Questions 2010


Hey shaun have you considerd letting your books become e books I ask cos as someone with a kindle I tried to get your books but couldn't I have to say I was not pleased. So come on sort it out as a fan of most of your books I would like to get them in whatever format I damn well like thanks
Leigh Ryan

Leigh, have I ever considered letting my books become e-books... fucking right I have. I would be only too happy if all my books were available in all formats but it isn't down to me I'm afraid. What's the objection to reading them as books? Just curious... is it easier to read on a small screen I know nothing about these pieces of technology...
Right folks, that's my lot for this month.


Hello Shaun.
I have been avidly following your website, and I agree with your views on how ridiculous people's obsessions with celebrity culture has become. It makes me sad to know that something so minor and fucking pointless such as a celebrity changing their hairstyle can make front page news. Why the fuck does anyone care about what these cunts do? I love watching movies, but I don't give a fuck about the personal lives of the people who make them. Anyway, I was wondering if I could ask you what your favourite film of all time is.
And can you please update the Shaun's Shit section on your website as often as possible because there is nothing like settling down at the end of a shitty fucking day and laughing myself shitless at your rants. If everyone read them the world would be a better place.
And to finish, I love your books, particularly Spawn. Is there any chance of Spawn hitting the big screen?
All the best, David.

David, good to hear from you. Good also to know that you agree with my views on the uselessness of celebrities and all the shit that comes with them. What I object too most strongly is that I don't want to know what these fuckers are doing. I don't care, I have no interest in it, I don't give a shit about them but I haven't got a choice in the matter. Every time you turn on the TV or look at the paper these talentless no marks are all over it! Fuck me, ITV 2 only exists to promote fucking's like the TV version of HELLO and OK magazines....I don't want to see them in adverts either. Is Stephen Fry the only cunt who does voice overs? This work should be given to struggling actors and actresses just as advertising perfume etc. should be done by actresses not by fucking Eva Longoria or Charlize Theron who are earning millions from films and TV anyway....Are people really that fucking dumb that they won't buy something unless its advertised by a celeb? Would no one have bought a Wi if fucking JLS (Just Little Shitheads) hadn't advertised it?
But favourite films of all time are THE WILD BUNCH, TAXI DRIVER, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS, ALIEN and ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN. What about you?
Chances of Spawn being filmed? Er...roughly the same chance of Cheryl Cole ever becoming talented. None....
Cheers, mate.

Dear Shaun,
I am currently in the process of completing a full set of all of the Terminator series of novels. The main one I am having trouble trying to find a copy of is the original Terminator movie tie-in that you wrote.
Is there any way at all that you may be able to help me get my hands on a copy of this book? I would very much appreciate any help that you may be able to offer in my search for this book. I hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Truly
Robin Freeman

Sorry, Robin, I haven't got a clue where you'd get a copy of THE TERMINATOR from. If I could help I would but short of scouring e-bay and second hand shops I don't know...sorry...

Hi shaun!!!!!
Hows it going...?....
I am on your latest book at the moment (Epitah) and not far into it, but as good as ever i have to tell you!....
One thing i noticed and dearly missed at the front of the book was the acknowledgements and thanks to various people.Not sure about others but that was somthing i loved to read before we jumped into your world!......any reason why...?couldnt be arsed?....fallen out with everyone...?or just designed to piss me off!!...( or maybe all three!)
Anyway, keeping doing what you do and know that i will alwasy be reading your stuff
Cheers mate
Rich .

Glad you're enjoying EPITAPH, Rich, let me know what you think when you're finished. I forgot to include the bloody acknowledgements and dedication. My fault, no one elses. Just forgot. Simple as that. I would love to be able to blame someone else but I can't. I was a forgetful fuckwit....sorry....

Hello Mr Hutson!
I'm the one who got going with the sexy bits back in 2004 and who still is a Leeds Fan!!! In the dizzy heights of The Championship now, so there!!! Fingers crossed we go up again. I'll take a top 6 finish right about now! When would your next book signing be? and where? Just so I can chuck a Leeds scarf at you!!!!
By the way if you fancy a bloody good night out, watching a bloody good band. I happen to manage one, (in my spare time- whats that!!!!) Ha
Anyway check out our website its on google now!!!
Maybe when you get the film guys to do one of your books, my lot could do the music for it. Hey yes, I'm plugging them, but hey why not.
Still reading your books over and over, think I know Lucys Child off by heart!!!
Best Wishes to you and yours
Sharron Gledhill West Yorkshire, Marching on Together! xx

Sharron, you must be a very happy Leeds fan at the moment. I watched the match against Arsenal in the FA cup and your lot looked pretty good. I reckon you'll be back in the Premier League next season. Knowing my luck, Liverpool will pass you going the other way...just kidding...I will check out your band by the way and let you know what I think.


Lol... You like to rant don't you?
suzanne Drinkwater

I certainly do, Suzanne, I just wish it did some good...

Hi Shaun,
my name is Dorothy is there a way to get a signed photo or signature for my authors collection?
Thank you

If you write to my publishers they should forward anything you want signed, Dorothy....good luck...I am happy to sign anything (other than body parts....although it wouldn't be the first time...)

Hello Mr. Hutson,
I'm writing you now because I was looking over your writings and thought that you might beinterested in becoming a part of the feature film I am producing, 'The Fears Project'. We would like to know if you'd be interested in helping in the financial backing for the film. The film is a compilation and integration of 10 different short films written and directed by 10 different filmmakers. It is directly inspired by David Lynch's surrealist form of horror, which will be our chief direction through the filmmaking process. Being students, we need all the help we can get to bring this feature film to life. With different contributions come different rewards. Check out our Kick starter to see what it takes to contribute enough to become an Executive Producer, and also check out our promotional video at this link:
We've contacted you because we think that this is something you would love and could really get behind. It's something we're incredibly passionate about bringing to life and believe that you would be a great addition to the team. Please think over this opportunity and get back to us as soon as possible.
Again, thank you for hearing us out, and we look forward to hearing back from you.
Jordan Crabtree
Producer, The Fears Project

Sounds interesting Jordan but as I haven't got two halfpenies to rub together I don'tthink I can help! If I had I would be in touch immediately....but let me know how it goes all the same...
Right that's my lot I think....sorry I've taken so long with these answers but shit has been happening that I'd rather not talk about and which would only bore you guys anyway....keep the questions coming and sorry again...oh, fuck it.. I was in a bad car crash there you go, I said it....see you next time....


DUDE!!!! SHAUN!!!!
I just read your book Stolen Angels! and i must say Bravo!! Great read, did keep me on the edge of my seat. Anyways i read ur website looking for answers for my question i am about to ask! And read u thought it should be made into a Movie i do agree, BUT i also disagree as it would piss people off the same as it pissed me off! The ending is un-finished i was wating for some awsome ending i i get Catherine Reeds BF the photographer Phil is apart of the sADANISTIC RING?? Its soo unfinished?? Is there a second book finishing the story.. My life feels slightly unfinished now the book is not. Its all i can think about right now! What happened in the end?? Did shianne get killed??? Did Talbots mother die?? Did he figure out the real person? Or was the ending to complex and outrageous to write about? I need closure.
Please answer me or write a second book. SERIOUSLY i would buy it!

Er...sorry about the ending of STOLEN ANGELS Erin...I must have another look at that...sorry....

Being one of those people who has kids and no money, and who is right up the spout at the moment with no way out, i have to agree with you whole heartedly, would have to say though that having just finished one of your books at least i have had some respite from my deppresion, and thank you so much for that, your books are excellent, and you by the way deserve the money that you earn, i wish that i had taken some different turns in life and perhaps i wouldnt be where i am today, but hey! there you go, you cant choose your shit it just happens, anyway thanks again, look forward to the next one,
from:- Boring housewife in Telford ( originally, Hertfordshire)

Whoever you are my friend I know what you mean....if my books help in even the smallest way then that's good....I wish I could find something to raise my depression but knowing that people like yourself are out there and that I'm helping in some small way makes me feel better....look after yourself...

Hi Shaun,
The first of your books I read was Relics, I bought it on holiday from a shop in Corfu. I ended up getting sunburned because I refused to move until I'd finished it. I've never looked back, I have all your books, you can't beat a bit of gore. The more gruesome, bloodthirsty and gorier the better.
I work in a library and it's true what it says on your site, most copies of your books are held at the prison libraries!! That means people can't put a reserve on them. I keep asking the Bibs dept to purchase more copies for lending (& for more copies of that other brilliant British author, Guy N. Smith).
I am reading Last Rites @ the mo, & I'm not disappointed, it's excellent. I'm one of those people who can read books over & over again, I've just re-read Spawn. It almost feels like I'm visiting an old friend when I re-read your books. A gory old friend I must admit.
Agree with you on the Cheryl 'Slapper' Cole and the whole 'just because I went into a house full of no-marks, and allowed the nation to watch for hours whilst I slept, I am now famous and a celebrity'. BOLLOCKS! It winds me up so much. There are things going on in this world that are appalling and these twats are moaning because they've put on an ounce in weight or have been accused of shagging some politician. Sad bastards, get a real life!! Hey, wait a minute, I was once in a newspaper when I was about 10 because I got an award....that means, I'm a celebrity. You'll read about my murky past in Heat next week.
After all this waffle, all I wanted to say is, love your work, your imagination and your ability to express yourself in this crappy, politically correct, eco-warrior (I drive a Hybrid and like to sniff my own farts (portrayed by South Park brilliantly) pillock society.
Keep the excellent books coming!

Many thanks for the kind words Colette, its nice to know others agree with me too about this shitty celebrity obsessed world too...(also good to see you like South Park...those guys who write it are the closest things to genius working today I reckon...) Glad you like my books and keep revisiting them....don't worry, I can't see my attitude changing so the rants will probably continue for a while yet....many thanksagain and take care....


Hi Shaun,
Read all your books, now what do i do read Jeffrey Archer come on write more books. i'm thinking 5 books a year should keep me and your fans going.

No, don't read Jeffrey Archer, Danny, you can't be that mine instead...

Hello Shaun,
yeah, I could go all through the usual bollocks of saying, Shaunie you're my hero, I love your books (which by the way I do) but at the end of the day you're the best ranter in England today; you remind me of me when I refuse to watch the news because I'd like to kill the entire so-called royal family, plus every bastard who's ever been a politician.
I'm knocking on fifty two now and have been trying to write one decent novel since I was twenty, what can I say, I'm a lazy bastard and probably a shit writer. Sitting here at me laptop, writing another horror story, listening to Metallica (alright, I think Ride the Lightning's a good album, what can I say). This new one's the dogs bollocks, or will be, if I manage to get beyond 50 thousand words (my all time personal best).
What I really wanted to say is that yeah I am a fan and a big thank you. Whenever I go onto your website, it reminds me that the entire world's not shite. At least you're real man. More to the point, what are you writing at the moment? Can I look forward to a bit of decent visceral horror or have the Twilight brigade finally taken over. My 13 year old daughter's totally hooked on this American pseudo-horror, and insists that Justin fucking Bieber is the hottest thing this side of the Atlantic. Jesus, as a child of the seventies, I thought Donny the teeth Osmond was the devil, now I realise how wrong I was, Satan has been reborn in Canada. He won't burn us all, he'll just bore us to death with songs that make Phil Collins seem like a rock god!
I know I should be polite and call you Mister Hutson, but what the fuck, I've been paying for your books and enjoying your website for years, so hey ho. You're an inspiration mate and one of the few truly sane (yeah, I know you're borderline psychotic, aren't we all) fuckers in this shitty world of ours.
I wish you and your family all the very best and hope sincerely that apart from all the rants, you're busily working on your latest novel to frighten the life out of us.
Oh yeah, though it's about twenty years too late, I thought you were almost good in that movie. No, of course I can't remember the name of it, it was a thousand Vodkas ago.
Thanks for making my life less boring than it would of been.
all the best

Colin, if you want to tell me I'm your hero that will do the way, don't even think about calling me Mr Hutson...its Shaun to you and everyone else right....the best ranter in England...what an accolade...I sympathise with you for your daughters interest in that little spawn of Satan Justin Bieber, like you say, guys of our age thought the fucking Osmonds were bad enough...I reckon Bieber and his ilk (Miley Cyrus, Taylor Mumson etc.) are even worse....How can people not despair when they see little fuckers like that making fortunes with no talent at all...the late great Bill Hicks had it right when he said that all the good people get murdered and the talentless just carry on...I mean, George Michael drives his car into a fucking shop and the cunt still comes out singing....what can you do? I give up....

Hi Shaun,
My name is Gareth Tidey and I'm editor of the UK based music website Über Röck - - I met you over two decades ago at the one-off Frehley's Comet gig in Hammersmith Odeon....I'm sure you remember!
To celebrate Halloween on the site this year I'm planning a bit of a spooktakular event and am writing to you to ask if you'd be interested in getting involved. The plan is this -
13 days of Halloween - 13 different musicians with horror connections asked the same 13 questions about horror and Halloween with one interview being published on the site each day for 13 days, up to and including October 31st. But, of course, you're not a musician - I've contacted you to try and get a different perspective given how you were so readily accepted into the metal community back in the 80's.
The questions will be sent by email and, when the article goes on the site, I can add any link that you want or publicise any product or event that you want.
Interested? Hope so!
Thanks for taking the time to read this

I'd be very interested Gaz but I fear I'm so late replying to this enquiry that I'm no use to you....I remember that Ace Frehly gig...I was lucky enough to be there with three of the girls from my publishers who'd never been to a rock gig before (wow...happy days...) Rock Soldiers was the single from that album if I remember correctly...ah, the warm glow of nostalgia...I was accepted into that metal community because of my interests in the music I suppose...also the fact that I quoted so many bands in the books....I really miss those days I must say... but enough of my moaning...get in touch if you think I can help...

Hi Shaun
Currently I'm reading The Uninvited 2 (The Visitation) and thoroughly enjoying it, and can see plenty of internet references for The Uninvited 3 (The Abduction).
However, I can't find anything for the first book, The Uninvited. Are you able to shed any light on why this edition seems so elusive, or offer any tips for sourcing it (i.e. ISBN number).
Thanks very much in advance
Tracy Kittridge

I didn't actually write the first Uninvited book, Tracy, a guy called Clive Harold did. That might make your search a little easier...hope you enjoy two and three...

Hi Shaun,
I was reading your latest 'Shaun's Shit' and felt sympathetic to your plight regarding getting past the headlines on regarding Cheryl Cole and her ilk on MSN news. I don't use MSN myself but every now and again I end up clicking on a news story on Yahoo which takes me to a Daily Mail article (without warning I must say!).
Anyway I came across this article today about Katie Price's latest book signing and just knew you'd LOVE to see it (note sarcasm there!).
As one person says in the article 'When I see sights like this (the queue of people wishing to meet a semi-literate nobody who didn't even write her own novel) I seriously fear for the future and sanity of the human race.'
Don't worry Shaun, you're not alone, your books are on my shelf ready to hand down to my son when he's old enough to read them (flanked either side by Victor Hugo and Jack Ketchum may I add!).
Also, in regards to your comments on cinema goers these days, I've actually given up going - I think I've been twice in nearly 5 years - it's a sad state of affairs but I'd rather wait for the DVD than try and watch a film surrounded by texting, sweet wrapper unwrapping, talkative kids (and adults).
Anyway, hope you're well, just browsing through the ones one my shelf I haven't read yet, think I'll read Nemesis next - not until I've finished reading my Martine McCutcheon novel though!
Best, Rich.
P.S. I was at a party once and Mylenne Klass was there. This was before she was famous. If I'd known at the time, I could have saved you a lot of trouble! Arggghhhh!

The whole celebrity thing drives me fucking mad, Rich....(as you may have gathered...) It's the money these fuckers make too and for absolutely nothing...they're a waste of space the lot of them...if someone has done something in their lives and then goes on a reality show that's bad enough but for most of these dead beats it's a life of riches from a few weeks on TV and it makes me fucking sick....years ago, before Big Brother, none of these bastards would have been heard of. It was BB that launched this whole celebrity obsessed culture we've got now. Fuck them all.....look after yourself mate...nice to know someone shares my feelings...

Hello from Texas!
The other night I was ordering yet another of your books from Amazon, when I decided to see if you had your own website.
Its great! I love the 'Shaun's Shit' section. Very personable.
I sort of on my own as far as being a Shaun Hutson fan here in Houston, but that alright by me. Makes it feel special...(not in a weird way)
Anyway...Keep up the great work!
Jeremy Mull
La Marque, Texas

You're not weird Jeremy, you're unique! How's that. The only Shaun Hutson fan in texas...can't be bad...glad you like Shaun's shit too...

Hay Shaun.
I'm not a big writer when it comes to email so I'll try and keep this short, sharp and to the point my friend. Basicly I am absolutely, hopelessly enthralled with your books having downloaded one of your titles through the audiobook distributor audible a couple of weeks back. This book was Body Count and since having finished it in one sitting, I've been desperately trying to find other titles you've done.
I see that Isis audiobooks were the publisher of Body Count, Hell to Pay, Unmarked Graves and Last Rights plus a couple of other titles, and the RNIB's talking book service have done a few recordings of their own, including necessary evil and white ghost, but please, can you tell me whether you know of any plans to record more? The reason I need them in audio format is because being totally blind, I'm unable to read printed books. I particularly like the Shaun Doyle counter terrorist title I read, that being White Ghost and would like to read the other three you've published.
All the best, Ibrahim

Many thanks for writing to me Ibrahim. I don't know if there are any other audio books of my stuff around to be honest...Isis are also doing EPITAPH but I don't know when...I hadn't even heard of Audible but it sounds good. I hope you enjoy the books and I wish I could be of more help....all the best...

Hi Shaun, as you are not planning to come up to Birmingham any time in the future, I will be posting a parcel for you to your publishers in the next day or so. It is breakable so I hope it arrives in one piece. It would be nice to know when you receive it. It has been hanging around for so long now, since I made it and I need the space. Love Val

I shall keep my eyes peeled for the postman Val....I always appreciate what my readers send me and I'm interested to see what you've done. Many thanks in anticipation. Look after yourself.

Hi Shaun,
Love your books! Always keeps me turning the page with your short chapters and cliffhangers! Has anyone ever told you that some of your main characters seem to have a similar personality to you? (e.g. body count and last rites). I figured this by reading through your rants haha and you sound alot like Mason and Chapman! Keep up the good work ^_^

I think there are bits of me in all my characters to be honest, Lena. You can't really help it. Good bits and bad bits I'm afraid. What you mean is they're all a bit bloody mad....take care...

Dear Shaun,
I do hope you are well. We stated our project last Monday detailing information about you that we are going to incorporate in our sculpture. We have some great ideas! - I am hoping you can just help me out with a couple of questions! The majority of what information we are using is from your website, but are you able to tell us the following......
What is your actual date of birth..... I know its 1958 but can we have the full date? I hate to might think its rude!! Mines December 7th 1966 just so we're even!
What school did you get expelled from?
You worked as a barman and at the cinema and as a shop assistant - which bar, cinema and what shop?
Do you have any tattoos?
What inspired you to become a professional author?
and lastly, do you really own two pairs of Michele Pfeiffer's shoes?
If you are able and willing to answer - thank you so much for your help we really appreciate it! I will off course keep you updated. We are starting the sculpting on Tuesday!
Kindest Regards

Dear Samantha,
The info you require is as follows;
My birth date is 23/9/58....(that was painful even typing that...)
I didn't actually get expelled. I was 'invited' to leave Norton Road school in 1977.
I was a barman at a pub that used to be at the bottom of Station Road that I can't even remember the name of...
I was a doorman at The Broadway Cinema (then independently run) and I worked at a shop called Randalls (not there anymore but used to be in Leys Avenue)
I have no tattoos...they look too painful and you look a bit of a twat with bollocks tattooed on your forehead when you're a pensioner I always used to think...
I wanted to become a professional author because I read a book that was so bad I thought I must have got a chance myself...simple as that. No great literary aspirations or desire to educate or enlighten the world just plain greed to begin with...
I do most certainly own two pairs of Michelle Pfeiffers shoes. A gold pair she wore while doing the publicity tour for THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS in 1989 and a black pair she wore for the premiere of BATMAN RETURNS in 1994....
Anymore info you need then just ask...
Hope the sculpting goes well,
All the best,


Dear Mr. Hutson,
I am writing to you hoping you can accommodate me regarding a sculpture that I would like to do of you. I work for the Letchworth Arts Centre and we have a project working with the Heritage Lottery Young Roots and we are doing an ambitious venture that combines local history, investigative research and the creation of original works of arts. The projects aim is to engage local people in making a journey of discovery about the town (Letchworth) and people connected with it (this is where you come in to it!) who have had an impact on the nation. The Sculptures will be exhibited in September 2010 as part of a Heritage trail throughout Letchworth. This will enable the public to learn about the history of Letchworth and the people associated with the town. There will also be a month long exhibition in 2011 in the main gallery at the Arts Centre.
I will research your background - school etc and your books. The idea of you came to me, as I believe your parents live one door away from my boyfriend! You would be an intriging character to do! What we will create of you is out of Sellotape a lifesize body and head - and incorporate quotes from your books over the body, and research some of your book covers and again, incoporate them along with interests that you are passionate about - football for instance and Iron Maiden! I think you would be a fascinating person to sculpture! It will be a joint venture with Chloe Pannell who is keen to recreate you in Sellotape aswell! This does not require any physical input from you, I would just like to obtain your permission. Any personal data about you I would retrive from your webiste and through research on your books. I understand you have a forthcoming book out in October and I am hoping that your Sculpture would be on display in Davids Bookshop in Eastcheap. Please follow the link to the Letchworth Arts Centre. Thank you so much for taking time in reading this and I hope to hear from you soon. I would off course keep you updated regarding the progress of the Sculpture and would of course, welcome any input from you!
Yours Sincerely
Miss Samantha Alexander
Gallery Administrator

Dear Samantha,
I would be absolutely delighted for you to make a sellotape sculpture of me (as long as I don't have to model for it...) The only problem is the sellotape sculpture will probably be more interesting than the real thing!
If there is anything at all that I can do to help you with information or background then please let me know.
Good luck with the sculpture. I'd be intrigued to know how many rolls of sellotape it I' m short, probably not too many...
All the best,
Shaun Hutson

Dear Shaun,
Thank you so much! I was ecstatic when I got your mail! Some of the other scuptures that are being made are Lawrence Oliver, Samual Pepys, Ebenezer Howard, King George (not sure which one) there will be between 15-20 sculptures of significent people to Letchworth. I am being helped by Chloe Pannell, we are getting together on Monday to go through our design of you (I know fake blood is involved!) so I will keep you posted regarding our plans! You don't have to model for it! We have a man called Alex Miles who has agreed to be wrapped in Sellotape! Alex is one of the actors in the Settlement Players and has recently finished taking part in drama festivals playing "Wilson" in "The Ruffian on the Stair" - I will send you photos of our progress! Once again, thank you so much!
Best Wishes

I can't wait to see what I look like in cellotape, Samantha...probably better than I do in real life...

Hello Shaun (God) Hutson
Just wanting to say you?re my idol and inspiration, my goal in life is to become an author, especially in the style you write, I see myself as the one who will hopefully carry on your style once you?re gone (Sadly). I started reading your books around the age of 13-14, and since then you?re pretty much the only author I read, except for biographies on musicians and actors. I?m now 16 and most teachers and friends agree that I excel in writing and that it is my greatest skill. My writing style is already very gruesome and erotic, like you, (don?t worry, I am not plagiarising your work), I?m not scared to express some of the most disturbing ideas especially for my age. I find whenever I read one of your books it's almost a studying guide to become a better writer myself. The first book I read of yours was Erebus, I finished Heathen today and so far out of the 10-15 books I have read of yours, White Ghost, Assassin and Renegades have been my favourite, even though all of them are terrific. Unfortunately I live in Canada and it is very hard to get my hands on your books. I was also wondering, why you refuse to turn your books into movies? Of course there was the fiasco with Slugs but there are so many of your books that would make amazing horror/crime/mystery movies. I have been accumulating story ideas recently for a book idea, do you have any tips or tricks?
Sincerely Dustyn Hensley (Hopefully your Successor)

Thankyou very much for your kind words, Dustyn, I feel very humble...As far as tips for writing I don't have any I'm afraid. Just write what you enjoy and believe in it. It's the only way. That and lots of good luck. Let me know how you get on.

Just finished reading Captives for about the 4th time.....Apparently the 'autograph' inside the cover is real. You signed it for the father-in-law a number of years ago.
Sorry, but I can't see him reading your stuff but according to the wife he knew you and your family.....They're originally from Hitchin......oh well, soz for the waffle.
Will L'pool ever win anything again ???
Neil Foster
Theatre of Dreams

Will Liverpool ever win anything again...well, Neil, I bloody hope so but the way we're playing at the moment I couldn't be sure....what was your father in laws name by the way? It's entirely possible I knew him....all the best...

It's a simple matter of dates - I wrote my book in 1998 and can prove it - Ms Gray's book was published in 2001. She informed the audience that my book was 'practically the double' of her book, that I had claimed to HarperCollins that, 'she's stolen my story' but that my book was not written until 'long after' hers was in print. She lied to the audience, I knew that she had lied, she also knew she had lied. I issued a claim against her to prove the truth. She employed a team of lawyers to prevent the matter going to court - they fought the claim all the way to the High Court where Mr Justice Roth spoke of his concern for 'famous people' before dismissing my claim. Ms Gray has not had to account for her lie.

Geoff I completely sympathise and if there was anything I could do to help I would. Quite how the judge could call Muriel Gray famous I don't know but that's beside the point. It's one rule for the rich and one for the poor I'm afraid. Let me know what happens about this.

Thursday 24th June 2010

Hi again Shaun
I first wrote to you about a year ago now. I'm the jolly fellow that called life a 'festering shit lump' Anyway something happened yesterday that reminded me of that little anecdote. My neighbours putrid looking, compost heap of a girlfriend has a stinking ugly dog, and while it is still better looking than her, it shits everywhere. You would not think that so much excrement could be dumped by such a small animal. And do you know what that fucker did? It bunked over into MY garden and dropped a massive pile of steaming shit right by my patio doors. Perhaps it was some weird retribution from God for my outlook on life, who knows. Anyway I was intending to go and see what you had out at the moment, just to cheer myself up but late last night I fell down my fucking stairs pissed up and cracked a few ribs, so it's as much as I can do to type at the moment. Tell me something funny to cheer me up mate... No wait, I can't even fucking laugh at the moment...
Graham T

Life is indeed a 'festering shit lump' Graham, don't be ashamed of your definition...tell you something funny to cheer you is going to release a Cole is shagging one of the Black Eyed Peas (career move or what?) sorry, I mistook those events for funny, they are actually tragic and pathetic...Peter Andre's got his own show on Channel 4...all of the above examples just seem to reinforce your view that life is a 'festering shit lump'...Sorry about the to sit still if you're getting pissed I always used to find...look after yourself...

Hello Shaun, hope you are well.
Well it's that time of year again when I start thinking of a career change, and as you well know by now, my talents hold no bounds. Last year it was pole dancing lessons for the over sixties, some of them showed promise but unfortunately some of them died, thank fuck they all paid up front. The year before it was cleaning windscreens at traffic lights, that didn't work out well, I had to run like fuck trying to finish cleaning them after the lights turned green. Anyway, this year it's the legal profession for me, I've decided to go into the injury claims business. I've seen all the adverts on the telly and know that I can do a better job than those wankers. Over the last week I have spent hours upon hours compiling my advertisement and have come up with this, Satchi and Satchi? I've shit em. Have a read, and please Shaun let me know your honest opinion as this is very important to me.
Are you a dopey cunt who finds it almost impossible to walk from one side of a room to the other without slipping over a puddle of rancid piss?
Are you that gormless twat who climbed a ladder and forgot to stop at the fucking top and fell off?
Are you that half whitted shithead who walked into a wall that somebody build suddenly a hundred fucking years ago?
Are you that stupid nob who walked into a door before opening it?
Are you incapable of getting through the day without doing something fucking stupid and dangerous?
Or are you just a money grabbing cunt who wants to shaft as much money from the insurance companies and let the rest of us poor saps pick up the fucking bill?
If you can answer YES to any of the above, that?s presuming that you are able to read it in the first fucking place, then I can get you shit loads of dosh for doing next to fuck all. If you are capable and have the skills to phone me without killing yourself or others,,,,,better still,,,,,get a fucking grown up to do it for you, then call me.
Well mate, what do you think? If I don?t make a packet out of this venture then I might just as well jack it all in and go and have a full frontal lobotomy and become a Man Utd supporter.
Anyway, it's question time so here goes.
Why is it that when people blow there noses they have to look into the tissue afterwards? Everybody does it, even the Queen. What the fuck do you hope to find? I must know Shaun, It's things like this that keeps me awake at nights. Anyway, It's time for the pub now, see you next time around mate.
Keep well and happy,

Interesting rant, Lawrence...sounds like a pretty sound scheme except there are so many fucking ambulance chasers around already...those adverts make me laugh...the woman who falls over on the slippy floor needs more help for her haircut than her shattered limbs I feel but what the fuck do I know...I think it's the cultural thing of blaming every fucker but yourself...People check their handkerchief contents to ensure they haven't blown their fucking brains out...there you go, problem solved..

Dear Shaun,
I did write to you about this matter a few days ago - I do not know if you are aware of it but Ms Gray also makes reference to you in her 2004 interview as follows;-
Muriel Gray: In fact that's what I was about to say, when these schoolgate mums were laughing, they kept imagining that there'd be lots of people dressed in Star Trek ears. I mean, look, for God's sake, you don't understand how literary fantasy and science fiction and horror is. In fact I lost my tempter on that thing you mentioned earlier, that End of Story where the public were asked to finish off six short stories by various people. So they thought, cleverly, they'd chosen people from different genres. They chose Alexei Sayle, which is very good, Faye Weldon and so on? And for horror they chose Shaun Hutson. Why didn't they take Ramsey, why didn't they take Graham, Mike Harrison. (to Ramsey) Did they ask you by the way?
Ramsey Campbell: No.
Muriel Gray: You see, that so gets on my tits. I just really lost my temper and we all had this huge fight. I said, you just think horror's shit, and they're going well, it is. It is not! And I do not understand how this genre which includes some of the best literary writers around - and some of them are in the audience - can have this ridiculous brushstroke across it, like we're all crap. And I just get really cross, and so I will be hiring hit men to kill the people who think that (laughs).
*Re: The writer, broadcaster and companies director named Muriel Gray*
I have set up a website that gives accounts of the following;-
1) Muriel Gray?s High Court claim 17 Dec 09 against Geoff Widders.
2) Proof of the date of Geoff Widders novel.
3) Muriel Gray lied to the audience.
4) Costs and Gillian Cross.
Ms Gray told the audience;-
this guy wrote to HarperCollins and said she's - like one of these kind of Stephen King things - she's stolen my story. And you think, oh no, here we go. And he sent this thing in and it was practically the double, luckily he said 'I wrote it then' and of course that was long after, you know, the book had actually been in print. So obviously he was a nutter??
Ms Gray knew that my work was not written 'long after' her work. For her to say that my book was written after hers required evidence. The only evidence in existence is evidence of the truth, and the truth [as stated in my letter to HarperCollins of 9 Aug 2001] was that my book was, 'completed in 1998 after 18 months of solid work'. Ms Gray lied to the audience.
My website address is **
Thank you
*Geoff Widders*

Can you refresh my memory on this Geoff? You're obviously having some bother with Murial Gray in some way shape or form...has she accused you of stealing her ideas (?) or you're accusing her of stealing yours...I hadn't heard her mention of me but then again, I wouldn't have really given a fuck if I doubt she was speaking to Ramsey Campbell at the time, correct? All these British Fantasy types get so easily wound up so quickly if their little darlings are overlooked, it cracks me up...they exist in a little bubble of their own making, Geoff and don't like reality to intrude. I'd be interested to know what's happening though...

Hi again Shaun
Jeani Rector again from The Horror Zine. You said you might be interested in submitting a short story to The Horror Zine. We'd love to have you!
Our criteria is a word count between 1,600 words and 5,000 words. Why not send a story along to [email protected]. Of course you would have priority, no bottom of the slush pile for you!
BTW, your blog is very entertaining. Some very strong opinions there from your readers!
Anyway, I sure hope to hear from you.
Jeani Rector, Editor
The Horror Zine

Avoiding the slush could I refuse...thanks for thinking about me Jeani...

Hi Shaun
Been a fan of your work for years and would love to see film versions of Deadhead and Compulsion. As an avid film goer, what is your take on this horrible remake craze? I just got back from seeing A Nightmare on Elm Street and left the cinema pissed off. These fuckwits seem to have no clue about the horror genre and are just using the brand name of a franchise to piss all over what made the originals so great. It says a lot when five minutes into the Elm Street remake I thought watching Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare would be more fun, yes it's a shit horror film but it was far more entertaining than the emo shit they served up. Don't get me wrong there are some remakes that I love such as The Thing and The Fly but they were made by masters of the genre.
Cheers for your time
Craig Jex

I would love to see film versions of Deadhead and Compulsion too, Craig but it will never happen...The craze for remakes is just symptomatic of the film industry's complete lack of ideas and originality. It's simpler for them to nick an idea from something 20 years old that none of their target audience will have seen or heard of than it is to take a chance on new talent and ideas. I must say, if you're going to do a remake then at least approach it from a different angle (the remakes of DAWN OF THE DEAD, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and THE HILLS HAVE EYES were better than the originals in my opinion) but the new NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET used many of the same visual ideas too. I agree with you about the remakes of THE THING and THE FLY by the way. The formula for a remake is as follows; Find something about 30 years old, spice it up with a bit more violence and/or sex, populate it with actors barely out of their teens/let some twat who usually directs music videos direct it and then wait for the money to roll in...the reason they keep doing it is because it keeps working....the quality of a film isn't important to a studio (check out 95% of the shit on offer at the flicks at present) only the financial gains. Scripts are commissioned on the strength of "concepts" these days, not bought for their quality. Films like CHINATOWN, TAXI DRIVER, ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, STRAW DOGS or NETWORK would never get made these days...too clever and they require audiences to think...not a chance...your average cinema goer wants popcorn, cheap laughs, a few tits, blood, loud special effects and big stars...and it will only get worse...

Hello. Let me start by introducing myself; my name is Tracey Tressa and my website is about creative writing (; it's still a work in progress, but it's growing bit by bit.
The reason I'm contacting you is to ask you some questions about writing. By sharing some tips and advice with potential writers, you can help them grow and become closer to their dreams of one day being published.
If this is something you are interested in, please email me back with the answers. Also feel free to include any links in your answers. If you'd like to have a photo along with the interview answers, please include that in the email. If not, I will try and find a photo on the internet to use instead.
Once the page is written and formatted, I'll email you a link portraying the interview.
Thank you in advance for your time,
I've attached the questions below. Thank you again.
1. How did you get into writing? At what age did you know you wanted to be a writer?
2. What was your first book or story that you completed? Did you ever get it published?
3. How did you finally get published? When were you able to write on a full time basis? Please explain your success story?
4. How do you stay motivated to finish a novel? How do you stay focused?
5. What is your writing schedule like? Do you write in the mornings, evenings, and for how long?
6. How do you get your ideas? What is your method for remembering them?
7. If you get writer?s block, how do you get over it?
8. What are your thoughts on self publishing?
9. What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a writer? What is a good starting point for them?

Hello, Tracey. Most of the answers to your questions are probably on the FAQ page to be honest and I think I've had these questions sent to me separately so I'll just answer them with very, very short answers just here and you should get the longer version another time if that's ok.
1. Read a bad book and thought I could do better. I was 18.
2. A novel called THE HEADHUNTERS (A Mafia thing), never got it published.
3. Robert Hale published a war novel of mine called BLOOD AND HONOUR. I turned professional in 1983. Er...luck, good marketing and remembering it's just a job...
4. I don't. It's like pulling teeth every bloody morning these days. You stay focused because you have to. Just like everyone who does whatever job they do.
5. I write for as long as it takes to get down about ten pages a day.
6. Things lodge in my brain and I expand on them. I write stuff down if I think it's going to be needed.
7. Stare at the screen until something clicks or walk about and make a cup of tea.
8. I don't know enough about it to comment.
9. Don't. Get an agent. Things are so much different now from when I started I don't really feel qualified to give any advice to be honest. When I was successful the writer submitted the novel and the publishers either said yes or no. Now, they want specific books, they want to shape them, they want you to jump through hoops. They don't want to take any chances.
By the way, if this sounds negative I'm afraid it's just being realistic. These days it's who you know not what you know, who your agent has lunch with, how docile you are with publishers. They want someone they can mould and manipulate, not someone who says what they think and writes what they really believe. Sorry...

My first novel Dead Beat will be published by Wild Wolf Publishing in August/September in the UK and America. It's a zombie style horror story set in a rural English village. As I've always been a fan of your novels I wondered if it would be possible to send you a review copy of the book via my publisher? (Ideally for a comment on the book cover.)
Fingers crossed,
Matt Bridgeman

I'd love to see it, Matt. And thanks for the kind comments. Send it along and I'll have a look. Congratulations on getting it published.

Hi Shaun,
I've read all your books, they're excellent, but I want more, so while I wait for your next release, can you recommend a similar author to tied me over?

In a word, Dave, no. I don't read fiction these days anyway so couldn't help you I'm afraid. I don't know of anyone who writes like me to be honest...(probably just as well...) However, I did recently receive a proof copy of a book called WORMFOOD by an American author called Jeff Jacobson and I skimmed the first few chapters and thought it was fucking excellent but I'm not sure where you'd find it...otherwise, go back and read stuff like LEGION by William Peter Blatty, THE KEEP by F. Paul Wilson, THE TOTEM by David Morrell or HEADHUNTER by Michael Slade. They're old but they're still great.
Right, that's my lot. I shall be watching the World Cup for the next month and, no, I won't be cheering for England before anyone asks...I think you lot know about my views on that...the quicker they go out the better so we can all avoid cars covered in fucking flags and also stop having to look at houses covered in fucking flags, usually by people who don't support a team from one week to the next...
By the way (and this should drive away half my readers in one fell swoop...) I took my daughter to see Lady GaGa at the O2 Arena and it was fucking excellent...the stage show was superb, more like looking at a Rock gig than a pop concert and I will repeat what I've said here before, that girl is extremely talented and I'm hooked, sorry....I know all my rock readers will now ritually burn all copies of my books but credit where credit's due...I will however, be at Sonisphere to see Iron Maiden next month...does that save me?....
See you next month...

Friday 4th June 2010

Hi Shaun
Hope you are well !
I guess you didn't like Avatar. Neither did I. I was so hyped up going to see it, expecting it to be something incredible. I was so disapointed. The 3D effect was interesting for about 5 minutes. After that the story was so predictable, the chracters dull, no twists, no quotable lines of dialogue. I enjoyed 2012 alot more and that was just a popcorn disaster film.
Anyway can you say anything about your new book Epitaph ?

The thing is, David, would AVATAR have been any worse if it had been in 2-D? would any of the dozens of 3-D films we're being bombarded with have been any worse? Answer, no. 3-D is great for cinemas because they can charge more and the studios love it because you can't pirate 3-D movies...AVATAR was like every single James Cameron film, overlong, overwritten, self-congratulatory and overrated...Cameron can do action scenes but that's it...any coincidence that the 11 times Oscar winner TITANIC won nearly all its awards for special effects, sound and technical stuff etc. Not one for acting or script...
Can I say anything about EPITAPH...I could but it probably wouldn't be very interesting...ha, ha...wait until October...

Hello Shaun
Enjoyed your latest rant...popular culture is really fucked up, i guess self-aggrandisement was always part of it but the disturbing thing for me is that it's shifted from being a tedious celebrity pastime to being an excepted seems to be happy to just be normal anymore; they want to be seen on everthing, everywhere touted their own brand of mediocrity...
And speaking of Cheryl Cole: we can only hope that Cheryl Cole is the next Jade in more ways than one...ahem..anyway on to more interesting things...
I saw The Wolfman last week and thoroughly enjoyed it too.. i think that playing it so closely to the 40s original was a help and a hindrance at the same, maybe explaining why i felt the same way as you did; it was great but in the way one normally thinks of an old hammy-classic..? At any rate Hugo Weaving is always worth watching! I haven't been tempted by Avatar and don't think i ever will considering it seems to just be pocahontas in space...
I do have hopes for Alice in Wonderland; I'll take Burton's visual over Cameron's any day of the week.
As for your books..i'm sitting waiting for Oct to come around, i've read and re-read them all so it's a matter of patience and pre-order now. Hope Epitaph is going well, it goes without saying i'm looking forward to it... and also the new Doyle novel next year (hopefully).
By the way, i'm curious about much of a part do you play in the look of the cover etc.. do you prefer the old painted covers or the new photoshop ones?
Take it easy, mate

I'm not overly struck on these new covers Rob but what the fuck, I'm only the author and I couldn't have thought of anything better so there you go...On the subject of these fucking so-called celebrities...they're a bit like 3-D films...would any of us really miss them if they weren't there? My guess is no...I agree with you about Tim Burton's visuals over Cameron's by the way but, apart from EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and BEETLEJUICE, most Tim Burton films are a triumph of style over content...great to look at but with poor my humble opinion...

Sean Doyle... I thought this character was awesome...Are we likely to see him reappear?
Alex Rankin

I hope so, Alex. I've always loved writing him but we'll just have to wait and see I'm afraid...

Hi Shaun,
Would you ever consider writing something specifically to be shot as a short film ?
I only ask as myself and a director I regularly shoot for have been looking to shoot a horror short just for the hell of it.
I'm also involved with something written by a couple of guys I know. It's feature film based on the myth of Lilith. Would it be worth you having a look at the script and seeing what you think ?
I've attached a CV so you can see I'm not a complete no hope.
Chris Tritschler
Shoot on Site Films

If the money's right Chris, I'm interested in anything...wer

hi Shaun...
just finished last rites, even thou i enjoyed it for some reason i didn't think it was your best but then again i have read all your books starting with slugs nearly 20 years ago and it is the only 1 which has never been better than the last, are there plans for your next 1 and if so when as i am lost without your books as its the only time i ever read...
arguably your biggest fan tony Hanson

Thanks for the opinion on LAST RITES, Tony. It's bloody hard keeping up a standard (or keeping down a standard some would say...) and even harder topping each book but all I can do is try and no one's going to be 100% happy with everything are they? That's why it's readers privilege to say what they one is out in October so let me know what you think of that...

Hi again, Shaun.
I've just finished reading 'Last Rites' ... I think it's your best work to date. Picked it up, started reading, a few hours later I put it down again ... and wanted to pick it up and re-read it. Awesome!
I thought you'd perhaps - with age and experience (sorry for mentioning age!) - have mellowed a little, become a little more reflective, maybe indulge in a few chapters espousing something of your characters view on life. Fuck me, I should have know better - I read your rants, don't I?! The only experience you seem to have brought to the book is that of writing great fiction. I think I've said it before but - what the fuck - you get better with each novel. Kudos!
If I had one gripe, I would say that perhaps the praise on the back of the novel should reflect a little of your personality? A few fictional examples:
'After a few hours spent engrossed in Shaun Hutson's latest masterpiece, my husband came home - just as I was reaching the last couple of chapters - and rudely interrupted me with "Is my tea not ready yet?" So, I cooked his goose! Another good thing; I just found out the prison library stocks copies of every Shaun Hutson novel. Sorted!' - Judy Finnegan.
Too long winded? How about:
'Fuck me! Just finished Shaun Hutson's newest book; talk about a terrifying story! I literally shat my pants!' - Vinnie Jones.
Or simply:
'Fan-fucking-tastic!!' - HM Queen Elizabeth II.
I actually have a question this time: Have you read 'Death's Head' by David Gunn? Great read and I think his style owes a great debt to your own. This wouldn't be one of your psuedonyms, would it?
To music and a recommendation: 'Let's Rock-N-Roll' by Charm City Devils. Does exactly what it says on the tin - er, cover. One of my favourite tunes of recent times comes from the album; 'Best Of The Worst'. It's track 4; if you can get a sneak preview on Amazon - or elsewhere - check it out.
Finally, thanks again for a stonking read. I'm going to break the habit of a lifetime and read it again.
Cheers, and all the best to you and your family

Many thanks for the kind comments, Jim...A few people have said they think LAST RITES is my best book and for that I'm grateful...It's strange how comments vary from person to person (look at the mail above...) I like the fictional reviews by the way...I am not David Gunn by the way...never heard of him or the book but if it is a homage then very nice...I'll have a listen to that Charm City Devils thing if I can...I would recommend Shinedown (three albums) to anyone at the moment. I'm really glad you enjoyed LAST RITES, I hope you like EPITAPH as much...take care, mate...

Hi Shaun,
I think you are an awesome author. I have read two of your books. SPAWN and just recently Warhols Prophecy. The ending to that literally made my stomach churn, what a twist, couldnt have done better myself. I'm from Australia and have purchased 4 more books of yours from the US and UK. Keep up the good work mate!!
Mal Schwarz

Thankyou very much, Mal, you're a wonderful human being...

Hey Shaun, I've just made a new website dedicated to books and I'll be reviewing some of your fine work soon. So check it out if you ever have the time.
James Miles

I'll have a look at that, James, see if you've crucified me...ha, ha...How do you get your review copies, do publishers just send them to you or do you have to ask?...Good luck with it...

Hi, Shaun
Love the 24th of March rant, fucking loved it, Reminds me a little of the late great and frankly fucking genius that was Bill Hicks.
Me I can't stand fucking politicians and I'm not a fan of the fucking government either, maybe I'll care when instead of taking my God given rights away, they give me more. Like the freedom to murder irritating talentless celebrities who pollute the news, hey I'm a dreamer.
And I don't vote. Why? Because my vote don't mean shit, never has and never will, like the X-factor, you know who wins that fucking show, the cunt's who the record companies want to win.
All politicians are the same, same shit different arsehole, I mean do you see the country getting better? No it's getting worse, and the fuckin' bastards in office don't give a shit all they want is power. I swear to God most of these Prime Minster want to be the next Hitler, it isn't such a stretch if you apply thought to it.
I'm not a liberal and I'm not a conservative, I have my own views an opinions, I actually got a leaflet from some fucking Liberal Democrats (two words you don't want to hear) asking for my vote, I tossed the fucker out. I don't waste my time with these political fucks.
Politician's aren't even honest they never tell you the truth, I mean do you think they I will ever admit how bad they are fucking you. Because I don't see it happening.
Anyway, I guess you can tell I don't like the bastards.
And also what is with all this news time being taking up with that irritating bitch Cheryl Cole, all this precious air time and newspaper ink dedicated to her because she is having relationships problems, I mean it's not like she ever did anything worthwhile, come back when you have a real problem. Like you are fucking dead, then maybe I'll care.
I mean when did the new start being dedicated to fucking celebrities? And how many people actually care which talentless idiot is having problems who got fat? I mean is this how bad the culture of this country has gotten?.
What happened to real news and talent?
Okay, rant over, I could here all day.
Take care Shaun.
James Miles

No, don't stop...keep going, James...nice to know someone else shares my views...Nothing like a good rant, eh?...

Hello Shaun,
Just found your website and have spent the last day and a bit back-tracking through the blog entries. What can I say? You're more or less right about everything and it's good to know that I'm not the only one losing my marbles at the state of the world.
Anyway, I'm a long-time fan (ever since first reading SLUGS back in the hoary old days of the mid-eighties) and just wanted to drop you a line to show my support and to inform you that the lawsuit for irrevocably damaging my fragile teenage psyche with the ending of RELICS should be dropping onto your front doormat any day now (only joking - well, about the lawsuit anyway; the ending of RELICS really did do a number on me though).
When my current sabbatical as a gentleman of leisure in Australia comes to an end - and I once again found myself in gainful employment as a terminally bored telecoms tosspot - I will be plugging up the gaps in my collection of all things Hutsonian (a few of them fell by the wayside during various moves over the years).
Anyway, I've prattled on quite long enough but I would like to point out - as one Hicks fan to another - that the last thing Jesus will want to see when he comes back is yet another fucking cross...
All the best to you and yours,

I often wonder what Bill Hicks would have made of this celebrity obsessed shit-hole fucking world we live in and just imagine him up there looking down thinking "I knew it was going to happen". No wonder he used to pray for nuclear holocaust every time he watched TV...Sorry about what I did to you with the end of RELICS (I'm not really but what the hell...). Hopefully a few more might do that to you now you're older...

Hey Shaun , i have just been re-reading Nemesis at the moment as the only time i get to read is at work , got all your books , and i love Metal it just makes all the other music sound shit , i have an idea for your next book .... organise a demon to rise from hell and kill all the wank 'celebs' who are on telly for 5 mins then release an auto biography at 23 ?? to find any decent books now you have to go ebaying it up or amazon as shops are full of this crap and i was beaten as a child now fill my pockets with money shite, anyway keep up the gore and bring back sean doyle .

I feel like I'm really at home this time around, Zach, so many people echoing my views...nice to know I'm not alone...Re-reading NEMESIS eh? Doesn't it spoil it for you knowing what's going to happen? I often think that when people say they're reading one of my books again. The only book I've ever read twice (it's a struggle to read most of them once...) is the novelization of SCARS OF DRACULA which I read twice when I was about fifteen (how fucking sad is that...) The thing is, with these shit books you have to blame the publishers, it's them who offer massive advances to these fucking celebs and also don't support "proper" authors...unless you can get in Asda's top 20 these days you're fucked...its all safe and no one wants to take any chances...I'd love to bring back Doyle and let him loose in the studio of BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT...

Hi Shaun,
I read your post about shopping at Tesco and came across this article in my local newspaper. I couldn't help wondering - have you been shopping in Swansea recently?
Hope you're well,Reading Erebus at the moment, it's put me right of the steak I was going to cook at the weekend.

Sorry about putting you off your steak, Rich...I'll try and check out that article you mentioned...True about Tesco though...

Hey Shaun
Sorry to bother you but I feel like a right rant just watched the real reds murder Bayern Munich for 40 mins and get stuffed by the killer punch the away goal rule, not that we are playing well we are absolutely shite ,every one says without Rooney we cant play but in reality we have lost Ronaldo and Tevez (no end product) according to Sir Matt but he cant stop scoring for city and also Rooney with his ankle injury we have bought no one to replace them we have players past their best in Giggs Scholes and Neville where do we go from here the fans are revolting wearing green and yellow scarves to protest against the Glaziers(the thick fuckers dont realise it is the Glazers} they still buy programmes and purchase beer at the ground still putting money in the Glazers pockets.You are no better you are in the europa cup after failing to qualify to the later stages of the champions league how can you be knocked out of one competition and enter another .my only consolation is knowing you will not qualify for the champions league next year we are shite but you are a lot worse,without Torres (who is superb) I hate to say ,and Gerrard a world beater you are useless and with the recent challenge from Villa City and Spurs anyone is capable of beating anyone.I can not see us winning that elusive 19th league title this year .sorry to bother you ,an avid reader of your books the mad United fan from Crewe who would just love to meet you .
Cheers mate keep up the good writing love to hear from you John the Manc

John, a man as pissed off with football as I am...good to hear from you again, mate...I think you may agree with me when I say that this past season has been the worst for Christ knows how long...Looking at your situation as an outsider it seems that your lot are as reliant on Rooney this season as you were on Ronaldo last...people say the same about us and Torres and Gerrard but, if you take out two players of that standard from any team they'll suffer. Look how Arsenal have suffered without Van Persie and Fabregas and if you took Lampard and Drogba out of Chelsea for six months they'd be fucked...I agree with you about this business of club ownership. We get protests and banners at Anfield demanding that Hicks and Gillet go but they couldn't give a fuck about the club or the protests...they'll go when they get their asking price and not until and no amount of protesting will help, same as your lot. I'm fairly sure we will qualify for the Champions League next season, Spurs are shit and will probably go out in the qualifier, City will always be hanging around the top four and Villa are a decent side but I reckon next season things will go back to I don't know but what the fuck do I know...I'm just pleased it's all over for a while, now I can watch the world cup and be inundated with people telling me England are the best team in the world...yeah, right...I'm having a tenner on Germany (always do) and Argentina and anyone who counts Spain out wants their head tested...

dear steve
i've just finishes your book 'under the dome', it were ok.
i like layman with his incubii, cuold you write something like that?
anyway keep off the beer i heard it was nought but trouble to you and the missus, and glad u didn't get badly hert in that accident.
i hit my head once an had a stitch.
i go shopping every week so may see you about,

Nice one, Lee. Very funny...How did you enjoy my other novels like Carrie and The Shining...

Hey Shaun
I emailed a few months ago; I'm the guy who wrote a novel about flesh-eating worms called Wormfood, and since Slugs was a big influence, I named my mortician character Mr. Hutson. Just to give you fair warning, I talked my publisher into sending a couple of Advance Reader Copies to Time Warner UK, so with any luck, they should be arriving within the next few weeks. If it looks like your cup of tea, then I hope you enjoy the story. If not, no worries.
Hope this finds you well.

I'm looking forward to it, Jeff. Not every day you get immortalised in print...thanks for that...I hope it goes well for you...

Recently watched Flight 666 and re-read 'Run To The Hills' by Mick Wall and I'm so bleeding bastard bollocking jealous that you know these fine down to earth gentleman known as Iron Maiden. Had to get my 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son' CD in the car to drown out the shit coming from other cars stereos on the way to work! Any idea if they've any jobs going?
Anyway been a fan for decades since I 'borrowed' my brothers box set of 'Slugs, Erebus, Death Day and Spawn' and haven't looked back since. Would love to see 'Shadows' and/or 'Assassin' made into a film but like you've said before it depends whose arse you lick. Sorry for the fucking bad language earlier.
Michael ex fat bloke :)

Are you going to Sonisphere to see Maiden this year, Michael? It was Mick Wall who introduced me to Maiden just as a matter of interest...He interviewed me on a rock show and then very kindly took some boxed sets of my books to them because he was interviewing them a couple of weeks later...the rest is history as they say...I would also love to see Shadows or Assassin filmed but it will never happen the way, don't fucking apologise for the swearing...I'm not that fucking sensitive you cunt...all the best, mate...
Right, that's me done for another stint...hope you all found the election as riveting as I did...fucking hell what a waste of time...see you next time...

Sunday 16th May 2010

Dear Shaun.
A simple question, who chooses the cover art on your books? I just wondered if it was you or your publishers.
Yours Sincerely

The publishers come up with the design then show it to me for approval (although, to be honest, these days there's rarely a change). I used to have a lot more say than I have now but I tend to leave it to the designers. After all, I don't expect them to tell me how to write so I don't tell them what to put on covers unless I have a really incredible idea (also fairly rare these days... )

When are you coming up to Birmingham for another book signing? It has to be 4 years since the last one and you must have plenty of new things to say by now.
Love Val

Good to hear from you again, Val. The answer to your question would be probably not, unfortunately. No one's asked, no bookshops I mean and a combination of events have made it almost impossible too. Sorry about that. To be honest I don't think I have got much more to say than I did have last time, I don't seem able to ramble on as eloquently (well... ) as I could before...

Hey Shaun,
This is Jeff, the guy who wrote to you about the Wormfood novel ARC.
An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy, the semi-finalized version of the novel that gets sent out to reviewers, etc.
Soon as I get one, I'll fire off a copy to your publisher. Wormfood was my attempt to write the novel equivalent of going to see a gory, nature-gone-amuck monster movie from the 70s at a sleazy drive-in theater. And since Slugs was such a huge influence, I had to name one of the characters, the undertaker, after you.
Drunk yet again...

Drunk, and why not, Jeff? I don't fucking blame you. Wish I was. I look forward to seeing WORMFOOD with undertaker Hutson in it... cheers, mate...

dear mr hutson, (even as an evertonian i dont feel privileged enough to address you as shaun).
i've been a huge fan of yours since i first purchased DEADHEAD at a car boot sale (sad, i know) about 15 years ago and i've been hooked ever since! there are two questions i would like to ask you if thats ok? firstly, are there any plans for a new book featuring SEAN DOYLE, him of the CTU? also, and even sadder yet, do you give autographs? well, as HEMINGWAY, (my 2nd favourite author), is no longer with us i cant really ask him for his. and no, i'm not gay, want to sell it on e-bay, pretend that i know you to get chicks etc etc, or for any other ulterior motive. it's just so i can say to myself, 'shit, i got shaun hutson's autograph'!
anyway, you're probably bored to tears by now reading the ramblings of a 'blue-nose' so will sign off by just saying a simple thank you for the many many hours of mind blowing reading you've given to me and everyone else.
best wishes to you and your family.
mike o'brien
ps, stuffy redshites in the derby!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike, please call me, Shaun. Even though you are a bluenose... To answer your questions... I had plans to bring Doyle back and I've got a 'vehicle' for him as well but the publishers aren't keen... they've never liked him much (too much like me I fear... ) but I would love to put him right in the middle of a real, hardcore horror novel... he will return sometime though I'm hopeful of that... As far as the autograph thing goes... why is it sad asking for one? I don't think you'd get many girls by showing them my autograph, Mike... but if you want one then if you drop a line to my publishers then they should forward something for me to sign for you. Thanks for the kind comments too. p.s. We were down to 10 men for fuck's sake... and Fallaini should have walked at the same time Kyriakos did in my humble opinion and so should Pienaar for that challenge on Mascherano, even from my perfect vantage point two hundred yards away in the upper centenary it looked a bad one... take care, Mike...

Hello Shaun,
first thing I want to say is, thank you for all your brilliant books, and keep the excellent work up.
I came across your E-Mail address today quite by accident, and I've been waiting almost 30 years for the next book in the Uninvited series.
I love reading about UFO abductions and was wondering if you'll be writing any more, as 2 and 3 are my all time favourite books.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks very much for the kind words, John. Sorry to tell you there won't be anymore Uninvited books (not by me anyway..) but I'm glad you enjoyed the ones I did. They were fun to write.

Hey Shaun.
I just read your new rant, and I think you really nailed it on the head.
I don't really read newspapers or watch the news are it is all propaganda and just shit about celebrities, or as I call them 'annoying fucks without talent.'
What happened to people who had talent? All these new celebrities irritate the piss outta me.
I gotta agree man, about the rifle bullshit who cares if a rifle has a Biblical reference I thought this was a Christian nation and I don't think the 'enemy' is gonna care about a number when he is getting a bullet through his head.
And on the Haiti, yeah it is a shame, but all these celebrity assholes, singing their songs and 'helping' out and talking about pledging money, well oaky rich shit why don't you donate some of you million dollar income to help them out instead of leaving it to the working class, you smug hypocritical twats.
I guess I should stop coming to your site to rant, I don't think my publisher would appreciate it 'chuckles to himself'
Anyhow, just wanted to say keep those rants coming I love your outlook on life.
Take care, man.

James, you are a gentleman... and not just because you agree with me... feel free to rant whenever you like on this site, it's nice to know that people like what I say. Also nice for me to see that people are as fucked off as me with this dog-shit world we live in...

I have been reading your books from the first and only realised you had a website today with the details in your book 'Compulsion'. However, I cannot understand why you should fill your pages on your site with so much bad language. I am no way a prude and having worked in a factory since i was 14 (i am 72 now) I have heard and used it all. I was always taught that to use swearing as a means of expressing oneself means that the vocabulary is somewhat lacking, or is it that you believe most of your readers are like this?
By the way, not all Chelsea supporters are as ignorant as you think, and how come you support the Scousers if you come from Hertfordshire? I thought only Man U people come from the south!!
Carry on writing,
Phil Finch,
Kettering, (now).

Phil, I fully respect your views on my appalling language. I maintain its laziness... it's easier to sling in an expletive than it is to think of something else. Perhaps you agree. However, sometimes nothing transmits that force of language you need as much as a strongly delivered swear word... still, point taken and respected. I'm sure some Chelsea supporters are wonderful, Phil. I'm generalizing as I tend to do with most things. I support Liverpool because they were the first team I ever saw on TV and wanted to support (it might interest you to know that the very first match I ever watched on TV was the Chelsea v Spurs cup final of 1967... ) The difference between myself and most Manc fans is that I actually go to the games.
I would wish your lot good luck for the rest of the season but I'd be lying and you'd know it... however, if it comes to a straight fight between your lot and the Mancs for the league I hope your lot win it. I don't want them passing our record 18 titles... there you go, Phil, not one swear word...

Some fan mail for you... No, not the creepy stalker-ette kind (though I think that would really float your boat, haha!) but the nice, genuine kind. Mr Hutson, I have been reading your work since I was about 12, and you have been a great influence on me and my shit (I dabble a little, nothing like the same arena as you, but I try - my websites links are listed below if you are at all interested. I won't blame you if you are not.) and I just wanted to say thanks for that. Its been fun.
In reading your updates on your website I have also recently come to realize that not only are you a fucking great writer, but you are also a fucking great guy too, with your feet on the ground and all the very best motives. I find myself agreeing with around 92% of what you say, which is very unusual for me. My only concerns are that A) You should stop reading the Mail, or else you'll grow tits and develop an attitude problem, and B) You know far too much about what they call 'pop' music.
Anyway, I think I have bothered you enough, I just wanted to personally thank the UK's Master of Horror for his stunning contribution not just to my life, but to popular culture. You are doing a fine job. Write on!
Well, actually I just wanted to say hello, but if you are inviting questions then what the hell! Take your pick from this little lot.....
1: Do you have a set daily routine? I don't need to know what time you take a shit or anything, but do you write ALL day? Or just in the mornings? The nights? Do you take a break for Richard and Judy?
2: How much preparation do you do before getting started on a new novel? Do you have a detailed plan? Character analysis? Or just a rough synopsis?
3: What music are you listening to at the moment? (And if you say Lady Ga Ga then you'll lose around 50% of your credibility!)
4: What are your top 5 all-time favourite albums?
5: What colour underwear are you wearing? That one was a joke, so don't you DARE put that on your site!
Christian Saunders

Christian, what makes you think I'd be so happy (or that my boat would be floated... ) by creepy stalker-ette fan mail and not the usual kind?..Anyway... I'm glad you enjoy the books and also very glad that you agree with me on other subjects too (which 8 per cent don't you agree with... ?) You're right, I should stop looking at The Mail... as for knowing too much about pop music it's sort of hard to avoid when you've got a teenage daughter and it keeps me "informed" about what's happening in that dog-shit world too... To answer your questions;
1. My usual routine when I'm working on a book would be to start at about ten in the morning, stop about three... that was how I used to work, it's a bit different now but things have to be regimented or nothing ever gets done.
2. Once again, things have changed a bit but I usually have a detailed synopsis and chapter by chapter notes that I use, complete with a cast list (that features details about characters). Sometimes stuff changes as you're going along but not very often. The actual structure has to remain pretty rigid (oops, sounded a bit pretentious there for a second, what I mean is, if you don't stick to your plot you're fucked because you'll create loose ends and shit like that... )
3. Er..well... having lost fifty percent of my credibility I'll plough on anyway and lose the rest... I bought four CD's yesterday... Two Johnny Cash albums, Abba Gold and Blondie's greatest hits... there you go... that's me finished forever in the credibility stakes I should think... I'm also listening to Them and Us and The Sound of Madness by Shinedown and an assortment of stuff on my I-pod when I'm in the car everything from Slipknot to Evanescence... It depends where I am and what kind of mood I'm in. Someone very kindly sent me the soundtracks to Straw Dogs and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia so I usually put those on when I'm driving home after a match... that or Simon and Garfunkel (yes, I know, more lost points... but what the hell... )
4. Top five all time albums... that's hard but pushed I'll say; OPERATION MINDCRIME by Queensryche, THE WALL by Pink Floyd, THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST by Iron Maiden, APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION by Guns n Roses and KHARMA AND EFFECT by Seether. All albums that, to my mind, have not got one single shit track on... Trying to pick just five is hard... what are yours?
5. My underwear... oops, just kidding...
Many thanks for the questions, Christian. I hope I've answered them adequately for you. Anymore, just drop me another e-mail... all the best...
Right, folks, that's me done for another month. I'm off to see ALICE IN WONDERLAND later today. I saw MUGABE AND THE WHITE AFRICAN (very good documentary), THE LOVELY BONES (oh, dear... ) and MIC-MACS (very good French film by the director of Amelie) earlier in the week... still haven't seen THE CRAZIES... hope it's better than the original... see you soon...

Tuesday 2nd March 2010

Hiya shaun.....
had your new book for xmas...'last rites'...what can i say....brilliant!!!...once again.Am now reading one of your older books that i managed to aquire from Ebay...'The Terminator'. I Have all of you horror collection!....but especially love the books with 'Sean Doyle'....Many thanks for the hours of enjoyment you have given me!! All the best to you and you family for the year 2010!! take care,
zoe granger.xx

Thanks, Zoe, very kind of you to say so. Glad you enjoyed LAST RITES, hope you like THE TERMINATOR too...

Hi Shaun, and Happy New Year!I actually couldn't believe it that Rage Against The Machine beat some X-Factor bollocks to the Christmas number one. Christ it makes you think there may be intelligent life out there after all. Anyway, I hope you had a cracking Christmas and I also hope that 2010 will be good to you (and to your readers!)I reckon one of the next books you write should be like a social commentary or something more heavily focused on Celebrity culture and how obsessed we are with worshipping the altar of capitalism and all that bollocks - of course with fuck loads of gore, sex and swearing thrown in for good measure. But I was thinking like... writing from the point of view of someone who is entering a song contest that obviously does not in any way relate to the X-factor (wink wink) and has got to the finals, while some axe wielding maniac (who could be like a pissed off X Factor reject or something) who goes around slashing up people who are in the contest. You could also have some hardcore detective beating the shit out of one of the judges who obviously isnt based in any way on Simon Cowell. If you wrote something like that, I'd actually buy it, and not just freeload from the library! (well that depends on how skint i am, student life is a fucking joke at the moment) Anyway i've got to run because essays unfortunately don't write themselves. Happy new year, and best wishes.
Sam, Carlisle

Yes, it was great to see the X-Factor twat beaten into oblivion in the race for the Xmas number one...sort of restored my faith in human nature for a few days...I also noticed in a poll a few days ago that 48 percent of the public hate celebrity culture...a shame the other 52 percent are so fucking sheep-like and more interested in the pointless lives of these talentless axe wielding psycho who slaughters contestants in a song contest eh?....I think a murderer in a TV reality show has been done...but I could be wrong...

Hi Shaun.
I'm Michael from Liverpool and since I think Heathen is one of the best books ever written, I was wondering if there are any plans for a movie or TV series based on it?
While reading it, I had a strong sense of it making an excellent gritty Channel 4 horror drama.
Also, it seems to have a strong conveyance of secret societies of Illuminati or Skull and Bones style. Could you perhaps briefly summarise some of the research you did for the story and whether you ran into any trouble whilst doing so?
Cheers and keep up the good work.

Thanks for the kind words about HEATHEN, Michael. No, there are no plans to film it...and never likely to be either...getting your stuff filmed or made into a TV series isn't a bout how good it is I'm afraid, it's all about which people your agent has fucking lunch with...The research was pretty straightforward, reading about the Hellfire club mainly then working them into the plot. The usual thing. Glad you enjoyed it though. I must admit, it's one of my own favourite books (er...favourites of books I've written, I mean...)

Hello Shaun, Hope you are well.
Why is it illegal to kill these despicable fuckers when I believe that it is our duty as rational thinking people to do so? They have no friends and there families disown them, they were probably bullied at school and had the shit kicked out of them on a regular basis, there own children tell there schoolmates that they have died, even there own mothers fucking hate them, in fact, when you are driving along and see one of these retards in the street all you want to do is drive over the useless wankers. I am of course talking about that scum of the earth,'Traffic Wardens',,,,,CUNTS,,,,,all of them. Today I received a polite note on my windscreen telling me what a silly man I was for parking on a small piece of the public highway,(that I helped pay for) and therefore could I please give them 30 quid for doing so. I was parked outside a council building,(that I helped pay for), went inside to speak to an employee,(who's wages I conrtibute towards) to buy a permit that allowes me to park outside my own fucking house,only then to be confronted by this uniformed sack of shit with a stupid fucking grin on his face brandishing a ticket written especially for me.come to think about it, I pay for his fucking wages as well. When I become Prime Minister,(and I will, it only takes common sense and conviction from the voters) I will give everyone an extra days holliday, this day will be known as 'Twat a Warden Day'.One day a year we can all park where the fuck we want, for as long as we want, and if we see any of those cunts who have given us a ball ache during the year we can club the fuckers to death without fear of arrest, in fact, prizes will be given out to the more adventures participents. What possesses these fuckwhits to do that job in the first place, don't they realise that the whole human race will fucking hate them? What I do know, is that if any one of these inbreeds ever came into my local we would have much mirth in ramming pool balls up there arses with broken bottles.
Shaun, I make no apologies if I have offended any of the millions of your fans who visit your website that happen to be Traffic Wardens because they're all cunts and they know it. Why can't they become Morris Dancers, Train Spotters, Black Pudding Juglers, Pile Cream Sellers, Ear Wax Collectors, or one of those silly cunts who dress up as Mascots at football matches,( I bet that they don't tell there mates down the pub what they get up to on a Saturday afternoon,,,,,,cunts,,,). Remember, when I get to No 10 all Traffic Wardens days are numbered,they have been warned.
Our prisons are full of murderers from Ian Brady, Peter Sutcliff, Rose West, Donald Neilson, Garry Glitter to name but a few, what a fucking waste of good tallent. Instead of keeping them rotting away in prison why don't we put there skills to good use, let the fucking lot of them out and give them a list of all the Traffic Wardens names and adresses then let them get on with it,(now that's what I fucking well call Community Service).come to think about it Shaun, why don't we have 'Twat a Warden Day' on your birthday in honnor of your work and thoughtful rants, might even make you my Deputy P.M. Going down the pub now to watch the footy,(sorry about Liverpool not making it any further in the Champions League, honest mate, I just pray that Scum don't win it). Hold on a bit, just one more thing before I go,,,,,,.Thought I might enter myself in this years 'X' Factor,(don't take the piss,I'm deadly fucking serious,I've worked it all out). AllI have to do is eat like a fucking pig and put on sixteen stone, develop a silly stutter, proclaim to the world that I am not doing this for myself but for my cripple mother, my blind son, my prostitute wife, my deaf uncle and my long lost dog,(he isn't dead, he just fucked of from the park one day and I lost him). I will tell that Cheryl Cole what a wonderful talented human being she is,(this may take some time due to my stutter, but it gets the sympathy vote), sing a song that everybody is sick and tired of fucking hearing, and have a voice like Bernard Manning with a blunt stick up his arse, wave a lot to the brainless fuckwhits in the audience, and cry like a baby with a nappy full of shit at the end. When you consider that previous winners have only had one of these attributes each then you can bet your fucking pension on me winning the final. It goes without saying that after twelve months there will be a book about my life as a Superstar,(might need your help on that one Shaun, 60%, what do you think)? What a year this is going to be for me, worldwide singing superstar and Prime Minister, in a few years they will make a blockbuster film about it,(I'll keep you posted on that one).
Oh, nearly forgot, I have to ask you a question don't I? O.K. here goes. Did Albert Tatlock ever play in goal for Liverpool and China? My mate down my local thinks that he did, but then again he thinks that putting tooth paste on your knob is better than taking Viagra, don't try it, it took me all night to wash the fucking stuff off.
See you next time around mate.
Live long and happy,

Lawrence, here's a revolutionary idea for you...don't park where you shouldn't and you won't get a ticket....Sorry, mate, couldn't resist that...I know they're (traffic wardens) the most hated group of people when anyone's asked but I'd go for Estate Agents, solicitors or anyone in banking myself. Your plan to win the X-Factor sounds foolproof...your're a fucking genius...I was thinking of entering Big Brother but am handicapped by being able to string more than three words together at one time, having a brain and not being able to run around naked while shrieking like a fucking idiot...In answer to your question, yes, Albert Tatlock played in goal for Liverpool and china behind a back four that included Mussolini, Ralph Lauren, Enid Blyton and Lawrence of Arabia...toothpaste on your nob....fuck me...

Hi Shaun and happy new year. I loved Body Count, more like that one please. I'm gonna get last rites when it comes out on paper back (hope the Tigers don't get relegated by that point) and I just wanna know is your next book the long awaited Doyle return. We all love the non pc rebel.
Stay cool mate.

Glad you liked Body Count, Francis, let me know what you think of LAST RITES when you've read it. The Tigers getting could be a bit of a tricky end of season for your boys...I think Portsmouth are fucked already, possibly Bolton and I've got a sneaking suspicion Sunderland might just go or maybe Burnley. Hull's last game of the season is against Liverpool isn't it? See you at the KC....

Hi Shaun Hutson
Could we put your website in our LINKS section over at our Independent Horror/Thriller film group website
We remember you coming to our library in Longridge, Preston Lancashire in the late 90's (check the pic) you signed a copy of Fangoria for us and my friend Glen is your biggest fan still today, he was telling me about your Shaun's shit section on your website (great section by the way)
Anyway enough ranting on, hope you are well and everything is going well for you.
Mark and Tray

Of course you can put a link to my site...I don't know what the fuck you have to do but feel free and, any problems then contact Graeme who so kindly runs the site for me. I signed a copy of Fangoria...fuck me, didn't your mate have one of my books to sign...(just kidding...) Say hello to him from me and glad you all enjoy the Shaun's Shit section...

Hello Shaun
My name is Rasel (that's a girl in case you don't remember) and I have just finished Body Count. Sorry it took so long, but I tend to be about 18 months behind with your books now that you don't sign any more - I search online for about a year, then if no luck I give up and borrow from the library (I like your books signed you see). Anyway, I have read all of your books and I have been a fan since the mid 80s. Not as long as some I am sure, but something to be proud of - and I am. I actually met you once a loooong time ago at a music shop ( I think Pete was the owner's name) and I was able to rush back home and ambush you whilst you were gabbing to him (hence me liking signed copies of your books). But that was more years ago than I care to remember; you were in your tidy short hair days anyway. But I digress. I thought Body Count was the best of your books to date ( I don't count the pseudonyms which I assume were written for a quick buck). I was wondering how you rated it amongst your books and what your feelings were when you finished it - pleased, very pleased, not so pleased, diappointed, etc?
I am looking forward to Last Rites but since there isn't any signed copies about, I assume it'll be another 12 months before my library gets it.
Thanks for your time.

A fan since the mid-eighties...bloody hell...thanks. That's one of the things I love about my readers, their loyalty (and staying power..ha, ha...) Whereabouts did we meet, Rasel? I'm curious always worries me when people tell me they've met me because I hope I wasn't rude/objectionable/mouthy or anything else and just can't remember...I was quite pleased with BODY COUNT when I finished it (it's not often I finish one and think 'Fuck me, I've done well there...') Let me know what you think of LAST RITES when you've finished it...

hello shaun, just wanna ask, how do i go about tryin to get your autograph? i would like to have it if i could send a book to uso you cold sign it for me please. obviously im trying to get all your books (as every fan im gessing) but my girlfriend seems to find me wierd for wanting to get the american version of death day. i have been looking for it for a wile and i've now found out how i can get it and how much it will be. but i just want to know is how big is the scene that is in it that isnt in the british version? i would like to know before i get it please, even if you don't im still getting it. thank you

If you want a signed book, Luke then send one to my publishers and they should forward it to me for signing...Your girlfriend thinks you're weird...(I was trying to think of something witty there but couldn't...) To be brutally honest, the scene in the American version of DEATH DAY is about a paragraph longer than the one in the English I wouldn't spend your money uneccessarily...there, can't say fairer than that can I?...

Hi Shaun
Just read Last Rites could not put it down, absolutely brill as your books are what a finale but alas i was totally dissapointed there must have been a dozen deaths in this novel, but not one in my name John Burrell the manc who keeps reminding you that you are watching a football team dumped out of the cup at home by no hopers and are just a bit worse than Utd .And we have got no hope of winning out like you we have no money to buy new players.Alas like you lot we are run by yanks who dont give a fuck about the teams I have probably said it before ,but how can they be allowed to borrow vast sums of money to buy a football club and put a profitable football club into huge debts.anyway keep up the good work.

Hello, John, good to hear from you again. Sorry I didn't kill you in Last Rites (but glad you enjoyed it anyway...) I will get around to it I promise...I know we were dumped out of the cup by a bunch of no-hopers (er...Leeds at least bloody Reading were only one division lower than us...) How the fuck do we get rid of these yanks, John? Both clubs are being ruined and it's ridiculous. No amount of protests are going to get the fuckers out. At least Randy Learner at Villa seems to care about the club rather than seeing it as a prolonged marketing tool. Trouble is, as you say, none of them give a fuck about the fans (but then again, do the clubs themselves really give a fuck, I think not unfortunately...) I don't know about you but I reckon the fact that your lot and the mighty Reds are not playing that well and yet are still doing ok says more about how shit the rest of the Premier League is...Best league in the if you like hundred mile an hour headless chicken football. It always makes me laugh when Sky bang on about the quality of the football in the Premier League and then Richard Keys introduces the Stoke v Wigan or Portsmouth v Hull game, yeah, Richard top notch...We're at your place soon but, if you spot me sneaking down Matt Busby way, don't point me out....cheers, mate...take care..

Hi Shaun.
My name is Jeani Rector and I am the editor of the e-zine The Horror Zine at
The mission of The Horror Zine is to support struggling writers, poets, and artists by displaying their work to a world-wide audience and also to enhance their resume. Not all of our contributors are unknown or struggling, however. We do have contributions from Graham Masterton, Ramsey Campbell, Simon Clark, and Trevor Denyer, but there are many other talented people who have not made the big time....yet.
The reason for this email is: I was wondering if you would consider submitting a story to The Horror Zine. Reprints would be fine as well. You see, a well-known writer like yourself could be an example to the struggling writers on my zine that they too, can be successful if they work hard and do not give up. Also, I would be happy to promote your latest book with a link as to where it can be bought, or anything else you want to talk about in the bio that accompanies your story.
I hope to hear from you.
Jeani Rector, Editor
The Horror Zine

As you publish struggling authors, Jeani then I'll be happy to submit a story...what kind of length...when would you want it etc. etc.

Hi Shaun
When's the next book out? Unfortunately, I love them so much that I read them too quickly. However, I do have yet to get The Last Rites. Its just that with Christmas just gone, I can now go and spend on myself and get this book. I just know that it won't last more than a couple of days though, so I need to know when I can look forward to getting the next one!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours truly, an avid reader and loyal collector,

Slow down with your reading, Amanda, I can't write that bloody fast...let me know what you think of LAST RITES after you've spent your two days reading it...

Hi, Shaun.
I hope you are doing well in this New Year.
Bill was a genius and is still unappreciated many years after his death I still can't get over the fact that the talentless fool named Harry Hill beat him in that channel 4 countdown of greatest comedian talk about insulting.
I have just bought a batch of your books and I will read Hybrid then followed by The Skull after I finish the Dean Koontz novel I am reading.
I was reading your piece on the depress millionaire writer, and trust me I can understand your anger. I am waiting for my novel to be in print (I have just finished my second) and I have to find the money myself to pay for the expenses, I spent amount a hefty amount of money on a books signing event and no one showed up due to weather and the lousy hotel.
And this bitch that has millions, she has the money and lifestyle most authors dream of having, and she is depressed, all I can say is fuck you, don't be so ungrateful does she know how many struggling writers there are in the world? And she even has the audacity to say she can't write, now that pisses me off, there are writers out there who dream of having more hours to write, but can't because of jobs and families, and this tart says she cant because she is depressed. I don't believe this, all writers dream of having all day to write and not worry about money. This bitch has all of the privileges and she still bitches.
Sorry but this pisses me off.
Any how I hope your new novel is coming along fine (if you are writing one at the moment)
Take care.
James Miles

Good to hear from you, James. Good to know that you agree with me about Bill too...(I still miss him, silly as that sounds...) That bit about Marian fucking Keyes was just too much for me and I'm glad it struck a chord with you too...Good luck with your own books and, just one word of advice...don't do signing events...not yet anyway...

Hi Shaun
I'm just sat here sipping whisky out of a Whinnie the Pooh cup (Don't worry it's my daughter's not mine, I just can't be arsed to do the dishes) I've not been on the site for a bit and consequently missed some of the rants and what i've came back to has shocked me! I know you have heard this all before from loads of other fans but don't ever publish that soppy shite again. Whatever those problems are/were that you refferred to, I know you can sort them out. Remember, you have an army of Hutson fans behind you wherever you go who would gladly demolish any threat for you at the drop of a hat (quite a good idea for a short story or something - the crazy author with his army of devoted fans hell-bent on world domination! Ha ha) Anyway just thought i'd express my concern about that off-colour rant. As for the latest one it sounds like a heavily censored version of one of your normal rants. It doesn't matter though because I can just picture the obscenities slotting in there somehow anyway.
Thought i'd keep you updated on my pitiful pursuit for publication (Man my alliteration is on top form today for some reason - could be because i'm drinking Bell's whisky rather than the usual Jack) Anyway it still aint improved, I think i've had one more rejection since I last emailed you and I still aint heard from the other thousand. Got any more advice you could give? I know you must get sick of being a fucking agony aunt but thought i'd seek reassurance (ha ha!) Don't suppose you could put in a good word for me with your agent or something! I've pretty much given up on trying to sell this book and I reckon i'm gonna move onto something different but its always worth a shot huh?
Anyway mate I think its about time I put a bloody good horror film on (maybe Slugs!) and fall into an alcohol induced coma half way through, only to wake up tomorrow with a skull splitting headache, dry mouth and crippling feeling of self-loathing for making an arse out of myself to my favourite author!
Hope to read more of your usual shit real soon mate. Keep it up!

Thanks for the kind words, Phil. That's about the one thing that keeps me going to be honest, knowing that I've got such brilliant readers...On the publication thing I wish I could give you some advice, Phil but when I've got my own agent telling me how crap the business is at the moment then I don't know what to tell you...Basically, I think all but about 100 authors are struggling, every other book is about/by a fucking celebrity or about someone who was abused as a the rest of us are fucked to put it, I'm not sick of being an agony aunt, it's nice to talk to someone who feels the same way...good luck with the books, Phil and keep me posted on how you're doing...

Hi Shaun,
It's only me Marcus, Nigel's mate from my Birmingham days. Yes, I know I am always after you when I need something.....well, you're right!
My horror shop failed miserably, but I did have some fun when I sold the coffins, with one guy who looked like Fred West, paid in cash via ebay as he didn't want me to have his address and also wanted to keep the fact he had a coffin, hidden from his wife........Cuckoo...
My next shot at saving my soul is the following; (
I am being sponsored to wear a Norwich shirt on the pitch at half-time at Ipswich, Portman Road during the WBA game on 26/01/10.....may be the last time you hear from me.
Anyway the whole thing is in aid of Haiti and I have been in touch with their FA who are delighted that fans are even thinking of them, please see letter I sent on their site.
_ (
I am trying to publicise this event but also roll this out nationally, under the title of STRENGTH COMES WITH UNITY, which is the Haitian Team's motto. I have written to everyone in football, FIFA, FA, every league and non-league club etc. I am hoping that Celtic and Rangers lead the way with their game on 20/02/2010.
A brave fan from each side is chosen and sponsored. At the start of the game they come out wearing their own shirts and are paraded in front of the opposition fans. They then meet on the centre circle and swap shirts actually wearing each other's shirts. The point being you sponsor one of your fans to wear the shirt of your rivals in public!
I need help and would appreciate if you would email this to everyone you know. This needs to be fan driven and is about raising money but also showing public signs/roars of support for Haiti.
Anyway, I'm for me lie down in that dark room again.
God bless

Fuck me,'ve got balls or steel, mate...wearing a Norwich shirt at Portman road is bad enough but the mad sods who swap shirts at the Old Firm game must have a death wish...I can imagine that happening at a Liverpool, Manc game (I don't think...)It's a wonderful idea and I hope you do well with it, I'll pass on this e-mail (and your burial requests) to friends...seriously though, good luck mate...

hello mr H.
i have found a couple of books on amazon under your name that i do not own. thing is that they are rather pricey, so i wanted to check that they are genuine first. so.... did you write swords of vengence and men of blood? i only ask because they are £200 and £50. i dont really 'do' computers, so this was a struggle!!! with thanks for enriching my life,
Jay barnes. (no kiss).

Yes, I wrote Swords of Vengeance and Men of Blood, Jay...two hundred quid...fuck me...I should get some of my own copies on e-bay...I don't 'do' computers either so I really appreciate your e-mail...let me know if you get the books or not...

Cineworld or Odeon?
I know you're a big cinema fan and live in Milton Keynes, so which do you prefer?
I used to love the Odeon when it was a UCI, but that EasyCinema was a load of wank!
Apollo Candy

Cineworld by an absolute mile...I used to go to the Odeon when it was The Point but Cineworld is superb...on a par with any cinema I've ever been in. I love it...(but that bloody pick and mix next to the café is costing me a fortune...two quids worth of raspberry jellies nearly every time I go in...I'll be broke by the end of the year...)..
Right, folks, that's my lot. I was going to rabbit on about some stuff here but then thought, no, I'll have a rant, have a look at Shaun's Shit and see what you think...

Wednesday 20th January 2010

Hello, folks,
Before I start on the questions I just want to say that the very PC rant I did was meant to be a piss take...sorry if I misled you all into thinking I'd become a staff writer for HELLO...Needless to say there was a reason for that ball-less rant. I don't even know all the details myself but the complaints about my passionate rants didn't come from a member of the public and it certainly didn't come from one of you guys. I will let you know what happened if I ever get all the details but don't worry, I'm not going soft...there is a new rant on the site so have a look and see if I'm back on track. If the sparkling humour (well, you know what I mean...) is a bit below par then sorry but I am having some problems I need to sort that are of no concern to you fine people but that are making me even more depressed and angry than normal...more details in due course...Anyway, fear not, I'm still angry, I'm still raging, I still hate fucking celebrities (in fact, I hate nearly everyone for that matter...) and I will keep going as long as I can....
Down to business...
Hello Shaun, hope you are well.
First of all, many thanks for including my rant on your last Questions page (does this make me a writer)?
What a pity that my mates down my local refuse to believe that i wrote to such a famouse geezer,anyway,fuck em. Just came out of a dark room after having a good cry because earlier today i heard that THE FUCKING BANKS have been told by the courts that they can keep all of the money that they have stolen of me for the past six years. Apparently it didn't matter that two courts beforehand told the greedy twats to give it back, ( i wonder if the judge has a cushy job on the board of one of these banks, or am i talking bollocks )? If i dont have enough money to put it in my electric meter it gets dark, if i dont have enough to put in the gas meter it gets cold, they dont tell THE FUCKING BANKS to take fifty quid out of my account do they? The landlord down my local in Northampton dosn't fine me fifty quid because i missed the game last Thursday night, so why can THE FUCKING BANKS take my money without even asking? Last month i had to pay o35 for my car insurance only to be told by letter that i only had o30 in my account and therefore could i kindly fuck off and beg on the streets for the remaining five quid, this letter the greedy cunts inrormed me had cost me forty fucking quid. At this time i had a gormless smirk on my face because i truly belived that THE FUCKING BANKS would have to give it all back with interest and that we could all shit in there doorways when ever the mood allowed,I did try to avoid these bank charges by asking the bank manager for an overdraft, now i didn't ask to shag his wife, or bugger his pet poodle, no, i only asked for THE FUCKING BANKS to give me a few quid to see me through the month.Needless to say, i did fuck off out of his office,( he probably charged me a fucking fortune for that pleasure to) and told my wife that THE FUCKING BANKS have shafted us again. What a great story line for your next book Shaun,;;;; Man goes nuts in a bank because of unlawfull charges and rips the cock of the Manager. Just how many Bank Managers have you killed off in the past? (clearly not enough of the fuckers ). Anyway its time for dinner (where all having the egg today) see you next time arround mate.
Live long and happy,

Having a rant on my question page probably does now make you a writer, Lawrence. I mean, every other fucker in the world is a writer aren't they? Jordan, Martine Mcutcheon and every other no mark who's getting stuff published and I would say you're infinitely more qualified to call yourself a writer than those two useless cunts...Why would your mates doubt that you wrote to me...(famous might be stretching it beyond the bounds of credibility but...)...get them to log on to the site and they'll see you did...Banks...don't get me started. Like accountants and everyone else they love you when you've got plenty of money but when you haven't they treat you like a cunt...If they were just honest it would be more bearable...instead of apologising for having to charge for overdrafts etc. If they just spoke to us all with the contempt they actually feel for us it might be more bearable...fuckers...Ripping the cock off the bank manager...sounds like a new game show...all the best..

Hi Shaun,
I wrote to you a few years ago via your site, and you were kind enough to write back. I've been a fan (almost) since day one and was reading some of your recent responses and totally agree with your comments regarding horror books being published. It certainly is happening in cinema at the moment albiet all remakes from the classic 70's stuff. This lead me on to thinking about your choice of topics to write about and if the current slump in the horror market puts you off writing certain genres. Do you ever get pushed into writing books that are not your first choice? What I love about you is your diversity ( I love those war books - another one would be great!) however, my first read was a pure horror 'Slugs' and I have fond memories of those early books. How about a third book about 'Slugs' to make it a trilogy? After all, the horror in the cinema is all about remaking old classics at the mo!
All the best
Steven Burge

I would actually quite like to do SLUGS 3 but my publishers wouldn't want it. Publishers do sometimes try and push you towards certain subjects but, to be honest, unless you're one of the huge sellers, they couldn't care less what you write because they don't publicise it anyway. Either that or an editor will suggest something (sorry, will add something to a subject you've already suggested, I almost gave the impression that editors were creative...) usually totally unworkable. I think you can only write about what you want to write about, what grabs you at the time. It's no good trying to keep up with trends. If you write horror they say they want more thrillers and if you write thrillers they say it's not horrific're fucked either way...

Hi, Shaun.
Thanks for the response, I wished I spent more time in the typing of my first message, I noticed many errors (not a good sign, for a writer)
I am pleased you liked my rant, yours are great and better though. Love your little piece about internet porn, couldn't agree more there. A little porn didn't hurt anyone and people should stop overreacting if you ask me.
I noticed that you also like the late great Bill Hicks as well, that surprised me as I too am a huge fan of the late brilliant comedian.
On a side note I spotted a reference to you in the late great and frankly criminally underrated horror writer Richard Laymon's novel The Stake.
Thanks for answering my questions I too love the novel The Exorcist, the film was fucking brilliant as well.
It is fucking amazing to get a response from one of my all time favourite writers.
Don't worry I won't take up any more of your time.
Keep those books coming.
God bless and take care
James Miles

You can take up as much of my time as you like, James....Glad you like the rants and also that you share my love for the genius who was Bill Hicks. I often wonder what he would have made of this shit, celebrity obsessed fucking culture...Nice to see you agree with me about the porn too...Feel free to take up my time whenever you like. All the best...

shaun baby!!!!!!
i just read your december rant.
are you okay???? i love your rants and hoe you moan and grown about people please please come back to us. xxxxxxx
what did you get for xmas? i hope you and your family have /had a good one.
love you love your books and love gray for getting the website together its like my second home here. all the best for 2010!!!!!
in the new year i am renewing my wedding vows you and your lovley wife are more than welcome to come and you can meet us mad lot, lol lots of drink,food and dancing. xxxx just got to say it again ..... shaun baby. lol

I was being ironic, Rachael....but obviously not very effectively...Don't worry, I'll go back to slagging people without using any restraint or irony. Good luck with your wedding vows...

Dear Shaun, hope you are well,
What in god's name is an 'isobar'? I have had the good fortune in my life to have visited most of the cities around Europe and never have I claped eyes on one, yet every night after the six o'clock news this skinny bitch who gives the weather forecast bangs on for half an hour about the fucking things.Where I come from in Northampton we get on our telly an ugly cow with no tits who has a face like a Bull dog licking piss of a nettle telling me that we have fucking 'isobars' again On many a night on my way home from the pub I have looked to the heavens, but I'me fucked if I can see one, you never hear of any planes crashing to the ground after hitting one do you?,,,,and what are they supposed to fucking do anyway? And while I'me at it,,,,,,what the fuck is a 'cold weather front'? ,,,,,,Thats the thing that looks like a bit of string with flags on it. Is is the bit before the cold or the bit after? because it's all bollocks to me. And why when this brainless slut comes on does she have to tell us what the weather was like today?,,,,,,,,,I fucking know what it was like, I was in it you stupid whore, try telling me what it's going to be like tomorrow,if you can. I kid you not Shaun,,,,,,tonight she came out and advised us all to 'Wrap up warm if you are planning on going out tonight'. Well fuck me,,,,,who would of thought of that in fucking December, the truth is that we have all had the piss taken out of us. Isobars, Cold or warm weather fronts,The lock ness monster,Father Christmas, The trophy cabinet at Northampton Town F.C. DO NOT EXIST. Another good story line for your next book Shaun,,,,,,A plane load of weather girls on there 'you can shag us for a lager' weekend in Prauge smashes into a mountain after hitting an isobar and kills the fucking lot of them, bring back Michael Fish,,,,at least he knew along with the rest of us that he was a useless cunt.By the way Shaun,,,,,,a while ago I asked you to send me a signed photo and you rightly pointed out to me what a stupid twat I was that by not giving you my adress prevented you from doing so,,,,,,,well iv'e found a solution to this problem,,,,,,why dont you send it to my neighbor and then he can give it to me when he gets home from his Morris Dancing classes? If you want to know where he lives, thats easy ,,,,two doors up from me. Don't know why I didn't think of that in the first place.
Have a great Christmas mate, may all your wishes come true,
P.S. Im'e supposed to ask you a question are'nt I ? O.K. then, hear goes... Given the choice, which one of the Bay City Rollers would you take on holiday with you.See you next time around mate.

Lawrence, you're a fucking nutter...(thank God..)...I love your rant but you still won't get that signed photo if I don't know where to send it you twat...Tell your Morris dancing neighbour to send me his address...I'd take Les on holiday by the I could throw fucking darts at his bell bottoms...

Hello Mr. Shaun Hutson
I am a danish man who have been reading your books since i was 13, and now at almost 40,i still enjoy your books immensly, you are partly responsible for me having english as my second language, well you and mr. Stephen King ;-), mostly because none or very few of your books has been translated into Danish, and like you write on your page, hear it straight from the horses mouth.
I just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your writing, i do however have a particualar fondness for your horror books,as they are packed with gore and scary moments, as well as superb suspense building. I have been interested in horror ever since i saw the excorcist when i was 7 or 8 years old, it scared the crap out of me back then, still does to this day.
I have read most of your work, but have saved a few for a rainy day. I hope you and your family will have a good and safe christmas and a happy new year.
Keep making us fans thrilled about your work
Jimmi Hoejdal

I'm not surprised THE EXORCIST scared you if you saw it when you were 8, Jimmi....fucking scared me when I was 20 (and still does...). Glad you like my books. I think HEATHEN was published in Danish but I'm not sure...Your English is better than mine by the way...

Heya Shaun,
I have an idea that could make you a small fortune mate... but it needs yourself, Jeremy Clarkson, and Arthur Smith in a recording studio... All it needs to be is an annual CD publication of the three of you, ranting arguing and discussing the things that piss you off. very much in the style of the Derek and Clive DVD produced by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore only there's was sketches and random humor.
Let's face it, we'd all find it hilarious, you'd get your points across, we'd all be agreeing with you, the press coverage would be monumental (in the Sun at least) and you'd be getting paid to do what you're doing for free on your website now.
I've even got the ironic title sorted for it... 'who gives a Sh*t what we think?!'
It might even earn you your own newspaper column ( yeah i know, as if you didn't find writing novels difficult enough!!)
just a thought... Have a good ridiculously over commercialized and stupidly early celebrated Christmas and New Year mate, hope to see you out on the road next year
Woody the baggies fan

Great idea Woody, trouble is, I'm not a celebrity so I couldn't do that. They'd get someone like Rory fat cunt McGrath instead because he's a football fan too...yeah, he's been to about three Arsenal matches you know...a real supporter...I seriously do think that this would work but no one in the world would pay me to do agent would keep worrying about me upsetting someone and no newspaper would give me a column because I don't have tea with Chico every now and then....Maybe I should record something and see if the brilliant Mr Sayer could get it on the site...Hope you're well and look forward to seeing your boys back in the Premier League next season (if the mighty Reds get their fingers out, otherwise, you might pass us on the way up...)

No Shaun, we dont want you to change your style of rant!! we love you! I realy look forward to reading Shauns Shit!!! i love your honesty and you tell it like it is.People who are offended should............pig off and go buy jordens new 'book'.gay lords!!! Just want to say,i love all your books,i've read and still got every one! love love love them!!!!!! thanx Shaun for keeping me entertained!!! :) xx
Melissa Hill

Melissa, I'm flattered, honoured and any other word you can think of and don't worry, I'm not changing...Unfortunately, honesty is not the best policy in the publishing business but I'll keep going regardless...I am honestly touched by your, I am...I mean that...xx

Shaun, hello mate.
What the fuck was that? Were we having a ( Everyone Hates Me) day or did you just run out of bog roll? because what I just read on your site was not what many of the thousands of us were expecting. Every few weeks we all look forward to reading your rants, they are informative, they are funny, they are topical, they are concise and most of all they are honest, and if they do offend others then fuck em. Maybe we all thought that you were untouchable, thick skinned, unfazed, maybe we all took you for granted in waiting for you to entertain us, ( what the fuck do I know )? A few years ago Shaun Hutson was that guy who wrote a few fucking good books but because of Graeme Sayer and his wizardry we have all got to know YOU and not just your work. I think I can speak for thousands of others when I say that we all appreciate the hard work you put into writing your books to keep us fed, to give us that fix, besides spending countless hours answering our questions and comments, I really can't think of any other writer who cares so much about his fans ( friends ) in the way you do. Now look sunshine, if we all decided to turn up and throw you a party, we would all fill Anfield a hundred fucking times over just to see you. Billy Connolly has spent years of criticism from wankers who dislike what he says, but in your case I feel that it is the very same people that you have kept fat for many years that have decided to censor you. Maybe you can't call them money grabbing, short sighted, exploitive, greedy fat cunts, but I can. This next bit is not necessarily directed at you Shaun but to the many readers of this page. I want you all in your thousands to write or E-mail the publishers of Shauns books to demand that they re-publish and print all of his books that they in there wisdom decided to shelve and to demand that they answer your letters. Tell them how sick and tired you are of finding it almost impossible to find his books that you want. Hey,!!!! Let's get a petition going, I'll start it, just follow me. If the book shops tell you that there is no demand for Shauns books, kindly tell the stupid fuckwhits that if there are none of his books on the shelves then how the fuck can they promote them in the first place, if someone wants to read his books for the first time how the fuck can they buy one if the shelves are devoid of them. Write to all the buyers of the top book stores, tell them what you want, demand what you want. Ask yourselves this. How many Shaun Hutson books did you buy from new? How many did you buy second hand because the main book shops didn't stock them, (and Shaun didn't make a fucking penny from)? How many have you borrowed from friends or loaned to friends? If everybody owned the books that they read then Shaun would be as wealthy as J.K. fucking Rowling. It's not your fault, just the book shops.come on people let's do it, these people don't realise that in this case, demand IS greater than supply.
Tell you what Shaun, I might even ask them to have the balls and publish your rants because I know that they will fly off the shelves by the millions. Keep ranting and raving, practice what you preach, don't change, for fucks sake don't do that, and no more rants like that last piece of shite, it's not big and it's not clever, you have been told. You've done your work mate, now let us do something in return and get your books back where they belong. When I become Prime Minister (and I will, it only takes common sense from the voters), I will make it compulsory for every home to have at least two pieces of your work, You're a good man Shaun, one of life's nice people, see you next time around mate.
Keep well and happy, Lawrence.

Lawrence, you must have been so pissed when you wrote all these fucking e-mails...I really do appreciate your kind words though and if you and thousands of others would like to e-mail my publishers then that would be amazing...go on, if a few thousand people could keep that insipid little cunt Joe Mcelderry off the number one spot by protesting on Facebook then you lot have a go too....of course, I didn't know anything about it right, guv...
*** Right, hold on, I'm going to stop here for a minute because I'm quite touched
by you lot worrying about me going soft and changing etc. etc. no, scratch that, I'm very
touched....I knew you guys were different fucking class but this is something else...sorry for
the moment of sentimentality but I had to say that...In fact, I'll probably say it again later...***
Right, back to the questions..

Very cool, Shaun. I just turned in my edited version of the novel, so I'm hoping to have an ARC in the next few months. If you'd like, I'd be happy to send you a copy. I'm assuming I should send it to your publisher's address listed on the website, but please let me know if you'd like me to send it somewhere else.
And after reading through my initial email, I realized that I was quite drunk when I wrote it, so many thanks for suffering through my rambling.

Nothing wrong with being drunk, Jeff...I wish I was...what the fuck is an ARC?...whatever it is I'd like one...

Ha ha, very good, but the new style is too much of a departure for Joe 'Pubic' (the term Joe 'Pubic' obviously doesn't include us readers - who on the whole are well grounded and ÿintelligent - well, we must be because we're rock fans !) as mostÿof the 'Pop Factor' generationÿwould struggle with the actual concept of sarcasm these days. (Mind you, most folk would struggle with anything longer than a sentence, unless it was a custodial one.)

Thanks, Lee, glad you enjoyed my completely transparent sarcasm...I love that last joke, I might nick that...all the best...

WTF??? Where's the real Shaun gone? Bring him back, we miss his usual rants.
Don't let the f*ckers stop you expressing your honest opinion! It gives us a really good laugh and a lot of it is just what we say too! If people don't like your usual stuff then they shouldnt read it! Bunch of n*bs!!!
Lisa Hird

Don't worry, Lisa, I'm still the new rant and see what you think...

Hi again Shaun,
If I may, I'd like to remind you of the reason behind my 'You don't half talk ... ' comment. (I'm not surprised you don't recall; it was about 20 years ago!)
It was a response to an article you did for 'Fear' magazine. You stated Iron Maiden were the biggest band on the planet; I was a bit miffed as I happen to be a Queen fan ... and I was suffering from depression at the time. Anyway, I put pen to paper - remember those days? - and sent off my letter of disagreement. I was surprised when I received a reply; not only that, you were rather nice and polite. (I promise not to tell anyone.) In your reply you also recommended an album you were listening to at the time; 'Operation:Mindcrime' by Queensr~che. Intrigued, I bought the album and - AWESOME! (I have all their albums now; none quite match the brilliance of 'Mindcrime' but lots of songs since that have shone.)
We exchanged a few more letters - around half a dozen or so - until depression got so bad I stopped reading for the best part of two years; pretty much stopped interacting with the rest of the world, to tell the truth.
So, I have half a dozen hand-typed, autographed letters from your good self. Many thanks for taking the time to do that. The icing on the cake, though? We were both drummers!
Last word from me about Jedward; I think these two boys saw the fame, glamour and celebrity but had no idea about the work, promotion, photo shoots, travel, hangers-on, false friends and all the negative things about 'fame'. I could be wrong, maybe fame IS as glamourous as it looks ... but I really hope they get out alive.
I loved your latest rant; if I were to rant I'd be ranting about politicians - and it'd be a long bloody rant! ('Rant' ... sounds weird when said so many times in one sentence!)
Finally, I'd also like to say 'Thanks!' for inspiring me to write. When I had a prolonged spell free of depression I wrote about 15 pieces of prose; horror stories, SF and some comedic pieces. There was also a rather saccharine story about Christmas I wrote for my mother when she was ill. She didn't get to read it.
I hope I haven't rambled too much. Thanks for your time.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.
Jim McArthur

Jim, I remember the letter and our subsequent exchanges I just forgot it was my Maiden comment that started it off...Both rock fans, both drummers and, hey, both depressed...I've been manic depressive for years but for about the last four it's just been depression...but, what the hell, no one wants to hear about that and I'm not here for that. I just wanted to let you know that I know how you feel....(sorry, sounded a bit caring there for a second but in a sort of "Shaun's become a pussy" way...) I agree that Queensryche never scaled the heights like they did with Mindcrime but they were still fucking superb. As far as Jedward and all these other fucking wannabes I just think if they get chewed up and spat out then so what? They'll make some money that they don't deserve so fuck them...You're right, the word rant does look weird used too many times...unlike the word fuck or cunt which looks great used hundreds of times in quick succession...and no, you haven't rambled...and I should know...all the best, Jim..

Howdo Shaun
I trust Christmas was a good one for you and yours. Two questions, if I may. One is a typical collector's anorak question the second is more of a rant / plea:
1) The anorak question: I have 2 copies of the Star 1984 Terminator paperback. Both are identical except one has SHAUN HUTSON on the spine and has 2 blank end papers. The other doesn't have SHAUN HUTSON on the spine and has adverts from the publisher to buy books on the last end papers. The copyright page, price, etc, is the same for both. Which is the true first printing?
2) The rant / plea: I read your comments about why you don't do signings any more and I have to say with all the nobs you have encountered over the years I can't blame you. However I assume you have met far more fans, which made it worthwhile or you wouldn't have done them for so long before giving up. As a collector and fan since pretty much the beginning - I was 13 when I bought the Star paperback of Slugs and got bollocked off my English teacher for not reading 'proper' fiction like Bronte - it is frustrating to me and the boat load of fans out there like me who will now never get the chance to get their collections signed. I always found the ticketed events worked well: the prats on the street can't just wander in and insult you, and they won't shell out for a ticket. You used to do Milton Keynes and Birmingham: can't you consider one of those again for your next book? Please don't suggest I to write to your agent at this point because he can never be arsed replying to anything...I'd appreciate an opinion from you personally whether you'd be willing.
Hope this e mail doesn't take up too much space.
Paul Evans

To be honest, Paul, with the copies of Terminator, I haven't got a clue which one is the first printing. I've got a couple at home where my name is bigger on the cover but that's about it. Sorry I can't be more help. Where the hell did you get them? Stopping the signings is nothing to do with some of the things I mentioned, trust me. For every twat there are a hundred wonderful people and a bit of banter would never put me off. If bookshops don't request me or the publishers don't support the requests then there's nothing I can do I'm afraid. I loved doing Birmingham and I get a tremendous amount of pleasure from meeting my readers. I have to admit that some of it is down to me in as much as I've been suffering with very bad depression for a couple of years now and I have no intention of inflicting that on a paying audience who've come along for a good night of entertainment so some of it is my fault and I apologise for that. Hopefully things will change but I wouldn't hold your breath. I wish, as much as you, that things could be like they were...

just read yer latest book what can i say fucking awesome !!! but why a whole year til the next one come on we need two books a year and lots more violence

Sorry you have to wait a year...but that's how it one is out in October...glad you liked the latest one though...