Questions 2008

December 2008

Hi Shaun
I've been a massive fan of yours for about 20 years now (Shit, that makes me feel old!) although my quest to get hold of your every published word continues. I live in Tasmania, Australia and am having trouble picking up your older stuff - i.e Wolf Kruger, Samuel Bishop, Tom Lambert etc. As much as I enjoy your work I can't justify shelling out a couple hundred dollars to those roguing fucking leeches on ebay and amazon, although I have picked up a few of your older gems at more reasonable prices. It seems you used to have a reasonably high profile in this country but your more recent books (everything after Compulsion) are nowhere to be found. I'm assuming this is the fault of your publishers, but its a real fucking shame nonetheless, especially in comparison to most of the drivel that lines the shelves. Or perhaps I'm just looking in the wrong places.
Anyway, a couple of questions for you. Are you a fan of Brit-rockers The Wildhearts? From your acknowledgements and quotes, I gather you're a fan of Backyard Babies and Thunder (me too) who seem to travel in the same kinda circles. Me, I fucking love 'em. They're coming to Australia in a couple of weeks and I can't wait.
I think you've been asked this before, but any thoughts on the late, great Richard Laymon? He dropped your name in one of his books (The Stake, I think) and I was wondering if you crossed paths at any time.
On the subject of other authors, have you read Irvine Welsh? Not my usual fare but I really enjoy his work and look forward to the Trainspotting prequel.
Whether or not you are Richard Howard, his Bonaparte series is top notch. If you can track him down, I reckon he owes you some royalties (or at least a pint or two).
Well, I've taken enough of your time. Apologies for rambling on, best of luck with your future endeavors, and keep the great work coming.
Tony Simpson

If being a fan of mine for 20 years makes you feel old, Tony, how the fuck do you think I feel...Glad you're still reading my stuff.
You will have trouble picking up the pseudonym stuff because it's all been out of print for a few years now. There should be info on the site somewhere recommending where you might be able to find it for not being able to find my more recent books then I must only suppose it's down to the publishers (it'll be the same over here too soon..) The wildhearts are not that well known to me to be honest so I can't comment, sorry, Tony. Thunder and Backyard babies I like though.
I never met or knew poor Richard Laymon but I understand he was once good enough to mention my name in one of his books and I think you're right, it was THE STAKE. As for other authors I don't read fiction to be honest, only the occasional historical book and non-fiction if I ever do. Glad you like the Bonaparte series...we share the same publisher. Take care of yourself, mate.

Hi Shaun firstly i will congratulate you on your superb books, the question i hope you will answer is are the stories in paperback different from the hardback versions,(i.e.) white ghost.
pj metcalfe

Many thanks for the kind comments and no, you'll be delighted to know that hardbacks and paperbacks are exactly the same (so you're not missing anything...)

Hi Shaun,
Just finished Body Count, wow....amazing. I've been reading horror books for years, no-one compares to your writing style, content and themes. Not an arse licker ,just stating the facts, you're the best!
Kate Hazeldine (Director)

Aw, shucks, Kate, very kind of you. Sorry, I'm shit at taking compliments (but keep them coming anyway..) and feel free to arse lick as much as you like..always appreciated..

Hi Shaun,
Since leaving Walton High I've lost your email address as it was on the school system, so I hope you get this! Just wanted to say that I've now been writing full-time since September and am about to agree a three book trilogy deal with Gollancz - so at last I'll have a UK publisher! hurrah! And it's quite a nice deal too, especially as its on outline and sample chapter only...very happy!
Just wanted to say that your signed copy of Slugs is sitting by my desk and every morning when I sit down to slog out the words (got to finish the 6th horror before moving on..) I look at it and remind myself that people do make careers out of all this if they work hard enough!;-)
I hope Kelly is enjoying Walton now that she's in year 8 and that all is going will with you. World Horror is in Brighton in 2010 - you going to be coming out of seclusion for that? I'll buy you a beer!
Sarah x

Good to hear from you Sarah and many congratulations on the book deal. I'm glad the copy of SLUGS is an inspiration (if only to think, "if he can do it then so can I") Kelly's doing fine at Walton, really likes it (fortunately).
I won't be at World Horror (not my kind of thing..) but you can buy me that mineral water some other time thanks very much...once more, good luck with the books. I'm assuming they're horror...yes, no, delete where applicable...

Hi Shaun,
Just a quickie- I've just finished reading Breeding Ground- which was gut retching, tense and highly readable. The ending leaves it possible open for a 3rd Slug book- have you every considered doing another Slug book?
Thanks & bests

Glad you enjoyed BREEDING GROUND Roger, but no, there won't be a Slugs 3. there is material there (God help us) and that was always the plan back then but I can't ever see it happening now to be honest. Thanks for asking though...

Hi there
Its me again! Well you probably won't remember me as I wrote to you over a year ago! (you replied in 6th september)! a flippin' year ago, crazy how time passes.
and even worse I only saw ur response to my email a couple of weeks ago. i never thought you would reply to my email so I didnt think to check in the 'questions' section. (I have learnt my lession!) :-/
yes i am west ham fan! the argies came and then went! suprise suprise! another turgid season develops for me!
at least gerrard scored against marseille (26th nov), got him in dream team! haha!
i also thought I would drop you my ever growing music dvd list. im a bit of a collector of bootlegs and if you wanted any from my wide range of tastes you can have them. (altho some bands listed i dont like!) Or if you wanted material from bands that arent listed i can see what i can do. i have many contacts all over the world regarding music bootlegs! haha! some rare treats on list so have a look when you have a spare min or two! probably got some more damned material that isnt listed actually!
N.B. any official dvds on list arent for giving, they are just for reference!
yeh i appreciated the time you took to read and reply, so that's cool to know that you are in touch with the 'average joe' in the street.
i'll be checking out your new book, body count. in time for the xmas holis too!
anyway, rambled on long enough!
so if you are vaguely interested in any dvds or simply want info, just drop us a bell. simple as.
hope all is well and may your new book be as successful as the last one. well that can be interpreted either way! interpret it the positive way! hahaha!
Shakil Tahsin

Please don't remind me about how quick time passes, Shakil....but you're right...never thought I'd reply to your e-mail eh? Oh, ye of little faith...West Ham are doing better at the moment (probably deserved you r point at our place in November I grudgingly admit...) but I like the way they've always tried to play football unlike the hundred mile an hour, headless chicken type shit that passes for football in most of the Premier League.
Liverpool play you in March (I think, I'm nowhere near my fixture list at the moment...) so I'll be taking a trip to Upton Park as usual.
Hope you enjoy BODY COUNT, let me know what you think...

Hi Shaun,
I guess you'll get letters like this all the time, so I'll try keep it brief.
I've got an idea for a novel*; I'm pretty sure it's a good idea and I know for sure that it won't be entertained by too many publishers because of it's gruesome, violent and politically incorrect content.
I would like to know: do publishers advance unknown authors - I've started it, but my time's limited due to my "day job" and how do I ensure my idea remains in my control after presenting it to a potential publisher. I don't want a publisher telling me my idea is no good, then giving it to another author - not even you.
And finally; it's society as a whole. Very few people have manners, nor do they expect them from others. I always say excuse me in the pictures!
Thanks for taking the time out to read this. If you reply - double thanks.
Mark Rodwell

Mark, fucking hell, some tricky questions to answer here...First thing I'd say is continue writing your book no matter what the subject matter. As for publishers and new authors...unless you've got a shit hot agent/know the managing director/used to be an editor/have been on Big Brother or are a Z-list celebrity then they probably won't even read the fucking thing, let alone give you an advance. As for them nicking the idea don't worry about that, they won't. Simple as that. If you really want to cover yourself, put a little copyright sign (a c in a circle) on the title page near your name and post a copy to yourself but trust me, they won't nick the idea. I'd like to be more helpful and offer more hope but with the book business, hope isn't really in very good supply unless you kiss the right arses, suck the right dicks and are prepared to jump through the right hoops. Just one word of advice though, if they offer a hoop to jump through then have a good fucking look, take a decent run up and leap gratefully through...and I mean that...Let me know how you get on.

22nd December 2008

hello shaun. i just finished reading a used copy of assassin, and it was one hell of a book. there are some truly disturbing scenes in that book that were wild. i do not know if you have been asked this question before but have you ever considered writing short stories? you have some awesome horror/thriller novels under your belt, so why not take a crack at an anthology?
joseph gustafson.

Thanks very much, Joseph. I did some short stories years ago (they're on the site actually) and some ideas translate better as short stories than novels but I prefer the time you get on a novel to be honest. However, an anthology might be a good idea. Let's see what happens...

Will there be a scheduled signing for this book? I did write to your publisher after my last e mail about signings and you suggested I contact them. They didn't have the courtesy to reply. Not impressed, mate - surely you have some degree of control over the ignorant bleeders? I still stand by my offer to fund your signing at Liverpool after the math from my own pocket.
Paul Evans

I'm not impressed that you didn't get a reply from my publishers either, Paul...I wish I didn have some control over them but I don't...As for the signing, I can't see it happening now but I really appreciate your interest. I can only apologise.

I have just watched a film called slugs i was wondering if it is based on you book,also are there any plans to turn your books into films i think Deadhead and Whiteghosts would make great films,mind you all your books would. keep writing your brill books can not wait for your new book Body Count.
Paul Jowett

Yes, Paul, SLUGS the movie is based on my book. I had, as I hope you could tell, absolutely nothing to do with it! That's the risk you take when you sell film rights, but it's one you have to accept. No more plans to turn any into films as yet but my fingers are always crossed....Let me know what you think of BODY COUNT when you've read it.

Hi Shaun,
Just taking a brief moment from basking in 3rd place (who would have believed that of the Tigers) to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed Twisted Souls and Dying Words. However my wife was watching Katie & Peter on ITV2 the other day and Katie was prattling on about her next 'book', She said it was going to be a grittyy urban thriller full of sick rape and dismemberment. Fuck off I yelled at the TV, there is only one author who does that well and he ain't no talentless plastic hard faced tart. Please Shaun kill someone who resembles her in your next novel and then send her a copy with the death scene highlighted.
Right back to the basking
Francis Moon

You carry on with your basking, Francis...I don't blame you. What a great start to the season for your lads...winning at Arsenal must have been great in I write this, you're lot are due at Anfield in about two weeks. The only question I must ask about your wife watching Katie and Peter on ITV 2 is WHY?...
But that pneumatic bitch is considering writing a gritty urban thriller is she...well, fuck me...excuse the mess on the paper, that's me sweating...The problem is, she'll probably get some ghost writer to do it, the fucking thing will get published and she'll be hailed as the new saviour of crime and horror...I'd love to kill the ugly cunt off in print but I'd prefer to do it in real life....(oops, psychotic tendencies coming to the fore again...perhaps Katie would like to write a book about me...) Get back to your basking and enjoy every single minute of it....I know I would...Take care, mate.

Hello Shaun,
Well, i wasn't about to make the same mistake i did with Unmarked Graves, so i pre-ordered Body Count, which meant i wasn't waiting an eternity to get the book this time! I'm so glad i did...fuckin' hell, mate...what a fantastic read... it really is excellent, and for what it's worth i reckon that it's up there with your best. Joe Chapman is another Doyle as far as i'm concerned; please bring him back! Seymour is a classic villian too (i mean, that withering distain was almost tangible... it must be such fun to write characters like that!), and the action just dragged you right in there. This will definitely be one of the ones i recommend to read first.
Oh and yes, i completely agree about the Dark Knight.... and as you say, it does seem long but where would you cut the film?? Heath is by far the nastiest, and very close to the Joker as portrayed in the two Graphic Novels he used for research, but it's still a hard one... The Joker is just one of those parts i guess.
By the way,I meant to ask you about 1408, what did you think of that?
Right, i'm lucky enough to still have four of your books still to read so i'm going for Deadhead i think...
Take it easy and once again congratulations on Body Count, it's a blinder!

Thanks very much indeed Rob for the kind comments about BODY COUNT...that's a relief...As I said in another answer somewhere, it's always a relief when a new book is well received by readers. Maybe I should bring Chapman, Doyle and Franklin (from NECESSARY EVIL) back in the same book. They'd be the most anti-social group of bastards ever to team up I reckon...As for 1408, I thought it was ok, a decent enough idea (not entirely original though but then again what is..) and John Cusack is usually good but, on the subject of decent films I must recommend EDEN LAKE. This came and went at my local after about a week but it was excellent, possibly the best thriller I've seen this year. Should be out on DVD soon I think, please track it down and let me know what you think. In the meantime, thanks again for the praise and glad you enjoyed the latest book.

Hi Shaun
I just thought I'd tell you how much I enjoyed your latest book "Body Count". It was a real page turner and I read it in 3 days which is very quick for me.
How are the sales going for the book ? How are your sales in general ?
What is your best selling book ?
Thanks for answering my questions !

Glad you enjoyed BODY COUNT, David, it's always a relief when a new book is received kindly by my readers...Too early for sales figures I'm afraid...My best selling book to date is, I think, DEATH DAY, but it could be RENEGADES...I don't keep track to be honest. Sales generally, across the entire book business are fine if you're a brainless celebrity who's had a huge advance that will never be recouped and who's had shitloads spent on a promotional budget...the rest of us get by as best we can...

Hi Shaun
  Ha ha - yep you can tell her the hands are still withdrawn at the sniff of cold weather!  Isnt that what sleeves are for! :0)
Yeah I was at the Halloween reading with him - dont know why, as Im sure you remember Im not too keen on anything scary....and just to make you feel really old I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old now!
Remember me to the family - great to hear they are all well.

I told Kelly and she was delighted to know I'd heard from you (and also that your hands are still withdrawn...) Thanks for making me feel so ancient with the news about the kids...Hope you're keeping well, you're obviously keeping busy having two youngsters...take care.

Hello Shaun,
I'm a french student and i'm going to major in english.
  I happened to read some of your books, like slugs, spawn, relics and others (hahaha at Slugs, amazing), all good books.
  I'm going to translate a book for my research paper. I was wondering if all your books have been translated to french already.
Can you help me out on that?
guillaume magueijo

As far as I can remember, Guillaume, apart from DYING WORDS (which was published in France last year) and NEMESIS (which will be published in France next year), I think SLUGS, VICTIMS, SPAWN, SHADOWS AND BREEDING GROUND were published in France. So, anything else you want to have a go at then feel free. Let me know how you get on.

8th September 2008

Hi Shaun
Thought it was time to write again looking forward to new novel next month cant wait.When are you releasing the name of another pseudonym so i can get a new fix.I thought you scouse bastards made a good start to the new season then watched you play villa,not a shot on target in 90 mins,Torres off injured 20 million for Keane who cant play for 90 minutes i cant visulise you beating Utd or any of the other top two teams .Anyway less piss taking going Croatia in September so will miss our battle at more title and we are finally level with you as when we went to Kos i shall take some of your paperbacks and leave them to spread the word.It will cost you though all the best
write again soon
your manc friend John

John, always good to hear from you. Er..yes, the match against Villa wasn't a classic, I'll give you that...and I did fear that with Torres missing for our match against your lot that we'd struggle. Obviously, even in Croatia, you'll have seen the score by now...let's leave it there shall we...still too early in the season to be making predictions, eh? I went to see the mighty Reds play Manchester City (we won 3-2) and shared a cab to the ground with a couple of city fans...they really don't like your lot do they...I look forward to hearing from you when you get back, mate. Thanks for spreading the word in Croatia, very much appreciated.

Hi Shaun,
I have been an avid fan of your books for years, You are the best author I have had the pleasure to come across by far.
I have all your books to date and cannot offer criticism to any of them, Just perfect reading.
It usually takes me about a day to read each book because each of your books are typical page turners that you simply can't put down.
I also read a couple of female authors which carry some grit although not in the same league as you and dare I say, I don't usually read female authors because I don't feel they as down to earth as your reads and usually offer a milder toned version which doesn't work my imagination.
My favorite female authors so far are Martine Cole and Mandasue Heller.
I don't really have a question as such as ""your team"" do a fantastic job of offering the information I need on your site but I just wanted to offer praise and say what a truly wonderful writer you are.
By the way, Your Shaun's shit page has given me lots of amusement. I long for updates and can't get enough of you.
Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given me with your books and long may they rein., Go Shaun!
Yvonne Chapman.

Thanks, Yvonne, many thanks for the kind words. I sometimes wonder if I go too far with the old rants but, what the hell, you can't hide what you think can you? Well, you can but you shouldn't..Many thanks again for taking the time to tell me what you think.

Mr. Hutson,
I have just ordered Slugs after reading about you on I am very excited to read some of your work and would love to get more of you books! For some reason they are impossible to find where I live though (Belton, MO/Greater KC area). At least I haven't had any luck so far. Do you have any suggestions of stores that might carry your work? Barnes and Noble, Borders and such suck for stuff like this. I can order them through them, but it's not the same as having your heart pounding in anticipation of picking up a book at the store. The book I am extremely interested in reading is probably your rarest ""Chainsaw Terror"". I have heard and read great things about this book, but cannot find it to save my life! Any help you could offer me would be greatly appreciated!
Adam Hartley

I don't think you're likely to find any of my books in your neck of the woods, Adam. Your best bet is trying to find them online. AmazonUk is your best bet, they have they all and I recommend them. You won't find a copy of CHAINSAW TERROR I'm afraid as it's been out of print for years. Where have you read great things about this book...I'm curious...(probably on this site I'm assuming..) It was cut to pieces upon release and then re-issued as COME THE NIGHT but both editions are unavailable as far as I know. Good luck finding my other books, let me know what you think of them if you get them..

I recently read that once upon a time there was an UNEDITED pdf of your original manuscript for Chainsaw Terror. Being a huge gorehound, i wanted to know if that link is still active, or if you could direct me towards that very manuscript. I'm thoroughly interested in what has been described as ""the work bench chainsaw vs. female anatomy"" scene. I also read something about Clive Barker becoming physically ill upon reading this scene, so ultimately now i'm interested.
Colum McKnight

There was an original (as in typed and coffee stained) copy of CHAINSAW TERROR around a while ago but that's it, Colum, I'm afraid. Where did you hear of this edition by the way, on another website? I'm curious...The scene you refer to caused Clive Barker to call me irresponsible at a fucking convention many moons ago. My reply; "Irresponsible? That's rich coming from the cunt who made a piece of shit like Hellraiser.." Not the usual literary response I think he'd been used to...but there again, don't question me if you can't take an honest answer...Neil Gaiman got the same thing many years ago when taking the piss out of SLUGS late one night in a hotel bar. I warned him I'd tip him out of his chair..he kept on..I tipped him out of his chair...He wasn't happy...twat. Good luck finding CHAINSAW TERROR..

Hello Shaun
I was wondering if you are going to do a book signing this year for your new book out ??? If so where, when ????
Can't wait till it comes out i have to wait all year for this !!
Dee Foot-Batten

No signings this year, Dee. Sorry. It's down to the publishers nine times out of ten, I'm afraid. I was asked to do the Scarborough Literary festival but can't make it, unfortunately. If there was anything I could do about it, I would. Thanks for asking though.

Good afternoon to you,
Firstly, if this is being read by Shaun Hutson himself, then I would like to say: THANK YOU for giving up your time with my e-mail, and for giving me hours and hours of great reading (don't stop them coming! (the books...!!)). I have spent many a night tucked up in bed with you and it has been very enjoyable indeed. I visited your web site for the first time yesterday and am now hooked on ""Shauns Shit"" which exactly reflects many of my own views on what a crap place this world is and how shallow we all are (I much prefer the company of animals to people). I am looking forward to your next rant, where I can laugh, nod my head and agree.
Secondly, my question: What is the story with Michelle Pfiffers shoes ????
Do hope I hear back,
I will remain an avid fan either way !
All the best to you Shaun,
Helen Grainger

Helen, many thanks for writing and yes, it is me reading this. The thought that I have spent many hours in bed with you is a very pleasing one..(ooh er missis...). Glad you enjoyed it. I'm glad that you like Shaun's Shit as well. Michelle Pfeiffer's shoes...the story is that I bought a couple of pairs of them from a shop in London called Frasers (they were genuine...authentication certificates etc.) and they now occupy a pride of place in my study. As well as being a wonderful actress, she is also one of the most stunningly beautiful women I've ever seen. That's how I got the shoes...nothing sinister...You may or may not have read a light hearted chat I had a few months back with some readers who thought I was obsessed with feet (which I am...). I love sexy women's feet (or women's sexy feet...) so I suppose it's natural my liking for Michelle Pfeiffer should extend to her feet (if you see what I mean..) Anyway, I'll go now before I start sounding like a complete weirdo (what do you mean I already do...)

Hi Shaun
I was wondering when you are going to do another Halloween reading at one of the local bookstores? My husband keeps raving on about the last one you did along side the local MK ghost hunters :) I use to work at Kingston nursery and help look after Kelly, I hope she is doing well - I dont want to think about how old she is now! (makes me feel my age!). Take care

Hello, Jayne. Now I'm convinced that I met you at that reading in Milton Keynes. I remember talking to your husband after the event and you were there too (unless my mind has well and truly gone)...I remember you well from Kingston nursery and so does Kelly. It used to amuse her that, when you were cold, you used to pull your hands inside the sleeves of your top so it looked as if you had no hands. She still laughs about that now...see, she's inherited my weird qualities...I used to love picking Kelly up every afternoon and having a chat with you lot there when I did. Kelly is now nearly 13...(terrifying isn't it..) You feel your age, how do you think I feel...There will, sorry to say, be no Halloween reading this year...Look after yourself.

Glad to see there is a new book out I wrote to you so long ago in another life 1994 as a soldier boring his way through life in Germany well no question just wanted to let you know your still the greatest , I still have your christmas card and much to the( oh my god Glen) from the wife it still comes out every year keep up the great work and I hope to be reading you for many years to come
Best Regards
Glen Haines

Hello, mate. Good to hear from you again. I hope you and the wife are well. Don't forget to get the Xmas card out again this year. Won't be long now will it...God help us..Take care.

Alright Shaun?
One of your long time fans here. Glad to see you are doing the whole blog thing. It'll give me something to read when I'm should be working.
Anyway, I'm originally from Glasgow but have been living in Houston,Texas for the last few years. I have to say, I've had it about up to here with these bloody Yanks. If you could be so kind, could you please destroy America in one of your upcoming books?
All the best
PS. I'm a bit pissed right now.

It's not a fucking blog, Dave...I hate those fucking things...Your e-mail did make me laugh...what's wrong with Texas then? I'll do my best to destroy America in a book (unless Bin Laden beats me to it in real life...) Look after yourself...
Right, that's me done for another month....Just a quick word about something I spotted in the paper. Some guy is being prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act for a blog he wrote on some porn website about raping and murdering Girls I don't give a fuck what he wrote (if he'd written something about murdering Vernon Kay or Chris Moyles I 'd have found him and shaken his hand..) and I don't care about the fact he wrote "vile" and "obscene" thoughts...he's entitled to do that. I know the words free speech are a fucking joke these days but this is too much....How long until the law come knocking on many of our doors for writing "horrible" thoughts on the internet (or mine for doing it in fucking books...). Fuck the Obscene Publications act, fuck the government and fuck this country if that's the way we're going...Why not prosecute someone for REAL obscenity in print i.e. Jordan for being allowed to publish more of her purulent dog shit books... now that is obscene...Any thoughts, let me know...

14th September 2008

As a football and Liverpool fan, do you think the signing of Robbie Keane will be benificial for you guys or are you not arsed about it? And Gareth Barry: Yay or nay? Incidentally, I'm a Newcastle United fan which means I have very little to look forwrd to next season.
Chris Jermyn
PS: About time there was another "Doyle" book on the way. To be honest, I thought the "Doyle" book in Hybrid was better than Hybrid itself. Still, keep up the good work:)

Ask me again at xmas about the signing of Keane, chris. It's too early in the season to tell if he's going to be worth twenty million. As for Gareth Barry, the same really, if he was going to be bought as a replacement for Xabi Alonso then I can't see where Barry is a better player. I think Alonso is a very, very good player, he's always been one of my favourites and Gerrard plays better with him in the team too. It looks like things are nearly as fucked up off the pitch with your lot as they are with the mighty Reds, let's hope it improves for both of us, eh? Looks like I've got a long drive up to your place on December 28th for the match...hope the weather's ok....Doyle book is on the cards, let's hope it's a fitting return for the old bastard...take care, mate..

Hi Shaun
I just wanted to let you know that I have just finished reading unmarked graves, It took me 5 hours to read from start to finish, I just couldn't put it down. In my opinion one of the best books I have ever read. Was wondering if you could give me some idea as to title or a little hint as to what your next book will be about. I wait with bated breath to read your next and future books. Long may you continue to write such gripping books. All the best and many thanks in advance...

Many thanks for the kind words about UNMARKED GRAVES, Mick. The title of the next book is BODY COUNT, published in hardback in October (there's a preview in the Exclusives section on the site if you want to have a look...) All the best...

Hi Shaun
Nice to read your rants again, I agree with you regarding some idiots at the cinema and their behaviour. However, I once hit someone with my book because they would not shut up ( I did warn him twice..) and found it to be most effective (not to mention satisfying). Have you watched the 'Guineapig series'? Especially flower of flesh and blood seemed to be so pointless, I can understand why many find it so offensive but I just wondered why it was made in the first place unless you get off from tormenting women. I just finished Cassandra Clare's City of Ashes which is quite readable. My 12 year old loves her books, Darren Shan does not write enough books to keep her satisfied and she is not allowed to read your publications yet. I have to admit that it can be quite difficult to find enough horror to read even for myself, therefore this summer I have been reading through all your books together with Graham Masterton's and Clare McNally's publications.
Well, I am now off to the cinema in order to watch anything 18 rated, I have watched so many funny/wholesome/unoffensive films with the children that I need to watch something that is utterly unsuitable.
Have a great summer,

Hitting someone with a that sounds like a good idea...preferably War and Peace or the Bible to get that extra oomph...During the kids holidays we all get a bit swamped with "wholesome family entertainment" I reckon. The only trouble is that many of the 18's or adult films being offered are ten times worse. Still, you have to see the crap to appreciate the decent stuff don't you. By the way, speaking of crap...DISASTER MOVIE is probably the worst comedy that has ever been committed to celluloid...right down there with SEX LIVES OF THE POTATO MEN and NOTTING HILL...don't know why I mentioned it, probably because I've just got home from seeing it...

Hi Shaun,
My name is Guy and I have just checked that you answered my question. I was the one that wrote to you about my wife having an affair. You said that you would kill her off in one of your books, and asked if i had any ideas how I want it done. Well mate I think I will leave that up to you make I bet you could come up with some better than I could mate.
Thanks Guy

Ok, mate, thanks for leaving the death open to me..I'll do my best for you..Hope life's treating you a bit more kindly at the moment...

Hello Shaun,
Hope all is well with you.
Its been way to long since we last caught up with you.
Just hope you still remember me.
Be great to catch up over a few beers.
Its Karl Pocock ( son of Ray Pocock. Harp Beat music sponsorship, Ring any bells)
Drop us a line,as i know my dad would also like to catch up.

Karl, of course I still remember you and your dad. Your dad got a mention in the acknowledgements of one of my books for Christ's sake, how could I forget...give him my best and I'll certainly be in touch...

Hello =]
this isnt exactly a fan letter, or an arse kissing letter, or even a formal letter because you probably fucking disdain those, but i fucking love your books. You're probably one of the most underrated but down to earth writers around - way better than all of the mainstream shite that most horror writers dump out of their arses. I'd say you were comparable with Stephen King, Thomas Harris or James Herbert and believe me thats a fucking honour.
However i didn't just write this as a way to kiss your groundbreaking arse, no. I came armed with a fully loaded barrel of questions. Well one question. One question that spans into several but whatever. Hear me out please :)
I'm 16 (shush!!) and writing has been something i've done since i was about 5 or 6, but i've never really written anything serious before, until now.
since mid july i've been working tirelessly on a dark thriller of my own, something i'd like to think that you'd probably enjoy reading. I'd send you a synopsis but i'll sum it up with a few words: Written from the first person point of view of a Bodyguard in his 40's. six foot nine brick shithouse, ex special forces. conscealed weapons. you can expect to see Brutal killings, Cult Conspiracy, A cliche detective and an auburn haired possible love interest. Oh and plenty of good british humour and swearing. I'll send you a couple of chapters if you like.
Its no where near finished (think i'm 190 pages in which should be about 53% done) and i was just wondering if you could reccommend any publishers i should look at if i ever seriously thought about getting it published. Ones that wouldnt fuck me about just because i'm young and stupid. You probably think i'm way in over my head, but becoming a professional writer has been my dream since i was a kid and i cite you as one of my biggest inspirations. Why? because you dont really give a fuck about what you put down on paper and no one has managed to censor anything you've done yet.
All i want from you is your opinion =] Thanks in advance.

Sam, I have no objection at all to kiss arse letters...and anyone who calls me "groundbreaking" and one of the most underrated writers around is hardly likely to be treated with disdain...("comparable with Stephen King and James Herbert"'t that read "better"...just kidding..). Thanks for the kind words. My advice about your own writing is DO IT...and I'm the last one to say that you're too young. It's like footballers, if you're good enough you're old enough, besides, all this shit about having to have experience is bollocks (this does not of course apply to any fucking celebrity who has a book ghost written...). If you can write, you can write, that's it so don't listen to anyone over thirty who tells you that you need more life experience when it comes to writing. You are not in over your head. I'll repeat that...YOU ARE NOT IN OVER YOUR HEAD. If you're writing from the heart then fuck what anyone else tells you. An agent might be able to steer you towards more suitable publishers and they also might help shaping your work and making it more acceptable for publishers to look at. Listen to their opinions, consider them and use what you think is worthwhile. In the end, do what you have to do to get published and then twist things to suit yourself. I wish that there was some kind of advice I could give you that would be really useful but you seem to be single minded enough anyway and that's most important. My opinion on your actual work will count for fuck all, Sam. I can't be any more honest than that. Everyone's decision is different, what someone thinks is great, someone else will hate. But you will know instinctively what is right and what isn't. It will feel right when you write it. It might even be worth sending a hundred pages and a synopsis of the rest of the book to a publisher or agent (preferably an agent), rather than finish the whole thing. See how you feel and please let me know how you get on. Good luck, mate....

Hey buddy
My honest reaction when I read that Doyle is coming back? About fucking time! The missus (don't even fucking ask, because I know even less than you about that caper) will be pleased too, Doyle a bit of a hero for both of us, having grown up on his adventures. My only worry is that the guy is getting older, how many more books can you squeeze out of him? Unless you do a memoirs sort of deal? I mean, he's kinda running out of people to fight, unless you send him after Bin Laden. Talking of Bin Laden, I watched Morgan Spurlock's search for him this week (which was poor), along with Bigger Stronger Faster (average and a little eye opening) and the orgasm inducing Hellboy 2. If I had to have sex with a fat ginger Mexican bloke, Del Toro would be that lucky man. In much the same way that Miike excites a very sick part of me obsessed with gratuitous violence, Del Toro makes me want to scratch my eyes out so they never have to see anything that he hasn't had a hand on producing. He makes every day life seem dull and bland by comparison. Not seen Stepbrothers yet, but my faith isn't high if I'm honest, Ferrel hasn't done anything decent in a long time. I'll check it out now it has the "Hutson seal of decentishness" though.
You mentioned Del Toro getting his hands on Lucy's Child previously, would that be your first choice if you had to pick a piece of your work for him to work on? Personally, I'd rather see him tackle Spawn, really think he could do magical things with it. That opening scene with Harold and the crane flies just seems like a perfect fit.
A cast for Exit Wounds? Christ, put me on the spot why don't you? Main problem is the temptation to keep it a Brit cast wherever possible, which dramatically narrows the scope for buggers with talent who would actually be a good fit. Nothing worse than some Yank twat putting on a horrific British accent that conjures images of blokes in suits and bowler hats. Plus the need for Jamaicans for Yardies. Instead we'd likely end up with a bunch of blokes putting on shitty accents. I'd really have to give the book another read (not that it's not already dog-eared) with this purpose in mind, see what jumps out at me, perhaps I could cast the main characters. Ledger's performance in Dark Knight showed though, never can tell with actors these days.
One the subject of folks desperate for their fifteen minutes of fame, I note that the list of folks begging you to butcher them in your latest offering shows no sign of diminishing. Ha! I again ask that you leave me the fuck alone, more than happy in the land of the living.
Anyway, I've kept you long enough, get back to bring me more Doyle!
Have a good one mate
Best wishes

Hello, Gavin, good to hear from you again. Yeah, Doyle's getting older but he's not decrepit yet...Besides, if you've got a fucking big gun in your hand it's a bit of a leveller as far as age goes, eh? I don't think that his opponents would be terrorists next time around but, hopefully, all will become clear in time. I wouldn't drag him back for book after book if I thought he was going to end up looking stupid (I love him as much as you lot you know...) How about Del Toro to direct a film adaptation of RENEGADES...And, on the subject of casting (or have we had this one before?) who would you have as Doyle?...Colin Farrell anyone? It was suggested to me the other day....In the meantime, don't worry, I never kill anyone unless they've requested it. All the best, mate...

I had to chuckle at one of your responses to a letter at how much of a scaredy cat you are (considering you regularly scare the bejesus out of me ) - The Blair Witch Project - oh please!!!! It was, in my humble opinion, one of the biggest bag of crap films that did not live up to its hype and don't get me started on the recent The Mist or No Country for Old Men or I'll be here ranting all week about the hours I will never get back after watching that drivel. Although I do have a suggestion you could go and watch Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E which are brilliant and not at all scary although you may need to take tissues for Wall-E. I have a 7 year old son so I have a perfect excuse for reverting back to being a child. Anyway, I digress. I've been a fan for years and have all your collection in your name Shaun Hutson and was wondering under your pseudonyms what genre of writing you do?
Tina Cocks,
32 and have been scared shitless by you for the last 15 years!

Tina, how nice...good to hear from you and what's the first thing you do...ridicule my status as a fully paid up gutless bastard...NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, God woman, what's wrong with you (alright, the last five minutes were shite but the rest of it was excellent...) The Coen brothers are without doubt the most original film makers working in the business at the moment...I have seen KUNG FU PANDA (which I loved) and WALL-E (which I thought was too long and very tedious, especially compared to the other earlier Pixar films like FINDING NEMO and BUG'S LIFE) Having small kids gives you a great excuse to see stuff you wouldn't normally see, I agree with you. My twelve year old daughter still allows me to take her every now and then, hence my recent trip to STEP UP, I've seen worse...The list of stuff done under pseudonyms is elsewhere on the site so have a look and see what you reckon...

Hi Shaun,
Love the books, have been reading them since a friend introduced me to Breeding Ground in 1987. My favourites five (in order) are Relics, Erebus, Deadhead, Death Day and Necessary Evil. The only other author I have enjoyed reading all of their books is James Herbert. As a rival in the same space as you do you have an opinion on him? Have you ever read any of his books or met him, if so what do you think? I liken him to The Times of horror writing, and (no offence cause your books are great!) you to The Sun of horror writing.
I am a Bristol City fan for my sins and was there in 1994 FA cup when the 'real reds' beat your mob and think we'll soon be back up where we belong in the Premier League.
Here's looking forward to your next book.
Go to go!

Thanks, Mark, just what I needed, a Bristol City fan to remind me of when you knocked us out of the Cup back in '94...I was also there that night, just as I was at your ground the afternoon (when the tie was first played) when your floodlights went out...then back again for the re-arranged game and then on to the fuck-up that was the replay...ah, those were the days...What do I think of James, I used to read him when I was a kid. I met him and had lunch with him when I was about 23 then again about five years later but not since...
Right folks, that's my lot for another month...just a quick word on that song that was number one (and probably still is as I write...) I speak of "I kissed a girl" by the rather lovely Katy Perry. Now, at the risk of being lambasted by my female readers, what a fucking song...well done Katy...I cracked up when I read an article in a paper about the song promoting homosexuality...give me a fucking break. If it causes more gorgeous young girls to kiss each other then who gives a fuck...Obviously I feel that two men kissing each other is vile, disgusting and satanic whereas two gorgeous young women kissing is, as a very great man once said, God's way of showing us how much he loves us...There's actually a line in it that says "I hope my boyfriend don't mind it." (I know this because I have a young daughter by the way and I spend most evenings glued to MTV watching lots of shit because that's what dad's do...) Hope my boyfriend don't mind it...fucking hell, how many blokes would mind if their girlfriend kissed another female? Am I the only one who doesn't think that this should be compulsory? Any female readers who've done this and have photographic evidence feel free to send it along with really detailed descriptions (just kidding...) Am I a pervert (well, yes, we all know I am..) but, seriously, what fucking harm can a song like this do...? Answers on a postcard to...
Sorry, just thought I'd get that off my chest...See you next time...

22nd August 2008

hey shaun
love the books mostly due to the extreme violence u use on the poor bastards you kill my only complaint is u don't write them quick enough i can read one of your books in 2 days keep up the good work and please can we have more books as 2 a year aint enough
rock and roll ride safe

There is an answer to this problem of me not writing fast enough... READ SLOWER...ha, ha,...I used to be able to write the fucking things in two days... well, five days...that was the shortest time ever (fanfare...) I wrote SABRES IN THE SNOW in five days way back when... ah, the misty haze of nostalgia...

Hi ya Shaun,
Missus is trying to get me some more books of yours, can't recall how many i have!! Just finished Erebus - blimey mate you need to put a warning on some of these!! ' do not eat anything half an hour before you pick up this book'!!!! Phew! Have got your comprehensive list off your site now, so i'm going to start getting the rest of your collection. Keep, up the good work sir!
If you would like to have me slaughtered in a forthcoming book - no problem!! Long as it's messy! Us Norton school boys didn't mind a eggs and flour fight on last day of term!
Trophy shop still on the Grange Estate, i mean how many trophies are there to buy??!!
All the best
Simon Jellis

That trophy shop must be a front for a Mafia money laundering operation... no one needs that many fucking trophies do they? Not even American swimmers.... (topical refercne to the Olympics, hope you're impressed..) I will gladly kill you off, Simon. Let me know what you think of the books as you read them will you? I like to keep up...

Danny fucking Dyer? Danny "propa nawty" Dyer? Are you shitting me mate? Look, I'll let plenty slide, the continuing absence of new Doyle material being just one of many many irks I have these days, but lets keep twat faced wankers like Dyer well clear of any film projects connected to you, we're looking to get more of your stuff done, not end up in the bargain bin in Zavvi. And that's another thing, what the fuck was wrong with Virgin Megastore? Which vastly overpaid wanker decided that "Zavvi" would help them shift their generally overpriced pish to punters more efficiently?
And breathe...
Been a while mate, life gets in the way it seems, although I always find time to polish off your latest efforts days after they become available. Still insist you aren't writing enough. Especially Doyle! Just back from seeing "Wanted", never fails to amaze me how much the presence of Jolie can help a movie. Been a slow summer for movies actually, most of the "blockbusters" have been disappointing to say the least, although hopefully Dark Knight and Hellboy will save it, and Rec helped alot (mmmm Manuela Velasco). Also noticed that our old friend Miike has a Western coming soon, which will hopefully be up to his usual standards. Anyway, get the head down, I need more books.
Is this the part where I ask you to kill me? Everyone is asking these days! Your next book will have to be about genocide at this fucking rate! So yeah, just leave me alone, concentrate on butchering the masses.
Best wishes

Gavin, slow down, mate...take it easy...alright, maybe I fucked up with the choice of Danny "I walk like I've shit myself" Dyer but, then again, it's only personal opinion isn't it? No, oh, alright then...Who would you cast in EXIT WOUNDS....Go on tell me and I'll take the piss out of your choice..only kidding...I agree about the Virgin/Zaavi thing...the one in London is still called Virgin and I haven't heard Richard Branson being interviewed as the owner of Zaavi megastore..but, what do we know, eh? I assume you're quite happy with the news that Doyle will be returning in a new book next year-ish.
I agree with you about the lack of decent films this summer. WANTED was great if you were about 16 and a Matrix fan but, apart from some good special effects, I was unimpressed. THE DARK KNIGHT, I thought, was too long and gave Christian Bale far too little to do. Very good performance by Heath Ledger and he stole the film but I'm going to risk the wrath of the comic book nerds and say that I thought it was a little bit overrated...(cue hail of missiles and abuse...) Good but not that good. I agree wholeheartedly about REC, one of my films of the year. Also, I saw a very funny film while on holiday, STEPBROTHERS, it opens in a couple of weeks I think. I recommend it. Leave your brain at the door and you should like it...
Yes, my next book should have a death-list the size of the Bible to accommodate all those who've requested termination but I'll do my best....

Hi Shaun
Well if I had to pick 10 films from this year I guess I would pick (in no particular order) Son Of Rambow, The Orphanage, No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Juno, Out Of The Blue, [.Rec], Gone Baby Gone, Happy Go Lucky, Sweeney Todd. May have to add The Mist to that list, saw it last night. WOW!! What a film! I like a downbeat ending but, Jesus H Christ riding on a bicycle!!!!! No wonder the yanks hated it. The Ruins impressed me a lot too.
Worst would have to be The Happening, Meet The Spartans, Strange Wilderness, 10,00 BC, and Speed Racer
And for just being a truly creepy and stomach churning experience, despite being a documentary with no filmed evidence, Zoo takes a lot of beating
Glad to see you are still getting to the cinema as much as ever, if I'm ever over that way we should hook up for a mineral water
Still loving the books by the way.

The world's greatest film critic...hello again, mate...I think I agreed with most of your picks on best films apart from SWEENEY TODD...I thought it was overrated. Another example of Tim Burton being great with visuals but not too great with story. Also, I'm (as usual) in the minority with THERE WILL BE BLOOD. Good performance by Daniel Day Lewis (who I must admit, I thought spent the entire film doing an impression of John Huston...) and, yes, a good film but THE NEW CITIZEN, I think not...(mind you, that was the guy from the Mail who said that..) If you are ever in my area then please do drop in and we'll have a soft drink and rip the piss out of any films that are around at the time. Until then, look after yourself...

Hi Shaun,
I just Google'd you after finishing Twisted Souls, brilliant!
I've been trying to introduce you to my wife (not in a kinky way) but she read the passage about one of your characters considering putting her fingers through the head of her 3 week old baby and decided you were a sick man. Personally I think that kind of shit makes you the most interesting author around. Reading horror is like sex, if you get the same thing all the time it gets's boring, reading your books is akin to cheating on your missus with a dirty, exciting no holds barred lady of ill repute.
Any chance of setting one of your book's in my neck of the woods (Ayrshire, Scotland) plenty of mad characters around here?
John McConnachie

Sorry your wife thinks I'm sick, John, (then again, she could have a point..) You might like to tell her, just out of interest, that the incident with the woman sticking the fingers into the head of a newborn child actually happened...I discovered it years ago while researching another book. A woman suffering from extremely bad post natal depression pushed two fingers through the fontanelle of her newly born child...ain't life a bitch..A book set in Scotland eh...

Hi Shaun,
Just finished Necessary Evil and I gotta say yet another cracking novel (especially the torture scene :)). As for City staying up, anything is possible and with all the money Phil Brown has been spending it will hopefully happen. Keep up the good books (I'm starting Twisted Souls now) and be sure to check out Sworn Amongst if you like your thrash metal.

What a good start for your boys on Saturday against must have been delighted...My wife's sister lives near Hull so, no doubt, her husband will try and get tickets for your match against Man. Utd. As their son is a fucking glory hunter. Hope you stuff the Manc bastards when you play them...Glad you enjoyed Necessary Evil...

Any suggestions for reading material to last me till October (October? I cant wait that long, I want it now!)??????
I've read everything you have written under your own name, and lots more under the other names - I really really cant get hold of anymore of your books and have nothing to read!

Sorry, Mickey, no suggestions in the novel line. I'm reading a book about the making of The Godfather at the moment (yeah, sounds thrilling I know..). One of the greatest films I've ever seen. You might have some more of my stuff to read before October as I'm thinking of revealing another pseudonym. Watch the site for details...

Shaun, you probably get loads of letters/e-mails saying thus but I thought Sod it so what I'm gonna tell you anyway. For several years now I have been promising/threatening to start writing a book. After lots of thoughts and ideas flying around my head for a long time now, I made the jump into actually starting to write it(I am on to my chapter 5 at the moment). I have read many of your books over the years and both really enjoyed them and have also used you/your material as a major influence/motivation for my story(bit of a revenge crime thriller wtith gore and plot twists galore). Again I have wanted to thankyou for years for the pleasure your books have brought me(Don't worry I'm not a nutty stalker who will start hanging around following you!!!!). I am finding the whole experience of writing very very satisfying and challenging at the same time. As I have already said one of my role models for the style of writing I am doing is thanks mate. I hope my beloved Toon army finish above the mighty red scousers in the next season.

Kev, well done on starting the book and I'm really glad that you're enjoying yourself. I can remember when I used to enjoy writing...Seriously though, please let me know how it goes and if there is any advice at all I can give to help then I'll be happy to (though I fear, as I've told people writing before) that there is fuck all I can help with as it's a lottery to be honest but I wish you the best of luck and it's nice to hear of someone having the courage of their convictions and actually having a crack. As for your lads finishing above Liverpool this, good result for you against the shit last week..well done...

As if your head wasnt already big enough i just wanted to be another gibbering fan and say your books are AWESOME and CLASSIC! ;-)
My particular favourite is Shadows.
I also have a question "How do you kick start your imagination to write a novel" i have a fairly good vocab and am okay at writing but have no clue as to how to start a novel, whenever i get a spare few mins and try my mind is just a blank.
However, if someone said " write about a girl on a beach" then i could do a fair few pages of descriptive writing about the girl on the beach. My imagination cannot generate ideas on their own yet, maybe this comes with time, being that im only 21?!
Anyway, hope all is fine and dandy with you.

As if my head wasn't big enough already...bloody I give the impression of being a big headed bastard, Kim...I do, oh,, just kidding...How do I kick start my great difficulty to be honest and it's getting harder by the day. All I'll say is don't rush into an idea without thinking it through Just take your time and work things out on paper and in your head. It will all drop into place, believe me...By the way, anything in particular that makes SHADOWS your favourite book? I'd like to know...

Hi. I'm from Colombia and I'm 38.
I love horror books and I've been a fan of Stephen King for my whole life but, last year, I bought your book "Nemesis" and I am amazed. It's, by far, the best book I have read so far and I want to buy all of your books.
My problem is that is almost impossible to find your books here, in Colombia. Would you mind to tell me what should I do to get them?
As you may know by now, I'm not good at english so I would prefer to get them written in Spanish. Is that possible?
Thanks in advance. Your fan:

Two or three of my books have been published in Spanish, Julian. If you check the rest of the site I'm sure there are details of which titles and possibly how you can get them. Good luck and thanks for taking the time to contact me. I hope you can find more of my books in your native tongue...

Hi Shaun,
Wonder if you've thought (really cared?) about your oldest readers?
I have a guy in my local who's 83 and can't put your books down since I introduced him by chance to "Dying Words" in June. He's now on book 5, and his favourite so far has been "Compulsion".
Before that, he read as he quaintly put it - shit, which once he put down, he couldn't pick up again!!
He says he gets a few nightmares, but what the fuck?
Incidentally, my introduction to you was buying a pile of second hand books in a wee shop in Tenerife in the early 90's - never looked back, although I'm not such a cheap skate anymore.
All the best & keep churning them out.
(Mr) Lorne Ferguson

Of course I care about my oldest readers, Lorne...A lady wrote not long ago telling me how she didn't like heavy metal but still liked my books and she was 75...(by the way, liking heavy metal isn't a prerequisite to liking my books...) The guy in your local is the oldest reader I've heard of and thanks for spreading the word to him. Sorry I've given him nightmares though...hardly counts as respecting your elders does it...

what do you think of the film the exorcist i know its old but i watched it again the other night and thought it might seem a bit tame now fuck me! scared me shitless or am i just a tosser? how about quentin tarantino as doyle? looking forward to the next book long may you continue.
john baker the chelski fan northampton
ps did you remember to give me a nasty death?

John, I write this as a fellow tosser, mainly because THE EXORCIST still scares the shit out of me too...To this day I cannot watch that fucking film in the house alone...I think it is brilliant, a true masterpiece of cinema that is still a shining example of everything good about film making. It might interest you to know that, super pussy that I am, I also cannot watch THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT in the house alone. My missis was away for a couple of days when it was on TV once and I thought "I'll watch this, I liked it at the pictures" Forty minutes in I switched the fucking TV off and daren't go to bed for another two hours...Wow, the king of horror strikes again, eh?...
Don't worry, you will die nastily....
Enjoy the season, but not too much...

Hi Shaun
I can't wait for the new book. Any chance of you coming to the land of the sheep shaggers to do a book signing. I know, you would rather someone chuck sand in your eyes lol. Worth a try!
Tan x

Is that short for Tanya? Sorry, just musing aloud...If anyone asked I would try and come for a signing session but I can't see it happening I'm afraid. Maybe another time...

Saw your website for the first time and wanted to say a few things. Firstly, I don't read much. Hardly at all in fact. I have tried many times to get interested in books and just find that I can't get going. Until I came across Death Day. I borrowed it from a relative and read the whole thing in two days! I then went out and bought it. And have read it about six times!
So I tried some others thinking that maybe horror books were the way forward. Tried a couple of Stephen King ones (can't remember the names) and found that they took so long to get going that I got bored and put them down again! So I tried more of your books. Amazingly, I found that the enjoyment I got out of Death Day wasn't limited to just one book! I have read:-
* Death Day (my favourite book of all time)
* Slugs
* Spawn
* Erebus
* Shadows
* Relics
* Victims
* Lucy's Child (my least favourite of yours so far but still read it from start to finish!)
* Purity
* Half way through Unmarked Graves (only started it today!)
Firstly I wanted to know how you manage to keep your creative brain fuelled enough to write this many books? Secondly, when and why did you decide that you wanted to write books, and why horror? And thirdly, are you sane? I don't ask that to offend but when you can churn out this much guts and gore then surely someone at some point is going to raise an eyebrow!
Finally I just wanted to say thanks. I may not enjoy reading much but at least I know that there is an author that can get my attention and hold it there to the point where I don't want to put the book down. Great work, fantastic writing. I will get hold of more of the older books that I haven't read yet and look for new titles as well.
Thanks again Shaun. Brilliant! Awesome! (Yes I saw the rant on the website!)
Edward Perks (aged 29)

Excuse me sounding like a pretentious twat here but e-mails like yours, Edward, really cheer me up. To think that you barely read and yet you've now read so many of my books really makes me Yes, fuck it, honoured. Many thanks for your kind words and I'm so glad you enjoy my books. To answer your questions. As far as keeping the creative juices flowing it's a case of having to really, a bit like a pilot not forgetting how to fly a plane (only not as serious obviously..) I decided to write horror when I was 18 because I used to watch loads of horror films and read horror books and thought my own ideas were as good as some of those I'd seen and read and, as for being my psychiatrist...(only kidding). Everyone creative has a touch of madness about them (my wife used to think I had more than most...) but the Shaun Hutson you read is a lot different to the real me, honest....It's just my job. By the way, calling me awesome and brilliant is perfectly acceptable....thanks again, Edward...

hello mr. hutson.
my name is joseph gustafson, and i want to say how much i have enjoyed reading the skull and erebus: village of the damned. i have been tracking down some of your other books, and i would like to know if you could tell me about twisted souls? i cannot seem to find any info about the book's plot. there are some used copies available; however, there are no customer reviews or even a small synopses. thank you for your time. regards, joseph gustafson: horror/fantasy reader extraordinaire

Firstly, Joseph, please call me Shaun...have a look elsewhere on the site and you should find all the info you need about TWISTED SOULS and everything else I've written.

Hi Shaun,
What a great read Lucy's Child was...i really enjoyed it and it had a lot of spot-on horror moments in there too! (it's a long time since any book has made me nervous about turning out the lights). I think Del Toro would have a field day with most of your books but i reckon either Captives or Spawn would be the ones i'd like to see... in a perfect world.
You've probably seen The Dark Knight by now... what did you think? I was so impatient to see it that i went to the nearest cinema to see it and, although it was a pretty horrendous experience, i still loved the film. The only grumble i have is that i felt Two-Face didn't really translate too well in this 'realistic' version. I'm looking forward to seeing it in a proper cinema though. (Cesar, Jack or Heath? hmmmm...hard choice!)
Yeah the Hulk sequel should be good... hopefully they'll have him battering Iron man... (or even Chris Moyles.. who wouldn't pay to see that!?).
Tim Roth, Ray Winstone, Bob Hoskins and Danny Dyer as the Exit Wounds gang - that does sound like perfect casting.
By the way, i forgot to say thanks for saying you'll use my name 'somewhere' in one of your books... that'd be fantastic, mate and i'll be well chuffed whether i'm a victim or not!
Take it easy
Rob p.s. Euro 08 was a great tournament... good to see attacking football being played (and the italians going home early!)..even the Germans were entertaining... It was bizarre!

Hello, Rob. Glad to hear Lucy's Child scared you (in the nicest possible way of course...) Del Toro directing the film version...fuck me, we can all dream I suppose...I agree with you though, Rob, SPAWN or CAPTIVES would make great films...fuck it, they'd all make great films, we all know that but, what the fuck...I've seen THE DARK KNIGHT a couple of times now and stand by my opinion that it was good but not great. The thing is I keep saying it should be half an hour shorter but I'm fucked if I can see where the thirty minutes should be trimmed, I must be talking out of my arse as usual. Some wonderful set pieces (the robbery at the beginning..the hospital...the scenes in the police station between Batman and the Joker) Good performances and Heath Ledger excellent as the joker (Cesar Romero is too easily overlooked from the old Batman TV shows I reckon and Nicholson was wonderful in Tim Burton's version but I reckon Ledger just steals it for being so out and out dangerous. One of the most genuinely frightening villains in cinema history in my humble opinion..) I'll see it again and see if I change my mind (or figure out where you could trim 30 minutes...I also still think that the Batman part is under-written...) Can you believe, by the way, we just get shot of that fucking ad for Radio One DJ's and now there's a new one with fucking Moyles and his effeminate assistant...are the BBC trying to ruin my cinema going...I agree about Euro 08, brilliant tournament and Spain were worthy winners...Take care, mate.

Good morning, Shaun.
First off I guess I better start with the mandatory 'I love you' bit.
I've never really been much of a reader but a few years back I took a trip into my local library (God knows why!), and had a bit of a browse and found 'Captives'. I thought it sounded quite interesting so I took it out.
I absolutely loved it, then I started getting the other books by you that my library had to offer and loved them also. So far, 'Compulsion' is my favourite. Anyway, enough rambling. I'll get to the point!
You've influenced me greatly into writing a novel myself which I have made a start on. I was just wondering if you have any pointers or tips or anything to help me get the most out of my story idea?

Mark, why not start with the mandatory "I love you". You're brilliant and my idol would have done just as nicely...Tips on though. Write what you want to write, don't show it to anyone else, trust your own instincts and run with any ideas you get if they work, if they don't work them out and re-use them or dump them...Let me know how the book goes.

Just wanted to write to you to let you know that I love all your books, and have been reading them since I was in my prime, lol, can you tell me if you know were it is possible to buy the books you wrote as nick blake? I did find one in an old books hop but it has closed and I cant seem to find any other places, can you help????????
Caroline McStay

Not a clue where to get the Nick Blake's I'm afraid, Caroline. Maybe on e-bay? I'm sure someone on this site will know...they know everything...
Right, that's me done for the month. Football season back on, new series of the X Factor on TV, Big Brother still running, I'm hooked on the Olympics...fucking hell, now where do I get a life...? I've had a rather large rant this month so why not join me....come on, you know it makes sense.....Take care until next time, you lot...

Sunday 6th July 2008

The fact that you are the most talented individual that I have unfortunately never met :( I absolutely love you to pieces..obviously not all your pieces *giggle* some may taste not as nice..oops ... no just wanted to say your *rants* are absolutely fantastically funny... i love logging on and seeing them... . congrats on making this old rocker bird (all 34 years of me) happy!
marie x

Old rocker bird! OLD for fuck's sake, Marie, you're in your prime, girl... even reading that made me feel ancient... (but then again I am..) A friend of mine is about to reach forty and she's absolutely dreading it. The age thing really bugs me I'm afraid. I'm terrified of getting old but, enough of my personal neuroses... Don't be too upset about never having met me, there's far less to me than meets the eye... (as I'm sure anyone who's met me will tell you..) Glad you like the rants and the books. Old, fuck me...

Hi Shaun, I had to laugh when i read your comments on the DJ's advert they're subjecting people too in the cinemas... when i was in school smart-arsed little wankers, with annoying accents, usually got the shite kicked out of them... but now they give them all 'jobs' in radio or fuckin T4 (and to think you used to just have to put up with religion and shite sports if you wanted to watch sunday tv). And while we're at it..i would give my left arm to be in a room for five minutes with that fucker Chris Moyles and his side-prick 'comedy' Dave.
On more important matters.. i'm almost finished White Ghost (very cool) then onto to Unmarked Graves at last!?
Take it easy

Another fine person who agrees with me about that fucking advert..Thank God. I have to agree with your sentiments there Rob, twats like that did get flattened at school rather than being given their own show... It's got to the stage now that I try to be late getting into the pictures just so I can avoid the fucking thing. On a related subject, have you seen that advert at the flicks (... ?) for Sure Deodorant, the "we know what makes you sweat" advert (three teenage girls going through a ghost train seeing their worst fears?). The second bit when the puppet descends from the ceiling and says "how about a dance with daddy" amuses me because that fucking puppet is the dead spit of James Herbert... Have a look next time...

Hi Shaun
Been enjoying your books for about 18 years now (did a study of you at Uni) and just thinking about re-reading them all from the start again. Looking forward to Renegades again! I just loved all the early ones. I was reading on your site you are thinking about doing another book with Doyle - now forgive me if I've missed the info on the site, but any idea when this will come out?
One more favour too please - if possible may I be in one? Am equally happy to be an innocent bystander or road kill.
Many thanks,
Sarah Anderson.

Hi, Sarah, were you the one who studied metallurgy or is my fevered brain even more fucked up than I thought? Anyway, even if you weren't, glad you like the books and yes, I will be bringing Doyle back and yes, you can be killed or be an innocent bystander, not a problem... As for when it will come out... couldn't tell you... my publishers will probably object to it. They don't seem to like Doyle... wonder why...

Hi Shaun,
Just taking a moment from basking in the promotion (finally - 104 fuckin years in the making) of the mighty Tigers to ask you how far into Purity were you when you realised that Jake Webber was about as close to Sean Doyle wothout giving him the same name, note Leather Jacket - check - Thick Long Hair - check - Piercing Grey Eyes - check. Seroiusly though it's a great novel and I'm now ploughing my way through Lucys Child for the first time (I know but it took me a while to find it and I've also got hold of a couple of your more recent ones (Necessary Evil, Twisted Souls & Dying Words) which I'm looking forward to.
Also will you be trekking to the KC when we face the mighty Reds?
Rock on and keep the deaths long and gory
Francis Moon
P.S. Please kill me in your next novel.

Many congratulations on Hull getting promoted, Francis. I watched the match against Bristol City on Sky just to see where I'd have to go next season! I actually came up to your old ground in about 1997 or 98 when Liverpool played you in the Worthington Cup or whatever the competition was called that year! The KC, I'm hoping, is better equipped... Seriously though, congratulations once more on the promotion. What do you reckon your chances are of staying up? I remember seeing Dean Windass score for Bradford at Anfield against us back in 1998 or 99 (sorry, memory's fucked..) so I hope that's not an omen... Good luck.
On the Jake Webber/Sean Doyle similarities I honestly didn't notice but, ah, well, no one's perfect are they...
See you at the KC next season.
p.s. OK...

Hi Shaun.
Its John the Manc again talking about the availability of your books,I have just spent two weeks in Kos Greece in our hotel they had quite an extensive library but alas no Shaun Hutson well I just happened to take two paperbacks with me Death Day and the Captives,after reading them I left them in the library and two days later they had both gone so we are spreading the word.did you watch the Champions League final what a result poor old Terry my heart went out to him (LIKE FUCK).I wont be able to accompany you to Anfield next year unless we meet you in one of the cups as i will be in Croatia (not by choice) but I will still get you to meet up so I can get you to sign your novels for me.all the best roll on august for next novel
cheers John

John, good to hear from you again and many thanks for spreading the word by leaving the books in Kos... hope you enjoyed your holiday by the way. I must admit, I didn't watch the Champions League Final but have since seen bonehead Terry's miss and found it highly amusing..I wonder how Chelski will do now that Scolari's in charge. My guess is even worse... Anyway, look after yourself in Croatia and enjoy next season (but not too much..). Take care, mate.

sorry to hear there's no signings this year due to the publishers. With you being a Liverpool fan and all, is there any chance of you nipping down to Waterstones in Bold Street (Liverpool town centre, about 20 mins by taxi) one weekend when they're at home? Bold St is an excellent venue, they promote really well and always do a good job on punting your books when they come out. I work in the centre and would be happy to have a word with them if you were game. Just a thought.
Paul Evans

What a cunning thought, Paul, enticing me to a signing session the day the mighty Reds have got a game... You'd better ask my publishers not me... All the best.

hi Shaun,
finished white ghost and Unmarked graves (finally).
White ghost was great... if you write another Doyle book you should definitely age/update him etc.. that'd be sound. Gerard Butler, i know he's been in some shite films but i reckon he could be a good Doyle..? Unmarked Graves... i thought it was a blast and read it in one day, mate. It would've been cool to have the Julie Bishop subplot, that you've mentioned, in there but i enjoyed the ride as it was. Went to see The incredible Hulk the other day.. i think Ed Norton is a good choice and i desperately wanted it to be good but some of the camera and CGI work was a little shitty to me... i felt like my eyes were going to fall out of my head at one point (Tim Roth as Doyle anyone?) So i'm waiting for Bats and Hellboy to save the day... what do you think of Del Toro by the way? I think he's a fuckin genius when he's left alone to do his thing. Anyway, next up is Lucy's child... if i ever emerge from tolkien's The children of Hurin!?
p.s. i hope the dutch win euro 08... then again, anyone but the fuckin italians and germans!

Hello again, Rob. Glad you enjoyed White Ghost. I was thinking that your idea for Gerard Butler as Doyle is pretty good (let's not hold P.S. I LOVE YOU against him, eh?) Tim Roth too. I've always liked him and thought that if EXIT WOUNDS was ever filmed I'd love him to be one of the gang, along with Ray Winstone, Bob Hoskins and Danny Dyer... The Julie Bishop subplot was taken out of Unmarked Graves because it was felt (not by me..) that it slowed the book down. I still don't agree to this day but what do I know, I only wrote the fucking thing... Agree with you about the Hulk. I loved the comics and wanted to like it but the sequel (with Iron Man) should be better..I think Del Toro is a wonderfully imaginative director. I wonder what he'd make of Lucy's Child... let me know what you think when you've read it..
p.s. I had money on Germany and Croatia. My daughter had a fiver on Spain so someone in the house was happy... Mind you, I thought it was a great tournament.

Hi Shaun,
With reference to you asking us who we think should play Doyle I reckon the block who played Sean Slater in Eastenders (Rob somthing or other) would be a great candidate as he could do the caring and the couldn't give a shit character traits (plus not only is he eye candy for the ladies he would also be easier to get than Mr JKackman who is probably V expensive).
With this in mind I reckon we should also as fans and mostly fee paying licence holders harrass the BBC to film the first three Doyle novels at least with you Shaun in controol of how it's done. Lets face it at the moment we get a lot of crappy sub standard detective/cop shows but it is a fact that people like charcters with an edge (such as Doyle in the novels and Burnside in the Bill) and the BBC have there fair share of gore in series such as Messiah.
Anyroad I'm about to start Necessary Evil whilst listening to And So It Begins by Sworn Amongst (check em out or miss out).
Francis Moon

Good idea, Francis, write to the BBC and force them to film the novels with Doyle in... Maybe someone should start a petition..On the subject of Eastenders actors (or ex-Eastenders actors) playing him, Shane Richie wanted to..any views on that... Hope you enjoy Necessary Evil..Let me know what you think when you've finished it...

Hi Shaun
I did read that you like to have people names like a death wish list for your books. Well my friend, can you do me a favour? I have just recently found?my that my wife has been having a affiar right bitch she is. Can you use her name and kill her off in one of your books I want it to be brutal? Her name is Emma.
If you can do this for me mate this would be sweet. I am now living on my own, she even treaten to trash all your books that you signed for me. No worries that was the first thing I grab from the house.
Take care and best wishes

Very sorry to hear about your wife, Guy. I'm sure I can slip in the slaughter of someone called Emma into a book. Any preferences as to how she goes... ? Take care of yourself, mate.

Just came across your blog thingie on your page, loved your rant, you sound just like me when i get going
My question?? Where you live? Wanna go for a beer?

Lisa, how kind.. Blog thingie... it's not a blog, girl, it's a rant... You said I sound like you..Christ, are you bitter and twisted too. We should get on like a house on fire and probably, by the end of the evening, the house would be on fire... My questions would be, how old are you? Where do you live? What's your second name? What do you look like? Have you got manicured hands and perfectly pedicured toes? Do you sit with your legs curled up under you when you read? (no sorry, forget that) And, yes, but not a beer, you drink the beer, I'll have a mineral water... (rock and roll, eh?)... yes, I'm that boring...
Anyone else out there feel free to invite me out by the way... No, oh, alright then...
On we go..

Hi Shaun
Duncan Stripp here. Remember me? Seems like an age ago that we used to bump into each other at those press screenings at The Point. Moved on a bit since then, I'm a buyer for Blockbuster and get to go to premieres instead (off to Kung Fu Panda in an hour)
Just had to write to let you know that i had the pleasure of being flown to Cannes last month by Bruce Dickinson in Ed Force 1 to see Chemical Wedding. OK so the film wasn't really up to much, but what a nice guy he is!!!! The complete opposite from what most people expect from a rock star. These young upstarts (yes, you Pete Docherty, and your ilk) should look to him for an example as to how rock stars should behave.
Look forward to your rants on here every month, a lone sane voice in a world gone to the dogs!
While I'm writing I should ask, what are your top 10 films of the year so far?
Keep up the good work mate

Duncan, great to hear from you and I'm really glad that justice has been done and you're doing something in the film world at last (fuck that critic shit eh?..) Glad you found Bruce Dickinson so pleasant (I'll be seeing him on Saturday at Twickenham when Iron Maiden play there) and you're right, the opposite of the clichéd rock star. I haven't seen Chemical Wedding I must admit and a review I read wasn't very favourable but what the fuck do critics know..
My top ten films of the year so far... er..I'm not sure there've been as many as ten that I'd rate too highly but here's some that have impressed me in some way shape or form; 1.GONE BABY GONE, 2.THE MIST, 3.CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR, 4.LIONS FOR LAMBS, 5.THE ORPHANAGE, 6.REC, 7.IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH, 8.NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, 9. IRON MAN 10. er... I'm struggling a bit now..
This year has also thrown up (and that terminology is very apt I'm sure you'll agree..) some of the worst films I've seen including PROM NIGHT, MEET THE SPARTANS, ONE MISSED CALL and the huge disappointment that was I AM LEGEND.
What are your top ten? I still remember one of the press shows at The Point where some little twat from local radio said that his film of the year was WAYNE'S WORLD to which you replied (much to my amusement) "Haven't you seen any other films this year then?" Nice one. Keep in touch, mate and it's great to hear you're doing well.

Hi Shaun,
Hate to be a picky fucker, but I'm gonna be! I just read you latest rant, and while kill'em all seems like a fucking great idea I gotta point out, you used amazing, incredible and awsome many times. So, does that mean we gotta kill you as well?!
Wouldn't it be a better idea to have those parasitic assholes kill theselves, while we watch? Think of the entertainment value! Hell, it was just a thought...
I'll grab my coat...

Hello there Az, you picky fucker... just kidding... yes, if I use superlatives then kill me as well, I deserve it... I go with your idea, Az, let them kill themselves while we watch..see you soon...

don't know if you can help. i watched an old horror movie many years ago about a guy who kept his wifes head alive in a box. he used to come in, open the doors of the box and there she was , her eyes following him around the room, full of hatred. i have never seen it since but have never forgotten it. wonder if you could tell me the title?

Paul, I wish I could... it sounds like something from an old TV series called MYSTERY AND IMAGINATION or something like that. There was an old TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED called William and Mary about a woman who kept her husband's brain alive in a glass tank but you say it was a guy with a woman's head so, er... I'm sure someone out there somewhere will be able to help. There was a pretty obscure film called MACABRE in the late 80's and the bloke in that cut off his wife's head and kept it in a fridge, it may be that but I don't think her head was alive if you get my drift... It was one of the many video nasties around at that time. Was this one old as in Fifties, sixties or what? Now, I'm intrigued too... if you find out, let me know...

Dear Shaun,
Lucy's child was an amazing book which for the 1st time i found hard to put down. It has been some years now since I have read it but still recommend this to anyone who reads horrors.
What I would like to know is if there is likely to be a sequel to this book.
Kind Regards

No sequel to Lucy's Child I'm afraid, Adie. Well, not that I know of anyway... maybe I'll think about it...

Hi Shaun
I have been a fan for many a year and this is the first time that I have put pen to paper (or should that be finger to key.?) to ask you a question on your MAGNIFICENT website (yeah, I know your views on superlatives, but the website really IS and Graeme does an AWESOME job!)
I saw your good mate James Whale on the shopping channel the other night selling pink suede shoes!
What's your view on that? Does this Whale need saving?
Cheers Shaun - keep up the FANTABULOUS work and keep writing those CLASSICS (yeah, yeah, I know). If you feel in a generous mood, please could you kill my namesake in one of your stories; perhaps something involving a nasty disease or flesh-rotting, madness inducing chemical
Gruesome regards
Chris Grenna

Right, Chris, I forgive the superlatives... I did laugh when I read your message..obviously it's ok to use superlatives in connection with me or with this site because the site is fucking awesome, thanks to Graeme.
I haven't seen James on BitTV yet but I'm sure that someone somewhere will offer him a job on Radio. He's great at what he does and I don't think there's anyone better at that kind of confrontational show. I will kill you in the most INCREDIBLE way imaginable, no problem. All the best...

Thursday 19th June 2008

Hello Shaun
Each year between August and September we run a book promotion focusing on Fantasy and Science Fiction.
We enquire with authors if they would like to sign some bookplates we can include in selling their books during the two month event.
I would like to find out if you would be able to sign around 25 bookplates for us to use in selling your books at our event this year?
I am happy to post you some of our bookplates with a return international postage voucher to pay for postage or if you have your own bookplates you would like to send us, please let me know?
During the event we try sell books including a bookplate signed by the author, raffle signed author books and give away 100 goodie bags filled with fantasy and science fiction items.
kind regards and looking forward in hearing from you
R.P Bookstore

Send the bookplates, Tara and I will sign them with the greatest of pleasure. Best to send them via my publishers though and not through Graeme (the poor sod's got enough to do running this site for me without being my messenger... ) Hope the promotion goes well for you.

Hi Shaun,
Finished reading "Dying words" last week, as predicted i couldn't put it down... i won't say too much so i don't spoil it for those who haven't read it yet but I loved how descriptive you were in it. It hit you from the get go and and just kept on going... excellent!!!.
Just like to say to Luke Cornwall, 15 is a great age to start reading Shaun's books... i started when i was 14 with RENEGADES and i haven't stopped yet.
As a regually visitor to cineworld youself... i saw PATHOLOGY at northampton cineworld a few weeks ago and wanted to get your opinion on it? It was a clever film with what they done with it and a couple of scenes reminded me of your books.
Also i'm writing a crime thriller set here in northampton and having problem with the fucking writers block any tips on how to get rid of it, had it for 2 fucking days now and it just won't go...

Neil, glad you enjoyed DYING WORDS. Thanks for the kind words. Very much appreciated. On the subject of PATHOLOGY, I didn't dislike it that much to be honest. My mum and dad were staying with us that weekend so I thought, 'might as well take them to the pictures with me' to see it. Oops... my dad fell asleep and my mum kept shrieking at the gory bits... However, I will watch it again on DVD when it comes out to see if my opinion changes. It had guts and a reasonable story line but didn't seem sure where it wanted to go but it was good the way it blurred the moral lines with its characters. As for clearing writers block... er..I always just stare at the screen for hours on end praying that something will click or I walk around the house in a state of depression. Neither is guaranteed to clear the block though... good luck with your thriller...

fuck me man ... how come you never reply to my letters!!?? have i goto say something daft like ive been reading your books since i was 2, now im a deranged fucking rapist who eats his victims after!! ah fuck it... i enjoy youre books anyway... you just not writing them quick enough my old fruit!! i really enjoyed 'dying words', fucking outstanding!! but my all time fave has got to be 'erebus'... fuck me can you imagine if that got made into a film... it would be gut munching fucking fantastic!!!!!!!!! are you going to see maiden at twickenham? or are they a bit to loud for you now? you never know... they might do concessions for old people... might save yourself a fiver!!

I never reply to your fucking letters because you never write you cunt... and if you've turned into a deranged rapist because of my books then fucking great, at least they've had an effect... ha, ha. I'm writing as fast as I can... and yes I am going to see Maiden at Twickenham despite my advancing fucking years... Christ, the band are all older than me... Now I'll reply to another e-mail you wrote, Matt, did these two get mixed up by some chance you bloody maniac...

hi shaun... its seems ive been reading your books forever now,and i love every fucking one of them!!i have picked up quite a few sighned copies from when you visit walsall? is it true you visit this shithole? fuck me why? but... in the off chance your coming here again,is there any chance of me poping down to meet you?... i mean... ive been a huge fan for so long it would be awesome to meet you in person! i could play the sympathy card and tell you ive been suffering from cancer and hopefully you will feel sorry for me and say... problem?! i would even let you take the piss of all my scars!(i had cancer of the mouth and neck,so i had most of my big gob removed)... i know deep down you want to say yes? anyway no problem either way... keep up the good work with the fucking ace books!!!! you going to maiden in july?... plus,check out a horror film called barricade'... gory as fuck!plus check out the french gore flick..'inside'... see ya later!!!

Hello again, Matt. Which shithole did I visit but not see you in, mate? If you know I'm coming then leave a message for me or something (leave a severed fucking head if you like... ) However, I recommend never meeting people whose work you like, you'll always be disappointed and, trust me, I'm sure I'd be more disappointing than most... I wouldn't take the piss out of your scars, Matt. I could give you a couple more if you like but other than that... Glad you enjoy the books, mate. Have you seen the very good Spanish horror film REC? I recommend it... take care of yourself...

Dear Shaun,
I have just finished Erebus and have started Victims. They are the first books of yours I have read but not the last that's for sure!
Anyway I thought I'd look at your web site and I saw the questions part and read some.
In one you mentioned that no one ever wants to be an innocent bystander, so I thought I'd email and ask if I can possible be an innocent bystander in your next book?(maybe splattered by some form of gore I don't mind really!!!!)
Many thanks for reading this and keep up the good work!
Best regards,

Adam, what a fine ambition, to be a bystander. I did laugh when I read that. Not the main character, not a hard nosed tough guy but a fucking bystander... great idea. It's like the old Alexei Sayle gag about being so shy as a kid he wanted to be in films but as an extra... I'll bear it in mind and see what I can splatter you with.. all the best...

Any news on whether there will be signings this year?
Paul Evans

No signings this year, Paul I'm afraid. Blame the publishers.

Hey Shaun
Lisa here (Lisa McQuillan), It has indeed been a while. Hope alls well, and I look forward as always to the new novel.
I had to giggle at your rant about that sodding Radio 1 advert, Isnt it awful???? We poor regular cinema go-ers should not be tortured with such drivel. To start with it was vaguely humerous to giggle at 'The Streets being on fire' and 'The dance Roar and the DJ' and how fantastic it all was... but now FFS just put the movie on! Almost as bad are the Orange adverts and their vain attempt at being funny. The only thing I ever found even a teeny tiny bit funny was the barman and his exploding vest in the Val Kilmer one...
I know its an old one, but what did you reckon to 'Perfume'. Fucked up ending or what?

Hello, Lisa, good to hear from you again after so long. Glad you agree about the complete waste of valueable time that is that fucking Radio One advert (or that is Radio One for that matter... ). Now, with the Orange ads I agree with you about the barman's exploding vest in the Val Kilmer one but I also used to have a chuckle at the Joan of Arc one... (Mena Suvari is getting burned at the stake and the bald bloke's rushing about with a fire extinguisher... that one... it was a while ago..) There was also one with Sean Astin trying to get funding for a new film and they kept trying to talk him into doing Lord of the Rings part 4 that wasn't too bad... fucking hell, I remember ads more than films these days... Staying on films, PERFUME I thought was one of those pictures that wasn't brilliant but that fascinated me. I bought it on DVD when it came out. I loved the atmosphere and some of the visuals in it and, as you say, fucked up ending but I'd sit through it again any day. Can I recommend GONE BABY GONE, REC and THE ORPHANAGE as good recent films. If you've seen them let me know what you think. All the best.

Hi again,
Yes I do sit with my legs curled under me while I'm reading (see questions 5th march), Anyway, you should definitely use the name Mickey in a book - make it a short female with long black dreads and that would be amazing!
What albums are you listening to at the moment? What do you think of Airborne? Avenged Sevenfold?
what do you think of this new law they are bringing in to do with extreme porn images?
I bet there is a few of your readers who also read stuff like bizarre magazine and apparently now we could all get put away and go on the sex offenders register for possessing extreme pornographic images - maybe sounds reasonable but not when you look further into it and see what they could put under that category!
Your thoughts... . .
p.s. doing any signings this year?

Thanks for the tip off about the law regarding extreme porn images, Mickey. I hadn't heard of it I must admit. I will check out that website. To be honest, my views on porn and stuff like that (unless it's fucking child porn obviously) are that as long as no one gets hurt then everybody should have the right to watch what they want. I mean, if they ever clamp down on foot fetishists then I'm fucked aren't I? But seriously, just another example of how this isn't a free fucking country unless you tow the party line. On the subject of albums, I'm hoping to purchase the new Seether album this week. I love that band. I saw them at the Astoria last year and they were excellent. I really liked what I've heard of Airborne and as for Avenged Sevenfold, I've not heard enough of them to comment to be honest. Anyway, thanks again for letting me know about that porn law shit, I will check it out. I'll let you get back to reading with your legs curled up under you (or is that now against the law too... )
Signings? No. Not this year. Nowhere.

hello shaun,
i was thinking about setting a my space fan/tribute page,with the intention of promoting your books and getting people to check out the official site and wanted your approval first... just finished dying words i enjoyed it,just started unmarked graves.
Tony Dobson

Tony, what a fine example of humanity you are. I know nothing about myspace, face book or any of that stuff. But if it costs no money and doesn't take up too much of your time then feel free to do what you like, mate. A tribute page.. what would it consist of... let me know... and thanks again.

Hi Shaun,
I've read all your books and pretty much loved them all and I want to put an arcticle about you on the heavy metal website I run. Click below
It will be in the 'Articles' section under the 'Art' tab. It will be about your appeal to heavy metal fans particularly regarding the imagery. It's not an intellectual piece, its a no bullshit, this is what you get item. As a matter of courtesy I'm contacting you but also every one of our pages has music and I thought you might like to choose your own. I know you are a Maiden fan but I thought I'd leave it up to you. So check out the site (have those speakers on) and let me know what you think and I'll send the piece to you as soon as its finished.

I checked out the website first before replying to this and it's fucking great. While being blasted by "Run to the Hills" I then find my way into the site and see you've got Peckinpah and Bill Hicks on there too... fuck me, Spiderwolf, get me on there as quick as you can... sharing space with my two heroes, a dream come true. Obviously any article about me isn't going to be intellectual, I realize that but I must thank you for contacting me and letting me know about your site and also say thanks for doing the article. Did you do the ones on Bill Hicks and Sam as well? If you did then I must just be an irritating twat and say that Sam never had a problem with the opposite sex (as mentioned in the bit about Straw Dogs), he was actually something of a ladies man (and I don't just mean being unfaithful..)... but seriously, if you want to put some music over my page then I'd be honoured. If you can find it, any track by a band called SWORD (now long split up) from one of their two albums METALLIZED or SWEET DREAMS will do as will SHE'S THE ONE by Seether from Kharma and Effect. EYES OF A STRANGER by Queensryche from Operation Mindcrime or MONTSEGUR by Maiden from Dance of Death. Failing that, I'll leave it up to you and thanks again.

Hi Shaun
Just to let you know how much I love the rants on your 'Shaun's Shit' page. They appear to be so apt and spot on. They cheer me up no end, mainly because I - too - have an inherent dislike for all thing 'celeb'. We seem to be living in a society where celebrity has become such a facile concept that it is almost cool NOT to be famous.
Speaking of celebrities (or in this man's case, an icon), I'm sorry to hear about James Whale's unjust sacking from TALKSPORT (their loss in my opinion). It just goes to show that, as far as the media is concerned, we are entering toward an Orwellian state when it comes to freedom of speech. It seems that you cannot talk to people or express a valid opinion these days without someone taking an offence and suing you in a 'no win no fee court'.
Anyway, I thought you might like to know I've seen a few good horror movies recently. I love goofy horror, and you don't get much goofier than the excellent 'Simon Says', 'Hatchet', 'Wrestlemaniac' and 'Black Sheep'. Rob Zombie's remake of John Carpenter's Halloween isn't bad either. The first half of the movie was the best where he explored Myers dark psyche but the second half was just a paint by numbers reconstruction.
Thanks for your time, Shaun. As always, I look forward to reading your comments.
Best Wishes

Fucking right, Paul. We live in a society where HELLO and OK are the new bibles spewing their shit for brainless chavs to worship... oops, got on my soapbox there for a second... Glad to know you agree with me about these wastes of flesh and organs. James Whales dismissal from TALKSPORT is an example of this in a way because I doubt if someone like fucking Jordan would have been sacked for expressing views... oops sorry, I got confused there, I was thinking that Jordan actually had enough fucking brain cells to formulate an opinion in the first place... sorry... Tv and radio don't want people with opinions, they want sheep who spew out the party line. James is unlucky enough to have opinions so he never had a chance really. I've seen "black sheep" but not the first three you mentioned. I didn't like the remake of Halloween I must admit but, each to his own. Glad you like the books and the rants... cheers Paul..

Hi Shaun
Not a question but an answer...
Hugh Jackman would make a great Sean Doyle - mind you I am a menopausal mad woman who would like eye candy while watching him in action.
Have you ever thought of trying to play him yourself - I seem to think you would make it look easy!
I have been a fan since the beginning - keep 'em coming.

Kay, me playing Sean Doyle... now that would be something... exactly what I don't know but I reckon Hugh Jackman would be a better choice... thanks for thinking about it though... I suppose I play old Doyle every time I write about him. Some journalist once said he thought Doyle was my alter ego. How fucking perceptive of him... when I write the next Doyle book should I adjust his appearance to match his age i.e. short hair, no westerns boots etc. What do you reckon?...

I bet your inbox is flooded with pleas for help, for advice on how to replicate your degrees of success and it makes me feel somewhat cliché to join the possible said ranks. But to be honest I'm at my wit's end. I'm a writer, with the seemingly impossible task of taking the first step. For the last two years, I've been writing - from poetry to novels. Each new foray into the media proving to make me stronger, bolder and more defined. But here I am, with one complete novel ready for publication [bar the editor's skim over], thousands of poems, a bulging catalogue of poetry online and with semi-minimal views and having an digital Art career barely doing any better.
It's this first step, the first step into the direction of publication that terrifies me. I don't know where to start, I'm so scared of being ripped off and losing my work to some unscrupulous character that I flounder - hoping one day some miracle agent will break through my cynicism and rescue me from my life. I love to write, it's what I do most often, and even now as I type this email I have a new novel in the first draft bones stages. I'm just tired of being where I am, I have always felt I don't belong where I am, that I'm destined for something bigger and better. I work a part time job, with unsavoury hours and minimal pay, I break my back bending over to be the best possible worker and still have it slammed repeatedly in my face. I live in a town where job prospects are zero to none, and this writing career dream I fuel myself on is the only thing keeping me ticking. I don't have the degrees, I have the talent but I have no privileges and despite the poem being published in an American anthology I'm still no better off now than I was prior. I'm lost to where to start.
I have so much to say, so much to write but I feel my surroundings and life corrupting my thoughts and jading my views at times, and it's suffocating. Please answer me how do you start? How do you take that first step and how do you do it?
Thank you for your time and thank you for all the work you pump into my life that fills me with hope and inspiration.
Yours Sincerely

Antony, reading your e-mail certainly makes me think that you've got the passion to succeed. What you need, and what no one can give you, is a large slice of luck. This business and all creative stuff relies on luck, not fucking talent unfortunately. Having said that, never stop believing in yourself. You sound self-confident and don't let that stop. You won't get ripped off, I assure you of that. Agents and publishers don't work like that. Send your work to an agent but I won't bullshit you, the publishing business is in the worst state it's been in for twenty years, flooded with shit books by over-hyped authors, polluted by dog-shit celebrity books and still supporting aging writers with massive advances that they don't deserve but you may well find an agent who can cut through that shit. Send your novel to an agent. If they reject it, send it to another agent. Keep going until you get some positive results. If you want something badly enough you'll get it. And keep me posted on how you're progressing.

I have read every single one of your books and think your style of writing is easily one of the most accessible I have ever come across. anyways I am currently working on my own book/screenplay for operation mindcrime by queensryche and dont want to sound cheeky here but... If I were to send you via email the first few pages would you have a look at them and give me a proffesionals opinion on my amatuer writing?. if your to busy/can't be arsed I understand.
bollocks just read that geoff tate is taking his script round hollywood to get it made into a film ah well
Robert Young

Robert, many thanks for the kind words. I know what you mean about Mindcrime... it would make a great film and obviously Geoff Tate will find someone to make it (hopefully..). Keep writing though. You might think of something better of your own.

Hi Shaun
My name is Richard. I work at Bedford Hospital. I have been reading your books for quite a time now. I was wondering if you have ever thought of making a film out of one of your books?
Richard peck

I think of having films made of all my books, Richard, it's just studios who don't unfortunately... Hopefully that might change one day but I doubt it.

Hello, big fan here in Mexico.
Where can I order all or as many books and novels from SH in spanish.?
Can you put them together for me so I buy them from you.?

Er... if you've got Amazon in Mexico then try that. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Perhaps someone can. Actually, some of the Spanish rights were sold, to NECESSARY EVIL I think. I'll check that out.

Dear Shaun
What do you think are your best novels ?
My top 3 would be Necessary Evil, Purity and Lucy's Child.
What would your top 3 be and why ?

Bloody hell, David. Asking me to rate my own books... top three in terms of ease of writing would have to be DYING WORDS, VICTIMS and RENEGADES I reckon. Top three in terms of which I think are best would be HEATHEN, LUCY'S CHILD and DYING WORDS. I've always had a soft spot for DEATH DAY and RELICS personally. RENEGADES would be my favourite I suppose but, shit, that's really hard to answer. Sorry, I've bottled it... Good choice of yours I might add. PURITY often gets overlooked.

Dear Shaun Hutson,
Yes, I want to ask you something.
I am a writer's and artist's agent over here on the continent, selling to German publishers and others. Now, yes, I know that two of your novels have already appeared in Germany, for instance, so somebody must have sold them. Your British agency?
You see, I would very much like to work with you and try to sell more over here. For instance, I know a (small but good) Croatian publisher who might just be interested in your war novels!
I have my contacts everywhere and it would be a lot of fun, working with a pro like you.
If you should be interested, just let me know, please! I will then tell you more gladly.
Meanwhile all the best
Uwe Luserke

Uwe, perhaps my agent will have been in touch with you by now, I forwarded your e-mail to her. Many thanks for the interest though. I appreciate it.

Hi Shaun,
I am a big fan and am eagerly awaiting your new book body count. I am wondering if you know of anywhere that I might be able to get a copy of chainsaw terror or even come the night as I am struggling to get either?
Many thanks
Rob Ryan

A car boot sale might be your best bet, Rob. It's been out of print for years. Macmillan re-issued COME THE NIGHT as part of an anthology a few years back but that's out of print too. I'll have a root around in my attic and see what I can find...

Hi Shaun.
No point being formal as that clearly aint your style.
So far I have read Compulsion, Spawn, Slugs, Shadows, Nemesis, Deadhead and am nearly finished reading Hybrid.
I just want to say thanks, both for providing my obsession, and keeping me awake all night.
Your work is a masterpiece, I am no saidst, but Compulsion was very interesting. I also enjoyed Erebus, which had a fantastic ending. It leaves ytou thinking for hours. They have just put a stop to all that, and find out its happening all over :D Excellent!
My favourite is always the one I am currently reading, so I have none. My least favourite however was slugs. It was very interesting, but unlike your other books, it lacked that thrill. I am currently on chapter 78 of Hybrid, and so far think it is one of the best structured ones I have read.
In an EggShell, I want to thank you for providing this style of reading, as others are afraid of publishing this kind of material.
Many thanks from Reece. One of your greatest Fans!

No Reece, me and formality have never been on good terms, tell it like it is, mate. I'm really glad you enjoy my books but give me a break with SLUGS eh? I was only 22 when I wrote it... (shit, I'm getting depressed now..) Let me know what you think of HYBRID when you've finished. Thanks again for the kind words.

Hi Shaun,
I am a massive fan and have read many of your books. I was hoping to get your novels in eBook format as I have poor eye sight these days and eBooks allow me to make the font bigger. I would be happy to pay full book price but can't find where to get any eBooks of your novels?
Martin Croom

I wish I could help you Martin but I don't know either. There were large print editions of TWISTED SOULS and DYING WORDS and audio editions of NECESSARY EVIL, HYBRID, HELL TO PAY and UNMARKED GRAVES but as for eBooks I haven't got a clue. Sorry to be so useless, mate. Let me know if you find them.
Right, that's my lot for another month. I'm off to see PROM NIGHT this afternoon (God help me, the original was bad enough..) Quite looking forward to THE INCREDIBLE HULK though. Other than that, I'm watching every single game of Euro 2008 and thoroughly enjoying it. I've got my money on Germany as usual, I know I'm probably the only one who cares but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Look after yourselves until next time...

Thursday 8th May 2008

Hiya Shaun
Just bumped into your site and want to congratulate you on continuing to do what you do. Mik Heslin here... ""Who?"". Ooh, way back in WH Allen days, my girlfriend Sheelagh Thomas was your agent, you attended the first gig at the Fulham Greyhound of my band, 'TV Smith's Cheap' (mentioned in the acknowledgements at the beginning of 'Victims'), we spent a night at our place discussing the lyrics of Venom and others and I remember a great night at Wembley Arena watching Deep Purple.
Much water under the bridge since then. I have been married (not to Sheelagh who is now on her second marriage in Denmark), fathered twin girls who are now 17 and am now in Ohio, USA with 'mah new woman' planning the next phase in my life. I see you are still married and are now enjoying fatherhood. Are you still with Belinda?
Anyhow, all the best mate. Let me know how you are. It would be great to here from you.
Oh yeah, and if you think your hairstyle was funny in those days, check out the 'Buried By The Machine' video on my MySpace:
All the best,

I remember you, Mik and Sheelagh and that gig at The Greyhound and watching Deep Purple at Wembley Arena. It's really good to hear from you. I'm glad that you're well and I hope that things are great out in Ohio for you. Yes, I'm still with Belinda (God knows how she put up with me for so long) thank heavens. I'm still doing what I do for the time being... Why did you have to mention hairstyles... my little girl saw a video of me the other day and said my head looked like an exploded cushion... hard to disagree. Now it just looks like a worn out fucking cushion... Take care, Mik.

Hiya Shaun,
loved your books since I was 9 (im now 20) and its your fault i`ve turned out this way!! Nah, just joking...
2 questions for you: what do you think of the band, In Flames?
Secondly, what do you think of rats? As In pet ones?
Actually sod it, heres another one whilst im at it, what would you say to somebody who tried to heap the blame on you for the way they behave? Who says its down to YOUR books that they are fucked up, stark raving mentalists? If it hasn't already been done, im pretty bloody sure it will be at one point...
dont worry, it wont be me, you can sleep easy haha.
Anyhow, thankyou, and i`ll get back to battle royale!
Laura Holt

I assume you're watching Battle Royale on DVD, Laura? It was on TV not long ago too. I saw part 2 but not the first one... Right, er..In Flames... I've never heard of them. Shit, does that make me a sad old fucker whose hopelessly out of touch? Rock band I'm assuming? It would be unlikely if one of my readers was recommending the latest RnB dickhead to me... Rats, as pets... they're supposed to be very clean but I wouldn't really want one. My daughters got a hamster that is fairly homicidal so that's enough for me... What would I say to someone who said my books influenced them? I'd say... sorry but shit happens then I'd ring the papers, sell my story and make a fortune with which I'd retire... this, surprisingly enough, has never happened so far. People have told me I've given them nightmares etc. etc. but never that I've inspired them to slaughter an entire family with a potato peeler... still, you never know... If you like Japanese films, Laura, have you seen AUDITION... give it a try... let me know what you think..

Any news on if/when/where you'll be signing this year?
Paul Evans

I don't think I'll be signing anywhere this year, Paul. Sorry. If you want individual stuff signed however, you can always send it to my publishers who will forward it to me. Take care.

Hi Shaun,
I am currently training to be an English teacher and on my second teaching placement. I am planning on using ""The Tunnel"" with my year 10s - Im going to get them to write the ending for their piece of original writing coursework. I know this is a completely random request - but just wondered if you did school visits at all?

School visits... bloody hell, Ceri..well, I did a few back in the mid-nineties... some of the most terrifying events of my life. Standing in front of a class full of 15 year olds who couldn't give a toss about writing until I mentioned the Black Museum. Once I started talking about murder and mutilation they didn't stop asking questions... I found prison visits to be less intimidating... Are you allowed to use something like "the tunnel" on year 10s? Well, obviously you are or you wouldn't be doing it, I suppose... sorry. I'd be very interested to see some of the results (I mean finished stories..). Year 10, that's about 15 or 16 years old isn't it? Good luck with it.

Hi Shaun.
In this day and age of movie trilogies have you ever thought about allowing Renegades, White Ghost and Knife Edge to be turned into a movie trilogy. It could be titled ""The Sean Doyle Chronicles"" and each movie would be subtitled with the title of each novel.
What do you think? I would be interested to hear your opinion.
Andy Wells

Andy, I would love to have every fucking book I've ever written turned into a film. It isn't a case of allowing it it's just that no one has ever wanted to film the fucking things... bastards... Any thoughts on who you'd like to see play Doyle...

Hi My name is mike and im a big fan of horror i have been since the first time i saw HELLRAISOR.Ive never been a fan of reading tho untill my latest job were a friead said if u like Horror you will defently like this book. It was nemisis and i got to admitt i strugled putting it down, the detaile was amazing and it was so easy to visulize since then i have read that and VICTOMS and SLUGS and enjoyed all as much as the first. Ime struggling to find some more of your books but when i do i should enjoy them aswell. My question is this, have you like myself been a fan of Horror from the beging to get you inspiration for your novels, or did you start on them by accedent from a diffrent angle????. cheers for your time and hope to hear from you soon

Hello, Mike. Yes, I was a fan of horror when I started writing. I loved horror films and I used to read horror books too way back then.. I'm glad you liked the books of mine that you've read. I hope you can find some more from somewhere. Try the library if you can't find them elsewhere. Let me know what you reckon when you've read some more...

Sorry Shaun, I've been a fan of yours for years but ""Unmarked Graves"" is an absolute stinker. No characters I cared about, a complete lack of plot, it is a shocker. I can only think your publishers wanted a quickie to make some money.I hope you take this in the spirit it is meant and go back to writing good old horror thrillers with a first class story.

Now come on, Andy, don't mince words, say what you think... an absolute stinker... ow... No, seriously, mate, one of the things I respect so much about my readers is their honesty (cue a deluge of comments telling me all my books are shit... ) and, if you hated UNMARKED GRAVES then that is your prerogative. If it's any consolation at all it was changed so much in the course of the writing that I think I lost sight of some of the things I started out to say. For instance, one entire character, Julie Bishop, was lost. The main character, Pearson, was originally returning to the town to oversee his dad's funeral and, during the course of the book, he re-kindled his love affair with the wife (Julie) of the police inspector, Bishop. This obviously made their working relationship even more difficult and created even more personal tension... ah, well..pointless telling you that now I suppose. Sorry you hated it. I hope you enjoy BODY COUNT more... all the best and thanks again for your honesty, fortunately I only slashed one wrist before replying...

I suspect this is a question which is unanswerable!
A quiet, retired lady who neither smokes, drinks, swears nor likes heavy metal bands! But... . .thoroughly enjoys your books!!
Oh well, 'mine is not to reason why' just carry on writing for as long as your very fertile imagination allows and I'll be grateful!
All the best!!

Helga, you are a wonderful woman and I love you... I might ask you a question myself as a man who writes about people who smoke, drink and swear... what the hell attracted you to my books in the first place? Whatever it was, thankyou and I appreciate your continued support.

Dear Shaun
Does it bother you that hardly any of your novels get made into films ?
I think they have only made Slugs but I haven't seen it !
They make everything Stephen King writes into a film or Tv series. Most of these are terrible and his stories are hardly ""filmable"" these days. Hearts in Atlantis, Dreamcatcher, The Mist etc.
Your stories on the other hand seem very filmable. They are quick, concise, action packed, violent with plenty of twists !
Do film company's show any interest in your work ?
Many Thanks

Does it bother me, David? Of course it fucking bothers me... Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it except moan... Over the years, film companies in other countries (Spain and Australia) have shown interest for about five minutes but never anything from Hollywood... My books are very filmable. It's the film companies you should be asking, David, not me. If they tell you why they don't film my books, let me know...

Hi Shaun..
I've read and loved your books..and think your BARKING MAD, this is the highest accolade I can give to you. Years ago I was down on my luck, it got so bad I had to live in Hatfield, my only fun was going to Stevenage (yes I was at rock bottom and very sick at that time) I drank in a quiet little pub near the town centre called Ted The Grass, AKA Edward The Confessor by the posher patrons.
Then it happened, I looked across the bar one night, a vision filled my eyes, at first I thought it was the smoke, but on rubbing them she was still there, She was reading ""SLUGS"", I don't know what attracted me first, her long blonde hair, or her pert breasts, or the way she sat, her legs curled up under her.Then I saw them, her feet... so perfect... so manicured, unfortunately her boyfriend saw me staring and he came to say hello, the barstool didn't hurt that much really, I was as good as new after a few stitches, but alas never saw her again.
Shaun? did you ever drink there, and was it you that hit me with the barstool? can you do me a favour?... I know you get asked all the time..but it's a special one, can you kill me off in that pub drinking with two American board members of Liverpool FC.
P.S I support Spurs, but Liverpool are ok for a northern lot, better than Man United anyway.
Keep em coming
Chaz Fullerton

Barking mad... now, there's a true compliment... if you said that to Ian Mckewan he'd probably be annoyed but not me... I lived near Stevenage but only went there to the pictures (remember the Leisure Centre?..) So, you want to die in a pub, eh?... alright then..I'll do my best. Not sure I can include the warring yank board members though... I'll be at White Hart Lane on Sunday for the last game of the season, by the way. Take care of yourself, Chaz.

Hey Shaun i dont no if you rember me my name is Michael Hanson Im 25 years old i wrote you a letter not long ago about Horror Movies . Anyway since then ive been reading more of your novels at the min im reading Shadows im pretty entreged how you got research on the characters on the book because they are so detailed.Im not one for words but i am many for ideas, I live a pretty normal life a family a job and a ordernary life but like yourself to write you have to pay attention to the detailes and to no notice the detailes you have to be open minded that i try being. I wanted to start writing myself but as you can tell my spelling is not up to scratch thats why i ime writing this. If i wrote a book it would be Based on Horror and it would be based on my life accourencies and how i would connect the person i see down the street to my self. I can get a begining but i struggle to get a middle and a end i would be greatfull for any advice you could give to a Novice like myself. Please Either reply by your website or private Email to this address [email protected] thanks for listening look forward to hearing from you soon... . ... This is my idea... A man brought up in Northen England from the age of 1 to 13 to respect olders and be truthfull to the ones he loves that being all and true untill a day when his friends and himself take a Bike ride to the local Woods and encounter a hurrific Murder and a rape seen. During this seen the boy stears entreaged and enveyous of the the attacker... This encourges him during his later life to copy cat future Killers and Rapests but is the Passion of the boy or a spirit within from reincarneted past... .

Not a bad idea, Michael. Why not try writing it and see how you get on? Just plan the story on a piece of paper and see how it works out. It's the only way really. I wish I could give you better advice but there isn't a magic formula I can tell you to follow unfortunately. Give it a go. Don't worry about the spelling. If necessary, get someone you know to go over the opening afterwards and correct the spellings for you. Let me know how you get on.

Hi Shaun
Its john again the Manc from the other end of the M62.having just read your article about addiction, dont you think that football is an addiction.I cant wait to see my team again then you speak to other so called fans and they cant even be bothered to switch the bloody television on to watch their beloved team .I am lucky I have just watched Utd progress to the European final alas I cant go will you be travelling to watch Liverpool if they make it.I have also come up with a plan to get you to sign all of my books that you have wrote , I will get you a ticket next to me at Old Trafford when you scouse bastards come next season okay
all the best one happy fan cheers John

Hello again, John. Good to hear from you. Regarding football being an addiction I think it is. I mean, I don't know about you but, unless you're four up by half-time, you can't really enjoy the game and it fucks up your social or family life (because everything's done around fixtures..well, it is in our house anyway..). My mate and I were talking about just this subject the other week, sometimes you don't feel like travelling but you still do it.. you know, much the same as not wanting that next fix of heroin but having to have it... The thing is, I don't mind discussing this with you (even though you're a Manc) because you actually go to the games. Sorry to hear you can't get to Moscow (neither can I because Chelsea got lucky and we scored an away goal for them that decided the tie..) That business about having to apply for final tickets even before the Semis pissed me off too. Talk about tempting fate. But I see now that Uefa have decided to forget about the visas. What a bunch of dickheads. I would wish you good luck for the final but I can't, mind you, I hate Chelsea almost as much and, at least you lot have got some history and you didn't buy your fucking trophies. Thanks for the offer of the ticket but I think I'd rather be in our bit when we come to Old Trafford next season... you're welcome to sit next to me at Anfield though... all the best.

Thursday 17th April 2008

Hello, it's me again...
Just before we get started, did anyone happen to see that programme on BBC 2 last Monday (14th April) about addiction? No, oh, alright then... it's just that one of the doctors on there was saying that, basically, there's no such thing as addiction, it's just a matter of being weak willed. Now, at the risk of offending anyone and also, speaking as an ex-alchoholic, I'm inclined to agree with him... No one forces anybody to drink, smoke or take drugs do they? It's a matter of choice surely. They also touched on the subject of sex addiction too. Fuck that, people aren't addicted to sex, they just like shagging... (taken from THE THOUGHTS OF DOCTOR HUTSON, VOLUME ONE..) Don't get me wrong, I understand (Christ do I understand) the problems of addiction, addictive behaviour etc. but I'm inclined to agree with the old doc above and err on the side of weakness (I'm speaking as a very weak willed bloke here..) Anyone agree? Just a thought... It's like the old shit about rehab... next time you see Amy Winehouse on the front of a newspaper, don't think "ah, poor Amy, she's an addict, she needs help," try thinking "You stupid bitch, you've got everything in your life you could want and you're pissing it away, get a fucking grip," same goes for any of these other parasitic bastards who claim they suffer with mental problems and then sell their stories to the media. Fuck them all...
Right, down to business, but just a quickie first...
Has anyone seen REC a Spanish film that resembles The Blair Witch Project? Jesus Christ, what a scary film. I highly recommend it. Also, anyone seen DIARY OF THE DEAD? What a pile of shit... Someone at the beginning screams "Oh no, this can't be happening." Sorry, I'm afraid it is, George Romero has made another bloody zombie movie...
Hello Shawn,
I'm 15 years old and I have recently started to read my first book of yours and I think its amazing.
The description you depict is wonderful for any readers imagination. The book that I am reading of yours is Assassin, I have only just started to read it and you have already got me thinking.
I will be leaving school soon and i don't really know what I want to do but I have always had a certain interested in writing.
As a child in primary school I loved writing stories in English lessons and I still do , got an A for my English coursework story (although not a thriller/horror) this year .which is nice.
I just wanted to know did you always know you wanted to be a writer? and do you study to become a writer or is it just a natural thing , you have the talent or not?
Also, I would love a recommendation for a next book to read of yours.
Appreciate your time in reading this, I hope you do get time to read this and reply it would be well appreciated.
Luke Cornwall

Right, Luke. Glad you like Assassin. Try RENEGADES next, or DYING WORDS. I didn't always wantto be a writer and no, you don't have to study for it. As for talent, just have a look at most of the books on the shelves these days and you'll see that talent has very little to do with it. If you're going to try writing for a living then good luck.

Hi shaun,
Love your books, just got dying words today been reading it at work and can't put it down as usual?..when is Mr Doyles next outing going to be? Also found this about the number of the beast.
A newly discovered fragment of the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament indicates that, as far as the Antichrist goes, theologians, scholars, heavy metal groups, and television evangelists have got the wrong number. Instead of 666, it's actually the far less ominous 616.
So what they just happen to discover this now??? Really??? And from the new fucking testament as well
Neil Thomson

616... sod that... I'm sticking with 666. It's got more of a ring, hasn't it? I had seat number 666 at Arsenal the other week and didn't really want to sit in it (I'm quite superstitious about things like that... ) On the subject of Doyle, you will be delighted to hear that there will be another outing for the old bastard. Exactly when I couldn't tell you but I have a few ideas kicking around so, watch this space as they say.

Dear Mr. Hutson,
My name is Roy Robbins and I am the owner of BAD MOON BOOKS in California. I am a specialty book dealer and publisher. I have been a book dealer for 20+ years.
My line of books is devoted to producing dark fiction in novella and novel form.
Would you be interested in having some of your older work (or better yet new stuff) produced in signed/limited editions? In terms of older work, ee would be interested in Slugs, Slugs & Breeding Ground in a single volume, Spawn or Erebus.
Please let me know.
All best,

Hello, Roy, thanks for taking the trouble to get in touch. I'll have a word about this with my agent. All the best.

Hi Shaun,
I'm just listening to the live Mindcrime album and wonder if you've got it and what you think of it. Do you feel that it was a good idea filling in the blanks in the narrative and giving us a clear picture of what happened rather than leaving it to the listener to decide. I like it personally as it gives the story a sense of justice and to be honest I love the mindcrime story.
Francis Moon

I still think that the story is crying out to be filmed. Operation Mindcrime is one of the finest albums I've ever heard.

Dear Shaun,
I've read a few books, from horror to fantasy, and I have to say that you come out on top every time. I love your stuff. You're a bit of an inspiration to me so I've been trying to do a bit of writing myself, some of it pretty good (even if I do say so). But would you know how to go about sending my stuff off to be looked at and hopefully published... (I read what you said to Matt Hewitt about being a cheeky fucker), so I promise you a free copy of anything that ever does get published.
All the best,
Steve Lewis

Right, Steve, so you're a cheeky fucker too... Just kidding, mate. Things in the publishing business have changed so much since when started that I don't want to tell you too much in case I'm giving you the wrong information but, as I used to do, write your book and send it off to a publisher and then pray... there isn't a magic formula I'm afraid (well, unless you're dad owns a publishers or you've been on a reality show or you've slept with a celebrity..) it's luck and lots of sweat and disappointment (oops, sorry, didn't mean to sound negative..). Just keep at it, Steve. Probably the best tactic is to try and get an agent first or, send a synopsis and some sample chapters to publishers to save yourself writing an entire novel on spec. Let me know how it goes.

Hi Shaun,
Have you ever thought about turning one (or more) of your books into a screen play?..I have an idea that the Doyle books could become a cool movie trilogy, especially if they were given the Danny Boyle treatment. On that subject, what did you think of 28 Days and 28 Weeks later?
Andy (from Norway)

Yes, Andy, every fucking one of them... Unfortunately, this will probably never happen, especially with Doyle as he has balls, hasn't got a soft side and doesn't make stupid fucking jokes every time he kills someone, a bit of a drawback for a Hollywood hero... 28 Days later I thought was o.k. but not much more. 28 Weeks Later I thought was not bad but a bit predictable. And, speaking of predictable, has anyone seen the trailer for DOOMSDAY? Fucking hell, talk about MAD MAX meets ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, how have people got the nerve...

I was recommended your books by my manager at work. He has a pretty twisted morbid sense of humour and i think your books may have helped him. I'm half way through Erebus right now and it is fairly disturbing. I've not really read any horror before and i' enjoying your work. I did once try to read some Stephen King as he seems to have done quite a bit for the genre but i realised the cunt doesn't even edit himself, his books being 10,000 pages long and feel like they're 20,000. I barely got through a few of his short stories before trying to commit suicide with the book. Death by a thousand Stephen King Novel paper cuts!
Well anyway i was just wondering how you actually start writing anything, being a bit of a storyteller myself through medium of film i find it extremely difficult to just get started writing anything and was wondering if you had any advice on just being able to get on with it.
Kind regards
Neill West

Neill, glad you're enjoying EREBUS. Like yourself, I find it hard to get started, what with trawling the internet for porn and making cups of tea (just kidding..). I do it because I have to basically. No magic formula. Just head down and keep your fingers crossed.

Hi Shaun
just felt I would let you know that I was also experiencing difficulty in purchasing your books,I first started reading them years ago purchased from a book club but more recently from waterstones in Crewe .yes they do stock your books .but not for long after the release date.Up untill about a year ago it was an Otterkers store and they stocked everything.Smiths in Crewe can't understand why they don't stock your books but will order them for you.I would also like to thank you for the thrills you give me with your books as I have told you on numerous occasions and you always reply to emails sent to you.anyway enough of the boring shite what is happening at Liverpool being a Man Utd season ticket holder it is hilarious .you all thought it funny when we were bought out by the yanks but at least they have left Sir Alex to run the club and to strive for the premiership whereas I think you are no nearer winning it now as you have been in the last15 for everyonr raving about Torres he has not done anything against the top sides.So enough pisstake as we have just been dumped out of the cup against portsmouth ,bastard referee .so if you need to kill a manc in a novel its John from Crewe all the best keep up the good work looking forward to your new novel in August,
cheers John,
a red from the other end of the east lancs road.

Hello, John, sorry to here that you're having trouble getting hold of my books. Write to the publishers and complain... The trouble is, these days, every major shop chain buys centrally and publishers pay for books to go into promotions etc. It really is shit out there these days, mate. I appreciate the support though. A man. Utd. Season ticket holder, my hat goes off to you, John. You must hate the glory hunters you've attracted as much as everyone else does... Don't worry about us with Hicks and Gillet (well, I'm sure you're not but you know what I mean). To be honest, as long as the reds are doing the business on the pitch then I couldn't give a shit and I'm writing to you the week before the Champions League Semi against Chelsea. Torres doing nothing against the top sides... er... he scored against Chelsea at Anfield. Only played the first half (injured) against Arsenal in November. Didn't play against Chelsea in the Carling Cup, was injured against them in the league game in Februrary so didn't play. Scored against Arsenal in the Champions League at Anfield and only played for 20 minutes against them at the Emirates in the League... er... not a bad record. I know he played against your lot twice and didn't score but that was because he was busy having lumps kicked out of him by that fucking donkey Ferdinand.. There you go, Alan Hansen couldn't be fairer could he? And, er, over 30 goals in a season... how many has Shrek scored? And he cost you 30 million from the bluenoses did he not? Enjoy the rest of the season, (but not too much). I'll kill you with the greatest pleasure. Thanks again, John.

being an avid fan of yours, i was just wondering if there are any plans for the next book????? i own and have read every single book you have wrote and cant wait for the next. i was wondering if you have any tips on writing??
mrs terri gowland

Terri, the next book published is BODY COUNT in August. My tips for writing... DON'T... Many thanks for the kind words and I'm delighted you enjoy my books...

hi shaun just wondering if you could sign a book for me? im a big fan

Of course I will, Wayne, just send it via my publishers and it will be done...

If you are not already a member of facebook i suggest you look at it there is a fan club for you, with 27 members including my self I think you on for a winner.

Robert, how does this Facebook thing work, mate? I find that and MySpace and all that other stuff quite baffling and irritating... Don't people talk to each other face to face anymore... However, if there are 27 wonderful people on it who like my books then what the fuck do I know...

Hey Shaun, I love your work, you have a very intreeging mind. I am 17 years old and I want to be a writer for horror, I am hoping to study English and Media after college to go on to University, I generally write horrors for my own interests and satisfaction. I was wondering if you could give me any advice?. Thank you for your time, if you dont get back to me I understand your a busy man.
Richard Isles

My advice to you Richard would be to write what you would want to read... There's more stuff about writing on my FAQ page on this site. Have a look and see if it helps.

How does it feel that I was born the year your first book was published?
By the way Warhol's prophecy and Heathen are my fav books Mel_9

Answer Thanks for that Mel, I now feel incredibly old... Seriously though, thanks for the support. Glad you like the books...

Hi Shaun
Just a quick mail to say cant wait for your next book - body count (sounds like an ICE T rock band )
Been a fan for years going back to the beginning with slugs , erebus and the skull etc.
I would consider it an honor if you could kill me off in one of your up and coming novels , hopefully in the most horrific and disgusting way possible
Paul Davis

Consider yourself killed off, Paul. Strange how no one ever wants to just be an innocent bystander isn't it?...

Thank you very much for the answer to my last question, and all the questions I have sent in.
I must point out though that I am not a bloke, never have been and never intend to be!
Do you intend to do any signings for the next book? Or ever again?!
Cheers Mickey (Michelle)

If I implied you might be a bloke, Mickey then I apologise profusely and grovellingly (no, that word probably doesn't exist..) Any girls called Michelle that I've ever met I've always called chelle but mickey is great (I might use that in a book..) Do you sit with your legs curled up beneath you when you sit down?...

Yep, only just heard about Norton. Now live in Shropshire, so don't get down to that area any more really. However, lots of nice????? new houses make somebody lots of nice dosh - schools, however decent like ours was (well, it was really, compared to some... ) only COST somebody lots of dosh. What a real shame. Anyway, carry on the good works.
Fran (with good feet)

Yes, Fran, Norton is no more. Shame that, like you say, it was a good school. How's life in Shropshire treating you (and your feet... )
Right, that's my lot for another month. By the time you lot read this, Liverpool will either have been booted out of the Champions League or be in their third final in four seasons and I'll either be a) extremely pissed off or b) delighted and booking my flight to Moscow. Other than that, you lot look after yourselves.
I'm off to see STREET KINGS...
Er... as Graeme pointed out to me, I thought I'd finished answering the questions but forgot the last three so, on we go eh? Sorry about that... Actually, something's cropped up that I'd just like to stick my oar into.
J.K. Rowling is suing some bloke over a Harry Potter Lexicon because she fears that if his is published, no one will buy her forthcoming encyclopaedia... give me a fucking break...
Jesus, how much money does this fucking woman need? She's the biggest selling author in the history of the known universe, she's got half a billion quids worth of sales and assorted rights money but now she flies all the way to New York to crucify some bloke whose website she praised a few years back... This is the same author who has always bleated about being private, not wanting to be in the limelight etc. etc. The same author who was in a double page spread in most papers talking about her new image, her list of celebrity friends etc..Ah, well, I'm sure her next book, an adult crime novel, will be a wonderful success and stop her worrying about going broke... Get a fucking grip you greedy bitch...
Right, on we go...

Dear Shaun,
I have just finished writing both 'Hybrid' and 'White Ghost' and I think they are absolutely amazing books. I love all the gore and action that Doyle gets himself into. I almost end up feeling sorry for him at times.I actually stumbled upon 'Hybrid' whilst I was shopping in town with my mum and twin sister and I thought it would be an interesting read. Let's just say it was more than interesting! Sadly, I haven't been able to find any more books of yours. Dear God, what is the world coming to?I've been told by my mum that I've been an avid reader since I was five and I've wanted to write ever since I was eleven. I'm now sixteen. To go slightly off the topic, I would just like to say that both you and J.K Rowling have influenced me in a major way in my writing. I write most of the time and I can see myself improving, but I was just wondering about the format for the story before handing it in when trying to find agents. I've never really been able to figure it out, not that I'm planning on getting a book out there at this very moment (in my dreams!).Is there any set way that the story must be written in? I was also wondering if you have any tips on how to go about creating a well planned plot and characters so the story does not become tedious.
All the best,

Hayley, if you want to read more about Sean Doyle then try and find WHITE GHOST and KNIFE EDGE too although, by the sound of it , you might have more chance of finding rocking horse shit... I have no tips on writing I'm afraid, apart from the ones I've given to the other would-be authors on these pages. I wish there was something I could say that would get your stuff published but there isn't. However, good luck with it and let me know how you get on.

I've seen a lot of writers talk about their personal lives, and childhood effecting the way they write. Do you think your up bringing had anything to do with your out look now? (I think I read something about your childhood was good, except for not getting... I think it was a Batman costume when you where... six)
And yes, I am a little bit too deep in psychology.
So there's the one about general outlook effecting your writing.
And... What are the downfalls of being so well known?
Creepy Crawler X

Ah, the wonders of psychology, eh? In answer to your question, did my upbringing affect what I write. Answer NO... I can understand people being interested in the old Freudian stuff and I must say, when I was a kid, my treat on a Friday night was to be allowed to sit up and watch old horror movies so, there is the answer..I was corrupted by my mum allowing me to watch stuff like Werewolf of London and Frankenstein... should have seen that coming shouldn't I? I used to buy magazines like FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND too so you could say that was a contributory factor. On the other hand, you could just say that I cynically looked for gaps in the publishing market and tried to fill them. You could also say that the fact I answer my questions on the website in red points at a love of blood... or that I was now talking complete bullshit or that I was due to take more medication and that my hatred of Jordan is because I really want to be her or... fuck this... my upbringing had nothing to do with how I write but thanks for asking.
The downfalls of being so well known... er..well, for a start I wouldn't really call my self that well known, I mean, I don't appear in the papers every few days bleating about not being able to maintain my privacy but, on the whole, there are no downfalls to being well known. Sorry. Seriously though, any more deep probing psychological questions then keep them coming. By the way is that Mr or Mrs Creepy Crawler... ?

Hi Shaun,
Do you know why none of your books have been made into a blockbuster film?
If you could choose one book to made into a film what would it be?
If it was my choice I would choose RELICS - I loved that book.
Jovi Lover

Why have none of my books been filmed?... er... because Hollywood is full of ball less pussies who prefer manufactured story lines and predictable endings... er... because I find it hard to write shit..., would be the answer to that. If one was ever filmed I'd have to say RENEGADES but since that will never happen we don't have to worry about it, do we?
Glad you enjoyed RELICS. I agree, it would make a good film but it's not really Hollywood material is it? Perhaps I should start ripping off a few films, writing some romantic comedy and shit about teenagers getting their first shag (while being horribly murdered obviously). Once that's done, I just need to have my brain removed and I can do the script too...
On a lighter note, what are Bon Jovi doing these days...
Right, that IS it... see you all soon...

Wednesday 5th March

Hello, everybody. Me again. Many thanks for all the questions, queries and kind words again...
The question of girls/women/ladies (how the fuck do you address more than one member of the opposite sex without pissing them off? I always say 'hello, girls' anyone else out there have the same problem... no, thought not... ) sitting with their legs 'curled beneath them' has made me laugh. Or, more to the point, the way you wonderful bastards have responded to it has made me laugh. Also my 'thing' about tight jeans, shoulder length blonde hair, perfectly manicured fingernails and perfectly pedicured toes seems to have caused quite a response... So, girls, get the cameras out and send in pictures of your perfectly pedicured feet (ooh, er, missis... ), best picture wins something or other... Just kidding (or am I?)... I must admit, I reckon that a beautiful girl's whole appearance can be spoiled by the fact that her feet look like a fucking rhino. Lovely face, stunning figure, fantastic legs then you look down and she looks like she's been training with Liverpool in just her bare feet for the last three hours. I know it's not fair on you girls is it because with the fashion for open toed shoes that's another bit of yourself that you have to refurbish regularly. God, I'm glad I'm not a woman. Legions of my female readers are probably recoiling in horror at this blatant display of chauvinism. Sorry about that. It isn't chauvinism it's just an observation. I make no apology for admitting that I reckon God's greatest creation is the female (well, and TV obviously) I can't help it, I'm a man. You girls must have certain things you like specifically about blokes.
Anyone remember that bloody awful film BOOMERANG with Eddie Murphy a few years back? He was the same. There's a scene where he slips back the covers to inspect his sleeping girlfriend's feet and is usually disappointed, except for Halle Berry... Sorry, I'm just a fucking pervert, what can I say. But then again you lot know that, you read my books... So, no surprises if there's a toe sucking scene in the next book then (the one I'm about to write I mean..). However, knowing me, the closest I'll ever get to 'foot sex' in a book is someone being kicked in the bollocks...
Right, that's enough of me airing my little kinks in public, on with the answers...
Hey Shaun,
As a fellow ex-pupil from your secondary school, same classes, year etc. I was amazed to read that you were expelled!!!! Wow! how good is that? Mind you, I knew your future was going to be pretty much mapped out, because every single bloody essay, in practically every single subject at school, you wrote bloodily and gorily. Every single time (except perhaps in maths). Absolutely great stuff. Also, glad you're a fan of Kerrang! radio - my daughter works in the same building as their studios in Brum and regularly goes to the lunchtime gigs. Anyway, just wanted to congratulate you on your superb career, every time I buy one of your books, I just have to smile, thinking back to Norton and how you used to write your essays then. Great stuff, mate, keep going and the best of luck.
Best wishes to you, Fran (nee Dade), ex Humphreys, now Drake (yep, all those jokes at school, now I really AM a Frances Drake, spooky or what?)

Fran, many thanks for the e-mail, nice to know someone remembers me... Yes, my essays were a bit on the bloody side as I remember. Still, I look at it as training, eh..Norton road is now, sadly, rubble isn't it? A shame that but you can't half fit a lot of new houses on that much land... Congrats on becoming the real Frances Drake by the way... anyone for bowls...

Dear Shaun
Just reading 'Kelly from up north' letter she sent you. Just to let you know, i read your books with my legs curled up underneath me!!!!!! I find it the most comfortable way to sit and read.My toes are fairly well manicured(i think), but my hands only when im going somewhere special.Afraid im not blonde!!!! Long dark hair, actually. I have been a avid reader of yours for about 20 years now, and would consider it a great honor to be killed off in one of your books(the sickest way you can imagine, please). I am quite happy to join the extremely long queue, i know it will be worth it!!!!!
Many thanks

Thankyou, Denice... I am picturing you at this moment... legs curled, book in hand etc. etc. and no, it won't be a problem killing you off. Probably while you're sitting with your legs curled beneath you massaging your own feet... And don't worry about being a non-blonde... Long dark hair is fine with me...

Just wondering what you thought of Alien Vs Predator; Requiem?
I can't wait till your next book comes out - since I have all the books written under your own name and quite a few of the others its really hard waiting for a year for something decent to read!!
(from Cornwall - again)
P.S. I always sit with my legs curled up underneath me

I'm not a fan of the Alien vs Predator movies to be honest, Mickey. However, Requiem was o.k. for about twenty minutes then became very samey I thought... One film I was appallingly disappointed with was I AM LEGEND... I'd been looking forward to it so much and have seen the other two versions of the book THE LAST MAN ON EARTH and THE OMEGA MAN (which is one of my favourite films of all time) but thought this new version was pretty poor.
Sorry you have to wait a year for each book but I can only write so fast you know...
p.s. It doesn't matter if you sit with your legs curled up underneath you because you're a bloke aren't you, Mickey (or is that short for Michaella?)... thanks for telling me anyway...

Dear Shaun,
Thanks very much for answering my questions... I think Necessary Evil would make a peach of a film and i really do think it's a pisser someone hasn't tried to do a graphic novel of your stuff (i may have to bombard them with emails!). Anyway, I see everyone's asking to be killed or horribly maimed in some way in your next book(s)?! So i have to ask... If the list isn't too long would you do me the honour too, mate? If you could that'd be magic! Would you believe i picked up a copy of your novelization of The Terminator last week for 20p... Charity shops, i love 'em... what a find!
Rob (sitting patiently, north of inverness, waiting for Amazon to send out Unmarked Graves)
By the way my particularly wonderful girlfriend does indeed sit with her legs curled up under her and has shoulder length blonde hair and has immaculately manicured fingernails too... so at least there's one... although i'm saying nothing about her toenails or else i won't need you to write me a horrible death.
Robert Ross

Hello, Rob. 20p for a copy of TERMINATOR, you jammy bastard... Yes, I'll kill you too mate, no problem. As a matter of fact, it's helpful to me sometimes to have plenty of names to use as characters because that's always been a thing I find hard, picking names etc. so, even if you don't get killed, your name should appear somewhere but, I'll try my best to off you... Nice to hear your girlfriend sits with her legs curled up under her etc. etc. (I'll stop there... ) Let me know what you reckon to UNMARKED GRAVES when Amazon finally deliver it... All the best..

Hi... Er... I've got a video somewhere of 'The Last Resort' from years ago with you on around the release of Victims? Just wondering if you'd been on his shows again over the years. I think I missed one that you might have been on? Me Mum remembered your name and said you were in the programme with Vinny Jones? To cut a long question short: Have you been on T.V again over the years?

Rob, you're not the one who put that fucking clip on You-tube are you?... I actually did Jonathan Ross's show four times during the eighties and early nineties and, as for other TV, well, I did shitloads as a guest during the late eighties and early nineties including the ever wonderful Mr James Whale (I was on his show about five times in all its guises), I did MONSTERS OF ROCK on Sky as a guest and sometimes as a host... (if I could put all these clips on You Tube then all of you could have a laugh at my hair do and dress sense... ) I did discussion programmes (mainly CENTRAL WEEKEND, a Friday night live show that went out about 10.30 every week). All sorts of stuff really. My daughter still finds it hilairious when she sees clips now...
If anyone knows how to transfer video to computer then I'll do it and you can all share my misery... there must be a computer whizkid out there somewhere...
NOTE FROM GRAEME... I am going to get these videos on the site as soon as I can.

Hi Shaun
I hope tou don't mind me asking you a question outside of the website - issues with outlook!?!
I read your profile and at the end you mentioned a certain pair of shoes. I'm intrigued as to how (and why) you got to be in possession of, not just one, but two pairs of Michelle Pfeiffer's shoes? I'd love to write novels, have you git any top tips/hints?
John King ( and not the same John King who wrote Head Hunters, Football Factory England Away... )

Fucking typical. The month I start ranting about the beauty of the female foot, John, you go and question me about Michelle Pfeiffer's shoes... Only kidding... How did I come to be in possession of two pairs of that magnificent woman's shoes, I'll tell you, John... There's a shop in the Strand in London called Frasers. They sell signed memorabilia, photos of film stars, signed guitars from rock stars, stuff like that. I went in there to buy a couple of medical certificates for actors from THE WILD BUNCH and, while I was in there I spotted these gold high heels that Michelle had worn during the promotional tour for THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS (another of my favourite films). They had certificates of authenticity by the way before anyone thinks the shop just pissed off down to their local Brantano and bought a pair of shoes saying they'd once belonged to Michelle Pfeiffer... A few months later, I bought another pair that she'd worn for the premiere of BATMAN RETURNS (black high heels as a matter of interest... ) So, that's how I got to be the owner of two pairs of Michelle's shoes... I wish I could tell you a more interesting story but that's it I'm afraid...
Any tips for writing novels... er... DON'T...
Seriously though, no, I haven't. Write what you want to write and go with it, that's all I can say...
Good luck.

Hi I just wanted to say I am a big fan of your books and I really admire your work. I love horror stories and yours are the goriest I have ever read and I love it.
Kayleigh :)

Thanks, Kayleigh (lovely name... ) How do you sit when you're reading them... (just kidding..)

Hi Shaun, nice to see your getting to your site a bit more. Just wanna say I'm a big fan and your style of writing has inspired me to have a go myself. One question though, is the world ready for a post apocolypse horror novel set in the north east of yorkshire (Hull & Robin Hoods bay to start with).
I would also like to ask your permission to use some of your data of gun specifications (bullet speed, damage to the body of a person, etc) and incorporate them into the run of the novel.
Anyway what I was going to ask mainly is what do you think of the current trend in torture horror movies (Wolf Creek, Saw, Creep and the kind) and do you feel like I do that they should pay you royalties for nicking some of your ideas (the violation with a large blade in Creep for instance).
And on the subject of video games have you played F.E.A.R. and do you think it's spooky. The idea of a small spooky girl taking out a squad of marines is a cause for concern and the game engosses you and hits you with shock after shock and makes you crap yourself sometimes like Resident Evil did a few years ago.
Any way I'll quit jawing but keep the grotesque and horribly violent and stomach churning books coming.
Francis Moon

Francis, just a word of encouragement to go ahead with your writing and good luck with it. Feel free to nick my gun specifications by all means...
My thoughts on the current trend of torture movies is that most of them sadly are just so pointless (witness CAPTIVITY), I thought CREEP was a decent idea but a fairly poor film while WOLF CREEK was pretty good. There's another one around at the moment called WAZ but I haven't seen that yet. As for video games, I've never played F.E.A.R. I'll try and check it out though. Look out for BODY COUNT in August. Someone reckons it's like the literary equivalent of a video game (a really nasty, violent one, obviously)

Hi Shaun,
You've probably heard this a million times, but I love your books, many of them would make great films.
I've brought just over 20 of your books, and hope to get round to reading them all.
I just finished reading 'Relics' for the first time and wanted to ask you a question about it.
What exactly happened at the end of the book ?
I get the impression that it was basically the end of the world, but I'm not exactly sure.
Hope you get chance to reply, this is bugging me a bit.
Kind Regards
Graham Showell.
P.S. If someone was to send you a copy of one of your books, would you autograph it..?

Graham, I agree, my books would make good films, I just wish Hollywood agreed... 20 books at one go, fucking hell... I hope you like them... The world, as you suspected, ends at the climax of RELICS... I thought it was fairly clear but what the hell do I know... hope you liked it all the same. And yes, if you send a book via my publishers I will sign it with the greatest of pleasure,

I have just received this via the e-mail and wondered if you promoted your books this way, as it is eye-catching.
Me and my wife Nikki are massive fans of yours, keep up the excellent work.
Kind Regards
Steve Catlin (Spurs fan - 2008 Carling Cup Winners !!!)

Answer Steve is no. Well done on winning the Carling Cup and there wasn't even a 1 in the year was there... only kidding... hope you and your wife like BODY COUNT as much as the rest of my stuff.

I absolutely loved compulsion, I have since read Lucy's child which I honestly struggled to put down it got me so hooked. Tonight I begin Exit wounds.
Looking forward to it.
Also, I just thought I'd let you know I generally sit with one leg curled under me... so I am half way there.
Amanda Keeble

Get that other leg curled up beneath you Amanda and a bit sharpish too... Also, once your nails have been perfectly manicured and pedicured let me know... Very glad you enjoyed the books.

Right, that's me done once again. Just one more quickie before I go. I've just got back from the pictures (I saw THERE WILL BE BLOOD which I thought was pretty good, not brilliant as all the critics have been saying but not too bad at all..) and, for the umpteenth time, before the film started, one of the adverts was for the fucking Chris Moyles show on Radio One... Jesus, isn't it bad enough having to hear the fat cunt first thing in the morning while I'm getting my breakfast without having to listen to his moronic tones during a trip to the cinema. Is anyone else being subjected to this shit every time they go to the pictures? On the subject of that advert, the bloke with him, the one called comedy dave, (the one with the really effeminate voice) now, does anyone know, is that ironic? He's meant to be 'comedy Dave' but he's actually not funny at all, or is it me missing something, is the faggot sounding little twat really hilarious and it's beyond my meagre sense of humour? Answers on a postcard...
Sorry, I can't stand Moyles and I can't stand the advert either. His 'one of the lads, going down the pub' persona makes me sick.
The advert for the new Renault on the other hand is wonderful. Gorgeous French woman lying in the bath with her feet waving about behind her... Heaven...
Right, that's it. See you next time. Look after yourselves...

Tuesday 5th February 2008

Hi, can you tell me if there is a follow up book to stolen Angel, I just finished it, and was wondering if it goes onto another book, I am a fairly new reader to you, but I love the books I have read so far. Keep up good work.

No, Suzie, no follow up I'm afraid. Well, not unless I decide to do a sequel. You wouldn't be the first person to ask.

Hello Shaun I would just like to say that i have been reading your books for years and love all of them!
I got Dying Words for Xmas and as with all your books i read it within a day (seriously my hubby hates it as i tend to shut off from the world).
Keep up the brilliant work and hope the New Year brings you all you wish for (Harry Hill's head on a spike?).

Thanks, Emma, glad you enjoyed DYING WORDS. I don't think there's a spike big enough for all the heads I want mounted in 2008...

I am a little confused.
I always get your books as close to release date in hardback but this year I was unable due to my wifes pregnancy/birth, but thats another story.
Anyway picture this I get all the kids ready and wrapped up for an outing and we trog on down to my local Waterstones (Bromsgrove) the only book shop in our town (also to give my wife a couple of hours break) to buy your latest book. I was shocked when I couldnt find the book on the shelf, to top it I couldnt find ANY of your books on the shelf. I quizzed a member of staff who was also puzzled as 'we used to stock them' No worries I decide to travel into a larger Waterstones in Birmingham City centre, guess what the same here?
Have you fallen out with them?
More importantly who does stock your latest books?
Kind regards
Mark Jackson

I'm beginning to wonder who does stock my fucking books, Mark... Waterstones vary from branch to branch..No help to you I know. So many books in bookshops are there because they've been paid for by publishers to put in promotions etc. or they're the latest shit on Punch and Judy's reading list etc. etc. I looked in W. H. Smith on Euston the other week and there weren't even any James Herbert books there... (not that I'm bothered, I'm just making a point..) And people wonder why I keep talking about packing up...
You're probably safer getting stuff online to be honest. It's a shame it's come to that but there's nothing I can do about it unfortunately. I obviously didn't do the required amount of arse kissing when I should have... I heard a rumour that Borders is shortly to be taken over by Waterstones so that should be the end of the world as we know it... (just thought I'd let you know..) Happy New year..By the way, I hope your wife and new baby are doing well.

shaun just like you to know think your the dogs bollocks mate been reading your stuff for years death day personal fav would love to be killed in a most disgusting twisted way in your nex novel [join the cue!] if it helps i am a chelsea fan! BOO! keep up the top work mate been having nightmares since i was 14 thanks to you ! wicked
all the best
john baker

Thanks, John. Killing off a Chelsea fan should be even easier for me... (only kidding..)

Alright there Shaun,
I was lookin' through your Questions pages on the website and noticed a message I must have missed in 2006... long time eh?
Where have I been? Mostly Amsterdam for weekends at a time heheh. While I was away I managed to pick up a copy of Dying Words, again, sitting on the edge of my luxury 3 star hotel chair (I swear I can feel scars on the back of my legs from the wicker) engrossed for all of a day reading from front to back. Another success mate.
On your rant about music in December... I agree fully, the mass of talentless, trackie wearing, bobble hatted fuckwits that pollute my ears with songs about their cars, money and women that have been earned by drug dealin', pimpin' and possibly even selling their arses to fat sweaty men in public toilets while shootin' up heroin and eating three cheeseburgers make me want to vomit... and that doesn't even begin to touch on Leona or Fearne. Indeed, learn guitar. Even better, plug yourselves into the amp while stood in a tin tub full of water. Look at this Big Brother crap with apparently 'talented' youths on it, if these are today's heroes, we're all fucked in the future.
Anyway, enough rantin' from me, how goes it and have you had a go of Guitar Hero 3 yet? Dunno if you play these games or not but they rock. If ye do I suggest playing a rival writer's venture into the gaming world... Clive Barker's Jericho, your type of fluff I should think.
Anyway, I'm off to try and beat my son's score on Number of the Beast, which I remind you, has been changed to 616... fuckin' Oxford students, they do manage to make everything that was cool sound shite eh?
Rock on,
Big Malky
(Paul Graham)

Big Malky... I have to say, I've never had a go on Guitar Hero. My little girl got SINGSTAR ROCK BALLADS for Xmas so I was delighted to see that they had some stuff on there that I knew (like HEART and ALANNAH MYLES). I beat her easily... ha ha, and I can't even fucking sing..perhaps I should go on X-FACTOR... Having suffered the new series of BIG BROTHER (or should that be Celebrity Ego Massage... ) I agree with you, if those kids in there are the hope for the future then, as Bill Hicks used to say, I pray for nuclear holocaust every fucking minute... Trouble is, you can bet your arse that at least two of them will come out of it with recording contracts...
On the subject of video games. I love THE WARRIORS, based on the film. My missis got me KILLZONE last Xmas and I like that too. Apart from that I usually stick to Pro Evolution soccer although I did rent out GOD OF WAR the other week and really enjoyed it. Good luck beating your son on NUMBER OF THE BEAST... (PLEASE tell me you're kidding about it being changed to 616..)

Hi Shaun
Just wanted to say I have just finished unmarked graves - it was excellent!! I have been a big fan since way back when. When is the next book out?? Can't wait. Keep up the good work - happy New Year to you and your family
Tania x

Thankyou, Tania (lovely name, I like that), glad you enjoyed UNMARKED GRAVES. The next book, BODY COUNT, is out in August this year in hardback. Let me know what you think of it..

When you write your books which comes first the plot or the characters?

It always used to be the plot, Adam. Now, it depends. Sometimes I have a character in mind and need a story to slot them into. But, usually, I have a rough idea of what the book will be about before I start working on the characters.

Hi, Sorry to bother you. I have just managed to get my second book published in paperback 'Alhazreds Nightmares' by M.J.Hewitt . It is a book of short horror stories.
Would there be any remote chance you could give me a small amount of blurb for the back cover? If you feel it is deserved of course. I could email to you just a snippet to look at? I would be over the moon if you could do this for me.
I don't mean to take up too much of your time.
All the best.

Many congratulations on getting your second book published Matt. Well done. Any chance of me scrounging a copy... (sorry, I've always been a cheeky fucker..) I would love to give you a recommendation on the back. No problem. Tell me where to send it. All the best.

Dear Shaun I've just finished reading James Whale's superb autobiography 'Almost a Celebrity' that I got for Christmas at your recommendation. Verdict? I loved it. It was the best book I've read in a long time. My only gripe is that it wasn't long enough. I read it in a few days and was left wanting more.
How much of an input did you have in the writing of the book and how long did it take to write?
Best Wishes

Thanks, Paul, I bet james will be delighted to hear that. If it wasn't long enough that's because there was quite a bit of stuff cut out of it. James having a go at various celebrities etc... My input basically consisted of listening to audio tapes that James had made then putting his thoughts on paper in a readable way. I've known him for more than twenty years so it was good fun to work on. It took about four months to write if I remember correctly. Glad that you enjoyed it, Paul.

Hi Shaun
It's Kelly from up North again, I keep reading questions asking you to kill people off and I'm thinking that I want to be killed off too!!! So, Dear Shaun, please can you fix it for me to be possessed, psychotic or brutally murdered in a future novel? I'd be so happy!
Kelly Foster, North of Inverness, In the snow...
P.S. I'm another one that doesn't sit with my legs curled up under me. I do have blonde, shoulder length hair though...

My God, are there no women out there who sit with their legs curled under them?... So, how do you sit, Kelly? I'd better not have you sitting with your legs curled up when I kill you then had I? Ah ha, shoulder length blonde hair, I knew it... Now don't you wonderful female readers start telling me that none of you also have shoulder length blonde hair or that you 'kick off your shoes' when you get in... (another favourite of mine). Someone pointed out that my women characters all tend to have 'immaculately manicured' fingernails or 'perfectly pedicured' toes... Oh, really, come on ladies, help me out, some of you must have the above...

I met Shaun when he came to Chiltern Books in 1988. I was an employee there and we all went to the pub for lunch with Shaun. I have a photo of me and Shaun both wearing W.A.S.P tshirts. Does he remember me?
Billy Boy

Billy Boy, Chiltern books in 1988... Jesus..I bet my hair looked like an explosion in a pillow factory didn't it? I've probably still got that WASP t-shirt... probably still fits too... Me in a pub, now there's a thought...

G'day Mr Hutson,
Firstly I'd like to say thanks. Thanks for helping me stay entertained during my nights shifts at work. The first book of yours I read, I had found at a 2nd hand book store called 2nd chance books (rather clever name I thought) it was Relics, since then I've been hooked. that was at the beginning of 2007 and now my collection is rapidly growing..
Ok Question time.
You've probably been asked this question a million times. But I'll ask anyways.
Where do you get your ideas from? Theres some pretty freaking wierd shit in your novels (its great)
Have you ever been approached by anyone wishing to make a movie based on one of your creations? If one was made I'd watch it but It really pisses me off when parts of a book are left out in a movie, i can't believe how many times I have seen a movie based on a book and i end up yelling at the screen 'thats not how it happened' or 'they left out the part where... ' - I'm rambling...
Who are your favourite authors?
Was it always your dream to be an author?
Think thats all for now. I am half way through 'Compulsion' better get back to it.

Right, Amanda... My ideas come from all over the place, mostly from real events which are then twisted to suit me. No one has ever approached me to film one of my books. People over the years have asked me to become involved with 'projects' they're doing but that usually means they haven't got any money to make a film and it usually falls through. My favourite author... hmm... probably Thomas Harris because he only writes one book every seven years so I don't have to read very much... No, it wasn't always a dream to be an author. I wanted to be an undertaker... My dream now is to be an author... Let me know what you think of COMPULSION...

Hello man!
My name is Pedro, I'm a brazilian Iron Maiden fan and I've been wanting to ask you something... something that, probably, you've been questioned about countless times. So, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you.
What Benjamin Breeg has to do with you or your books? I've been researching about this character and all the "evidences" points to you! I don't want you to tell me who is this B. Breeg, 'cause I want to find it out by myself. But I need more clues and I guess you can give me some valuable information... was it you who created the website, claiming to be A. Breeg? You created that whole story about a disturbed cousin called Benjamin Breeg? You know something about all this? And a last question... how did you manage to appear on stage with Maiden 13 TIMES?!? Was you disguised as Eddie? Hahahahahahahahahaha
Well, I'm waiting your answer. Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun tryin' to figure out who is Benjamin Breeg, it's worth the try. Since you're a fan, you should try to research about it aswell(if you don't already knows what it is about, off course hahahahaha).
By the way, I've just read some of your book's sinopsis. I like it very much! I'll begin to read your books!
Sorry for the english...

Right, Pedro. Have I got anything to do with Benjamin Breeg? I can categorically say that it wasn't me who created the Benjamin Breeg website. I will admit to having chatted to Rod Smallwood about Benjamin Breeg but he was the creation of Steve Harris, not me. Let's just say that I love Maiden as much as you. When you find out who Mr A Breeg is then let me know will you... All I will say is that it isn't a member of Maiden (as a rock journalist mate of mine thought) Read some of my stuff and see what you think. And, by the way, I was on stage with Maiden 13 times, dressed as myself, not as Eddie... All the best...

Friday 18th January 2008

Well, happy New Year to you all... Hope everyone had a good Xmas. I was just looking out at the rain and thinking it's no wonder more people top themselves in January than any other month of the year is it? Nothing to look forward to now except credit card bills... Being such a miserable fucker, I hate the summer too so the thought of light nights and sunshine is horrible for me but, what the fuck... Anyway, on to the questions;
Hi Shaun
What's going on at Liverpool?
Why is Mr Parry keeping very quiet?
Why is he not dealing with all the shit and letting RAFFA get on with what he does best?
And how good is Torres? Absolutely brilliant, I think he is going to be our best ever signing/scorer!
Anyway keep up the good work but please no more snails YUCK!
Dave Collins.

Now this is just an opinion, Dave, but, regarding goings on at Liverpool, I reckon the yanks should just keep their fucking noses out or take their money (if they've actually got any... ) and fuck off... that seems to be the general feeling anyway... I've just got a horrible feeling that Rafa will end up walking at the end of the season anyway because of the shit he's had to put up with from Hicks and Gillett. Hope I'm wrong. In the meantime, yes, Torres looks pure class, the cheapest 20 million I've ever seen spent. Still along way to go in all competitions so let's see what happens.

Does you scare your wife as much as you do me? (laugh out loud) Where did you get your inspiration for Lucy's Child?
Oh and if you're looking for a name for a character in an upcoming book, can it be mine?!

I don't know if I scare my wife as much as I scare you, Loma, you'd have to ask her... I suspect after living with me for all these years she's probably immune to my talents, such as they are... The inspiration for LUCY'S CHILD came from bits of true stories that were in a newspaper at the time and also to speaking to a mate of mine who had worked in a supposedly haunted psychiatric hospital... I'll kill you with the greatest of pleasure by the way...

hi Shaun, Just finished Renegades (my girlfriend handed me a hardback copy out of the blue and said 'i know you like this guy so i got this for you'... didn't even want anything in return,what a gal!) anyway, thought the book was great and as i find so often with your books it occurred to me while i was reading sections how cinematic they are... i don't know if that's a very good explanation but hopefully you know what i mean... ? I guess it must be the Peckinpah/movies influence and I think it's a great shame that there haven't been films made of your books because they would translate brilliantly onto the screen. (Incidentally, If you could choose a book of yours to be filmed which one would it be and which living director would you like to direct it?)
That aside,what i really wanted to know is have you ever considered or been approached to do any Graphic novels? I tried doing a couple of layouts of your scenes and i think with a decent comic artist they'd look fantastic.
Looking forward to the next book

Rob, first of all, I must say, your girlfriend sounds like a particularly wonderful girl and I'm glad her efforts weren't in vain and that you enjoyed Renegades. Just like you, I find it a great shame that my books haven't been adapted for TV or film but, then again, films tend to go for stuff that's a little less, how can I put it, lacking in the balls department... Perhaps if I wrote a novel about a teenager trying to get shagged for the first time while being chased by a robot while his single parent dad looked for love with a career woman who finally decided that her real aim in life was to give up her fantastic life and live in a shithole with no money somewhere (as long as she had a wonderful family around her) then I might have a chance... Also, none of my stuff comprises remakes, sequels or prequels so I think I'm fucked. Same with the graphic novles... Same principle... If anyone ever did make a film of one of my books, I'd hope it would be RENEGADES and I'd love to see David Fincher direct it but, back in the real world...

Hi Shaun!
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (Milton Keynes I think?) I interviewed you for a horrid local TV programme called 'Premiere' in which, at the end of the interview, you strangled me. I used to emulate Alice Cooper and had the long black hair and plastic blue pants. (Alice never wore plastic blue pants however) Hopefully you will remember me, but you may not. Depends if you were drinking at the time.
Anyway, my mum said to me yesterday to write a christmas list of all the things that I want for xmas and I decided to check your back catalogue and get all the Shaun Hutson books that I aint got. Hence, i found this site!
With you being my fave author and all, I thought i would tell you that I finally got a decent TV show that I now host called CHUTE which, believe it or not, is on CBBC on a thursday at 5pm. I'd like you to watch because its actually quite dark considering that its a kids show and Ive heard that some kids went out TRICK OR TREATING dressed as me! Amazing! Also had a few complaints (got electrocuted when i put my hand in a video recorder)
Please watch, I want you to write a story about me one day. About a TV presenter that goes mad. (which im doing on a thursday at 5, BBC1!)
I still have the hard back you gave me with the inscription, 'Ross Lee, a man you just have to strangle!' ACE!
And i love your blog page!
Check my silly life out at
Keep up the great work and i look forward to a Shaun Hutson Christmas!

Ross, I do vaguely remember strangling you because I vaguely remember the plastic trousers... Well done to you getting onto the BBC though, seriously. I'm going to check out your programme and don't knock it, mate, at least you've done something worthwhile. I'm glad you like my rants (I hate caling them blogs because I reckon blogs are a waste of time... But, each to his own, eh?) I'll be watching for you...

'Growler, have you seen DIE HARD 4.0 by any chance? In that film, Bruce Wilis uses a fire extinguisher to blow a baddie out of a window, he shoots it, it explodes and out goes the villain... If it's good enough for Hollywood, it's good enough for me... '
It may be good enough for Hollywood but the problem is Hollywood is crap and shouldn't be good enough for any one with any intellectual ability

Point made and point taken, Growler...

Hi Shaun
Love your website (just discovered it), and I found myself grinning in affirmation on more than a few occasions to comments you have made in the "Shaun's Shit" section.
Having immensely enjoyed 'Exit Wounds', I'm currently enjoying being half-way through 'Compulsion'.
But here's a question: why haven't more of your books been adapted into films/TV mini-series?
I mean... I fondly remember reading Assassins (that one in particular) back in the early 90s whilst away studying in Wrexham to become an illustrator and thinking: 'God, this is really fast-paced and visual... heck, this stuff would make for a potentially terrific film adaption'.
So: the question is, have any film/TV producers even to you about doing any adaptations, Shaun?
I (and, I'm sure many others) would love to know.
Merry Christmas, by the way.
P.S. Really looking forward to the release of 'Body Count'.
P.P.S. I too am on anti-psychotic medication. However, ahem, my psychiatrist has assured me that it has nothing to do with ever reading your books damaging my fragile little mind!!

As I said earlier, Gary, not much hope of any film or TV adaptations I'm afraid. I'd say, 'you never know' but, unfortunately, I fucking do. If anyone had been going to film something, they'd have done it by now. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy 'Body Count' when it comes out. That's very cinematic too so, another one to be ignored by Hollywood I suspect...
Thanks to your psychiatrist..nice to know I'm not responsible...

Hi Shaun,
I just want to say I love your books, they keep me enthralled, but I just want to know why all your female characters sit as you say 'with their legs tucked or curled up under them' is this a Shaun Hutson thing or do all the females you know sit like that. I don't. I have actually fought over your books so keep them coming but can your next character please sit with outstretched legs or squat or straddle the sofa etc etc... to minimise the pins and needles effect.
Michele Lechangeur xx

To be honest, Michele, I've never really noticed if all the women I know sit with their 'legs curled up under them'... How do you sit then? I reckon it's just a nice image... It's a sort of Hutsonism (?), like the 'coppery smell of blood'. All my women tend to be slim and wear jeans too (I had one of my female characters in jogging bottoms once and a female friend of mine told me that was crazy too... ) I also got in trouble with a lady friend for saying that all my women characters had pert breasts and shoulder length blonde hair... In the next book, the female character will be bald, wear a boiler suit, have no boobs and squat every time she stops moving... How's that... Seriously though, I'm glad you like the books and are you trying to tell me you don't sit with your legs tucked beneath you when you're reading them...
Right, folks, that's it... I'm off to see 'No Country for Old Men' and 'Aliens Versus Predator; Requiem'... Look after yourselves...