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Hi Shaun.

Loved your book Chase, a proper page turner with a twist at the end! Glad to hear you're bringing Sean Doyle back been away too long. He's a believable character you can relate to, can't wait for that book.

Anyway Shaun, good luck with the manuscript and keep up the rants... I agree 100%

Cheers mate


Hi Graeme,

Many thanks for your kind comments, I'm glad you enjoyed Chase. I must admit, it was one of the few times I've ever thought that I might have put the main characters through a little too much ha, ha... Yes, Doyle will be back in TESTAMENT. I know he's been back in White Ghost, Knife Edge and Hybrid but this one is a direct sequel. You'll be happy to hear that time hasn't mellowed him!! It should be out early next year. All the best.

Hello to you,

Years ago – like back in the mid 80’s, early 90’s – I stumbled across a book (which I still have) called CHAINSAW TERROR – rumour has it the author is indeed Shaun Hutson under another name - Nick Smith maybe?

Is this true - great if it is!

I enjoyed all your books in that time frame: the 80’s to the late 90's, so good to see you still writing,




New Zealand

Hello James, Yes, that was me. I was Nick Blake! The publishers originally wanted a novelization of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but they wouldn't pay for the rights so they asked me to do a book about a nutter with a chainsaw. I really enjoyed doing it and it was originally going to be the first of a trilogy (followed by Chainsaw Slaughter and Chainsaw Bloodbath!!) but when the first one was banned that didn't materialize. It had 30 odd pages cut and was re-issued as Come the Night. Glad you enjoyed it.

Heya Shaun,

Another 2 years since my last email, where's the time fucking go eh?. Finally got round to reading Monolith (fuck knows how I missed it but I bought it and must have shelved it before reading) Really enjoyed it and can't wait for the new Sean Doyle book. Hope it's progressing how you'd like?

Been chatting with a newly published local fantasy author recently (Robert J Marsters) and couldn't help noticing he has a sharp eyed, cynical, and very realistic view of the world and an aggressive take on celebrity too, much like another author I could name. He asked me if I knew the collective noun for authors; he assures be it's "Arseholes"

Anyway with the world cup over, my team out of the premiership thanks to two of the shittest managers in football and a lack of gritty TV to watch (incidentally have you watched The Blacklist with James Spader? Very gritty and plenty of gore, I'm sure you'd love it) I thought I'd drop you a line and ask if the new book is nearing publication?

Oh Christian our son not only looks like me, he has my personality too... Wifey is coping brilliantly but god does she get fucking annoyed when I use the phrase "just like his dad". 3 years old now, it's almost time for me to grow up.

Hope to see you in the Midlands in the near future mate.

All the Best

Woody (the baggies fan)

Hi Woody,

Hope you're well mate. Good to hear the little 'un is growing (they do that so bloody quick don't they!!) My daughter is 23 now!! It's scary where the time goes as you say!!! I'm glad you enjoyed Monolith. I hope you also enjoy Testament (due next year) which features the return of Sean Doyle as you know (and no, time hasn't mellowed him!) . I know he's been back before but this is the first direct sequel to Renegades. It's a big fucker too. The manuscript was 600 pages!!! That's a hell of a lot of blood, guts, sex and depravity ha, ha..Let me know what you think of it as soon as you get hold of a copy... I was sorry your boys dropped out of the Premier League. There were others who deserved to go more than your lot. You'll be back though, I'm sure. I haven't seen The Blacklist but I love James Spader and have since Sex, Lies and Videotape. I'd love to come back to the Midlands, hopefully soon. Order me a mineral water... All the best, mate.

Hi Shaun

Been a big fan of yours since reading Slugs. Anyway many years ago when we were all younger and you would reply with good old fashion pen and paper, (no emails then…) Myself and my brother asked for some simple advice on how to write a novel and getting it published. Even today we class you as our inspiration for writing. It has taken us 20 years to write and get a book published. Over the years we came so close and on numerous occasions we thought it was never going to happen. We put it down for a few years, then our sister died unexpectedly and in our sadness we found a new life for our manuscript so we stripped it right the way back to the back bone, changed the title and re-wrote it with a new sense of belief. When it was finished we sent it out with a new hope and to our surprise at the second time of asking. We had an acceptance from Olympia publishers. A year after all the proof reading, our first novel; THE VILLAGE THAT FELL INTO HELL, has finally been published. As we were once told: It is all about getting your foot in the door. It has been a long and bumpy journey where people have put us down for wanting to dream of seeing something of ours in print and you can see the resentment in their eyes now because they did not think it would ever happened. But we believed and all of that is thanks to you and two other authors, Graham Masterton and Christopher Fowler who took the time to write back to us.

Thank you so much

John A Smith

Hello John and many, many congratulations on getting your book published. Brilliant. I'm really happy for you. Well done. And thanks for the praise but it was your hard work and perseverance that got it published, not my lame advice. It's such a soul destroying pasttime (as is anything creative) because you're always dependent on the opinion of some twat who probably hasn't got a creative bone in their body. Luck is such a huge factor too. Talent is very minor ha, ha. But fuck that, you've done it, that's all that matters. Once again, well done. Pen and they still exist ha, ha. Those were the days, John... All the best...

I am a real avid reader of what books by Shaun Hutson I can get hold of, but due to me being totally blind, I struggle to get a lot of his books in audio format.

Could you point me in the direction of any I can buy or obtain.

I have read just about all that have been produced by the RNIB talking book library, which include Heathen, Dying Words and Epitaph.

Any help would be fabulous.

I too am a fanatic LFC fan. Never miss a game.

Thanks again.

Lee and guide dog Emily.

Hello Lee, many thanks for the message. I wish I could help with the books for the blind. I didn;t even know that RNIB had done talking books of mine!!! Is it possible for you to get hold of Audible Editions? Or my own publisher does audio versions too. I hope that you and Emily can find them somewhere. I would say something about how well LFC are doing this season but I don;t want to jinx them....take care.

Right folks, that's it from me again. Have a wonderful Xmas, New Year or whatever else is happening when you read this. As you know the new book with Sean Doyle (Testament) is due very soon so I hope you'll all write and tell me what you think (unless you hate it, in which case, don't...)

I've also just finished another book which is one of the darkest, most twisted things I've ever written...well, I think it is but what do I know? More news on that as things progress.

Take care all of you and keep the questions coming.


Hi shaun
Forgive me Its been a few yrs since my last confession lol
I wont go into what we spoke about suffice to say even to this day i have still not set foot in a cinema! Dont know how you sit there with all those ignorant twats on there mbls etc

Anyway i digress so to my questions
I have many old paperbacks & hardbacks from you but i now & have for a few yrs used a kobo (yes like a kindle only better)
I am re purchasing many of my books on ebook so i always have them with me , but i notice that you do not have very many of your books in ebook form, i am lucky enough that with kobo i can borrow books from library's without having to purchase them but even that does not help find many of yours
I thought maybe in this day & age of all this social correctness that library's do not stock your psychopathic violent books fuck knows why!
So is there a way you can make sure to get all your books old & new put in ebook format

2) reading your old books and then your newer stuff you seem to have a different style , the newer stuff just doesn't seem as shocking or violent compared to the older stuff is it because your mellowing ?
Please say no! All jokes aside something has changed. Also why does it take so long before we get new novels from you. (another white ghost or slugs revisited anytime)

Ps have tried to get a copy of skull but to no avail , any idea who i can goto for one?

Lee Ryan

Hello Lee, good to hear from you. Most of my books are available digitally from Caffeine Nights publishers (my publishers now) and they've done a great job with them so hopefully you can complete your digital collection. There are more of the back list on the way soon (Heathen, White Ghost and a couple of others) As far as my 'style' changing I think it's almost inevitable that a writer changes over the years. I personally don't think it's changed too much. Still gritty and nasty and fast moving (I hope) but the sort of stuff I wanted to write about when I was in my twenties is different to the stuff that attracts me now (now I'm fucking old!!!) If you read CHASE and also the upcoming TESTAMENT, I think you'll see that I haven't exactly turned into Barbara Cartland...
As for the time it takes between novels... One a year is about right for most authors. If you had a new one from me every three months you'd get sick of me...
People usually tell me ebay is good for finding older books... Not a clue but worth a try.
All the best.

Hi Shaun mate big fan I. Enjoy reading your books there ent know one else who writes as vivid and disturbing as you .I was just wondering if you are going to write some straight horrors like you did in the eighties like slugs and breeding ground etc. I got too say one thing my misses used give me grief for reading your books coz I'd read bits too her and she reccond they where sick and wierd I gave here spawn to read saying try it you might like it now she loves your books now Shaun especially the Gorey bits fucking mad hey . look forward to your next books mate thanks

Hi Ryan, thanks for the kind words. And good to hear that we've finally converted your missis :) As you know there's more to my books than the gore (honest) but I'm glad your missis has seen the light...

Shaun Just read your rant and I am chuckling uncontrollably. It was superb. Not only a great writer but total agreement on your thoughts on social media and its lack of talent and its amount of sickos that really feel they are interesting. I have received a couple of replies from you, I am the one who has read most of your books but not come the night. Just read in Hard back for my Xmas prezzie the Chase, superb. Again can’t we have a celebrity get me out of here based on Bodycount, You and me host, grinning like Ant and Dec, earning millions and watching these fucking bores getting killed lol, oops my one failing, I do text. All the best with any future books, I encourage many to read your books but there not getting mine they can buy. All best for year and I will try to pop along in June, thanks again for all the fantastic reads.

John Elliott

John, that's good to hear! I think sometimes I ramble on too much about this kind of shit but it infuriates me (as you might have noticed). Glad you enjoyed Chase.coming next is TESTAMENT, a sequel to Renegades so keep your eyes peeled for that. Thanks again for the kind words. All the best.

Hi Shaun, am 'ancient' now, but been a fan for many years and have tried to buy 'Compulsion' for my Grandson. Amazingly, can only find used copies! Have bought one, but is it out of print?
In passing, I was a friend and fan of the great late James Herbert, so you’re out on your own at the top now, so keep going Shaun.
john soper.

John, I'm ancient too!!! It is out of print as far as I know unfortunately. Ebay might be a better bet. James Herbert was as important to the British horror story as M.R. James was to the English ghost story. Very sad that he passed so early. A great writer and a good guy as you know. Thanks for the support, John.

Hi, my name is Naomi and I’m currently reading Erebus (sphere books ltd edition with ISBN 0 7474 0783 5) and am really enjoying it.
I’ve noticed what look like small citation markers on some pages but am unsure what they refer to and was curious as to their meaning, if any.
The marks read as: E. — 2 and E. — 3 on pages 15 and 35 respectively. There are more but I’ve not read further.
Sorry for the dumb questions and if the book goes on to explain them I’ll feel very silly. Many thanks for reading.

Naomi, I hope you like Erebus, but I haven't a clue what those marks are!!! There's a new edition coming soon from Caffeine Nights so treat yourself. Let me know what you think when you're finished.

Right folks, that's it from me again. Thanks for the questions as usual very much appreciated. Keep 'em coming...


I love love your books my fav is renegades ive reread umpteem time. I wait with bated breath for your next offering chase
lets go shaun
xxxx kim

Hi, Kim... I'm glad you like Renegades so much. It might please you to know that I've just finished the sequel... Yes, 28 years later the direct sequel is called TESTAMENT and should be out this year or next. I know Doyle has appeared in other books since then but this one re-introduces other characters from the original too. I hope you like it. I know Doyle is very popular and I love writing about him so fingers crossed.

Hi Shaun,
Really big fan of your books. I was glued to Exit Wounds over the Christmas period just passed - when I was in Cornwall with my wife and dog, and supposed to be taking in the sights there. Oops.
In my twenties I blitzed through many of Stephen King's books, and always wanted to try and write myself, without ever having the confidence to bang out more than a few thousand or so words.
Recently (37 now) I have, from somewhere, found the confidence to really start writing with some conviction (first child on the way so maybe, finally, trying to get my act together? more life experience? read more fiction?). And I was hoping that if I sent the first chapter over to yourself you may be able to find the time to give me a couple of sentences of feedback? I would like to check that I am heading in the right direction.
Any critique you could give, no matter how little, or scolding, would really be great.
Best regards,
Alex Broadley

Hi Alex, glad you like my books and I'm also glad you've finally found the time/inclination to write something yourself. I would say I'll read what you've written but just because I've had stuff published it gives me absolutely no right at all to tell you if what you've done is good, bad or complete bollocks. Writing is so subjective. I would love to think that my opinion meant something but the only people who will count are agents and publishers unfortunately. If it feels right to you then chances are you're doing something properly. If you're stumbling over it then have another look at it. Don't show it to family members or friends. Trust your own instincts. That probably sounds like total bullshit but it's the way I've worked for 35 years. All the best with it.

Hey Shaun
Been a fan for a long time (and I was actually in the audience on a James Whale show years back).
Just listened to your commentary on the Slugs Blu-Ray and it's simply one of the funniest commentary's I've ever heard. Hysterical stuff for one of my fave bad films.
Just want to thank you for that and say you also have great taste with being a Liverpool fan

Hi Colin, bloody hell, James Whale, those were the days. I did his show about six or seven times in different guises (maybe even more) and always enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the commentary on Slugs (it was the first time I'd really seen it since it's initial release!!) and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Hi Shaun!
Really sorry for the bolt-from-the-blue email, but I'm writing a piece for a new(ish) UK horror magazine called Horrorville about horror/fantasy cover art from the 70s, 80s and 90s and was wondering whether you'd be willing to answer a few quick questions via email?
It's basically going to focus on how, pre-internet, these covers served a as sort of 'gateway drug' for impressionable youngsters (like me!) who saw them in libraries, bookshops and second-hand stores and were intrigued to check out all things weird, gross and ghoulish as a result.
The art for your books was (and still is!) always distinctive and has a great, visceral, grab-you-by-the-throat quality, so I was wondering whether you might be able to provide some commentary as to the artists who provided your illustrations, what your relationship was like with them and how you'd characterize that era of publishing.
I realise you must receive lots of requests, but it would be amazing if you could help at all.
Thanks in advance and all the very best

Hello Alex, I'd be delighted to help any way I can with your piece about art work. I was lucky enough to have some brilliant covers on my books and will always be grateful to the artists who produced it. I think we all tend to forget the impact these had and needed to have. There was so much horror about at its heyday (unlike now!!) and there were some great artists working. Someone told me once that readers looked at a cover for five seconds before picking up a book, they'd then read the blurb and, if they liked that, they'd read the first paragraph. If the art work and blurb interested them I figured I could hook them with the openings ha, ha.. Any questions you want answered please send them. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Dear Shaun Hutson,
My name is Jesús Sánchez and i am from Spain. Long ago I read the first two books of Alain Lausard adventures in Spanish but the third one (6 books) never came to be published in Spanish.
The publisher who published the books told me that you are the real author of them and would like to know if any Spanish publisher has the rights to translate and publish the rest of the books.
Yours sincerely

Hi Jesus, I don't think I ever admitted to being Richard Howard but I'm glad you enjoyed the Lausard books anyway. They are all being re-published by a company called Endeavour in the next year or so. I don't know about the Spanish rights I'm afraid.

Hello Shaun, may I say you have done well and Good for you.
I remember you as the little boy who I think lived in Eastern Way, up the Grange Estate , Letchworth and even now can visualize you walking along side your Mum (theguess from the Grange Junior school) and her bicycle with the basket on the front!
You see I too came from Letchworth and originally lived at No. 1 Northfield's, opposite the Carter boys (Peter, Bruce and Roger).
My name is Wayne Norris and my dad used to own the tyre companies Norris Tyre and Battery service.
Now, the reason I have contacted you is because I am on a contract in Angola at the moment and some of the British guys that work in the Oil fields here and staying at the same hotel, we were talking about books, authors and horror and your name came up (all good I may add!)
It got me a thinking Gee I remember you and you always seem a very quite ,nice ,shy little boy. How did you really get into writing horror??
Well, thank you for talking time to read this and I hope it takes you a little down 'memory lane', it did with me when your name was mentioned.
Ciao ciao
Wayne Norris

Hello Wayne... that was surreal reading that message ha, ha... and don't worry I'm still a "quite nice shy little boy... " Honest. Obviously my persona was hiding the twisted, dark and sick fucker underneath. If you've read some of my books you'll know what I mean. But, as I said, I'm probably just the same, just older...

Hi, Shaun
Found your site whilst looking up some of the writers I read a while back - used to have many of your books, but had to give away my vast collection of horror/sci-fi when I moved into a smaller place.
Anyway, great site - really liked your short stories & Shaun's Shit. Nice to find someone who has exactly the same view about reality tv!
Anyway, what I wanted to ask... I'm sure I read an interview with you years back (Possibly in Fear! magazine?) where you mentioned you were into motorbikes in a big way. Was it you, or have I got it wrong? If it was, are you still into them?
All the best

Hi. Glad you like my books. You could always re-buy them digitally and keep them if you're pushed for space. Sorry, that was pressure selling ha, ha.. I've never been a bike rider I'm afraid. I used to look as if I should be but never had the guts to get one.

Dear Mr. Shaun Hutson,
I'm a great fan of yours and enjoy with all your work!!
I obtained your address, then I decided to write.
I would like very much if you could send me a signed picture or a simple answer of you!
I hope to hear from you soon, and I would be very pleased if you could fulfil my wish.
Hoping to receive a favourable reply, I send you my personal regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
With many thanks
Yours faithfully
Fabián Brunetti

Hi Fabian, many thanks for the kind words. You'd probably be better off contacting my publisher if you want a signed photo. Do that and I'll certainly sign one for you. All the best.

Hi Shaun
Just to say, I have always adored your writing (bet you get loads of these everyday).
While I love the graphic, visceral way your words fire my imagination, it was so damn refreshing to find and read an author that shared my passion for Heavy Metal AND quotes from some of my favourites!!!! Thank you so much
Andi x

Hi Andi... I never get sick of being adored... I think the Heavy Metal passion is reflected in the style of my writing too. It's like being hit with an iron bar ha, ha... Hope you like the new books too. All the best.

Hi Shaun, yes I am a fan, I've read most of your tales, I'm reading Bruce's book at the moment and he has a few nice things to say about you, including the thought that all those horror movies you watch would help you to become a serial killer. Well you are in a way, your body count must be huge by now if only in print, I'm not going to ask for a death in a story, my name is too common, John Brown, there are one or two others knocking about. I love heavy rock, I'm from Liverpool, not the blue side, horror stories, graphic as possible and horror movies. Did you ever read a horror anthology called 'Splatter Punks', there was one hilarious short story about a guy cursed so that he couldn't shit, when the curse was lifted that tale lived up to the "Splatter" in the title. Are you visiting any horror gigs this year, I'd enjoy saying hello and possibly buy a book, maybe even one of your's, regards, John.

Hi John. I'm very grateful to Bruce for what he said (I actually stood in W.H. Smith and read it... ) My body count must be bloody incredible by now. As Gene Wilder says in Blazing Saddles "I must have killed more men than Cecil B. De Mille"... That short story sounds hilarious... and revolting!!! I'm doing HorrorCon in London on June 30th – July 1st John so if you're there look me up. All the best.

Hello Mr Hutson!! I realise that you are not at your desk as you are probably at Anfield! Just saw your Virgil score his first goal for you lot!! Just ordered your new book, looking forward to that beauty!! Now I'm not one to hold a actually I am! I thought I was supposed to be dead sometime soon by your hand?? Yet here I am still living in Letchworth with the missus!!
I was hoping to be killed off in one of your books and I did ask nicely !! A couple of years ago I think I asked you, but I assume you have a list of 'kills'!!
Just saying!
Kindest regards for a messy death
Simon Jellis

I'm not at Anfield actually Simon ha, ha... and it's Shaun by the way... Not Mr Hutson but thanks anyway... Oh God... Did I forget to kill you? Shit... Sorry. I will take care of that. I've just written it into my notes. You will die messily and painfully, how's that? I also hope you enjoy CHASE. Let me know what you think.

Hi Shaun,
Just bought The Chase from Waterstones £14.99 you pricey fucker, beyond belief and and eternal gratitude if I am the "Jo Roberts" mentioned in the acknowledgments, seriously thought you'd forget and so happy you didn't again if that is me ;)
Can't wait to read it. Joe
Joe Roberts

But Joe, you pay for quality my friend... Let me know what you think of it. All the best.

Right folks, that's me done for now. Be back again soon I hope.
Keep the questions coming. They're always appreciated. There will be some news on the site about new releases etc. so have a look at that too.
And remember, don't let the bastards grind you down...