Questions 2015

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Hi Shaun,
I am trying to find out who did your cover art for the 1st U.S. paperbacks of Slugs, Breeding Ground and Spawn (all published by Leisure). Any chance you have a record of who it was, or perhaps your agent does? I am looking to find the original paintings to purchase.
Thanks very much,

Hello Darrin,
I'm afraid I haven't got a clue who did the artwork for the U.S. Paperbacks... sorry to be so useless. My agent wouldn't know either because it was a different agent then to the one I have now... I thought some of that artwork was pretty striking myself, especially the cover of the American edition of Slugs... hope you can track it down somewhere.

Hi Shaun,
As a longstanding fan of your work i thought it was time to get in touch and ask if you have any future plans for Sean Doyle of the CTU. One of my favourite characters, especially in White Ghost. If not then never mind but do keep up the good work… and taking the meds!
Best wishes
Mike O'Brien
A lifelong (and unhappy) Everton fan.

Hi, Mike, You must be happy after that result against the Mancs yesterday... but anyway... I actually wrote the first 20 pages of a new books involving Doyle but whether I ever finish it or not is another matter. I was quite tempted to do a sequel to Renegades which I'm sure many people would appreciate. As you realize, White Ghost, Knife Edge and Hybrid (which contains the Doyle novel) weren't sequels just a continuation of his adventures!! I'd like to explore what he's up to again, 25 years after Renegades so, fingers crossed...

Hi Shaun.
Firstly, a big thank you for all the years of exciting, exhilarating and scary reading. I wish you a very happy and healthy new year.
The inevitable question concerning Monolith is, any news on a publication date?
Also, anymore e-books to come from your back catalogue with Caffeine Nights? I've checked their site, but I can't find anything. I have all your paperback editions, but I really want to have them on my Kindle. Easier to hold and read.
Many thanks for your time.
Kindest regards
Keith Beavis

Hello Keith, thanks for the kind words. Monolith will have been published by now and hopefully you've got your copy. There are e-books to come from Caffeine Nights in June of SLUGS, DEATH DAY, LUCY'S CHILD and NEMESIS, all with new introductions from yours truly and some very striking new cover artwork... let me know what you think.


Dear Sir,
Sorry to bother you as I can most probably guess you are really busy however I stumbled on what I believe to be one of your books. It's the trilogy; No Survivors, Forged By Fire and Taken By Force. Found this at a charity shop for 50p and it seemed interesting. This was two days ago and I've just finished the entirety of it. I was just wondering was there a follow up to these books.
Personally I can't bring myself to believe that you left it with Kessler still in the middle of the battle; when there was a lot more action he could of been involved in. Also Schrodek not getting any comeuppance, as he seriously deserved a fine boot up the jacksy.
Anyway hopefully there is a follow up, even if it wasn't published do you happen to have a copy.
Thank you for your time,
Samuel Hughes

Hi Samuel, those books you mentioned were actually part of a series that contained another four or five books!! That series started with SLEDGEHAMMER and went on through CONVOY OF STEEL, MEN OF BLOOD and a couple of others before getting to No Survivors! I also did a trilogy (well, two were written) of Cossack novels set during the Second World War, SABRES IN THE SNOW and SWORDS OF VENGEANCE. I didn't get the chance to finish either series unfortunately but, if you're picking them up for 50p each you should have a look for the others...

Sorry to trouble you but how can I get hold of a copy of the signed New Limited Edition Paperback (MONOLITH).
Good to see you back with a new book.
Cheers and thank you for your time

Hi Davy, you could contact Caffeine Nights (my publishers) they will be able to tell you better than I can. I hope you manage to get one.


Hi Shaun,
Just wanted to say how much I am looking forward to the release of Monolith next week. Feels like it has been ages in coming. Is this down to the change in publisher and does this now mean we can expect to see a yearly release again? Like many others I miss your occasional rant and would like to see it return to your website! Did you get to see "It Follows" and if so any thoughts?
Up the Reds
Mark Vasey

Mark, MONOLITH should be released by the time you read this so hopefully you'll manage to get a copy from somewhere. It has been ages... my fault I'm afraid... not the publishers they've been brilliant. I hope it means that a yearly offering will now continue (I've done about 100 pages of the next book... ) I keep meaning to do a rant but it just turns into me wishing everyone and everything dead ha, ha... but I'll see how it goes... I did see IT FOLLOWS and I'm still not sure about it. Nice atmosphere to it but something missing I can't put my finger on... I enjoyed THE BABBADOOK though...

Hello from Shaun Hutson's Fans on Facebook. We are happy to hold your name in our heading. We are still waiting for any new stories from you. We hope that you are good and that there will be at least a slight opportunity to see you and talk to you live.
I (personally) would like to express my gratitude for all the scary moments I experienced during my teen-horror times. Those few books from you we had in Poland in the early 90s were the glimpse of a real western horror. I swallowed them at once and I still come back to them with nostalgia.
Thank you
Paweł Pietrzak

Thank you Pawel, you're very kind and hello to all those on my Polish fan page... thank you all... hopefully you'll manage to get a copy of MONOLITH, my new book, and that will scare you just like the others used to... all the best.


Hey Shaun
It's been.. gawd... ages! I'm Lisa Davy now, but used to be Lisa McQuillan. I was lucky enough to be one of the readers you killed off in a novel :)
Just wanted to say how impressed I've been with Monolith. It feels like the real old Hutson style that I know and love. I have of course bought the Hammer Novelizations also (I've bought pretty much everything you've written, but think I've missed one Pseudoname!!), but nothing feels like the real Hutson stuff.
Hope you're still enjoying your movies as much. What's the best thing you've seen recently to date? I've been pretty blown away by 'Interstellar' and 'Nightcrawler' (that one reminded me of a Hutson novel).
The Facebook group has really gotten busier lately which is great. Fellow fans communicating and sharing photos of their collections. You should check it out! (or get one of your kids to show you) ;) Hope to be reading you for many years to come :)

Hi Lisa Davy..congratulations on the name change! (well, on the marriage obviously but you know what I mean...)
I'm glad you liked Monolith. It's always scary waiting for readers verdicts on a new book so that's a relief...I don';t think you've missed anything under a pseudonym, Lisa...I'm working on something at the moment that will be a pseudonym job but I don't want to say too much about that yet.
I still go to the cinema a lot and, like you, I thought Nightcrawler was of the films of the year. I also loved Mad Max Fury Road and I liked Legend too even though it didn't stand up to repeated viewings but Tom Hardy was great in it.
It's good to hear that the Facebook group is finding stuff to talk about. If I was on Facebook myself I'd have a look.
I also hope you're reading me for many years to come, Lisa. All the best.

I'm a longtime fan and collector of your work. I do have a brief question I'm hoping that you can answer for me. I just picked up the W.H. Allen hardcover of Erebus, which has a publication date of 1984. I also have the Star paperback of Erebus that also has a publication date of 1984. Can you tell me which is the first edition of this title? None of the book dealers on the net seems to have an answer so I thought I'd go to the man himself. I'd appreciate any help you can give.
Hope you are doing well.

Hi, Gary. The first edition of EREBUS would be the W.H. Allen hardback. As far as I can remember, SLUGS and SPAWN came out in paperback first then were re-printed in hardback editions but I'm reasonably sure that EREBUS came out in hardback first... Sorry to be so vague about my own titles but it's a long time ago and there have been more than 60 since so you'll understand it can get a bit confusing sometimes... Hope this has helped.

Hi Shaun,
I recently had a job through a temp agency working in a factory and due to the monotony and boredom of the job, I used to enjoy reading your books on my lunch break. A lot of the people at the company used to call me weird for my choice of book, even though I doubt any of them has ever read a book that isn't fifty shades of grey. Then I get a call from the temp agency to say that I have been laid off the job and the only reason they can give me is that; even though he works hard, he doesn't know how to get on with people.
Just thought I'd drop you an email to let you know that 1: I love your books and 2: I hate factory work.
Luckily though I have another job now and they don't care what I read.
Thought you might like to know that your books are still shocking those people who are the sheep of our society

Doesn't know how to get on with people? Dickheads!!! The obsession in some companies for all their fucking employees to be "friends" drives me mad... people go to work to earn money, not make fucking friends... ah well, glad the books helped save your sanity a bit and nice to know they can still shock the sheep... ha, ha..Keep reading, Ben... they're just jealous... Like you say, if you'd been reading a book about a woman being dominated by some rich cunt, whacked about with whips and treated like shit you'd have been fine!!! If that's what normal people read you can shove it... Take care, mate..

Right folks, that's it from me for a bit... if people would like I'll try and post another rant very soon.
I know lots liked them so I'll try and curb my homicidal tendencies long enough to do one or two... take it easy... and by the way, to everyone who's bought MONOLITH, thank you and let me know what you think of it...
Take it easy... Shaun


Hi Shaun,
Just thought I'd drop you a line to say that I finished reading Monolith yesterday.
Really enjoyed it. Exactly the sort of supernatural horror that I typically enjoy.
Is there going to be a sequel as there were a few unanswered questions such as who were Voronov's two unnamed assistants and what happened to Mark Paxton?
Enjoyed the short story too. Hope we won't have to wait too long until the next one.
Thanks for providing another great read!
Kind Regards,
Mark Leney

Hi Mark, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Monolith. It's always nerve-racking wondering what readers will think of a new book and always a relief to find out they didn't hate it!!! I didn't have any thoughts about doing a sequel but, you never know...
I liked the idea of putting a short story in there too. I wrote a few in my earlier years published in magazines etc. and every now and then I like to do one. It also made more of a “package” too. Glad you liked that as well. Keep your eyes open for the next one...

Mate, I have emailed you in the past over my disillusions with people. This rant is over fucking seagulls. I live over a mile from the South coast, yet these festering shit lumps still skulk around raiding bins, shitting all over my car and waking the fuck out of me at 04:00 am just when i'm dreaming of fucking Eva Green in the arse... What bunch of save the whale lesbians decided that I'm not allowed to kill these filthy flying rats? Apparently It's fine to blow a pigeon out of the sky, or kill an intelligent bird like a crow, but pluck one feather off a seafilth and your up in court with a £1000 fine. I don't get it... Still, what the eye can't see, the heart can't grieve about, know what I mean!
PS Just finished Necessary Evil again, page 311 of the paperback is what I'd like to do to these fucking do-gooders...
Graham Turner

Hello, Graham...I share your disillusions with people, mate...ha,ha...and seagulls...horrible fucking things...I think I know the bit you mean from Necessary Evil...I would say calm down (people are always saying that to me...) but what the hell...
All the best.

Hi Shaun I'm a massive fan of yours but it seems to me that great horror stories are not out there any more with the death of Jim Herbert that means for me any way that there is you,Graham masterton and maybe Stephen king left of the old guard.i hate the new type of horror novel you know teen horror,one thing I would love to see is maybe you could clone yourself for future last thing just read Erebus for the hundredth time fantastic book you sort of left it open any chance you could do a follow up would be great to see Tyler and Jo team up again any way thanks for the scares
keep it up

Hi, Steve, good to hear from you. Great horror stories are probably out there somewhere but publishers, on the whole, just do not want horror. All through history (the history of books anyway..) cinematic trends have been reflected in the publishing business and horror is huge at the cinema but publishers still continue to ignore it. Don't ask me why. They seem too concerned with thrillers which is even more hypocritical because some thrillers are as horrific as any horror film (Silence of the Lambs anyone?) but horror has such a bad name. Probably because shit like Twilight has damaged the genre so much. It all seems to be zombies or something like that. The only...ahem..horror writer that any publisher wants is Stephen King. James Herbert was a terrible loss in all ways. But he was never given the respect he deserved for his writing. His sales were brilliant and yet still publishers resist horror. !!! Anyway, glad you enjoyed Erebus but, no, there are no plans for a sequel...not yet anyway... All the best, Steve.


Hi Shaun, I'm new to your works and recently read White Ghost during a recent holiday. Can you advise any sequel or similar writings by you to satisfy my thirst. I was totally engrossed by the book, it helped pass a pleasant week, I couldn't put it down.
Kind regards,

Hello Colin,
Glad you enjoyed White Ghost. There was a sequel, Knife Edge and a kind of second sequel too called Fresh Skins but this is contained within the novel Hybrid if that makes any sense!!! I'm assuming you've read Renegades too? The novel in which Doyle first appears. I hope you read that too because it's good to see where he came from. I would love to do another book with him in and maybe one day I will, I know that my readers would love that.
Thanks again, Colin.


Hi Shaun, Just listened to your podcast which was interesting, my questions are in terms of sales what have been your biggest/least? What would consider your best/worst book. My favourite is Deadhead not got a least. Have you ever considered publishing your books uncut on specialist book publishers such as shocklines? Will caffeine nights be publishing in hardback as I prefer a hardback over any other format.

Hi Simon...glad you liked the podcast. First time I'd done one of those. I think in terms of sales SLUGS is probably still the biggest seller although RENEGADES did very good business when it first came out. The worst sure about that. Probably the more recent stuff but I try not to dwell on that...ha, ha.. I haven't really got a book I consider my worst. Every one has got something in it that I like...
Glad you like Deadhead. That is one of my favourites actually. Most of my stuff is published in the form I submit it so I'm fairly lucky like that. And as for the'll have to ask Caffeine Nights...
All the best, Simon.

Hi Shaun. It's been a while since I've been in touch.
Just started reading Monolith. Enjoying it so far. Glad you're back to doing original stuff and not Hammer. As you may recall, not my favourites.
Hope you're in good health. Keep writing the gory, sex filled horror we've come to know and love. I need to be killed off soon!! Lol Lots of love.
Denice Andrews xxx

Hi Denice, Always good to hear from you. I hope you've finished Monolith by now and I hope you liked it. I thought it was more like a traditional “Hutson” book and I'm glad you agree. And I will kill you off as soon as possible. Take care, Denice.

I have read all your books. My friend introduced me to you (your books) some years ago and I now have them all. When I read your books I feel like I'm actually part if the story.
I used to go on your website "Shaun's Shit" (cool title by the way), and now here you are - and I've found you again lol
I would love to be a character in your next book. I could be a counter-terrorist enthusiast who saves Sean Doyle's life - but I am not what I seem - I'm actually a mental patient from an asylum or I could be an android lol
Let me know what you think.

Hi Janie, thanks for the message and the kind words. Or, you could be a mental android..!!! Bloody hell, and I thought I had an overactive imagination..ha, ha...When I use readers names in books I usually just use the name on a character but don't take requests ha, ha.. I used to leave a thing called the “death list” on tables at places where I did talks and people who wanted to be killed off used to write their names on it but some, unfortunately, also specified how they wanted to die. There are some wonderfully sick minds out there..ha, ha.. All the best, Janie.

Hi shaun, long time fan first time author botherer. Wanna thank you for the scares your books gave me in the 80's when I was a wee lad. Started my affinity with all things horror related. I own pretty much everything you've scribbled down since. Just wanna looking forward to iron maidens new album and will you be seeing them on tour?
All the best.

Hello, Lee...good to hear from you. I'm glad I supplied some scares for you. I should probably feel guilty about that but, what the read horror to be scared don't you? So I must have done my job properly...I am looking forward to Maiden's new album (well, it's not so new by this time...) and seeing them on tour. I expected them to do a big indoor tour but it's just going to be Download by the look of it. Ah, well, you can't blame them I suppose. I think the album is their best since Dance of Death for what it's worth...Hope you like it too...


Hi Shaun I’m 51 and was first introduced to your books in my late twenties while working at Madame Tussaud’s by my then Manager, Ron Powley. Apart from The Skull, Chainsaw Terror, Body Count and Last Rites, I have hopefully read most of your books. I have just read Monolith and Dying words and I am just about to start Epitath. I enjoyed Dying words enormously, although White Ghost would have to be my favourite. I have also recently read X The Unknown but believe you may have written a couple concerning Frankenstein, which I will eventually get around to. I have either bought or received as Birthday and Christmas gifts most of your books and they have given untold fun and pleasure over the years albeit my daughter finds this a bit odd considering the extracts I read to her on occasions. Your books are addictive and the style in which you write forces me to read on and on, fantastic books and may you continue to write on and on. Yes I am a Chelsea fan and sad you don’t credit us with much intelligence ha! Ha! But thank you anyway and here’s to my next read, Epitath.
Many Thanks
John Elliott

Hi John, glad you like the books. What did you do at Madame Tussauds, that must have been interesting. Waxworks have always fascinated me...I'm particularly glad you enjoyed Dying Words because that's always been one of my favourite novels that I wrote (is that conceited..ha, ha..). Good on your daughter for buying the books for you, John. I'm still trying to get mine to read one...ha, ha.. It';s been a bit of a horror story at Chelsea this season hasn't it so I won't say too much about that...ha, ha.. Many thanks once more for the kind words John and I hope you like the books that follow. All the best.

Hiya Shaun,
What is going on? you seem to have disappeared off the planet! The web site is not working, there are no new books, and you never did tell me if you ever picked up the parcel I sent down to London for you.
Maybe you are acting out the plot for a new book………”Horror writer vanishes” but I have a feeling there is a bit more to it.
Remember you still have friends out there (me included) who care about you.
get in touch if you have a minute.
much love
Val (in Birmingham)

Hi Val, I know, I know... Sorry... I have been a bit elusive for a bit too long. I did pick up the parcel and it was wonderful, thank you very much indeed. My agent did put something on my fake Twitter account thanking you actually. Thanks for the kind words, Val. I appreciate your concern. Monolith came out last year and I'm about two thirds of the way through a new book and also one under a pseudonym so more info when I can give it.... Thanks again, Val.


Hi Shaun.
Just finished reading Monolith. Excellent read couldn't put it down. As always eagerly awaiting your next release.......I have been a fan for many many years! Keep up the good work.....
Tania x

Thanks Tania... Very kind of you to say that and I'm glad you enjoyed Monolith... The next one should be out later in the year if I get my finger out and finish it... All the best.

HI Shaun
I've been reading your books since i was 15(im now 42)and just wanted to say that i am a huge fan and im in the process of trying to buy all your books....i especially love the horror books,erebus/death day/relics etc...ive just finished the rvenge of frankenstein...loved the hammer films but your books take it to another level.....thank you so much for giving me someting more than enjoyable to read....

Hello, Nick... Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the books. Death Day, Lucy's Child, Slugs and Nemesis are all re-issued with new introductions later this year by Caffeine Nights so keep your eyes open for those. The Hammer novelizations were great fun to do, it's a pity they didn't do more. I'd love to have done Brides of Dracula, Frankenstein Created Woman and The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll but never mind... All the best.


Hiya Shaun,
I have just finished reading Monolith, I hadn’t realised just how much I have missed your books.
Thanks for a great read, glad you are back and I am looking forward to the next.
I also liked the short story at the end.
Love Val (In Birmingham)

Hi Val,
Glad you enjoyed Monolith...and the short story. I liked that idea of putting a short story in the novel too. Not that I've written lots of short stories but it's good to get stuff read. The next one should be later this year, Val...if I get my finger out and finish it...ha, ha.. All the best.

Hello Mr Hutson
My husband is a huge fan of your work. Recently I’ve managed to obtain your entire collection of novels (and children’s books) for him … all except one... maybe you could shed some light on where I can obtain a copy of the book, 'Back from the Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories' (2010), ISBN 0956488404? I’ve tried everywhere, online, book stores, libraries, etc... no one has it!
I can appreciate that you’re very busy, but your help in this matter would be appreciated.
Kindest regards
(NSW, Australia)

Hi, Julie...and thankyou for the kind words. I'm glad your husband likes my books and I'm very happy you've managed to get hold of my books for him. On the subject of that Pan Book of Horror Stories I haven't a clue where you could get that I'm afraid...sorry...I also can't remember contributing to that or was it an introduction? Maybe it's my age or just the sheer volume of stuff I've written but sometimes I can't remember everything..ha, ha..Sorry I can't help but I'm sure someone somewhere will be able to...


Hi Shaun
Thank you for all the horror/thriller stories you have written. They have kept me going from early teens (when dad wouldn't let me ready every story) upto now when I buy and read them before he does! Compulsion is my favourite, a very different story to anything I've ever read before! Have tried to encourage friends read your stories too but apparently they're not typically suited to girls! I pre ordered Monolith limited edition and was very excited when it was delivered.. Another great story...
Just wondered if and when there will be a continuation of the short story at the of the book?! Christmas is coming...
Thanks Gemma

Hello, Gemma...thanks for the kind words. It's strange you say that your friends won't read them because years ago the majority of my readers used to be women which was nice. I think that lots of them have been too brain washed into thinking that horror and its gutless imitators which is sad. Every time I go to see a horror film at the cinema there seem to be more women than men in the audience so I'm not sure what they're on about..:) At least you can recognise good horror when you see it, Gemma, ha, ha.. All the best.

Shaun, I emailed you again in May. Where's my reply? you lazy cunt...
Oh fuck, sorry, sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to call you a cunt. Well I did, but I need you to do something for me.
I will not rest until I have a copy of the original, uncut, Chainsaw Terror. Now I know about all the shit surrounding this, and the motherfucking censors, but I also know the type of guy you are, just the same as me, stuck in a world of bullshit. So help me on this.
I can pay you, just sort it for me.
Graham (shit lump) Turner.

Hi Graham and don't worry about calling me a cunt...I'm used to it..ha, ha...sorry to have taken so long with your reply but, as they say, shit happens (it seems to happen quite a lot actually). I don't know what happened with the uncut version of Chainsaw Terror. There was supposed to be some kind of re-issue but it never happened. You'll just have to get the new re-issues of SLUGS, NEMESIS, LUCY'S CHILD and DEATHDAY instead which are due in the next few months from Caffeine Nights. How's that...all the best, mate.

Did you ever get time to watch the movie?
How are things. What kind of movies have peaked your interest lately. Do you watch any Korean or French horror.
The French movie inside seems to have a kind of hutson influence.
Hope all is well.

Hi there....if only the French film industry had a Hutson influence..ha, ha...I thought Martyrs was a stunning film, one of the most shocking I've ever seen and so disturbing. I watched it with my daughter and we had to keep pausing it we were so overwhelmed. I think the tradition of brilliant French horror/thrillers goes back as far as the fifties with classics like Les Diaboliques and it's been continued with pictures like Switchblade Romance and Them (which also scared the shit out of me!!). I haven't seen much Korean stuff I must admit. There seems to be a hard edge to the French films that is sadly lacking in most other horror these days. There was a great French TV series recently called Witnesses that I also enjoyed. Other than that not much has excited me at the cinema lately. Forty Five years was very good, I hated the Hateful 8, and I'm looking forward to The Revenant...

My name is Guillaume and I translate books. I happened to translate Forged in Fire when i was a student. I think I MIGHT be able to find a publisher or have the story published in a magazine or something, so I thought I first had to let you know. To be honest, I don't think I'll ever be able to actually sell it, so I was wondering if maybe you'd be willing to let me try and put it out on my own ? I'd love to translate Shaun's books but horror doesn't sell too much around here, maybe you're working with a french publisher already ?
So yeah, basically that's it, let me know what you think and have a good one !

Hi Guillaume, you'd really have to talk to my agent about stuff like this. I'm useless when it comes to anything other than actually doing the writing...Thanks for the interest though...All the best.

Right folks, that's it from me again. Thanks for the interest and your questions as usual. I'm looking forward to the re-issues of DEATH DAY, LUCY'S CHILD, SLUGS and NEMESIS from Caffeine Nights early this year (2016) and I'm battling my way through a new book for them and also doing something under a pseudonym so hopefully I'll be able to say more about that very soon but, as you know, I hate talking about things unless