Questions 2014

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Hi Shaun,
My girlfriend and i met because we are both fans of your books. We met through a facebook fan page in August 2011 and started chatting and if it wasn't for you and your work, we may never have met. So we'd just like to say many thanks
Dave & Nick

That's nice to hear. Good to know my books have been good for something other than intestinal problems and nightmares. I was always an old romantic at heart. Well, old anyway...

Hello. Thank you for the new look of an official webpage.
Greetings from Poland. We are still waiting for any new book published in Polish. We still have to live on those 4 titles from the early 90s. It isn't enough :) When can we expect anything? (Speaking for myself) I am really looking forward to all new stuff from Shaun Hutson.
An unofficial Facebook fanpage (Shaun Huston's Fans) nas only 246 likers, but still... I like sharing infos with people who really love Shaun Hutson's books.
Thank you.
Paweł Pietrzak (Pauluk)

Thanks for the e-mail Paweł. Hopefully some of my books will be heading your way very soon, especially the newest one MONOLITH... Thanks again for the interest...


Hey Shaun,
How the hell are you you embittered, cynical old recluse? I reckon it's been nearly two years since I last got in touch so I thought I'd drop you an email to see what's happening? Have you decided to stick the last Doyle novel into PDF for Graham to upload or can you get a copy onto the Kindle store without pissing off your publishers (got to be good for a few quid for you and we'd love to get our grubby little mitts on it I can assure you). Nice to see David Moyes has managed to finally get Everton above United... I mean he's had to infiltrate United to do it but you can't fault his methods or cunning eh? Also nice to see the baggies scrape a point against you and Liverpool still in the European Places over half way through the season. Alex and me are still happily married and got a mortgage and hopefully the first sprog on the way – the things a guy will agree to for sex eh? I really do miss waiting for your new releases mate, I've had to go back and read the secret Pseudonym books again (still say they're some of your best work), even George RR Martin has dried up again now and the TV series is taking it's sweet time. Where the hell are all the non mainstream authors these days, I'm sick of seeing fucking autobiographies everywhere too.
Anyway, I hope you're good and life is treating you well mate. Hope to see you out and about sometime, even for an informal coffee with some of the old message board gang (look a flying pig).
Anyway all the best as always
Woody (the baggies fan)

Hi Woody, good to hear from you and glad you're still taking pleasure from the Baggies...ha, ha...probably more pleasure than I'm taking from Liverpool at the moment!!! There is a new book of mine coming out next year you know. Monolith, published by Caffeine Nights, there should be details on the site somewhere about it. In the rest of publishing it looks as if celebrity books are still king and it's getting worse...but, no point in moaning about it because that's the way things will be and it won't change. God forbid publishers should start listening to members of the public who can actually think!!! You take care mate and let me know when you eventually become a Dad...I can recommend it...


Dear Mr. Hutson
Thank you for using a word I didn't know the meaning of as one of the titles of your books.
Yesterday I randomly picked 'Epitaph' off of the shelf in my local library. Since I had no idea what the title meant, I had to read the back. After doing so, I picked up the other two books that were yours.
I ate through 2/3 of the book during my stay at the library. I didn't want to put it down! I haven't felt that eager to read a novel in a very long time, so thank you for that.
I'll admit, I figured out that Paul and Gina were lovers before the actual reveal, but the fact that you killed him off was a real twist! I was so thrown off this morning, it really was exhilarating!
I'm sure I'll love 'Body Count' and 'Last Rites' as much as this. I'm also sure at least one of your others will end up on my e-reader.
Thank you for the great read

Hi Nicole, glad that my use of the word Epitaph has enlarged your vocabulary and even happier you enjoyed the book, even if you did figure out one of the twists!! Hope you'll like BODY COUNT and LAST RITES too. I think there's some others on the way to e-book too but not sure which ones, sorry...thanks for taking the time to e-mail...

Hi Shaun
Hope this finds you through the website- things have changed a lot!
Thought I'd just drop you a few lines- hope things are ok with you . Been a long time since drumming along to Priest's Metal Gods at yours for sure!
The horror novel scene just disappeared!
We need Guy N Smith to come out of retirement!!!!!!!!!
Gareth James, Pieces of Mary

Gareth, good to hear from you mate. Things are not bad, better with you I hope. You're right about the horror novel disappearing! I think it's going to take Jordan wanting to have one ghost written for her to make the big publishers support them again!!! The weird thing is that all the big publishing houses used to have horror lists as you know and they used to make good money for them but true crime and thrillers killed them off and, despite the continued success of horror films, publishers show no sign of wanting horror novels back again. Well, why would you want something that scares the shit out of people and makes them think when you can publish Twilight eh? I'm sure their motives are pure...Anyway, you look after yourself. And, no, we don't need Guy N. Smith to come out of retirement...


Hi Shaun mate,
Hope all is good and life is treating you well. I still miss having someone sensible to talk to at the match and if your ever dropping in for a game let me know.
I have had a complete career change, after my mental breakdown I went back to work but it was shit so I took redundancy in January and am now a full time dog walker/sitter/trainer. Money is shit but as they say if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life and that is how I feel now. Have the odd shit day but I don't wake up in the middle of the night stressing about whats going on the next day. Its fucking ace:-)
Thanks to my brother being a good sort I still get to go to the game on his ticket and on the very odd occasion he does make it to a game I just watch it in the pub.
Anyway, give me a shout, one day mate we can meet up for a coffee :-)
Brian Farrell

Brian, good to hear from you, mate. I know the job was getting you down so glad to hear you're now happy doing what you do. I couldn't believe that a guy who had been in the army got so stressed about office shit but then again, you always were a sensitive soul ha, ha....I miss going to the match like you wouldn't believe but circumstances have just dictated that I can't so...we will have to meet up again some day, just to console each other...ha, ha...You take care, mate.

Hi Shaun,
It's Trevor I have tried contacting Maiden but haven't had much luck mate. I was thinking about putting together something to somehow catch their attention. My cousin in England wasn't able to help me out much with this. I was wondering how you were able to get ahold of them in the past? I will keep trying to reach them though.How was the Sonisphere? I saw they had some amazing Planes with Eddie as the pilot, Awesome! Well I hope to hear from you soon.
Trevor Whittemore

Trevor, hopefully you'll be able to get your stuff to Maiden somehow. They always used to contact me to be honest so I'm not much help there. Sonisphere was great and so were the planes...all the best.

Hi Shaun,
Just felt I must drop a line to let you know I love your work,probably not been reading your work for as long as many of your avid fans but enjoying your books immensely.Was a great fan of James Herbert's books and having read most all of them I need something else so some six or seven years ago I was mooching around a market bookstall in Moreton in the Marsh asked the stall holder if he could recommend a British horror writer and he came up with your glad he did.Just finished Last Rites and starting Necessary Evil,all I can say is keep up the great work and THANKS.
Rob Green
Ps Should you wish to have a character by my name in a future publication feel free......quite happy for my namesake to have their eyes gouged by hot teaspoons :)

Rob, just wanted to say how glad I am that the guy on the market stall recommended me...what a fine man!! Glad you enjoyed the books too. Eyes and hot teaspoons eh? I'll see what I can do...


Hi shaun
I just wanted to say how much joy you gave me in the late eighties, I would go to work on the tube and read your books with a passion and on my occasions missing my stop as I was so engrossed.
I would look forward to the journey home despite it being cramped and claustrophobic just to read another chapter.
Thank you

Hopefully I'll give you some pleasure now too...(oops, sounded a bit suspect). A lot of people read on the tube and I think my style of writing suits that kind of environment, ha, ha...Short cliffhanger chapters and all that, usually works. Check out the new stuff if you can and see what you think. Take care.

Hello Shaun I went into water stones book shop to see if you written any new books as I have or thought I had all your books ? Why are there none of your books on the shelfs? Why is there no horror section ? They have condensed it all to fiction ? No crime no horror no fantasy no syfy . Anyway I then searched on line and found that there are loads of books by you that I have never heard of ? And mega expensive ? I have books signed by you at least three , the scull on line new over 4,000 pound. Wow I have ordered as many that I can afford but is it possible to have a list of all your books and how to get them ? Please. an avid reader , you are so much better then the American writers , I like koonce, and masterson , don't like king he's crap ,excuse my profanity , hope you are well and like living in bucks.

Four Grand for a copy of The Skull...fuck me!!! Yes, Chris, there are lots of my books available (I think) but obviously not from Waterstones!!! Bookshops in general seem to have ignored the horror genre hoping it would go away and what do you know, it has!!! Mind you, who wants well thought out horror when you can read Twilight eh?


Hi shaun
Hope you are well. ive read all your books but notice that you wrote a book called butchers window in 1993 ive been trying for awhile
now to get hold of a copy any ideas
thank you

Angela, sorry to disappoint you but THE BUTCHER'S WINDOW was never actually published. I wrote it but never really with a view to publication. I don't even have a copy of the manuscript myself.

Hi Shaun,
I have quite a following online with the many interviews I've done on my YouTube channel.
I myself enjoy writing and I have interviewed Stephen Volk in his home and Uri Geller at home as I am very discreet. I am soon to also interview Dame Vera Lynn in her home. I would be so honoured to interview yourself about your writing as a fan of your work for my followers.
If this is something we could arrange this would be great.
I look forward to your reply.
Kind Regards
Richard Case

Hi, Richard and thanks for the e-mail. The interviews sound interesting. Very diverse too. I know nothing about this sort of thing I must admit (I'm an old luddite) but it sounds great.

Dear Shaun,
First of all thank you for taking the time to read this, I understand that your time is precious. Perhaps it would be beneficial to introduce myself first. My name is Simon Goodwin, and I am the author of 4 ebooks available on Amazon (with another 4 in the works), and I live in Tamworth Staffordshire.
Tamworth was a once thriving market town, but of late it has, much like the rest of the country, been hit hard by the continuing economic crisis (basically it is dying a slow, painful death). I have the idea of arranging a literary festival of some sort in the town which would hopefully bring the people in and perhaps wake up the local Council to the fact that the town may just need some injection of interest from them. I have a few ideas along the lines of a memorabilia type convention with signings/talks/workshops etc, and whilst I do appreciate that the chance of you attending is probably slim to none, perhaps a word or two that I could perhaps utilise in advertising and /or promotion, or in fact any suggestions you might have regarding such events would be greatly appreciated.
In fact, any help whatsoever (although I don't think we would have you manning the ice cream counter) would be great.
Thanks again for your time, hope to hear from you at your convenience

Bloody hell, Simon, and there was me getting ready to man the ice cream stall!!! Good luck with the festival if you get it going. Sorry I can't help with an appearance but I don't do those anymore and haven't for a while. I know Tamworth by the way, lovely place but I understand your concerns. I hope it goes well anyway. Local libraries, if they haven't all been fucking closed down, usually like to support things like this so approach them. And local bookshops too but unless you can get a fucking so-called celebrity to appear you're probably flogging a dead horse!! I mean, who wants to see a writer when you can see some no-body from The Only Way is Essex eh?