Questions 2016

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Dear Mr Hutson
I've just been snooping around your website as I thought I'd better check you out since I'm lucky enough to be going to Horror Con in July and all I knew about you was that back in the day my old boyfriend was a huge fan.
I needn't have worried however, since reading "I haven't been to one since I had a row with Clive Barker and threatened to deck Neil Gaiman" (and who wouldn't - kidding) you just cracked me the hell up!
Will pluck up the courage to come and say hello at Horror Con!
Kind regards
Amanda Adamson

Hi Amanda, I like people snooping around my website..ha, ha...I hope you enjoyed yourself at the HorrorCon. I must admit I did, despite being terrified of the thought of being there!!! I don't do many personal appearances these days so it was really nice to have so many people coming up and saying hello. Well, it was really nice to have so many people turn up who didn't think I was dead :) I've been asked to do another Convention in Birmingham in February and I might just do it...
All the best.

Hi Shaun just a quick one, well 2 anyway, 1, I agree Monsters of Rock was better when it was called Monster of Rock (Happy Days indeed) & 2, met you couple of years ago at an evening @ Bantock Park in Wolverhampton when you said if you want to be killed in one of your books, well I added my name & you did just that, that's my 15 mins, mission accomplished. Thanks for the great stories over the years, here is to many more.
Jason Skelson

Hi Jason,
I remember that evening in Wolverhampton...very enjoyable. Well, I enjoyed it anyway...the audience probably hated it..ha, ha....Killing you was a pleasure...I've got a new novel coming out next year called CHASE so, hopefully, you'll enjoy that too. Take care.

Hi Shaun
Greetings from Chris Hendry in Sheffield!
It was a huge pleasure to meet you again at Horrorcon the other week. I'm the big bearded metalhead in the Maiden shirt who accosted you at your desk, you know, the one who never even realised you were gonna be there!
It was great chatting to you mate, last time was way back when you signed my copy of Assassin in London, god that's some 20 odd years ago! Back then I was a little more svelte and yourself a little more hirsute. Anyway you may recall I returned to Horrorcon on Sunday and you signed my old hardback copy of Renegades - yes the one with the awesome portrait photo on the back he he!
Thanks for that Shaun, that made my weekend. Gonna keep my eyes peeled for your new book. Please feel free to use my name and / or likeness for a particularly gruesome death.
Now I need to catch up on about 25 years worth of books of yours that I've not read! I'll let you know my thoughts on Monolith.

Hi Chris,
I remember you well...and thanks for coming over for a chat (even though you didn't know I was there you bastard..ha, ha..) I thoroughly enjoyed myself I must admit. I've been asked to do another horror convention in Birmingham in February and I might just do it...(if I do bring your other books and I'll sign those too).
CHASE is out next year so get those other books read so you're up to date!!! I hope you enjoy MONOLITH, if you hate it then lie to me...:)
All the best, Chris.

Hi Shaun,
I just wanted to drop you an email to say, 'Thanks for not being a complete cunt.'
It was a pleasure to meet you over the weekend, even if you did sod off without saying goodbye. By the time I came back to your table you were nothing but a memory, leaving some man on your table stating you had left twenty minutes ago. 'Bugger,' I said. 'Tell him goodbye and it was nice to meet him.' Wasted breaths I thought for the message would probably never get to reach you.
Anyway, thanks again for the books, drink and scribbled message in the book - all of which are greatly appreciated. Even if you do not mean to be, you are a gent and I hope we catch up again at another convention one day.
Kind Regards,
Matt, The.

It was a pleasure to meet you too, mate. I didn't realize I'd left without saying goodbye (my brain isn't working like it used to...ha, ha..) Relieved I didn't come across as a complete cunt...a partial cunt I could handle but not acomplete one...ha, ha.. I've been asked to do a Horror Convention in Birmingham in February so, if I do we'll catch up again then (and you can buy me a mineral water)...Hope the books are going well. You were selling out when I saw you so let's hope it continues that way.
I still can't understand why the organisers didn't have some kind of writers panel at Horror Con...lots of people said to me they'd have enjoyed it and it would have been fun I think. There were plenty of us there after all. Ah, well...
Take it easy, mate and I'll see you again soon, hopefully.

Hi Shaun,
Just a quick note to say thank you very much for signing the Lucy's Child original cover painting that I brought in to Horrorcon. I was very happy to give it to you as a token of appreciation; it seems a very small price to pay for the endless hours of fun I've had reading your stories!
I'm looking forward to seeing where Callahan goes from the grave! Those embalming fluids must be cauding his quite a bit of pain, and being in that coffin with a wired jaw must have given him quite some thirst for violence. Will Doyle finally come a cropper?!?! I really can't wait to find out - thanks for the teaser of the year
I hope you had a good time at the weekend at the con, and all the best to you.
Martin Brown

Hello Martin,
It was good to meet you at Horrorcon and very kind of you to offer me the artwork of Lucy's Child.
I've started work on the book we were discussing. There will be quite a few twists and turns and I would imagine a fair bit of violence :) Chase is out next year but the one we were talking about will be a bit longer.
All the best.

Hiya,well its my turn to give my opinion on a few things now(not as any one cares)first of all I love football,which may sound a bit sad coming from an Aston Villa fan,but the euros finished last night and I thought the whole tournament was a complete load of shit,about as entertaining as watching the Villa this season,even the so called experts were struggling to find anything good to say about it,the only high spots were the penalty shoot outs,would love to hear your opinion.
The other thing that pisses me off is the loosely used word *legend*every week in the papers or on the internet someone is called a *legend* of a particular club,some of the time I have to look them up on google to see who they are,it seems nowadays you only have to remain at a club for 2 years score a few goals and your instantly upgraded to a *legend* in my opinion there are only a handful of footballers who deserve to be called a *legend* I once played for alderlea boys school and once scored a goal so I guess I can count myself in that category!
The last thing I want to ask you is if you could use my name for one of your characters,preferably a pissed of grumpy old man then id be really happy! I know how hard it is to write a book ive tried several times and don't have the necessary concentration so keep up the good work Shaun
Dave Yardley

Dave, thanks for the rant. I can understand your feelings (well, I can't really but...) and I sympathise with everything you say. I wasn't too impressed with the Euros either but still enjoyed the tournament in a strange kind of way. Shame about Portugal winning though, I hate Ronaldo... I watched your lot on TV recently and it seemed a bit sad that a club of Villa's size are now in the first division but I'm sure you'll get back pretty quick. Maybe I should kill you at a Villa game, Dave. Or, blow up the whole of Villa Park and put you out of your misery!!! I reckon you'll be back very soon. All the best.

Hi Shaun,
At risk of sounding like an obsessed twit, I would love it if you could possibly fit my name in a book somewhere. It's been over 10 years since I started reading your books. First I read was hybrid that I found whilst experimenting with different genres in the library... Since reading I had to buy a copy, which I apologise as a friend borrowed it, though actually I should not be apologising as said friend never returned it so I brought another. I'm currently trying to locate and purchase 'the midnight library' collection for my 10 year old, as he does love a good scare.. (Within reason, that's why I haven't started him on your books that I have got... I don't think 10 years old is old enough as I wouldn't dare try to explain some things, though I have once or twice told him I would make him read slugs if he forgot his reading book and record from school again.) Anyway, I hope you are well and long may you continue to write.
Kind regards
Charlotte Garvey

Hi Charlotte,
Wanting to have your name in one of my books doesn't make you an obsessed twit ha,'s a kind of immortality I suppose...I'm sure that's why everyone else asks me....Glad you're enjoying my books but I think you're right to keep them away from your ten year old!!! As you say, trying to explain some of the things might be a bit tricky...Midnight Library were good fun for me to do (I only did 3 of them though, the rest of the series was done by other people)...I did Volumes 1, 7 and 12. I remember the publishers telling me they wanted to scare the kids and then trying to get me to tone stuff down when some of the stories were TOO frightening ha, ha...Publishers invariably do that..say "ooh, make it frightening" without realizing how frightening I can make it if I want to and cuts have to be made. I hope you manage to get the series as I think he'd enjoy them. Probably more than Slugs anyway...all the best.

Hi Shaun
I remember the 1st time I read one of your books many years ago and was hooked virtually straight away. That book was Victims. It is still my favourite today. I, like yourself am a metal head, have been since 82 at the age of 12. Still remember to this day Prowler blasting out of my stereo for the 1st time, that feeling of satisfaction that I finally found what I was to love for the rest of my days. Still love metal at age of 46 and always will.
It was the same feeling when I first read Victims.
I wrote to you many years ago. Great guy. Still have a Christmas card off you with my books. haha. Unfortunately I haven't had chance to read much over the last 7+ years so got a lot of catching up to do. Think I was on your death list at some point.
Anyway thanks for the great books you have written and I hope to pick up some again soon.
All the best
Steve Edwards.

Hello, Steve,
Thanks for the kind words about my books, glad you like them and also glad you're a metal fan...aren't we all? I took remember buying Maiden's solo album, putting it on and still think that all these years later...they';re still my favourites. My daughter has also been similarly corrupted and standing with her and singing Run to the Hills at Sonisphere a couple of years back is still one of my greatest memories..ha, ha...If you find something you're close to I think you tend to stick with it (I'm the same with South Park) and I'm glad you felt that way about my books. Right, go and catch up with what you've missed..ha, book CHASE, out next year...All the best mate.

Hi Shaun,
Just an email to see how you're getting on and how life's treating ya, constantly going into Waterstones to see if they know anything about the Chase...
Ayna says hi (the guy you trained with J)
I have re-read erebus and assassin over 5 times since you left but they are the only 2 I have, I even watched Slugs despite what you thought about it and I gotta say I kinda liked it coz it was so bad, next step is to read slugs,
Good writing,
Joe Roberts

Hi, Joe,
Good to hear from you, mate. Waterstones won't know anything about CHASE just yet...i only finished the fucking thing in May..ha, ha...
I was going to drop some books off for you then had some problems with the bloody car but I will sort that very soon.
(the books I mean). I'm working on another book (well, two actually, one is under a pseudonym) and I've just finished another thing but I won't say anything about it until shit is finalized. I don't like talking about projects until I've got a release date or I've been paid ha, ha..
Glad you enjoyed Slugs. It's out on Blu-ray soon and I went down to London and did a commentary for it and, seeing it again, it isn't as fucking awful as everyone says. I've certainly seen worse. Not likely to win any Oscars I'll give you that but it's fun in a revolting kind of way. Also, check out a film called Forest of the's shit but I'm actually in it and I contribute to the commentary. It's worse than Slugs but it's quite amusing...
Say hello to Ayna for me. I'm glad he remembers me..ha, ha...
I'll drop some books in for you when I get the chance. Take it easy, mate.

Hi Shaun. Me again. Not much to say this time apart from. ..........
God I love your rants!!!They make me laugh out loud. You tell it like it is. No bullshit or glossing over. I wish more people were like you. Honest and straight to the point. It's so refreshing. Keep it up. Looking forward to Chase next year. Getting withdrawal symptoms. Hope you're keeping well.
Much love and admiration as always.
Denice Andrews xxx

Hi Denice, Glad you enjoy the rants...ha, ha...I enjoy writing them...I have always hated bullshit in any sphere of life and some people say I shouldn't be so nasty but I say...fuck off...Everyone has a right to an opinion and I like sharing mine with people who understand it..ha, ha.. I hope you like Chase when it surfaces. It is very, very dark but I don't think that's a bad thing. You take it easy. All the best.

Right folks, that's me done for another month. Thanks as ever for the questions, comments, rants and moans. I always enjoy getting them....


Is it possible to get an autograph of you for my husband? he's having a bad time with his Multiple Sclerosis at the moment, and i know it would cheer him up.

Hello, Pauline. I'll get that signature off to you as soon as possible. I hope it helps a bit.
All the best.

Right, folks, that's it from me again. Keep the questions coming. It's nice to know people are interested. It keeps me on my toes. I'm at Horror Con in July so if anyone wanders along come and say hello to me. I'm supposed to be doing some Q&A's and panels and stuff like that so it might be ok and it's always good to see some friendly faces. I'm not a great fan of conventions as you guys know (I haven't been to one since I had a row with Clive Barker and threatened to deck Neil Gaiman in Birmingham years ago) but that's because of the other authors, not the readers. So, I'll hopefully see some of you there. Take it easy you lot....


Heya Shaun,
Missed my annual email to you last year. Sorry mate, been a bit busy. Christian our son was born last year in April and you were right, fatherhood is brilliant. Have included a photo for you if Grayham can forward it, poor bugger looks like his dad rather than his mum but we love him all the same.
The life of the hermit must be suiting you given that you've not been seen at a signing since we (to our eternal shame) dragged you to a pub for a mineral water in Birmingham.
If you've got more writing in the pipeline I know you love to use fan names so if you can squeeze Christian Wood in anywhere it'd be a nice keepsake for the wee man to grow up with even if we can't meet up to get a dedication and signature in it. Hope the writing is running smooth and really hope your publishers kick you out of the cinema and into a book store some time soon.
All the best mate.
Woody (The Baggies Fan (or will be when we sack Pulis at any rate)), Alex, and Christian

Woody, you old fucker you...ha, ha...good to hear from you mate...So, your son looks like you!!! Jesus, he has my sympathies...:) Your missis must be well pissed off...ha, ha... I haven't done a signing in a shop since then Woody, that's how popular I am!! I did one at a Punk Music festival last year in Blackpool which was bizarre but pleasant and I'm appearing at Horror Con this year but that's it. I'll try and fit Christian Wood in somewhere. I'm actually looking at the opening chapter of a new book with Sean Doyle in it so it might be nice for him to be in that...A pretty shit football season for both of us, mate but hopefully next season will be better. All the best, mate.

Hi Mr hutson
My name is Ben Sanders.
It would be a huge honour if you named some bad guy the same and killed him horribly and gruesomely. Well, do you know any other way?
I'm a massive fan. I first found out about you when I was about 14. I can't recall the title of the first book I read but it involved a bank robbery and the tiller shitting himself on the first page! Needless to say adolescent Ben was hooked. Adult Ben is still addicted. As I have just discovered this thing called a tablet at the age of 37 I can now buy all your work and read it all over again!
Keep up the good work!!
Ben Sanders

Hi Ben. First thing, call me Shaun...I will do my best to use your name in a book, Ben. I'm preparing one at the moment so that'll help. Names are always a problem for me. I think that was Captives you're on about when the teller shits himself during a robbery. Quite a few of my books are now available in electronic form so read away, Ben. All the best.

Hi Shaun not been on your site for a long while, and one of the most hilarious items and best reads on the Internet seems to have disappeared - Shaun's Shit - whats happened to it. It would often sum up some of the crap in the world with brilliance and wit.
Take care and thanks

Neil, I really must get back to doing that. I stopped because I thought people were getting fed up with my ravings but obviously not...I will get on it immediately. All the best.

Hi Shaun
I recently finished reading Captives, my first one of your books. I found it thoroughly entertaining & a great page turner. Thanks! I bought Hell to Pay today & will get into it after my current read. I have my eye on White Ghost next...
Cheer from South Africa & all the best with your new works!
Kind regards
Jeremy Walker
P.S. Have you ever heard & seen a cars petrol tank explode irl? It's spectacularly unspectacular!

Hi Jeremy, thanks for the kind comments. I'm glad you enjoyed my books and hope you like the others you read. You've got another few to go. Hope all is well in South Africa. And I have seen a petrol tank explode and I isn't like it is in films...or books for that matter ha, ha.. Take care.

Hello, my name is Danila Povyshev. I'm from Russia. I am the your idol, and I think that you are doing very important things for the world.
Could you send me your autograph, please?
I am crazy about joy and very grateful to you, thank you

Hi Danila, thank you very much for the message. If you send me an address I'm sure I can manage to send you an autograph. All the best.


Hi shaun
Wrote to you a while back to say how much I enjoyed your books, I had just read Monolith and Dying words. I have read most of your horror books but my daughter will try to obtain a few I have not read, Last Rites, Death Day, The Skull and Come The Night, I've asked if she can obtain the American version of come the night, Chainsaw Terror if not never mind. Thanks for all the enthralling fantastic reads. Keep them coming mate
Many Thanks
John Elliott

Hi John, thank you for the kind comments. I hope your daughter manages to get hold of my other books for you.come the Night might be tricky though. It was banned (well, the first version was, Chainsaw Terror). There were plans to release it uncut in a special edition but I don't know what's happening about that. All the best.

People have written such lovely sentiments here and you have replied to each so kindly. I just wanted to ask if there is likely to be a kindle version of The Skull as this was the first horror book I read back when I was 14 (oh so long ago!) and I have a lot of fondness for it? I remember back in the early 80s ypu wre on a late chat show and were asked about your book of slugs that kill people. I remember you were trying to keep a straight face because the interviewer was trying weakly to humiliate you. You looked good and he looked a right tit. Hope this finds you in good health!
Kevin Dobbie

Hi Kevin, thanks for the message. People are very kind and I appreciate all their comments. It's nice to know that they appreciate my books. I am very grateful for that. I don't know if there'll be a Kindle version of The Skull to be honest. I know Caffeine Nights have done some of my earlier books so far but that one might be too early..ha, ha.. He wouldn't be the first one to try that, Kevin...and the first one to find out it's not easy to do. Some interviewers thought they were being clever but didn't expect me to be as aggressive as I could be if needed..ha, ha.. Good to hear from you and please write again.