equally unforgiving with new authors (unless you're a fucking so-called celebrity, know someone in the company or daddy's a friend of the M.D....) My agent was telling me that one publisher last year bought ONE BOOK from all agents all year...One fucking book. But persevere, Tony. I suggest trying to get an agent first rather than go direct to publishers. Let me know how you get on and love to all the family for Xmas
Right, that's it, I'm off to have a sandwich (it's about 1.10 p.m., like anyone fucking cares....)
All of you have a wonderful Xmas, take care of yourselves and, if you're going to get pissed, don't crash your car on the fucking M6 on Boxing Day, I've got to get to Anfield.... All the best
Yeah, right, I know I signed off for Xmas with the last lot of questions and answers but, what do you know, I was just about to put them into an envelope to send to Graeme to put on the site when...fuck's some I missed. So, you'll have to put up with a bit more of my rambling...sorry..
You might, or might not give a fuck to know, that I'm listening to The Scorpions album SAVAGE AMUSEMENT as I write this. Yes, I'm still stuck in a time-warp. In fact, I must be, when I was driving to the match the other day I looked at the tapes (yes, tapes...) and I had Dio's HOLY DIVER, Great White's ONCE BITTEN and Harlow's self titled album to play on the way up....ah well..
That brings me nicely to the first question..
Brett Stevenson and Amy Lee from Evanescence..
The lyrics used in NECESSARY EVIL were indeed from the Evanescence song 'My Immortal', Brett, well spotted, but the character of Amy in the book wasn't based on that band's rather gorgeous and very talented singer. Not even visually believe it or not...
Mark Jackson and readings in Birmingham.
You didn't miss the one this year, Mark because there wasn't one...Maybe next year when DYING WORDS comes out in hardback in August..
Paul Quero and my mentions of Chelsea..
I am in no way shape or form obsessed with Chelsea, Paul. Why should I be? Trust me, there is no way any Liverpool fan would want to change places with any Chelsea fan. You mention our dealings in the transfer market...are you suggesting that Rigobert Song wasn't the greatest defender ever to grace these shores...that Sean Dundee wasn't the finest attacker in the history of football and that Bruno Cheyrou wasn't the new Zidane..No, mind you, neither am I...All the best..
Victoria and some unanswered questions..
Sorry, Victoria, there'll be no sequel to STOLEN ANGELS. Well, none planned anyway. I didn't thank I'd left any loose ends, but what the hell do I know..
Jonathan Stuckey and writing horror..
If I could point you in the right direction, Jonathan I would. Unfortunately, no one knows what is going to make a book popular or not. If they did, I'd be lying in a fucking hammock in Bermuda dictating these answers....All I would say is don't limit yourself, if you're writing horror just go for it and fuck anyone who might be offended..
Did I have anything to do with the movie of SLUGS? Did it look like it, Tim?....No, I didn't..
John Hardy in Australia..
Thanks for the observations about guns, John but I was a member of a gun club myself for about five years before shooting was banned in this country and, during that time, shot dozens of different pistols, shotguns and sub-machine guns but thanks for your comments anyway, mate. I hope you'll carry on reading and let me know what you think with each book, all the best..
Mac the knife and Sean Doyle..
I don't know if Doyle will be re-emerging in the pages of one of my novels. I'm fairly sure of the next two books I'm doing and the old bastard doesn't feature in either of those. However, you may see him in a different incarnation if one of my 'if or but' projects comes to fruition...I can't ever drop him completely though, he's too much of me..
Fiona and the cats..
I must be thicker than I thought, Fiona, but especially as your request was to do with the internet, I haven't got a clue what you want me to do...Can you drop a line to my publishers instead so they can pass it on to me, explaining exactly what you need from me...Excuse my ignorance..
Right, that's that.
Next time I write anything for the site will probably be New Year but keep those questions, queries and stuff coming in you wonderful bastards...New Year, Christ, I fucking hate it...Sorry to sound like a miserable twat but I reckon New Year's Eve is the most depressing day of the fucking year... People dancing around shouting "Oh it's the beginning of another year,"...Yeah, the beginning of 365 more days of battling your way through days and nights, trying to keep your fucking sanity and...(oops, going off into one there...)
Forget that. Have a fantastic Xmas. I hope Santa brings all of you what you want. Though how he's going to get Kate Moss, Nicole Kidman and Fergie (from the Black Eyed Peas..) into one stocking for me, I have no idea. Ah, well, I can dream can't I... Have a good one you wonderful bastards....See you next year....

Monday 3rd October 2005

Hello, folks.
Yes, I know what you're thinking...where the fuck has he been, what's he been doing..etc. etc.
Fortunately I know that, being the kind, understanding bunch of maniacs you are, you will have realized that the reason I haven't managed to answer any questions for so long is, purely and simply because I've been up to my eyes in work creating another book for you wonderful bastard to read next year....
Yes, that's why the site has been so devoid of my ramblings. I appreciate even more the fact that you lot have continued to send in questions and also that NOT ONE person has moaned to me about delays in getting back to them.
It's nice to know that you all realize why the questions don't get answered so quickly.
Bearing in mind that there are mountains of them because I've been so busy (and am about to become so again in the next few weeks) I'll do my best to answer as many as possible but those of you who have to make do with just a name-check and a hello, I know that you too will forgive me (he says hopefully...) until the next time.
So, what have I been doing?
Right, next years book is finished;
It's called DYING WORDS and I reckon it's one of the best things I've ever written but I'll have to wait until next August for you lot to tell me if you agree or not.
Horror, Police procedural, whodunnit.... like nothing I've ever done before but with elements of PURITY, SPAWN, TWISTED SOULS and HYBRID, oh, fuck it, wait and see...
I've also been busy on a couple of other books including a comedy book..
Published on October 13th by Crombie Jardine at £8.99 in hardback is THE BUMPER BOOK OF LIES....Let me know what you think..
I know some of you are probably thinking why comedy? Well, alot of you will probably realize that from reading my rants and answers on the site and also those of you who've had the terrible misfortune to meet me in person, that I'm not the most serious person in the world and also, I thought, fuck it, why not.
Strictly speaking it's a pseudonym job but my name is on the front cover so it's a bit hard to avoid. So, rush out and buy it and hopefully you'll enjoy it. I'm sure you'll let me know if you don't...
I've also got a couple of other things on the go but, as you know, I never talk about them until contracts are finalised etc. so I won't bang on about "shot in the dark/maybe" stuff but, if these things come off then I'll be shouting it from the rooftops and you'll read about them here first
I did go to see Iron Maiden at Hammersmith a few weeks ago before anyone asks and, yes, I thought they were fucking brilliant. As good as I've seen them for years. Great to see them back at Hammersmith too
I've been invited to a film festival at my local cinema (thankyou Cineworld UK) this week so I'll be watching stuff like FLIGHTPLAN, THE BROTHERS GRIMM and Christ knows what else. Those two days at the pictures count as a fucking holiday this year. No, sorry, tell a lie, I took a day off for my anniversary (September 22nd), took the missis out for lunch (then went to see REVOLVER) Jesus....what a steaming pile of dog shit (the film I mean, not the lunch...)
Avoid it like the plague, all of you...
Also seen THE CAVE (shite), CRASH (very good), SPIRIT TRAP (for fuck's sake...), LAST DAYS (almost unwatchably pretentious..), THE ARISTOCRATS (superb..), WOLF CREEK (raw, effective but still not sure...), LAND OF THE DEAD (er...yeah, well...) FOUR BROTHERS (crap..), CINDERELLA MAN (enjoyable but more Rocky than Raging Bull..), MADAGASCAR (heaven...), MEAN CREEK (impressive), DOWNFALL (absolutely brilliant...)
This afternoon I'm off to see A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. Obviously there've been others too but I've forgotten alot of them
Been to the football too obviously and yes, I was at Anfield when Chelsea caught the Reds on a bad day after struggling against them in the Champions League. Good luck to supporters of all other clubs for the coming season, enjoy your matches. Let's just remember that the season's not even ten games old, a few people getting a bit carried away I fear....Long fucking way to go, even if your owner has got a personal fortune of 7.5 billion....
I must just say how grateful I was that so many of you offered congratulations on Liverpool winning the Champions League in Istanbul (yes, I was there, one of the most incredible nights of my life...), it's great to see that even though some of us are divided by our football loyalties, you lot are good enough to see past your hatred. I really appreciate that (even if I do get carried away with the rants against some teams and supporters sometimes....)
So, I would like to thank everyone who wrote in and that means;
Kirstina from London thanks for telling me my books had been banned from the libraries in one London borough..
Rich, thanks for your support on "Telling it as it is"...I'11 never stop, mate.
Hello to Aquajeep, to Dawn, to Martin (get in touch with my agent about scripts etc.), to Jean, to Juli Williams, Phil Preston and MaFt from Bradford
Trish Gallagher....Everton fan from Huyton, well Trish, how do I know about the old "Two dogs fightin' Huyton" thing, you ask...come on, I may not be a scouser but having been a Liverpool supporter for as many years as I have, you tend to pick up things from guys at matches. Two of the blokes who sit near me at Anfield are from Huyton. So, you're a Huyton born girl are you? Steven Gerrard was also born in that part of the world. I have been known to shout "Go on, two dogs" at matches every now and then..
Chris, your bumper book of lies is your business, mate, mine is my business. No copyright on titles ... sorry..
Mark, you still want to know if I like the Professionals....No....never did...And I realize that not all Chelsea fans are cunts (as you said I stated), but your manager and your players are. That isn't jealously by the way, when you've won 5 European Cups and 18 Leagues then we'll talk again.
In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the season
Thankyou to Dan, the Blackburn fan, to Mike Heffernan, to Barry Watts, to Sylvia, to Philip Steer, to Paula Morrison (Paula, I find out about guns, stippers, criminals etc by doing my research, mingling with those kind of people over the years, having friends who are in certain businesses, observing etc. It's part of the job...)
To Sid, to Igor from Russia, to Karen Seleman (you do like my bloody sex scenes don't you...)
Big Malky, good to hear from you again. Yes, I have listened to Disturbed. In fact I listened to THE SICKNESS every morning before I wrote TWISTED SOULS...I've listened to SLIPKNOT every morning before writing DYING WORDS...
Hello to Darran Gibbons, to Cindi (My best friends wife is called Cindi by the way...bit of useless information for there isn't a seguel to Stolen Angels..)
Lisa, I'm so glad you enjoyed your "appearance" as a character. Didn't you send me a photo of yourself once? I'm sure you did and it was very much appreciated...another one would be nice...Take care
Thanks to Sam, to Nici, to Tony D (get that fucking book finished...)to Thomas McNeilly, to Michael Davenport, Simon, John Hughes, Rob, Harry Baker, Stephen Morris, Christian Crescente, Ian, Michelle from Australia, Shaun Heywood, Jamie (the red), Richard Smith, Karen, Sonia from Turkey, Jim Young, Kelly Foster, Chris from Philadelphia, Natalie, Woody W, David Astles, Elle, Hayley, Steve Wilson, Tony Passey, Dino Vassalio, Alan and anyone I've not mentioned.
Thankyou all for your time and concern and interest and sorry I haven't answered your questions this time round but keep them coming
On a general "question answering" note...
No, I can't see Sean Doyle being used again in another book but only because I know the next two books I'm doing and he doesn't figure in those. You may see him in some other guise, maybe not a book but, hopefully, something else...
All you budding authors out there, I wrote an article for a BBC website which I'll be giving to Graeme to put on the site so, hopefully that'll answer all the questions about writing..
I must just say a special word to Steve Wilson who was kind enough to call me "The 'Maiden' of British Authors"...What can I say, Steve...a great compliment...cheers, mate...
Right, that's me about done. It won't be so long next time, I promise but, as I said at the beginning, I know that you all realize and accept why I sometimes take such a long time answering
Enjoy the new books, look after yourselves and I'll speak to you soon.

Monday 23rd May 2005

Yes, it's me again with more answers to your questions and more inane ramblings about this that and the other.
Thanks again to everyone who sent in questions or comments. I'm not sure if thanks is the right word to Michelle Gladwin who wrote to tell me I'm an arsehole...Ah, well, each to his own I suppose. You didn't tell me why though, Michelle.. To Karen and her taste in music... Glad you approve of my liking for Kasabian, Karen. I've just turned off an album by a band called Soil.
At the moment I'm listening to alot of old Maiden, Megadeth and generally anything that happens to be near the CD player when I walk into the office in the morning.
I listened to Adema last week. Good stuff. I've got three of their albums.
And yes, I like Rooster. Yes, I know lots of screaming girlies do to but what the hell...
Someone asked me who my favourite member of Mcfly was the other day I shit you not... My answer; 'The one who dies first'
To Bryan Hamilton and recommending books..
Get your girlfriend to read RENEGAGES, Bryan. Then you can find out if she, like most of my female readers, seems to fall in love with the bullet riddled, anti-social bastard..
Beverley and mad fans..
Yes I get hundreds of e-mails from mad fans AND I LOVE THEM...Nothing wrong with being a fan of mine, or with being mad for that matter...
You asked what made me decide to start writing horror novels? Good question...I suppose it was because I used to read loads of them when I was younger, used to watch loads of horror films too. Not anymore...
Mind you, on the subject of horror films... BOOGEYMAN I thought was shite. DARKNESS I was very impressed with... HOSTAGE (yes, I know it isn't a horror film...) with Bruce Willis is a cracking film by the way... (well, I thought so...) I also watched LAYER CAKE and DEAD MAN'S SHOES on DVD over the weekend and was very impressed with both of them.
You also asked what I thought of Richard Laymon and James Herbert... Poor Richard is now sadly deceased but I never read more than two of his books so can't comment. James Herbert I read alot of when I was a teenager but nothing for years so, once again, no comment
Somebody wanted to know what I thought of communism..
Fucking hell... A bit deep but nevertheless... Liked their first album but not the second... Just kidding.
I don't have strong political views apart from the fact that I subscribe to the view that, as the wonderful Bill Hicks once said; 'All governments are liars and murderers.' I despise politicians for their duplicity, their preaching and basically, their very existence... How's that..
Scott wanted to know if the character of Track in my westerns was inspired by Terrance Hill in the Trinity movies..
No Scott. A thousand think that Track was just the seed from which Sean Doyle was eventually to grow. Just like Kessler was in my war novels. And no, I haven't read the Da Vinci Code..
Thanks also to Trina Rose, Stacey Vaughn, Denice Andrews and anyone else who wrote in just to say they liked the books..
To Tony and Jenny Brennan in Australia..
Glad you can find the books out there, mate. Likening ASSASSIN to THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY is about as nice a compliment as you could give me. I appreciate it. I love that film
Denice Andrews again..
NECESSARY EVIL is released in paperback on March 17th. Nothing wrong with buying my stuff in paperback, Denice. I always used to buy paperback myself. I never borrowed my mates books because a) most of them didn't read and b) those that did treated paperbacks like dish-rags... Made the mistake of lending a copy of THE EXORCIST to a mate years ago and the fucking thing came back looking like it had been through a shredder...Amazingly, I still talk to him now..
Shelley Bailey and The Da vinci Code...
Sorry, Shelley, haven't read it. I watched the documentary on it the other week on Channel 4. Possible or bollocks? Who knows? The answer seemed to be bollocks... I read THE HOLY BLOOD AND THE HOLY GRAIL years ago and that seemed very plausible... I don't know..
Lisa and book signings..
I don't usually do them. Lisa but, if you'd like your copy of DEATH DAY signed then send it to my publishers and they'll forward it to me. Glad to hear you're converting your husband to my stuff. Keep it up..
To Richard a.k.a. Fruitbat..
Thankyou so much for your kind comments. Very much appreciated. You reckon you sound like an arse kisser...I say... WHO CARES... Cheers, mate
That's it for now. I'm still working on ideas for my next novel. TWISTED SOULS is out in hardback in August. I'm off for a few days doing stock signings around the country and the odd interview here and there
Other than that... Well done to Liverpool in the Champions League. My best friend is an Arsenal fan so he's not quite as chuffed as me but I'm hoping he's celebrating in May and that Arsenal win the F.A. Cup and the mighty Reds win the Champions League.. I'm off to see FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX this afternoon then I'm going to play football... Not that you care but I thought I'd let you know anyway. Look after yourselves until next time..
Jesus, here we go again and yes, I know I've taken a fucking eternity to answer these questions. Sorry again.
This isn't an excuse (yes it is you bastard I hear you bellow...) but, well, fuck it, yes it is. I'm absolutely up to my bloody ears in work at the moment (Thank God).
Just finished a new book (under a pseudonymn but one, you'll be delighted to know, that I can reveal nearer publication...) preparing my next one for Warners (who I'm about to sign a new three book contract with... hurrah...) that will be published next Summer.
I'm also preparing another project that I won't talk about yet but, trust me, I think it'll be worth the wait when it materializes. Involved too in something else which is shaping up to be huge but I hate talking ifs-and-buts so, again, no info until everything's tied up.
I honestly can't see the point of talking about stuffthat a) I haven't signed a contract for and b) is just speculation at the moment. However...all will be revealed in due course.
All that combined with tearing around like a blue-arsed fly trying to get tickets and flights sorted for the Champions League Final in Istanbul on May 25th and I've hardly had time to shit...
Yeah, I know you're all thinking right now get on with it... It's a good job you lot are understanding isn't it? (You are, aren't you...)
I want to thank everyone who's written to the site again so, thanks to Joleen, Helen from Liverpool, Lee Millard for starters
Some of these answers are going to be general because of my work schedule but I'll do my best..
Anyone out there who's trying to write and can't get finished..
Stop re-reading what you've already written. Go with your initial instincts. You'11 know as soon as you've finished a chapter whether it's crap or not
Just out of interest, and I know some of you are curious as to how this whole bloody process works, I've just come out of the worst bout of writers block I've had since 1987. I used to joke that I had writers block every morning at 9.30 but this was fucking awful. I couldn't find anything to say...Couldn't think of anything I wanted to say...The last time that happened was just before VICTIMS. Then again, towards the end of WHITE GHOST, I actually thought I was 'written out' and I felt like that again for about two months. It was scary I stayed away from my own work, did other stuff in different genres and areas etc. (yes, under pseudonyms) and, with a bit of help from one of my brilliant sales team who mentioned an idea to me, I was sorted. I start planning the next book in the next couple of days
Lee Millard asked what my best gig ever was..
Yes, Lee, it was probably Maiden. At Wembley Arena in 1990 I think. Also, the Scorpions at Wembley Arena in 1990 was superb.
Recently, I was blown away by Megadeth at the Astoria (Yes, I know the sound was shite but I still enjoyed it). I also went to see Garbage at the Scala. Bloody excellent..
Thanks to Jo Caswell, to Mike, to Grant Bellis and Sue Garley
Grant, there are no plans to re-release CHAINSAW TERROR uncut...unfortunately..
Sue, apart from Ebay, there's nowhere else to get hold of my Wolf Kruger novels I'm afraid... Sorry..
Dan Burgess from Liverpool and a commentary on SLUGS..
Dan, you're a mind-reader... I only said to someone the other day that I would love to do a commentary on the DVD of SLUGS; THE MOVIE... I was listening to the one on DODGEBALL the other night and it cracked me up... One along those lines would probably be in order I reckon. If someone asks me then I'll do it.
My outlook on Steven Gerrard...! reckon he'll stay if we win the Champions League, maybe even if we don't. Mind you, at the risk of incurring the wrath of thousands of fellow reds, I think selling him for the sort of money that fucking Chelsea are offering might be a good idea. As long as we've got Alonso and Hamann in midfield (and apparently Rafa's looking at Pablo Aimar) then I don't think we'll miss him that much...
Mind you, what a night at Anfield when we knocked Chelsea out. I was also lucky enough to be at the away leg at Stamford Bridge and it was like a morgue...No history, no pride. Stick your roubles up your arse, Roman and shove Mourinho's head up there too. My wife taped his after match interview for me and I watched it when I got home that night... what a cunt...and they wonder why everyone hates them.
The Manes might be twats but at least they've got trophies to back up their mouth, Chelsea have thirteen trophies in their entire worthless history (what there is of it). Nice to know that their second championship (oops sorry, laughing as I typed that...) has been totally eclipsed by our getting to Istanbul..
Thanks to Rob and Laura for your continued love of Sean Doyle...The old bugger may well be making a re-appearance .. .Watch this space..
Lee, yes, it was me in the Arena Special headbanging in front of a mirror... Oh, God...They had me filming for 3 days, including dramatising sequences from ASSASSIN, filming me on the stage the day before Maiden played Donington for the first time and what turns up on screen, half a second of air-guitar...ain't showbiz wonderful..
Ben Dyson aged 12...can I recommend a gory book of mine? Bloody hell Ben, open the page that says also by Shaun Hutson, shut your eyes and pick one... Seriously though, glad you enjoyed them so far..
Igor from Russia... Thanks for the e-mail... My books picturized... I'm thinking you mean graphic novels... Not yet..
Kuy... Nice to hear RELICS gave your boyfriend nightmares... thanks for that. So, your sister-in-law thinks your weird for liking my stuff does she... Well, join a very large club... Keep reading, if you want to unleash more of your dark side then watch out for TWISTED SOULS in August, if your sister-in-law gets a look at that she'll never speak to you again..
John Penkethman... No, I haven't done my tour of British prisons don't kill your neighbour just yet...Talking of prisons, I had a great compliment the other day from someone who'd just finished doing a little time, apparently, in the nick he'd been in I am 'the top geezer'...Prison libraries have always been good to my work and I get lots of mail from guys inside so, thanks lads. Nice to know I'm getting it right..
Lisa Curd...Let me know what you think of NECESSARY EVIL when you've finished it..
Stephen Morris, Liverpool supporter...So, your uncle and his friend had the misfortune to sit next to me at Anfield...No wonder they now sit in the Main Stand for matches...Seriously though Stephen, with your own novel, don't even think about ringing publishers. The only advice I can give you, and I wish it was more, is try and find an agent. Get a copy of the WRITER'S AND ARTISTS YEARBOOK or THE WRITER'S HANDBOOK or go online and check out those sites. Find a newer agency as they're less likely to have so many clients and then just write what you want to write and pray alot...That was my tactics.
I would also use your contacts at the Liverpool Universities. Generate as much of your own publicity as you can. But, ultimately, publishers and agents will judge on how commercial your book is, not even on how well written it is (just look at the top Ten Bestsellers for proof of that).
Talent isn't a factor, I hate to say. It's novelty value, marketing, how much of a celebrity the fucking author is (last month five out of the top ten bestsellers were written by so-called 'celebrities'...or their ghostwriters should I say). Lots of other authors were journalists or editors, they know people in the business and crawl in via the back door. Very, very few do it on merit. I'll stop there before I say something my agent will bollock me for...
Just keep going Stephen and I wish you the very best of luck and give my best to your Uncle Billy and to John
Apparently, thanks to you wonderful lot, the site has become more popular than ever (thanks to Graeme for his marvelous work on it). Sorry, just thought I'd slip that in..
Anyone seen KINGDOM OF HEAVEN yet? I thought it was superb to look at but lacked the emotional pull of GLADIATOR. But, what the hell do I know...THE ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON I thought was brilliant as was DOWNFALL. RING 2 was shite, so was the remake of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. CONSTANTINE was a mess, THE INTERPRETER was a disappointment (apart from my rather transparent observation that Nicole Kidman is without doubt one of the most breath-takingly beautiful women ever to grace this planet) and XXX2 was poor. Well, that's what I thought..
Rob... Glad you enjoyed NECESSARY EVIL, sorry you didn't think it was horror..
Darren Puller... good to hear from you again after fifteen years... seriously, I appreciate what you said and I'm glad that what I said to you those 15 years ago helped at the time. On the related subject you wrote about, no one ever told me to continue with my creative stuff to help with my 'psychological problems' but I'm sure that, without that outlet I'd now be in a fucking room with rubber wallpaper wearing a lace-up jacket...Darren, I'M telling you...write and get all your thoughts onto paper. Clear your brain out, mate. It helps, trust me. And, more to the point, let me know how it goes. Go on write to me three times, you bastard... I dare you... Take care
Louise... Twisted Souls will be out in paperback next March..
Noel... thanks for the praise and glad that your mates like my stuff too. Next book out in August..
Rebecca...A book signing in Bristol...Ask your local bookshops..
Tina-Marie...Happy 29th birthday... it must have happened by now I'm guessing...Thanks very much for the kind comments about NECESSARY EVIL. Good to hear that you've got your sister into my stuff too although I can understand her being a bit nervy if she lives alone.
You asked about names in books...Well, to be honest that is one of the hardest things for me. I always have terrible trouble finding the names of the central characters and can't settle on a story until I have. Many of the names are of real people, some are mixtures of names from the Radio Times (i.e. real names for Christian names and character names for surnames etc.) But I do like to use real names to so, if a woman character named Tina-Marie turns up in the next one then I hope that's o.k..
Emma... 'Just a Boy' and NECESSARY EVIL... My God what a combination... Glad you enjoyed mine and also HELL TO PAY. Let me know what you think of the others as you read them..
Woody... You old boing, boing baggies bastard... I reckon your lot might stay up you know, mate. You're in TWISTED SOULS, don't worry... Not that you fucking deserve it... (just kidding).
Say hello to Alex and Karen for me at least they were kind and respectful, unlike you. (Sign this Stephen King book, my arse...)
On the subject of Dave Allen's death, I agree with you. Very sad. Very underrated guy. Overlooked in his later years because he wasn't P.C... Now, being a silly humour fan as we both know you are, I have a book coming out under a pseudonym in October which I think will be right up your street... Details will follow in due course. Yes, I've done a comedy book (and no, it isn't SLUGS 3). I await your opinion on that in due course...
In the meantime, I'm preparing the next novel which I will try to write quickly enough so you don't have to wait too long for it (cheeky bastard...) Sorry I can't write quicker
Woody.. Feel free to kick me in the bollocks next time you see me. Until then, I hope your boys stay up, it's an easy drive to the Hawthorns from where I live..
Michael... Prices of books should be set by the publishers, individual bookshops then get massive discounts and sell them at the prices they it's the shops you should moan at, mate, not me..
Kate... Is my alias Frank Barlow... Give me a break... Don't you think I'd be more creative than that? Frank Barlow, isn't he in Coronation Street?..
Garry Charles...Massive congratulations to you on the imminent release of your first novel Garry...A copy sent via my publishers would be very much appreciated (yeah, I know I'm a grabbing bastard..). Seriously though, I'm very happy for you and I wish you many more published books
Chris... What a wonderful bit of praise... Thankyou. Yes, Chris, as a writer you do have to be willing to write about subjects that are going to offend/distress/irritate/annoy etc. certain people. With your own writing, please don't worry about what others think of you and what you write. The person between those covers is probably very different to the person that writes the book. People have a certain picture of me in their minds I'm sure and, nine times out of ten, it doesn't match up to what they've imagined. I'm usually shorter than they imagined, not covered in tattoos, not sipping from a bottle of Jack Daniels and not slicing up babies (well, not unless I'm in a really bad mood...)
I write about what I want to write about and never worry about things like death threats...Or about what people will think of me. Too many people like yourself enjoy what I do for me to worry about the half a dozen who don't...There's a wonderful scene in a film called THIEF where James Caan is asking Willie Nelson about whether or not to tell his new girlfriend what he does for a living (he's a safecracker) and Willie Nelson tells him that she'll take him for what he is if she really loves him. Basically he tells him 'Your friends will accept you for what you are and if strangers don't like you, who the fuck are they that you should worry?' It's a wonderful philosophy and one I've always had throughout my life. In writing and in everyday life.
If someone thinks you're crazy for what you write then so be it. Let them think that. Fuck them. Many of my readers tell me I'M crazy and they like that about me. They know I genuinely don't give a fuck. Your wife won't think you're crazy, she'll admire the fact that you've had the guts to write what you want to write, to say what you want to say. Mine just looks on with a bemused smile and lets me get on with it. But then she's been doing that for a bloody long time now.
Sorry, starting to sound like a fucking agony Aunt now so I'll shut up. Do what you want to do, Chris and all the very best to you. If people are shocked or horrified then at least you've got a reaction and that's what you want. The worst thing in this world is indifference. Have them cheering or having them booing, don't have them saying 'well, it's alright'... Fuck that, get a reaction every time..
Kath... You are a wonderful woman (71 years young) and no, you're not missing anything, there are editorial cock-ups in HELL TO PAY as you've pointed out. Blame the editor and proof-reader ... just don't blame me...I'm glad you like the books (and Gordon Ramsey and Big Brother... New series coming up soon)
Just to digress a moment onto one of my pet hates... CELEBRITY LOVE ISLAND... Give me a fucking break... More no-marks trying gather some publicity to re-launch careers that were never much in the first place...Hot on the heels of CELEBRITY WRESTLING Jesus, when will these so-called 'celebrity' shows ever end. Someone please fire-bomb the offices of O.K. and HELLO magazine and also, give us what we really want... CELEBRITY DEATH CAMP... Put twenty of the overpaid nothings in a concentration camp and let us watch them starve to fucking death. Every two days a couple of them have to fight to the death with chainsaws, the loser gets eaten... Now that I'd watch and enjoy. Anyone want to tell me who they'd most like to see in there?... That's my question for the month... Me, I'd go with a starting line up of;
Christ, where do I stop.
Come on, help me out. Lists of celebrities to be exterminated, please.. Right, that's it for now. I'm off to see THE JACKET this afternoon. Starting Monday, it's full steam ahead on the research for the next novel.
In the meantime, keep the questions coming, apologies again for not answering as quickly as I should but I know I'm lucky and you lot understand why this isn't always possible. Look after yourselves.

Friday 18th February 2005, just after a cup of tea and biscuit...

Hello you lot,
Yes, it's that time again, you're all probably thinking "at last, the lazy bastard's got his finger out and answered the fucking questions..."
Again, sorry for the delay in answering the questions but, as usual, work is pressing and, thankfully, getting more pressing by the day.
I'm sitting here listening to Megadeth (COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION before anyone asks). I saw them at The Astoria in London the other week and thought they were great, well, considering that Dave Mustaine is the only original member left. I ended up with 'headbangers neck' for the first time in years (yes, I know, very sad at my fucking age...) but it was worth it.
Anyway, there's lots going on but, as usual, not much I can talk about as I hate talking about ifs and buts. When things have been confirmed then there'll be news on the site.
I will say that it looks as if I'll be writing two novels for sure this year, possibly three as well as some other stuff that T will tell you about as soon as I can.
At the moment I'm trying to prepare my new novel for Warner for hardback publication next summer.
TWISTED SOULS is now finished and due out in hardback this July/August and NECESSARY EVIL is released in paperback on March 17th so I'll be out and about signing stock in various places.
A full list of all the shops where signed stock is available will be put on the site when I've given Graeme the details.
Plenty of ideas floating about for the next, book but nothing that's grabbed me as yet. This might sound like bollocks but the story is always secondary to me. I have to find something in the mind of one of the characters that I. want to explore before I can put a plot around them. Oops, sorry, just slipped into literary tosser mode for a second there...
You've all been very kind to NECESSARY EVIL so far, people have said that T'm back to writing horror again. Not that I thought I'd ever stopped but then again what the fuck do I know...
Before, anyone asks, no I don't have any idea if Liverpool are going to make the fourth Champions League spot and yes, I was at Birmingham when we fucked up the other week as I will be at Cardiff in a couple of weeks for the Carling Cup Final (where, hopefully, we won't fuck up...)
Has anyone seen THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE?... Now, we are talking... What a film... Far to good for kids. I took my daughter. Packed house (it was half term) There was another guy a couple of rows behind about my age with three kids and he was pissing himself too. The kids hardly made a sound but he was in hysterics, just like I was.
Otherwise, I don't reckon ALEXANDER is as bad as it's been painted. CREEP was poor. CLOSER is superb. Brilliant script and excellent performances. MILLION DOLLAR BABY, very good indeed. Even the remake of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 was better than I'd expected (sorry...). TEAM AMERICA... fucking brilliant. I'm off to see SHALL WE DANCE? this afternoon and dreading it. Can't stand Richard Gere and hate bloody Jennifer Lopez. Mind you, it could be brilliant... I won't hold my breath though..
Friday 25th February;
Yes, it's a week later and I still haven't finished answering the questions. Sorry. Anyway, enough fucking about... down to the answers
(oh, by the way, SHALL WE DANCE wasn't as bad as I expected... it was crap but in a bearable kind of way... Sorry to say that, despite the prescence of Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning though HIDE AND SEEK was poor. Good set up but then turned to shit...)
Right, I'm currently listening to KILLERS the second Maiden album...yes, still living in the past me but Christ, what an album..
Once again, to everyone who wrote in with queries, questions etc. thankyou so hello to Juli Williams, Rachel Stokes, Karen Seleman, Billie, Rosie (more proof to doubting critics that only blokes read my books I see...) among others
Tania wanted to know if Molitor's Fire, as described in HELL TO PAY actually exists..
Not telling...come on, Tania, allow me some secrets please..
Karen from Croydon was moaning about the lack of sex scenes.
Sorry there wasn't any in NECESSARY EVIL, Karen. Not really much opportunity for them though. I think you'll be happier with the sex content of TWISTED SOULS. To say SLUGS is the most fucked up, sickest book you've ever read is very kind. Any other author would be pissed off by a comment like that but not me. Thanks, Karen. I try, I try...You also wanted to know why I've got two pairs of Michelle Pfeiffer's shoes? Because I bought them from a shop in The Strand called Frasers. I think she's a brilliant actress, a staggeringly beautiful woman and, they couldn't sell me any of her underwear (just kidding..). Frasers sell all kinds of showbiz memorabilia from signed guitars to signed photos. I've bought lots of stuff from there over the years. That's how I came by Michelle's shoes along with several signed pictures of her. If I had the time and money I'd be a fucking stalker..
Woody W. still having a problem with the end of RELICS..
Woody, let it go, mate... (only joking..) Actually, your point about the copper murdering three kids is valid it's just that well, with the world being destroyed and all that I didn't really think it would have mattered... Just a thought. An agent did suggest to me that he should have killed the kids but not been able to stop the rise of Dagda anyway..A double whammy.
I hope I haven't just completely fucked up RELICS for anyone yet to read it by the way... BLADE TRINITY... I agree with you, much of a muchness because I enjoyed the first two.
Sean Doyle. Will he return? Only time, a bad back and plots will tell, Woody. Take care, mate
Someone wanted to know which book I'd most want made into a film..
ANY OF THEM... Just write me that fucking chegue... I really don't know I must admit. If I could only pick one I'd probably say either LUCY'S CHILD or HELL TO PAY (yes, I know that's two..)
Any one would be fine though if it was made well. I would love it to be directed by David Fincher or Bryan Singer if it was a thriller. William Friedkin would do a wonderful job on any of them. So would Michael Mann. If Cate Blanchett, Ray Winstone and Colin Farrell were involved somewhere I'd be delighted Anyone got any ideas about a film of one book complete with director and cast? Let me know..
Rosie asked me a very interesting guestion about writing my sex scenes..
Do I have to be 'In the mood' to write an explicit sex scene? By 'In the mood' I'm assuming that you mean do I have to be sitting at my desk with a raging stiffie (no, oh shit..). Well, no, not really. It does help if what I'm writing has an 'effect' on me because then I'm fairly sure it'll work on the readers but, to be honest, some sex scenes can be written without 'playing tents' (technical term...). There's one in HELL TO PAY that was written with very little movement in the jeans department but, when I read it a while later I thought, yes, not bad at all and limped away from the desk... Glad you enjoy them yourself
Jeff wanted to know if I was doing any signings in the Midlands this year..
Dates will be on the site when and if I am Jeff. Sorry about the missis moaning at you but glad you've got the daughter-in-law hooked...Good work
Ben from Northampton and COMPULSION..
No, Ben, I never get sick of people telling me I'm incredibly talented... (ha, ha). I'm really glad you enjoyed COMPULSION and, if you want to then I would be very happy for you to adapt it into a screenplay for your own purposes. Just let me see a copy when it's finished. Go for it, I say and good luck..
I've just switched albums for those who are interested... I'm now listening to Maiden's PIECE OF MIND. After that it'll probably be SCARS by a band called SOIL
Sorry to digress for a moment and I don't know how I started thinking about this but someone once asked me how I came up with the titles for my books. Well, I thought you lot might be interested to know that some of them originally had different working titles so, here are the titles that some started out with or, at least the titles that I wanted...

Original title was THE CHILDREN OF HELL It was then changed to CHILDREN OF BLOOD and then to BLOODCHILD and then HELLSPAWN before my publisher/agent at the time insisted on SPAWN. I think they were right...
Was originally called THE EREBUS PLAGUE
Original title was BASTARDS but the publishers said bookshops wouldn't stock it with that title.
Again, should have been BASTARDS. Same reason as above for title change. (Probably didn't help I threatened to do a sequel called FUCKING BASTARDS...) I then wanted to call it EMPIRE which the publishers also didn't like so settled on EXIT WOUNDS...
Original title was HARRY POTTER HITS PUBERTY. No, sorry, that's a complete lie.
Original title was SAVAGES. I preferred Hell to Pay.
Originally called TORN SOULS. Again, my own choice to change it.

There you go, just thought you'd like to know..
Mark Sykes asked if I'd ever thought of writing myself into one of my own books..
No Mark, never in a million years... Strangely enough, in the film FOREST OF THE DAMNED I appear as myself (I think that's out in April on DVD) and I've just been asked to do a cameo in another film called I, ALONE, again playing myself. But no, I've never wanted to put myself in one of my books, let alone kill myself off. A mate of mine asked to be put in one but not to be killed in case it was tempting fate..
To Inge Gjersoe in Norway..
I think I'm right in saying that LUCY'S CHILD is also available in Norwegian. Hope you enjoy it as much as you did STOLEN ANGELS..
Martin Thomason and a book no one can buy..
Martin is talking about THE BUTCHER'S WINDOW which I believe appears on Amazon. Well, the book was written but never published, Martin. It wasn't horror and I've had a few enquiries about it but, sorry, not available. Not yet anyway..
Someone asked about nicked books..
Yes, I always thank people for buying, borrowing or stealing my books and, in many places, I do actually hold the record as the most "stolen" author around. Look, it's a fucking record, I'm proud of it right... A gritty thriller directed by Ken Loach, eh? What a thought... Maybe one day..
Dave Scullion from Canterbury..
My knowledge of the inner workings of the police force comes from reading, knowing some policemen and that kind of thing, Dave. There's a very good book called MURDER SQUAD by Ray Wyre that should give you all the info you need.
I'm also very glad to hear that you, like me, consider my 'urban thrillers' as much as horror as my earlier stuff. As you rightly say, violence done to ordinary people by other ordinary people is more horrific than anything done to them by zombies etc. Thanks.
All the best
Ryan asked how to become an author..
I saw a fucking advert in the paper the other day, you know one of those "WHY NOT BECOME AN AUTHOR" ones, the "if you haven't been published in 6 months we'll give you your money back" sort. What the fuck are these people on? I suppose it's worth a go with one of those courses but I have serious doubts myself. Otherwise, Ryan, my usual advice is find a good agent, pray alot and write what you would want to read... I wish there was a magic formula but there isn't. Luck, decent product, right place at the right time. Not much to do with talent, it's literary perspiration most of the time not inspiration... Good luck anyway
Jilly Simmons and the strength of furniture..
Yes, Jilly, some punctuation missing I fear..
Margaret wants to know if Sean Doyle is real..
No he isn't Margaret. I've been asked that before. Just as I've been asked for his address and phone number before... He is based on bits of two or three people I've met in my life, a very large proportion of him being yours truly (apart from his good looks and indifference to pain that is...)
To Julie Flynn in London..
Thanks for converting your 14 year old to my stuff Julie. I appreciate his quote that HYBRID is "wicked"....Glad you're still enjoying them too
Julie Gorman and 'blinking myopically'..
Julie, hide your books from your nine year old better in future...Mind you if she got a credit for her story then great. Glad your own END OF STORY got published. Keep on writing if you enjoy it
To Nick Martin in France..
Thanks for the kind comments, Nick. I'll be having a look at your own site too. Let me know what you think about TWISTED SOULS when it surfaces. All comments appreciated as ever
Right, that's it again. Sorry for the delay once more. Maiden are just finishing TO TAME A LAND (well, on the album they are...) so I'm finishing too. I'm off to see THE LIFE AQUATIC this afternoon. Well, Cate Blanchett's in it so it'll be worth looking at just for that. Christ I'm shallow aren't I?... But then you all knew that anyway.
Until the next time, look after yourselves...