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Hello Shaun,
This isn't a question for yourself but just a nod and a wave. I just want you to know that I appreciate your work. From the moment I picked up Assassin, I was hooked on your books.
I'm not going to bore you with my life story, however the last ten years haven't been easy. I lost my mother after being her carer for six years then three years after that, I lost the love of my life to suicide.
I decided that after spending about 90% of lockdown on my own with two cats, that if I came out of all this corona bollocks the same person then I have only got myself to blame. For the past fourteen years I have flirted with becoming a writer, but I always listened to the voice of doubt, despite those around me saying I have a clear talent for it.
So after lockdown I came out the blocks firing and decided to pen my first ever book. I have one chapter to go and I have managed to find a group of authors who are helping me with the process.
This year, after meeting a gorgeous girl from Sussex last year, we moved to Lincolnshire for her university. She believes in me and wanted me to leave my job to take up writing full-time for a year, so that no matter what happens, I know that I have given it a serious attempt.
Upon moving my old stuff all the way from Scotland to Lincolnshire, I came across your books in my collection. I knew from the moment I read the maggot scene in Assassin all those years ago that you were my kinda author.
Being 37 as I write this, I had the weird idea in my head that I was a little too old to become an author or leave my job to chase a dream. But your bio encouraged me. I to have had a string of average jobs here and there, with none of them keeping my attention. I enjoy working hard but honestly, the amount of arseholes in the workplace is soul destroying. I have seen decent people turn in to 20p Mussolinis after they got a 20p pay rise during a promotion from barman to bar manager.
So, I'm about two or three months away from polishing off my final draft and handing it to the wolves. I just wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration and providing entertainment for me to read on those long nights where I had to keep an eye out for the morphine induced shenanigans of my mother, who would put kettles in ovens and cutlery in microwaves at 3AM etc.
Thanks Shaun and I hope you and yours are doing well in these batshit crazy days.

Hi Nik, thanks for the message and the kind words...
I'm delighted you've decided to write... Forget getting help from anyone else though (and I'm serious)... It's YOUR book, YOUR style so do it YOUR way. And anyone telling you that you can't do it... IGNORE THEM... They know fuck all. Great for your other half to be so supportive too. Mine was always the same at the beginning. She knew I'd make it. By the way, all the arseholes in the shit jobs you've had... do you know what they are? They're material. Use them all in your books in the future. I did. I still do. I'm really proud that my own books and background have been an inspiration (but then I thought... "hold on, he might be writing because he figures if Shaun Hutson can do it, anyone can do it..." Lol... Just kidding Nik)
You go for it, mate and don't let any bastard ever put you off. The only thing I ask is that you keep me posted on your progress (good or bad) and just remember, if they reject you, that's THEIR fault. They just haven't recognised your talent yet. Keep going. You'll do it.
Sorry to hear about your mum. I was my mum's carer for the last year or so of her life so I know what it's like. And, I hesitate to say this but, use that experience too as material or as motivation. Use everything.
And you're not too old at 37, Nik. The guy who wrote The Bridges of Madison county was 73 when his first novel was published and that was filmed by Clint Eastwood!!!!
All the best, Nik.

Hi Shaun,
I love horror and UFOs and wish there was more spooky UFO fiction out there. Any chance of the Uninvited books being released as ebooks?
Also, I see there's Uninvited 2 and 3. But I didn't see Uninvited 1?
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Life goes on
James Seger

Hi James... Thanks for the message. Spooky UFO fiction? I'm probably the wrong one to ask, James. Apart from writing Uninvited 2 and 3 I'm clueless... Sorry... By the way, you didn't need to read Uninvited 1 to appreciate the other two... Lol.
I don't know about 2 and 3 being released as ebooks... Good idea though.
There've been a few creepy UFO films I know but whether that ever spilled over into books I don't know.
Life does, indeed, go on...
And with Beatles lyrics you can't go wrong... Lol...
All the best, James

Hi Shaun, any updates on the paperback release date for Progeny? Will you be selling signed copies via your publishers too as you've done recently for Monolith and Chase? I would recommend that you check out Amulet which is a super recent horror film with a twist worthy of one of your books. Hope you're keeping well mate and as a fellow red I can imagine how much you're enjoying this season! All the best, Mark

Hi Mark, I hope you're well. Thanks for the message.
I don't know the release date for the paperback of Progeny yet I'm afraid but I know there will be signed copies available of upcoming books once Caffeine Nights get pub dates sorted.
I don't know Amulet. I'll try and track it down.
Nice to hear from a fellow Red... it's just a pity that Liverpool's casualty list at the moment is almost as long as the body count in one of my books!!!
Thanks again for the message, Mark.

Hi Shaun,
It's been a while since I last wrote in to you. I've been meaning to get in touch ever since I finally finished reading Testament and Tainted Souls.
It took me a while to get hold of both of them (I actually got to read Progeny before I was able to procure a copy of Testament), but was fortunate enough to receive them both last Christmas.
As usual I thought they were both great books, oh and Progeny was really good too (made me reread Spawn again).
I really enjoyed your collaboration with Matt Shaw and part of the fun was trying to guess which parts were written by you and which by him.
As a budding writer myself I could only dream of one day getting to collaborate with you on a book, but hey, never say never I guess. It was good to see Sean Doyle back in Testament. I was reading your replies to some other questions prior to typing my own and saw that maybe you think that Doyle is too old to come back for one last hurrah, so perhaps you could do a prequel to the whole Sean Doyle saga and show us Doyle in his younger days and his earlier experiences in the CTU?
I don't know how you feel about podcasts, but I've recently started listening to a few myself and there's one in particular I'd love to recommend to you. One day on Spotify I decided to do a search and see if there were any podcasts pertaining to you and/or your books. The search came up with a couple of interviews that I'd already heard and what I thought was going to be someone doing a reading of your Slugs book. I was wrong, but not disappointed, it was an episode of a podcast that is hosted by two American guys (ex-musicians) whose whole schtick is that they review and mercilessly rip the piss out of 'bad books'. In this particular episode they were covering Slugs and I have to say I really enjoyed it. They actually thought the book wasn't bad at all, though they did still find some fun to be had with it, and I was quite pleased that they didn't think that Slugs totally sucked.
The podcast is called I Don't Even Own a Television and I've listened to more of the episodes after that faithful introduction. They've also covered James Herbert's Rats and no less than two of Guy N Smith's Crabs novels, among others and they never fail to raise many genuine laughs out of me. If you ever feel like you want something to listen to then I highly recommend this podcast series.
Incidentally, are we ever going to get a third Slugs book?
Anyway, that's my two-pence for now. Looking forward to the new books when they come out. Hope you're keeping well?
All the best,
Mark Leney

Thanks for the message and the kind words, Mark. Working with Matt Shaw was... er... well, we didn't really work together. He wrote a couple of chapters, I wrote some then Matt “assembled” it and took care of everything else. I have a feeling we might do the same kind of thing again in the future. He's a good guy. I like the sound of that podcast you mentioned and, if they were kind to Slugs then I like it even more ha, ha... On the subject of Sean Doyle I'm seriously considering using him in a new book (at his present age) and also possibly doing a prequel... the thing is I have to be realistic and I can't have him leaping over cars etc. at his age lol... but, as he uses guns a bullet can always outrun his opponent no matter who they are so I think it's safe to say you'll see Doyle at least once more, maybe twice.
A third slugs book is always a possibility too. As I've been doing sequels lately it might just work. We'll see.
New books include two books of short stories called INCISIONS CUT ONE and CUT TWO. They should be out before Xmas but I've got no concrete pub dates just yet. Keep your eyes peeled and there'll be something here on the site as soon as details are finalized.
Many thanks again for the message, Mark.

Hi Shaun
Sorry to bother you but I have a copy of all your books (except Chainsaw Terror which is like rocking horse shit!) but for the life of me I must've missed the release of Progeny and now cannot find a copy of it anywhere other than the audio book or kindle edition which just aren't the same.
Do you know why it is so hard to find and where I can get a copy? I can't even find it on the Caffeine Nights website!
Any info you can offer would be appreciated. Up the Irons!

Hi, Jon. I hope you're well. I have no reason why you can't find PROGENY. All I can think is that the print run sold out again.
Unless the publishers aren't telling me something Lol... Chainsaw Terror, I know, is really hard to find and is often bloody expensive. There are rumours of a new edition being published so keep your eyes peeled.
All the best.

Hi Shaun
I thought I'd follow up with you regarding Progeny. You know, when I originally wrote to you I almost mentioned that it reminded me a bit of Spawn... I absolutely loved Progeny! It was depraved and demented in all the best ways! It is as fierce and vicious as any of your other horror novels I love. It is my favorite book of the year so far.
That is exciting news about Comes the Night! Put me down for a copy, as well as the sequel. (I never knew if you were joking or not about the two follow-ups.) Thank you!
Robert Freese

Hello Robert and thanks for getting in touch. I'm not surprised PROGENY reminded you of SPAWN... It's the sequel... I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Very kind words about it, thanks Robert. I thought that it was right to do a sequel as the original was left open ended. Keep your eyes open for more news of Come the Night... All the best.

Hi Shaun
Do you have a release date for the paperback version of Progeny. I have in the past contacted Caffeine Nights and all they could tell me at the time it would be 2022
Warm Regards
Andrew Mason

Hi Andrew... Thanks for the message. I can't help you with the pub date of the paperback of PROGENY I'm afraid!! Sorry to be a pain but I am as in the dark as you are. Just because I wrote it doesn't make me special you know... Lol. Sorry I can't be more help but there will be notifications somewhere when the release is due.

Hi Shaun,
I am a rank newbie to your work, having just found a copy of Stolen Angels in my local opshop. Wow - the more I got into it, the more I got into it lol. Awesome story line, great twists and turns - so much so on a Sunday night, when I had promised myself an early night due to a big work week coming up, I was still up at 11.30 finishing off the book. Talk about how to keep an idiot in suspense though - you have left me hanging!!!! 😳. Is there a sequel? There has to be a sequel!!! Please - I am begging you 😜 - I gotta know how it all ties up? I am a 57 year old woman, living in Australia. Please make an old girl happy 😜🤣🤣🤣.

Hi Terril, thanks for getting in touch and thanks for the kind words... As far as I know I don't plan to do a sequel to Stolen Angels... But I'll have to re-read it and see... Lol... Certainly when I wrote it, as far as I was concerned, that was it but, I said the same with Spawn and did a sequel and I'm also doing one for Erebus too so, you never know. I'm really glad you enjoyed the book. It makes it all worthwhile when people tell me how much they've enjoyed one of my novels. So, if I do decide to do a sequel you'll be the first to know, Terril. All the best.

Hi Shaun Wrote to you several times praising your superb books and love your rants, they make life worth living. I am often ranting about everything from social media to talentless what they call entertainment and fucking stupidity. My granddaughter is 13 and my grandson is 15. The boy uses a wheelchair for days out but can walk a little, he has cerebral palsy, autism and several other illnesses that make his life difficult but he gets on with it and is a happy lad. Recently on a Saturday, myself and his father took him to the Excel centre in London to view the Jurassic World exhibition as he has a younger age but absolutely loves that type of thing. We had booked tickets in advance and we had received a carers ticket, all good. On arrival a young member of staff who did not realise we already had booked our tickets informed us we needed proof of my Grandson's disability. I let rip with a few fucks as you could see my Grandson has a disability a mile away even without his chair, but the fact he was in it, I asked if it was not fucking obvious he is disabled without you bringing it to light and making us feel uncomfortable, I also asked, if they think we go around places deliberately placing him in a chair to get freebies. Has the world gone completely barking mad and has nobody got a brain to actually use it when needed. Considering what these places rob you for in their exit shops they could let everyone in for free and still make a fortune.
Just wondering when incisions is out, I have plenty of your books to read again for time being but looking forward to your short stories.
All best Shaun
John Elliott

Hi John, many thanks for the message and the kind words... I must get around to some new rants. The trouble is, things that really piss me off don't change much... Lol... It's the usual celebrity shit etc. Mainly because so called celebs CONSISTENTLY piss me off... Lol. I can only sympathise with you concerning that story about your Grandson, John. As you say, a bit of common sense now and then would be nice... but it seems as if it really is too much to fucking ask. And I also agree about letting everyone in for free... lol...
Incisions Cut One, should be out around November and Cut Two will follow early in 2023. I am incredibly nervous about their release.
Far more so than I ever am about a novel. I still shit myself when a new novel is published but I've never done a collection (or two) of stories so I'm even more bloody nervous!!! Please let me know what you think when you get your hands on a copy.
Thanks again for getting in touch, John. I should go off and do a new rant now I suppose... Lol... Take it easy, mate.
All the best.

Right folks, that's it for another load of questions and, as usual, thanks for sending them and keep them coming. I'm hoping to have some news soon about new books and some other stuff too so keep your eyes peeled. By the way, I must just say how sad I was about the death of the Queen and I mean that sincerely. Anyway, I'd better bugger off and create some more stuff for you wonderful bastards to read... Catch you soon.


Hi Shaun,
I'm a 40 year old father and grew up reading your books in my teenage years.
I want to thank you for many years of enjoyment that I got from your work and the influence you had on my own written work at school and beyond. I was an only child and spent hours reading and collecting your books (while listening to classic rock) and there were a number of kids at my school that used to share books by yourself and other authors...I remember those days fondly. My mum was also a keen reader and took an interest in my selection and became a fan herself so that was also really cool to share that with her.
Anyway, enough praise!
My daughter is nearly 13 and showing some real promise with her written work and I would like to introduce her to your books, my only concern would be the sexual tone in some of your work as I think I was maybe a little older when I started to read your a father yourself I'm sure you can relate.
Having said that, which book do you feel would be a good introduction to you as an author (and also the genre) from your extensive back catalogue?
Thanks for talking the time to read this email and I look forward to your response.
All the best.

Hi Kevin,
Many thanks for the message and the kind words. It's great to know that you and your family have been so keen on my books over the years but I understand what you mean about letting your daughter read my stuff at 13. As you say I do indeed have a daughter of my own. I'm not sure I'd want her to read them now and she's 26 Lol...
I agree that the sexual tone is probably more problematic even than the violent side. I was racking my brain to think if any of them contain less or no sex and I think the more recent ones are probably better for that. Probably. Maybe something like TESTAMENT or possibly one of the novelizations I did for Hammer. Although, if I remember correctly, KNIFE EDGE is relatively sex free... Have a look first and see what you think. Great to hear that your daughter shows promise as a writer. We all have to start somewhere. Give her plenty of encouragement (which I'm sure you do) and never forget to tell her that she should never listen to other opinions, she will find her own way and her own style. I wish her the best of luck. Many thanks for getting in touch Kevin.

Morning/afternoon/evening Shaun,
(Just covering all bases). Just wanted to say I'm a huge, huge fan (even though you support Liverpool; I'm Man Utd) and have been since the 80s. Absolutely love the sequel books your currently writing and cannot wait until the sequel for Erebus is released.
Have you any meet and greets/book signings lined up? and also is there any of your books penned for the silver screen? Any of the Sean Doyle books would be amazing.
Don't ever call it a day and keep up the excellent stories.
Many thanks
Geoff from sunny Wigan

Hi Geoff, I hope you're well and thanks for the kind words (even though you are a Man Utd It's weird that the older stuff really does lend itself to sequels and the EREBUS sequel is shaping up well.
I don't normally do signings etc. but signed copies will be available when the new books come out. First of these will be two volumes of short stories called INCISIONS CUT ONE and CUT TWO. Let me know what you think.
Penned for the sliver screen? I wish, Geoff, I wish... Lol
If Doyle comes back again it might have to be in a bullet proof wheelchair but we'll see.
You take care up there in sunny Wigan. All the best.

Hi Shaun, hope you are well.
Just a quick one here. My hubby Dave, loves the "Turkish Delight" so we grabbed a four pack and took it home. He tore into one and his face hit the floor. 'Tastes bloody weird that' he groaned, checking the date.
He sacked it off and took it for his mate at work. Ste said 'ah nice one, never seen cherry flavored before!'
God, he's a pillock!
All the best for 2022,
Caz Bailey

Hi Caz... I hope you're well. Love that story. I'm still laughing. Take care.

First, thank you for all the great stories over the years! I've been reading your books since discovering them in the late '80s. (An interview in Chas. Balun's Deep Red magazine helped me keep up with your output in the '90s.) They used to be harder to find in the U.S. but now I'm finding them easier on ebooks and audio. (In fact, my public library offers them.)
I recently found a copy of the collection The Abduction, The Visitation and Come the Night and I loved all of them! Has Come the Night ever been published uncut? (You out-chainsawed Texas Chainsaw!!!)
I recently started the audio for Progeny and I'm loving it!
Keep them coming!
Robert Freese

Hi Robert, many thanks for the message and the kind words. Good to hear that you are still reading my stuff and that it's a bit easier to get on ebook or audio.
As you probably know, Come the Night (or Chainsaw Terror as it was originally) was done because the publishers couldn't get the rights to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was going to be the first of a trilogy i.e. Chainsaw Terror, Chainsaw Slaughter and Chainsaw Bloodbath but, when the first one was banned, the publishers dropped plans for the other two. Chainsaw Terror has never been published uncut. The nearest anyone got was when copies of the original manuscript were being sold from a bookshop in Birmingham!!! Caffeine Nights, my publishers, have been talking about doing an uncut version and possibly even a sequel so we'll see.
Let me know what you think of PROGENY when you've finished. I hope you like it. All the best.

Good Morning. I am a new writer and fan of your work. I would be honored if you would post a review of my First Novel. 'The Elevator' It is available on the Amazon kindle store.
Many Thanks in Advance
Kind Regards
Natalie Newton

Hi Natalie. Many congratulations on your novel. I'll have a look and, if I get the chance, I'll do you a review. Well done. I wish you all the best for the future with your writing. Take care.

Hello Shaun,
Long time no see. That may confuse you somewhat as we've never actually spoken or met before, sadly as the vicissitudes of life often send us on a tangent, often not of our own making, into different areas/interests, I've neglected to keep up with reading your excellent novels. I am more of a Horror buff than a Thriller reader so whereas I love your Horror output, I'm really not keen on the Thriller type novels - no offence. I used to devour your books on their release and collect them as a matter of principle, as I now have to much free time on my hands - I'm now 61, i don't work plus I've rediscovered my love for one of my once fave bands, Iron Maiden... Are you still a fan? I'm going back to the beginning and reading your works in publication order, looking forward to seeing all your books on my bookshelf as in a previous life.
Ok I think I've rumbled on for long enough but before I forget, your Shaun's Shit rant about Xmas in fact the entire page reminded me of myself, it's just how I feel about it and we must be on the same page in our misanthropy... Anywho, I wish you all the best and keep writing.
Your comments on (c)rap music and everything else related to it, in fact EVERYTHING you said is exactly what I think/say on a daily basis. It's not a plague/asteroid/zombies/climate change that will wipe out mankind, it's stupidity...
Once again thanks
Michael Rowe

Hi Michael, thanks for the message. If you don't like my thrillers, Michael that is your prerogative but I have never ever sat down to consciously write just “a thriller.” If there is less supernatural elements in a novel I suppose that does make it a thriller rather than horror but I always think the horror of physical violence (which I've never shied away from) changes things a bit. I suppose I just wanted to examine different things as I was writing. It just happens. Like you, I'm still a huge Iron Maiden fan. They are still awesome after all these years which is a hell of an achievement. Are we misanthropes, Michael? Lol Or are we just people who don't suffer fools gladly? I reckon it's the second one... But I would wouldn't I?
Enjoy re-reading my books and thank you for getting in touch.

Right you lot, that's it for another month. INCISIONS CUT ONE should be released soon but I'm not sure of a date yet.
CUT TWO will follow nearer Xmas. So, when you've read them, let me know what you think... And if you hate them, lie...