Questions 2007

7th December 2007

Hi Shaun,
Thanks for the last posting on your site. Its a relief to know I'm not the only one who feels that way about this fucked up country.
Jordan, just writing that name makes me feel really pissed off, and Punch and fucking Judy just seem to brainwash the muppets into believing how great they are, and I hate them all. There are far to many sheep following the media example, and I for one can't wait for the whole fucking thing to implode and expose these parasitic assholes for what they really are. Damnit this has turned into a rant....must quit while I'm ahead.
Anyway I engrave mirrors by hand, its nothing that's ever been done before. NO, not peoples pets and all that shit, don't start me off again! Anyhow,back to my point, I have a design that I'm pretty sure you'd like, so as a way of payback for all your books which I love, more so the one you signed for me a few years back at Ottakers in C.M.K, I'd like to give you a mirror with this design on it.
Do you still live around Bletchley as I don't trust the mail service with these mirrors?
Don't waste your hate on the morons in this world there are far to many of them man, just keep doing your thing, it'll get to them in the end! Good luck with quitting drinking, I've already done it so I know what you're going through, it'll get easier eventually!
All the best man

Sheep, Az, as you rightly put it, that's the right word to describe anyone led by the media. Unfortunately, it describes a great deal of folks in this bloody world. I'm grateful that you, like most of my readers, don't fall into that category. Glad you approve of my rants, mate. Glad it inspired one of your own. Clears the air a bit, eh? I remember that signing thing in Ottakers in MK, I did it with a couple of other authors if I remember, those were the days...Many thanks for the kind words of encouragement too and the offer of an engraved mirror is very generous indeed. We'll have to figure out some way of me getting it (preferably in one piece...) Take care, Az and thanks again.

Hi Shaun just to let you know i loved the abduction - the visitation - come the night you never let your fans down m8, but im sorry to say im not happy with you !
I went to get unmarked graves from my local Waterstones in essex, i picked it up and found that it was signed by you which dont get me wrong i love cause its my 2nd signed book in my collection.
The problem was they told me you were in the store to sign them, i could of pulled my hair out thats twice i have missed the chance to meet you.
I was really gutted is there no way you can let your fans know, if your going to be paying a certain bookshop a visit ?
Im sure im not the only one that would love to see you or have a few words with you m8.
On to another note lol, come on you REDS still unbeaten as i type this hope to see us in the top 2 soon.
Im sure we have got the depth in our squad to go all the way fingers crossed.
Hope you are well
cheryl x
Is your nxt book called BODY COUNT

Cheryl, sorry you're not happy with me...but hold on, I'll explain...I did sign some books in Waterstones in Essex but it wasn't a proper sit down, people queuing up signing session, I never do those and haven't since 1991. What happens is that I usually go out for a day with two or three of my salesmen on their areas and we go into the local shops and I just sign the stock of my books they've got. That's it. That's all. But I'm glad you managed to get a signed one and you didn't miss me because I was never officially there...I love to have a few words with my readers in person but bookshops usually only request celebrity authors so don't bank on seeing me again the way, my next book Is called BODY COUNT. It should be out next August in hardback...


Mike, someone else who agrees with my twisted're a fine man. Let me know what you think of DYING WORDS when you've read it. Take care, mate.

Fucking love your works. [Thought I'd get a profanity in there from the off seeing as... well... I don't know? Why not? I'll pull my bollocks off if you E-Mail back complaining about my use of language :) ]
Seriously, I can't be bothered with books for shit. The only ones I read were the Darren Shan Saga when I was younger, Dave Peltzer's 'A Child Called 'It' and Royston [Roy 'Chubby' Brown] Vasey's autobiography.
My brother got 'Hybrid' from our local library a couple weeks back and I picked it up just to see if it could hold my attention and next thing I knew I was on the 150th page. Absolutely loved it.
Books can't hold my attention unless each page is spattered with profanity and violence and as sure as I am you know [Of course you know. You wrote the fucking thing], your books offered me just that. So I rambled back to the library and got out 'Dying Words', 'Stolen Angels' and 'Compulsion'.
I finished 'Compulsion' a couple weeks back and went straight onto 'Dying Words'. Loved them both. Gonna' start on 'Stolen Angels' soon as well.
You've got a brilliant technique of page-turning going on. I can never put the book down. Constantly, I hear 'For fuck sake, put that thing down'. Prrft.
Yeah, like fuck. I always said that the only way I'd get through a book is if it was either funny as fuck, or layered with swearing and violence. Your book is both [Thumbs up]
Anyway, this was a pretty pointless appreciation E-Mail so I'll wrap it up now.
Thanks for making the best books I've ever read and keep it up?
Thanks again

Ollie, how dare you fucking swear when you're writing to me you complete twat...oops, sorry but I didn't want you to have to pull off your own bollocks...(there's a picture on the internet apparently of some bloke blasting off his own bollocks with a shotgun so I didn't want you following his example...)
I'm glad you enjoy my books and it wasn't pointless writing to tell me...(well I didn't think so anyway, anyone who takes the time to tell me how wonderful I am is fine in my book...)
Let me know what you reckon to STOLEN ANGELS when you finish it (you bastard...). In the mean time, take care of yourself.

Hi Shaun,
I have been reading your books for god knows how long, made easier by the fact my dad, John Turnbull (you killed him off in White Ghost, with the rest of the Sphere/Warner guys) worked for the publisher.
I have to admit I have not read your books for a while but reading some of the comments on here I will pick up the few I haven?t read and get back to it.
If you ever need a new character or just someone to brutally kill I'm your man.

Your dad was one of the nicest guys I ever worked with Matthew (and that isn't bullshit..) and yes, I did kill him and the other salesmen off in WHITE GHOST, they still laugh about it to this day. All done by way of an affectionate thankyou of course. If you'd like to join your dad by being brutally killed in one of my books then consider it done...

Hi Shaun
If you are ever in the North of Scotland please will you come and sign all my books (your books but I bought them so now they're mine)?
As our lovely Graeme would testiify, I'm a die hard fan and have been for years, I have everything that you have written under your own name and wait eagerly for August to come round as my birthday is at the beginning of it and every year my mum gets me your latest book (a deal we have had for several years now, easy birthday present for her, perfect one for me!).
I just wanted to tell you that although I was introduced to your books (thanks Kris) when I was 14 and have loved every one of them I recently managed to get hold of The Skull off ebay. It provided hours of amusement for my partner who laughed at me every night when I could only read one chapter at a time because I was too scared! (I'm 30 by the way). Brilliant! Thank you for being my favorite author x
Kel (the one in the North of Scotland waiting for the book signing in Inverness...)

Kel, if I'm ever in the North of Scotland I will sign your books with the greatest of pleasure...Delighted to hear that you enjoyed THE SKULL (and that it scared you..). I'll always have a soft spot for that book because it was my first horror novel in print. That's a bit of luck, having your birthday to coincide with my publication date isn't it? I hope the publishers don't change it or your mum won't know what to buy you...anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy BODY COUNT next August as much as you've enjoyed the others...take care.

Hi shaun.
I've read most of your work and am totally in awe of you. I am 15 years old and aspire to be an author who writes horror. I've already started writing a few stories that i hope will be published but it seems that everytime i go to write more, i get another idea for a different story and am sidetracked. Have you got any tips for me on writing and how to stop this tidal flow of ideas?
Your Nickii Louise

Do not be in awer of me, Nicki Louise, I am only an author...authors do not deserve awe (but in this one case I'll make an exception...). If you want to write horror then my advice would be, write it. Pretty basic and pretty stupid I know that sounds but scribble every idea down, keep them, write the story, work it through and see if it works as a novel or a short story. Don't ever try to stop the flow of ideas, just be thankful you're getting them....One day they might dry up and no author wants writers block (I had it a couple of times and it's bloody awful...). Keep on writing and you'll get better and better (I think that's the theory...not sure it's working for me after twenty five years...). Send your stuff to agents or publishers when you feel confident enough about it and don't show it to friends or family, they're opinions will be biased and won't help you in the long run. Keep writing and DON'T EVER stop those ideas coming. I wish you the very best of luck. Let me know how you get on. All the best.

December 1st 2007

Hi there, I do hope you don't mind me contacting you.
I'm on the hunt for sponsors--please don't run off just yet, this is all legit. Hope you don't think I'm being a little forward, but what the heck, I gotta try. I thought you may be interested in helping as I'm taking part in a write-a-thon.
I'm not asking you to sponsor a huge amount of money, though it would be nice, a small amount is better than nothing-every penny adds up, together, it will make a difference-it is for a good cause!
On October 12th, I will be joining members of the on-line writing community The Grail in a 12hr Writing Marathon. Of course, you are more than welcome to become a member of The Grail and join us in the write-a-thon.
The Grail is an online writers community. Each year we hold a writing event where sponsorship monies are sent to a chosen charity, this year we're supporting the Alzheimer's Society.
The idea: for registered members of The Grail's writers' forum to write as many flash fiction stories up to 500 words within 12hrs. Each of these must be relevant to one of the prompt words posted on our website on the morning of the event.
The best of the stories will be published in an anthology, to be sold after the event, also on behalf of the Alzheimer's Society.
It's easy to sponsor to me, simply click this link:
If you want to find out more about who and what The Grail is here's a couple of links: this is the forum and you must be a member to view it fully, free to join.
The website:
Thank you for your time,
Editor Twisted Tongue Magazine

Claire, I got this too late to sponsor you I'm afraid but I'd like to know how things went with your writing marathon. I'll check your site. All the best.

Hello Shaun,
I read somewhere that you are thought to have written the Bonaparte's books. Is there any truth in this rumour?
Thanks and regards,

Where did you read that, Jeff? No truth in it at all. I know I certainly never said it so I'm curious to know who did. All the best.

Shaun Can you help ?
My wife Elaine and I are raising money for a childrens charity called Dreams Come True Charity (which does exactly what it says for seriously and terminally ill children ) Over the past 3 years We have raised well over £18,000 with donations from companies and individuals in the sporting and entertainment world. We are aiming to raise £2,500 this year and make a 16 yr old girl from Liverpool's dream. Her name is Kathyrn, she has Hodgkins disease and her dream is to go on safari to Kenya. She has no idea of our efforts.
We asking whether you would be willing to donate a signed copy of one of your books. If you can help we will auction any donation.
Thanks. Charlie Wilkins
PS I have had signed donations from other authors writing in a similar genre. I've also read so many of your books that I have lost count !

Charlie, I will be more than happy to send a couple of signed books for the charity and I hope you succeed in what you're doing. They'll be in the post as soon as possible. All the best

Sorry to complain (this is the first time ever) but I have just read Necessary Evil which was very good until page 453 since when has CO2 been flammable? If it were flammable would they make fire extinguishers full of the bloody stuff??? Come on now that was such glaringly obvious mistake it really spoilt it for me. I felt that you had run out of ideas and had just thrown it together because you couldn?t be bothered. Sorry if that sounds harsh but I really enjoy your books and was disappointed with this ending

Growler, have you seen DIE HARD 4.0 by any chance? In that film, Bruce Wilis uses a fire extinguisher to blow a baddie out of a window, he shoots it, it explodes and out goes the villain... if it's good enough for Hollywood, it's good enough for me...

Dear Shaun I'd just like to start by saying how much I enjoy reading your books, your gritty horror really trumps the American offerings. However, I'm halfway through reading Erebus and am finding the basic errors regarding definitions of a virus, bacteria, spore forming bacterial hosts etc.. really grating, and is really spoiling what would otherwise be another good read (especially when Vets and scientists are making them). If an author does need to go down to this level of detail, it is important to get the basics correct, the book is in need of a second/corrected edition.
But horrorwise, keep up the good work (did Blair Witch Project really scare you, what do you think of the Far East horror offerings, I find these far scarier than Western horrors?)

Sorry you don't think the research is accurate. It certainly was when I wrote Erebus back in 1983. Maybe all things viral have changed since then. I can only apologise if the research is outdated. Yes, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT really scared me... As for Far East horror, I'm a bit bored with slow moving girls with long black hair wandering around haunted houses but stuff like AUDITION still packs a hell of a wallop..That's one I don't think Hollywood will be remaking...

Hi Shaun! hope ur readin this! I wrote 2 you 7 years ago! I dug out some old letters u sent me which u kindly replied all those moons ago! Well my name is Caroline and i was doing equine studies and working in a bar in Nottingham at the time! I was very complimentary of your fascinating work by the way! I wish i could show you the letters it would be great if you could see them! anyway i hope you get back to me shaun..
love, Caroline xx

You were doing equine studies then Caroline, what are you doing now? Ah, writing letters, those were the days, before we all got swallowed up by the internet eh?

Hello Shaun
I have read (almost) all of your novels.I`m a big fan, mainly because i fucking love good old British horror.I`m 29 now and every day (as i`m loading bins onto the back of the wagon i am constantly dreaming up new storylines in my head.I have put some down onto paper but i am at a bit of a crossroads and am not sure which way to go.I am a huge film fan but also i love getting into a new book and can`t decide weather to to A. try writing a novel or B.write a movie script.Have you ever faced the same choices and if so how did you decide what to do? A reply would be great.Keep doing what you are doing because theres not many with your talent.
Thanks Shaun

Richard, I wish I could advise you one way or the other but I can't. Both businesses are incredibly hard to break into (unless you've been on BIG BROTHER or your dad knows someone in the business..) publishers are sticking to brand names and film companies only seem interested if you can kiss the right arses. Honestly, write a novel and a script..why not, fuck it, bombard them... scripts are quicker and you might just get lucky. With the novels, write a couple ofchapters and a synopsis and send it to an agent. Then do what I did... pray... I really do wish you luck, Richard. Let me know how you get on.

Dear Shaun
Thank You for answering my questions last month. It was nice to receive an answer from one of my favourite authors. I'm pretty certain you've not been asked these questions before, so forgive me for any potential repetition:
1: Have you seen Casino Royale? If so, what did you think of the 'more harder edge Bond' and what did you think of Daniel Craig? I thought he was the only actor to date to really nail Fleming's creation (Dalton came close, but not close enough). I wasn't keen on the film when I first saw it but I think better of it after a third viewing.
2: Have you seen any good horror movies lately that you would like to recommend? I've just finished watching Roger Watkin's 1973 cult classic 'Last House On Dead End Street'. The theme of snuff movies in films are disgusting to say the least, but this film held not punches. It was truly disturbing.
3: What do you regard as you favourite horror move? Mine has to be The Changeling with George C Scott. Scary stuff, indeed.
4: How is your children's book coming along? When can we expect it to materialise?
I'm looking forward to hearing you on James Whale soon. His autobiography is on my Christmas Wish List.
Best Wishes

To answer your questions Paul...
1. I liked CASINO ROYALE but then again, I hated most of the other James Bond films anyway. I thought Daniel Craig was very good as Bond. It seems that most die-hard Bond fans didn't like it whereas others who weren't previously so keen enjoyed the harder edge.
2. In a word, no. I haven't seen any decent horror films lately. Oops no, sorry, just remembered. THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT..BEST horror film I've seen for years. A few loose ends that should have been tied up but otherwise I was very impressed. Weird you should mention snuff movies as my next novel is about them...
3. My favourite horror movie ever... er..hard one that. I'd have to cop out and name a few... THE EXORCIST, ROSEMARY'S BABY, EXORCIST 3, THE INNOCENTS, NIGHT OF THE DEMON. Anything with a bit of intelligence really. I saw the Changeling and liked it. A bit different.
4. I've done three kids books and I'm working out ideas for others. I'll let you know when anything happens with them. I hope you enjoy the James Whale book. I loved it. As for appearing on the show, I don't think I'll be doing that just yet. Maybe next year. All the best.

Mr Hutson,
Please please help if you can.
Firstly, i must say as im sure you are told often that you are an amazing writer and i thoroughly enjoy your books - and apart from when im working, i can sometimes devour your books with in a day - and you always leave me wanting more! Your books makes my girlfriend squirm - its great to watch!
Anyway on to my 2 questions........
I have in the last few months managed to collect the majority of your back catalogue even including the incredibly hard to find TRACK series. However the only 7 books that evade me are the 'WOLF KRUGER WWII' novels and one under your name of 'SWORDS OF VENGEANCE'.
I'm sure these titles brings back memories!
I have been searching the 'OUT OF PRINT' websites recommended on your website amongst others, and i am able to obtain copies of the Wolf Kruger books -providing i part with about £40 on each book lol!
Though 'SWORDS OF VENGEANCE' i can not find anywhere at all - can you recommend anywhere i can look for it, or even if you yourself have an old duplicate copy you would not mind parting with - i would pay obviously.
And my second question is......
I have noticed that literally since 1992's HEATHEN all of your books have been thrillers? Fab as they are will you be writing anymore gut wrernching horrors -as hands down i love my horror. And by far you excel in obtaining the crown of king on this genre. Laymon and King can not keep up with you.
Well if you could answer my questions and help me complete my collection of your material then i would be much appreciative.
Look forward to reading more of your books in the future to come - please do not retire yet!!!!
Best wishes
Aaron Wilson

Right, Aaron... I haven't got aclue where you might find my out of print stuff but I'm sure some of the wonderful people on this site would know. Drop Graeme an e-mail. He knows everything... Yes, since HEATHEN, a lot of my stuff has been thriller orientated but I would like to know what exactly is FULL ON HORROR... I reckon I must have forgotten... But many thanks for your kind comments anyway. I'll try not to retire yet..


John, all my books are listed on this site so have a browse, mate and let me know what you think of them when you've read them all...
No book signings in the North I'm afraid. Sorry. Pester my publishers.

hiya u
read the book warhol's prophecy couldnt put it down and the ending just wasnt what i was expecting.
i have read most of your books over some 10 years and cant ever enjoy a book as much as i enjoy yours....somehow they just dont match up....
thanks for readin this xx
Hil xx

Many thanks. I do my best and I'll carry on trying...

Just read 'dying words' liked the characters ,the story ,very good book as always , i'm a big fan i've read most of your books so keep writing and i'll keep reading x
from angie in newcastle under lyme staffs.,

thanks, angie.

You asked for a good movie. I don't have good, but I do have amusing. You should try Count Chockula. Yes really. It's a vampire movie - but get this, he craves chocolate, not blood. My friend has a copy - she said she emailed the director - obviously so good, he keeps in touch with his fans - and that was that. It's pretty screwed up ^_^. It's on - which is ace. Super Mario Bros movie is just genius and Roxette do the theme tune!! :D
What else... Hmm... have you seen Wrong Turn? It's a bit sh1t but it's got some great death scenes and Inbreds! ^_^.
Also, try some Captain Planet if you want to feel you could learn something about the environment. It's got a great theme tune. CP is a TV show, though. However, if you hunt far and near you can find up to seven series. You've probably seen these, though. If not great!
Excuse my atrocious spelling etc. I have to work a night shift and am right now riding on Rice Crispies and Diet coke. Not together, might I add.
Oo, I should probably do a fan thing - I really like your books :D. Deadhead was my favourite. In fact it was the first I read. Woo.
And your rants are just like mine. I hate commercial shite. One band I'd recommend to anyone is Within Temptation. If you haven't listened to them, they're definitely worth it. Very heavy stuff with pretty vocals on top.
Ok, well, yeh... I should probably be quiet now.
Peace out, keep going.

Kelly, thanks for your comments. I've never even heard of CAPTAIN PLANET... but I'll try to find it. I was flicking channels the other night and saw that the horror channel wasshowing something called KILLER TOMATOS EAT FRANCE... I didn't bother tuning in... Glad you agree with my rants...

This is not a question, more a ""thanks for writing"" Been very ill now for nearly 2 years, spent most of 2006 in bed, but got to a bootsale during that time..Found someone selling dozens of your books, bought them all..God they are good, was really dissapointed when I finished them...Got so much pleasure from them thankyou...Made the hell in my life pure pleasure.. Your talent is greatly appreciated, thankyou

Sue, I hope you're in better health now and I am so chuffed that my books helped in some small way when you were ill. Long may you continue to enjoy them. Thanks again.

October 26th 2007

Another die hard fan here. I've just finished reading Dying Words and I couldn't put it down. I just wondered if the idea of being able to control people via writing was something you'd love to do or are you happy controlling your fictional characters? Also, You could have given Birch a happy ending, he'd worked hard enough for it. You've got Sean Doyle to be your tortured sole!
From Tina Cocks, Hull, a fan for years and also probably one of thousands that's asked to be killed off in one of your books!

Tina, I think the idea of controlling people through what I write might be a great idea...However, I'll stick to controlling my own characters for the time being... >
Glad you enjoyed DYING WORDS. Sorry about the not quite so happy ending for Birch but.. what can I say.. it was logical things should end that way. Sorry. And don't worry, it's no problem to add you to the list of would-be victims.. All the best.

Dear Shaun!
In the beginning I would like to sorry for my English. I know, is no perfect!
But i try to explained why I wrote to you.
I'm Robert Cichowlas from Polish Paperback Magazine CZACHOPISMO. It's magazine about horror (literatures, film, music, stricte horror).
I thinking about interview with you, if you can, of course!
What do you think, can you answeres for 15 - 20 my questions? About your life, literatures (Meanwhile, I read your NEMESIS, SLUGS - great horror stories!)
If you say yes, please wrote to me an email. Our interview will be publicated in CZACHPISMO with review of your story (for example SLUGS)
If you can, wrote to me YES or NOT:)))
The questions I have been send to you for one - two week (peect translate, of course!)
Very best wishes and thanx for a great literature!
Robert Cichowlas

Robert, if you send your questions via my publishers or via the website then I'll be happy to answer you. I just hope you can understand what I'm talking about...

Hi, sorry if the last question i asked sounded insulting - it wasn't meant to be! perhaps i should of explained a little better. Initially this book seems based on immigrants and the tensions the whole issue causes, i assume the idea for this came from real events. So if the immigration situation in Britain got worse would you then use those events to develop or carry on the story in another book?
It really was a great book - as always!
Also wondering what you think of Trivium? And have you been to new Wembley yet? - I went there to see Metallica - the stadium and the gig were awesome!

Mick, no, the last question didn't sound insulting.. obviously I'm just getting paranoid in my old age.. A mate of mine rang me the other day to tell me he'd just finished reading UNMARKED GRAVES and it had given him nightmares.. I apologized for laughing but, what the hell, if I wrote romance I'd be happy if people cried wouldn't I? No, oh, alright...
No, I haven't been to the new Wembley yet.. As for Trivium, I bought their last album and saw a bit of them when they supported Maiden at Earls Court but not really enough for my opinion to mean much... Maybe I'll go back and try the album again..

I just found a signed copy of Spawn that Shaun signed "I'm not afraid of Alan Beswick". Alan Beswick was a radio presenter in the 80s in Lancashire and was one of these gobby types who would argue the opposite of you for the sake of it - that was his show (eg you ring up and say incest is bad, he'd say nah it's great and would argue for it. You'd then say hmmm... you're's not so bad, he'd then argue against).
It is the same Alan Beswick? If so I'd be interested to know the background to the "I'm not afraid...." Remark.
Paul Evans

Paul, I can't remember Alan Beswick to be honest but I'm guessing that he was one of the first people to interview me back when I did my first promo tour when SPAWN came out. I was a sad bastard inthose days, used to tape all my interviews on a little portable tape recorder... Jesus.. I can barely stand the sound of my own voice these days.. I can only imagine that he interviewed me or the book was signed for him but never given to him or, he hated it/me and binned it..Take your pick..


John, I can tell you're a real fan of your team, mate. Nice to see that team loyalties don't divide us, eh? Well, not when it comes to reading anyway..Too early in the season to start worrying or celebrating though I fear. Let's see what happens around April or May. Enjoy the rest of the season, (but not too much) oh, and thanks for the kind words about my books. Take care.

Hi Shaun
You must have really been ill, sorry to hear that pal, but at least you graced us with your insightful views on the website twice in one month. My god I nearly fell off my chair.
Glad to see the books are as racy as ever, cant wait for the next part of the journey. Are you doing any signings next year mate, would love to find out.
I cant believe Jordan can string a sentence together to get a book written, but to then have thousands of people buy the damn thing, for fuck sake read a few back issues of Hello, The sun or any other girly magazine and you have her whole life laid out in front of you.
Any way good luck with all future plans and keep the entertainment coming.

Jeff, yes, I continue to rant and rave about the curse of our times, the so-called celebrity... fuckers..
I noticed in Smiths the other day that Kerry Catona has a novel out too...and people wonder why I keep talking about giving up...By the way, Jeff, no one said Jordan could string a sentence together..someone wrote the fucking book for her..

Dear Mr H:
I don't know you, I haven't read any of your books, but we share a common dislike for Ramsey Campbell and his crony organisation the BFS. You might like to browse recent edits and changes to his Wikipedia entry, most of which is discussed on the history and discussion pages.
Christopher Barker

Chris, have I said I disliked Ramsey Campbell? Have I, oh, shit.. I don't dislike him because I don't know him, I just don't like what I've seen and the feeling's probably mutual. What's your problem with the overrated twat.. er, sorry, with Mr Campbell? I'd love to know... Him, the BFS and everyone else like that.. not worth the energy my friend..

Is there any chance that Sean Doyle will make a return??
What a character..
Alex Rankin

There's always a chance Alex..I'd love to bring the old bastard back..Wait and see is all I can say..

Hi Shaun
Been a fan since 88 or so when I got 'Slugs' out the library. Couple of random questions. I know you don't read many books by other authors but wondered if you have heard of Jack Ketchums 'Girl Next Door'? Brutal novel in the same vein 'Compulsion'. It's been filmed and is due for release next year so always a chance to catch it that way.
As a fellow Queensryche fan I wondered what you made of 'Operation Mindcrime II' ? Anyway I enjoyed 'Unmarked Graves' and look forward to your next novel. And dunno if you still take requests from fans to be killed in novels.......but if you do I'd love to read about my own demise in one of your books lol.
All the best mate
Rob Johns

Rob, a fan since 88.. what a man.. Never heard of Jack Ketchum I'm afraid (he's probably never heard of me either..) I'll watch out for the film. OPERATION MINDCRIME II.. er.. I wasn't too impressed to be honest but when you're following one of the finest albums ever to be released it's a pretty tall order in my humble opinion. Request to be killed duly noted..

Dear Shuan
I've been an avid fan for nearly twenty years and look forward to each annual release. Your novels have become essential summertime reading over the years. I read Death day back in 1989 and have been hooked ever since. Unmarked Graves is back to form. What I'd like to ask, Shaun, is what motivates you to keep on writing after all these years (apart from earning a living)? What stimulates or angers you socially that you have to put pen to paper and write about it? Also, I love reading the exclusive short stories on this site. Is there an anthology in the pipeline and when do you plan to appear with James Whale on Talk Sport?
Best Wishes on future successes.

Paul, what motivates me to keep writing.. to be brutally honest, mate, I'm beginning to wonder lately.. I'm so glad you enjoyed UNMARKED GRAVES though. When do I plan to appear on James Whale's show again, well, soonish I reckon because James has got a book out too and I said I'd go on and talk about it with him. I recommend it by the way, it's his autobiography. A great book about a really good guy..

Hi Shaun
glad to see you're still kicking around.
I met you once on your (only?) signing visit to Belfast, at least I think it was the only one, certainly the only one I've ever seen advertised. I thought you'd like to see that I still have the stand-up display you gave me that day - as i recall you told me to hold onto it that it might be worth something some day!! As I also recall the shop manager wasn't too impressed his face was like thunder when you told him that you were giving the two display stands to my mate and I!! Obviously he had something else planned for them!
Anyway, just a line to say that I kind of lost touch with your books a few years ago, always saw that you were still writing, just never got around to reading them. Happened to pick up one of my old (signed from that fatefull meeting) books the other day and just started working my way back through them - still a thunderously enjoyable read - I don't think my teenage years were ever the same after I first read the scene where the prostitute is giving the zombie guy a blowjob!!!
On another note you were the foundation of one of our favorite drinking games! My mate and I after a night out would sit around drinking listening to music trying to 'Outshine Shaun'. The game involved scene by scene detailing of a novel to outdo yourself in the gross here comes the end of the world stakes! Some funny stories/lines which I believe even you would hesitate to write/print!
Anyway hope alls well, nice to see you kicking old Winehouse when shes down, bloody whiner, nice to see the kudos to the filth as well - sure as hell never thought I'd end up one of those in northern ireland, funny how it goes. Well if your ever over again I'll hope to catch up with you, get the remainder of my books signed. By the way any chance of reprinting the war novels - have you seen the price these things go for on ebay!! I wish I'd stolen all those copies from my local library before some other bastard did!!
Hope you like the pix - my own long hair was cut long ago - hope you still have the classic afro in the pix!!
cheers, Jim

Jim, I remember that trip to Northern Ireland. It was one of about four or five believe it or not..Loved it every time. Nice to see you agree with my ranting views about some of the so-called celebs that pollute our world..As for reprinting the war novels, I can't see it happening, not unless I use the pseudonym Kerry Catona..
And as far as the hair goes, as I told my daughter the other day when she was laughing at an old photo of me..we all fucking looked like that in the 80's..didn't we..? All the best, mate.

Hey Shaun,
Its woody the baggies fan mate, how u doin? Using the works computer 'cause im bored shitless, who the hell's gonna buy a fireplace off me when its this sunny???
Anyway, first question, can you ask your boys at anfield to make sure derby get a damn good shoeing this year, yes its sour grapes from wembly, yes i was there and yes it cost a fortune for a shit plastic seat and a shit game (me bitter?)
On a lighter note, are you being lazy or you got something big planned, most dissapointed that you're not touring this year, got a few rareities i was hoping to get your monica on 4 more hardback war novels and a proof copy of my fave book renegades
Hope the writing's getting a little easier, loved the pace of unmarked graves, seems like your writing in long spells again.
Keep getting e-mails off the website off other fans about the secret pseudonym (don't worry i havn't told a soul) don't know why you don't announce it though, its some of your best work in my oppinion.
Keep well mate hope to see you next year and be good or if not, be good at it!

Woody, good to hear from you again..nice to know you're writing because you're bored shitless..Don't worry, if I do another signing session in Birmingham then I'd expect to see you to get your stuff signed..
Secret pseudonym.. oh, shit, who told you I was fucking Charles Dickens... Hope you enjoyed the liverpool v derby result... (bitter twisted bastard that you are..) Take care until next time..
That goes for all of you. Many thanks again for the questions and kind words, I'll speak to you all again soon. Look after yourselves...

September 10th 2007

Just finished unmarked graves and am wondering if you plan to carry the story on at some point?
Mick, Cornwall (again!)

Yes, Mick, there'll probably be a sequel... I gather you think the ending was a bit abrupt... Sorry about that.

I would like to say that you are awesome.
My first book was slugs in 1988. I was 14 i high school, Strathalbyn South Australia, you should google it.
I then read Shadows in year 12. i lived in an old sandstone mansion and late at nigt reading for my ed in the cold and dim light i ended up throwing the book across the room in horror. I had to pay the local library a fee for destroying the book.
Long story short I still read your books. Thankyou xxx
Daniel Clayton

Many thanks, Daniel. I suppose I should say I'm sorry that SHADOWS scared you so much that you threw the book across the room in horror but... I'm glad you still enjoy my novels to this day...

Am a Kenyan young upcoming writer and would love to get some help from you(being an icon in your own class as it has been proven world wide)
Great books you write,
I have so far read ASSASSIN, currently reading VICTIMS and I would love to have more of your titles.
Hope to read from you soon.

John, you can find a full list of all my books in the front of every new novel and also on this site where you can also find details of other books I've written under pseudonyms. If I could help you with your writing in any way then I'd be delighted to give you some advice but, to be honest, just because I make a living by writing doesn't actually mean I know what I'm talking about...However, any more questions, then feel free to ask..

hey. my names Kaana, I'm 18 from Birmingham.
I've read quite a few of your books... and still goin (not long ago finished Hell to Pay and just started Erebus)
You don't need me to go on about how i think you're such a brilliant author, as i'm sure you very well know this.
anyway, i was just wondering why you decided to write books under different pseudonyms?
thank you for reading this
Kaana Friend

Kaana, if you want to go on about how brilliant I am then please feel free..Why did I choose to write under other pseudonyms, well, mainly because publishers like to pigeon hole authors and, when I first started writing, I was happy to be put in the pigeon hole of horror writer. Unfortunately, the publishing business has virtually wiped out the horror genre now by its obsession with crime novels, a trend reflected by the number of serial killer novels we are plagued with. A trend that I can see no end to...

Dear Shaun,
I am writing to enquire if you would be interested in doing an event at our (now) annual horror festival, 'Abertoir'. The festival is a five day event at the end of October held at Aberystwyth Art Centre; it is organised by the Cinema and the Bookshop, where we put on an array of films and hold a variety of author events. We would be ecstatic if you could appear as one of our guest authors. I have approached the Little Brown publicity department, but hoped it would be worth appealing to you directly!
The current link to the projectionist's blog is:
but we will be setting up a website imminently. The event has already generated quite a lot of interest and we would love for you to take part,
Alex Hobson

Alex, both my agent and the publishers have been in contact with me about the festival and I appreciate you wanting me to attend. I will do my best, mate but I can't say anymore than that at the moment...

Dear shaun.
Whsmiths web site has also said that i can order the following books. I want to know if they are still in print.
Because i want to buy them so can you please let me know.
Thanks mandy

Mandy, you can't buy those two books because they were never published...CHIKARRA was the original title of CAPTIVES and THE BUTCHERS WINDOW was completed but never published...The same two titles also appear on must be some kind of..what's the up, that's it..

Hi Just back from a holiday from Sarajevo, interesting place although buildings still decorated with bullet holes are not to everyone's taste. Anyway, your book Dying Words was waiting for me and, yet again, you did not disappoint me! It was my intention just to read the first few chapters but.... four hours later I was still sitting and reading happily (kids can always sort out their own breakfast).
I have been a fan of yours for a very long time, thanks for all the excellent hours of entertainment you have provided. My 11 year old daughter is rather wanting to read some of your publications but she needs to stick with Darren Shan for a little bit longer...
Thanks again, take care

Satu, thanks so much for your kind words about DYING WORDS..As for letting your eleven year old daughter read my stuff then I would agree with making her stick with Darren Shan for a bit longer..My own daugher is also Eleven and has asked me a few times if she can read some of them but I don't really want her to start until she's in her teens (about 19 preferably...) Mind you, some of the badly written shit aimed at young readers, to me, might well be more harmful in its own way..(oops, I dropped into pretentious mode for a second..). I'll be interested to know what you think about UNMARKED GRAVES, the meantime, look after yourself..

Hi Shaun,
Absolutely love your work. Unmarked Graves is just brilliant. I've only recently started collecting your boks and I can't find Slugs or Breeding ground (brand new) anywhere.
Please advise! And er, keep up the bloody good work!

Anthony, if you can't find SLUGS or BREEDING GROUND in any bookshops then get them online from Amazon or Waterstones or any of the other internet book dealers... Let me know what you think when you've read them...

Hi Shaun....after years of reading your books (although finding this site I have come to realise I havent read half as many as I thought which will be promptly rectified)... I have introduced my new husband to the wonderful world of Shaun Hutson novels. The only downside being that once he used to do housework where as now he just sits on the patio with a drink and one of your books all day!!
Anyway....onto my question....I work for the local Constabulary taking 999 calls and dispatching the patrols to incidents and like to think I have seen and heard some pretty horrible shit, including a visit to the local Coroners Office.....but your graphic words never ever fail to make me cringe and I was wondering how you get to do that. Have you seen horrible stuff or are you just (pardon the expression) sick? Where does your inspiration come from with regards to the killings, film and media I guess but how do you elaborate so well?
Most of your books have graphic details about eyes....and I have a morbid fear of messing with eyes so guess this doesnt help.
Anyway, look forward to your reply.

Julie, sorry about distracting your husband from his housework...well, I'm not really if he's enjoying the books...sorry..I'm also very chuffed to know I can still turn your stomach (well, a romance writer would say they were happy they could make people cry wouldn't they..?) I suppose I'm just gifted with a warped mind, what else can I tell you...I think the recurring details about damage to eyes comes down to my fear of blindness..(oops, a bit Freudian that..sorry to sound pretentious..). there are certain body areas that readers react to more violently if you damage them and eyes are one of those areas. So are knees, fingernails and genitals (naturally..)

just finished reading compulsion, bloody good shit, i live in brisbane in australia, and find it so hard to find your books, been reading them for about 7 years, was well exited to see your new book was released, only to find that the bookshops think im off my head and have never heard of you, addmitedly i found my first book of yours in a reject pile, stupid pricks dont know what they are missin out on!!! and the rest werein secondhand bookshops, my question is do you know where or which bookshops i can find your books in, cause im hangin to read it,
kerry from bris vagas

Kerry, so, the bookshop think you're off your head do they? Bastards..mind you, I get that all the time...Go online to buy my other stuff if you can't get it in shops..Look after yourself...

how many books is sean doyle in ive read white ghost and knife edge but somebody told me that theres a series of five i think thier lying please could you let me know thanks
ps keep up the good work you rock

Sami, Sean Doyle appears in RENEGADES, WHITE GHOST, KNIFE EDGE and HYBRID and may well be appearing in another novel soon...
Right, that's me done...Must just tell you this... I've been doing some research for a novel and had to go on the ku Klux Klan official website (I kid you not..), some scary shit on there, but one hysterical item... A little porcelain Klansman whose eyes light up...I pissed myself...sorry, just thought I'd mention it, check it out on the website...
In the meantime, talking of websites, does anyone else find the adverts for Cravendale milk with the cow, pirate and cyclist (plastic figures) ridiculously funny...No, oh, just me then.. check out their website...
Right, I'd better go. I've been laid up for two days with a fucking awful throat infection which really pissed me off because I haven't been really physically ill for years and I turn into this pathetic, shuffling twat when I'm not well. So, I'm off for a lay down, see you next time....

September 6th 2007

Discount book warehouses are a fucking god-send. Hats off to good old BookWorld etc, for giving the general public access to an array of treasures. And a shitload of bollocks to be fair.
However, that aside and cutting to the chase, I managed to pick up Slugs, Victims and Breeding Ground for a fiver.
I'm going to be honest mate, horror fiction in the literary sense has never been at the forefront of my interests. I've loved horror cinema for many a year, to the extent I will do my 3rd year Film Studies dissertation on the genre come September; however, with the initial exception of Stephen King (surprise), I assumed other modern horror authors would fuse into a mass of sound-a-likes (Koontz anyone?).
But then I handed in my last essay on Moby Dick (I do a joint degree) and completed my exams and needed something which I knew didn't require me annotating it with a fucking pencil. Slugs was the book which would then loosen that burden of University bollocks and thereby bite me in my initially condescending arse. Frankly, the title was enough for me, so I bought it and read it, as the rest of the band I sing in (, slept after some shows in Nottingham and Redditch.
The no holds barred entertainment factor of Slugs was just what I needed . On top of that I've just finished Victims and it was fucking mint. Your style is levelled, and you refrain from blowing any sort of trumpet Shaun, and I can't believe I've only discovered your work within the last few months.
The next book on the pile is Breeding Ground. It's just nice to know I can read without being forced to. Charles can suck my Dickens to be fair, as I've found pressure to read evokes laziness. It's fairly inspiring to know there's someone writing books that fill a void that is so often enshrouded in pretentiousness .
To the next one matey, I'll be sure to pick it up in August.
All the best,
P.S. Kiss are better than Iron Maiden.

Thanks for the kind comments, Johnny. Very much appreciated. I will check out your band on myspace. I hope things are going well with the band and for you after University. Let me know what you think of the newer stuff as you discover it. In fact, let me know what you think of everything of mine as you read it. All the best, mate.
p.s. Kiss aren't better than Maiden... bloody good I don't deny, but...


If I do a signing session in the north, John, it'll be mentioned on this site. I generally don't do them, I prefer to do stock signings, that way I sign all the books of mine in a shop and everyone has a chance to get a signed one. Rather than the formal sit down bullshit so loved of other authors. Glad you liked the namecheck for UNMARKED GRAVES in DYING WORDS... Maybe I should do that in every book from now on...

Dear Shaun Hutson
I loved your books slugs, spawn, Erebus and my personal favourite compulsion. Any plans to make the last one into a film? I just saw on your website that you have a ton more that I never read. Unfortunately the town i live in has the worst book selection in Ireland so i'll have to wait to go Dublin before I can get anymore. Do you have anymore that are like spawn or compulsion? Do you have any influences? Also have you ever considered doing a story mixing horror with pro-wrestling, like a wrestler travels town to town with the wrestling show and is a serial killer.
Anyway its cool to have the chance to e-mail you, all the best.
Stewart Fennell

A wrestling serial killer... it's different Stewart, I'll give you that. Someone is probably writing it as we speak. The public, and publishers appetite for serial killers shows no sign of ending, maybe I should start doing crime novels instead... No, no plans to make COMPULSION into a film although a number of people have expressed an interest in playing the central role... I'd love to do a sequel actually... Any takers?

Hi Shaun,
"A Liverpool supporter for over 30 years, his allegiance borders on frenzy. He never misses a game, home or away. Hence his desire for anonymity as he was once recognised at Stamford Bridge by the one Chelsea fan who could read..."
No, not a brilliant quote, a FUCKING brilliant quote !!! - Chelsea Rent Boys, Chelsea Rent Boys...hello, hello .............(cut to) You ain't got no history, 5 European cups...............and 18 leagues, that's what we call HISTORY !!!
FAB !!
I'll place a bet with you now that after reading my email, you'll wish you'd had a penny for every time you'd heard this question.............. but I will continue anyway...... I have 3 books under my belt and 18 months of trying to get published, without success..... I even had a book rejected from Barbara Boote (I believe your one time editor, or possibly current editor) who said .....and I quote "I'm afraid I'm returning the material on BLOOD TIES as I didn't like it. The sexual violence is too much for me and would be a problem with regards to selling in WH Smiths and supermarkets. Independant bookshops don't often take many copies of horror or supernatural novels. I hope other publishers have different views - I wish you luck"
It was only after I received her rejection that I found out she represented your good self, and who, may I be so cheeky to ask, is the GODFATHER OF GORE ??? I can't believe that a little girl from St.Helens could POSSIBLY be more gory or perverse than yourself ???!!!
I have asked the question to myself and of many others who will read my work - "Am I good enough to get there one day or should I just write because I LOVE it, knowing I will never get my work on the shelf"?? I would just like THAT ONE QUESTION answered, or do you just persevere and hope that one day you just happen to be lucky and that ONE proof reader picks up a copy of your passion and, supposing they'd had DYNAMITE sex with their partner the night before, eaten a belly busting breakfast, had a GREAT cup of coffee, lit a fag, and settled down with a cheshire cat grin on their face because they just realised that they LOVE their life..................let's just supposed that happened and in that great mood, they really LOVED reading my work.........Do you wait for that chance or give up hope, give up on your inner despair everytime you rip open a returned envelope and read the words......" Thank you for your work..........BUT......"
Frustrating getting an answer, but it would be great to know if I'm average or great, or just plain SHITE !!!! I don't know if you went through this yourself, but I would love to hear your opinion. Like I said before.....if I had a penny etc.
Yours, as an LFC fan.............. C'mon Torres !!! Hurry up, start of the season (I'm bored on Saturdays !)........Luis Garcia 3.3M.....Craig Bellamy 7.5M....has the footballing world gone MAD !!!!???? Carragher retiring from International duties ??? GOOD !!! Less chance of him getting injured and stopping him playing for the MIGHTY RED men !!!! Did I mention I have a cat called Rafa, and a kitten on the way called Xabi ???? Now THAT'S what I call a fan !!!!
Tina Barton (aka Michael Tyler !!!)

Hello Tina, or should that be Michael... who am I talking to? Anyway, whoever it is, nice to know you share some of my obsessions. I mean, football isn't a hobby is it? It's more like an addiction. You want to give it up but you can't, you're hooked... Ah, well... As for your own writing I can only say don't give up. I know it's annoying, no, make that fucking annoying, when you see some of the shit that's published (Jordan's novel was the number 1 bestseller the other week... who the fuck buys shit like that? Answers on a postcard to... ) the only thing you can do is carry on writing what you want to write and hope that some publisher finally cracks. I know what the rejections feel like, I had over forty of the bloody things when I started..Shame about Barbara Boote rejecting you..I know it must have seemed a bit weird when she was my editor for so long. She's a wonderful editor and really nice person and she did once say to me that she didn't always enjoy reading some of the stuff I wrote but accepted it had to be in the books... can't say fairer than that can you? By the way, further to the kitten called of my mates from Liverpool has a dog called Xabi..Not quite as good with the forty yard balls as our wonderful Spaniard though..I think Alonso is one of Rafa's best buys and, in my humble opinion, his range of passing is better than Gerrard..(that should get me lynched at the next match..)
Anyway, keep at the writing. Any advice I can it..You'll know instinctively if something's right or not. Let's just hope a publisher does too..

Hi Shaun,
I've been a fan for a while now, great stuff. Well I've just finished 'Captives' it's funny I now live in Melbourne Australia with a wife and 2 pan lids but I'm origonally from Buxton, Derbyshire!!! I don't remember the prison being there? Plus I had the pleasure of seeing Queensryche late last year in a little club over here (they still rock) I hadn't seen them for oooo maybe 10 years.
Have you seen them?
Well that's it from me, keep up the good work. I found 5 of your books in a bargain bin (Melbourne CBD) 5 for $20 Had a rant to the missus about what a crime it was. lol
Rob Kirk

Rob, have I seen Queensryche? Is a fishes head waterproof etc. etc. Yes, I have seen them nearly every time they've played here right from the very first time when they supported Dio back in 1984, and, for me, OPERATION MINDCRIME is still one of finest albums ever made. It really should be filmed. I'm waiting to be offered the script... Books in the bargain bin, oh shit...

Hello I feel a bit dumb writing this email cause im sure you are busy writing, or doing a million other things then checking these messages! but i felt the urge to give you a 'electronic' bell. my friend suggested to me i read your books. I also remembered your name beforehand cause i heard you on talksport ages ago on the James Whale show! So i ended up reading a book of yours and i thought it was a good read.
I finished the uni malarky recently, so it gave me time to read some more of your stuff and i am now a fan! I've been on the 'shaunhutson' site and noticed you also have great taste in films/music and even cartoons! ha!
what other bands do you like? would be interested in knowing if you dont mind answering!
however with all these similarities, the football club dont quite match! haha! although i wont embarrass myself with my team, as they havent won anything for ages! still recovering from the whole argentinian affair! (massive sod off hint there!)
anyway i have taken enough of your time, plus i feel really stupid writing this email, as im fairly certain a successful writer is going to write back to me! but i would be really cool to hear from you
Shakil Tahsin

Shakil, are you a Hammers fan by any chance... (the Argentinian affair made me wonder..) Glad you like the books and the site. Other bands I like include GREAT WHITE, SEETHER, EVANESCENCE, DISTURBED and THE SUGABABES (just checking your paying attention..)
By the way, don't feel stupid about writing. I never feel stupid about answering..

Hi Shaun
My name is Beckie, and I am a member of a writing site named StoryWrite. It is a place for amateur writers to post their work, and get feed back and encouragement from like-minded people.
I work on the site as a Greeter, which basically means I welcome new members, and try and leave them a few kind words on their work.
I had been thinking for a while that it would be amazing to have a successful, published, well-known author drop by the site and leave a few words. People can create a profile about themselves, and then read and leave comments on other's stories.
I know you will likely not have the time to do this, but I'm a big believer in 'if you dont ask, you dont get!' , so here I am asking anyway!
Thanks for your time, Shaun.
Beckie Blake.

Hello, Beckie. That was me greeting you, by the way..Is that what you do? How do these writing groups work? How does a well-known author 'drop by' the site? I'm useless with electronic stuff so I'd like to know. Mind you, I don't give advice to people generally because I don't think I'm qualified to do it..Writing's personal and opinions are subjective aren't they? What someone likes someone else will hate and vice versa (ask the other editors who turned down Harry Potter..) Good luck with your writing anyway...
Right that's me done...

August 19th 2007

Thought hybrid was crap compared to all your others... read them all and could not put them down.. am not going to say I am your number one fan.. I just like your books..... where did that passion come form... what made you and how did you pen your first book? failing an answer.. I now know that there are 3 more books that I have not read .. thanks to your website.. so reply to this and send me them for free for putting myself through sleepless nights ...ta

Er... right, sorry you thought HYBRID was crap, Colin... but glad you enjoyed the others... I got started writing because I read a book that was so fucking awful I thought I must be able to do better myself and, after about 40 rejections on five or six different bits of work, someone finally gave me some bloody money to publish my first book which was BLOOD AND HONOUR in 1982... (fanfare...) it's been all downhill from there really...

Hi Shaun well we made it to the final !!!!!!!!!!!
I cant bloody wait , i think we played the better football and our spirit just couldnt be broken. I've just got hold of your books
Worth every penny mate , enjoy the final hope your nerves hold out
from Cheryl x

Let me know what you think of the 3 books when you've read them, Cheryl. I hope you like them.
Yes, the mighty reds through to the Champions League final for the second time in 3 seasons. Unfortunately, I'm writing this after the bloody game but, yes I went to Athens and no, I don't know how we lost...still, there you go. At least we were in the final, eh?

hi shaun , iv,e been a avid reader of yours for many year and thought i,d got all your horror books , (but to my horror , pardon the pun) lol , i found out yesterday (04-05-07) that you wrote a book called butchers window back in 93 , i have unsuccessfully been tryin to get a copy only to find its no longer in print, iv,e even tried the websites mentioned on your website but still to no avail , is there anyway i can still get a copy as i love to read your books and and pieved to say the least that iv,e missed 1 out , i look forward to hearing from you.
many thanks
your avid reader
mick hatfield

Mick, THE BUTCHER'S WINDOW isn't out of was never in print...I know it's listed on some internet bookshop lists but trust me, it was never published. I wrote it in 1992 just after HEATHEN and before WHITE GHOST and it nearly fucking killed me...I honestly thought I was written out for good after that year. Three big books that all took a lot out of me...(sorry, bit melodramatic that..) Now I only think I'm written out every morning about ten when I sit down at my desk... Maybe I should dig it out and let Graeme put it on the site...Any other takers..?

Hi Sean
I've been a big fan of yours ever since I read Breeding Ground...I kinda went backwards...I read Breeding Ground and then Slugs, but my Dad always said I did things arse about face. Anyway I digress.
Although I am English, I live in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, and no it's not fucking cold all year round, in case you were wondering. The thing is, you are not well known over here, which is a shame as I feel I am missing out on the next great Hutson thriller. Is there anyway you could have a word with your publishing company and find a way of getting yourself distributed over here?
Andy from Bergen, Norway

Some stuff was published in Norwegian, Andy (LUCY'S CHILD and HEATHEN I think but, apart from that, I live in hope that I'll become better known in Norway and no, I didn't think it was cold ALL the fucking time...

"Sir" Alex Ferguson is desperate for Milan to win in Athens. I think it's because Liverpool have got to 2 European Cup Finals in 3 years and it must be really eating him up.
What do you think? Hope to see you there anyway...
Harry Woodward

Of course Ferguson was desperate for Milan to win in Athens, harry. Wouldn't you be if you were a Manc, at least then you could say "it took the winners to knock us out" Still, at least we got to the final didn't we...

Hi can I just say that I was given this book to read two days ago and found it compelling reading. The end has left me speechless is there a sequel to this book? I've never read anything you've written before so will be visiting my local libray soon.
Many Thanks
Sarah Hancock

Glad you enjoyed it Sarah, unfortunately, you didn't say which book but, whichever it was thanks and I hope you like the others as much.

Shaun when is your next novel out. cant wait .on a more serious note how will you go on in athens not that i care being a man utd fan thats watched them lift the premiership trophy again and i dont live in devon .crewe actually all the best in athens
an avid reader

Thanks for the best wishes, John. Nice to see someone who supports the Mancs being so magnanimous...You must hate the glory hunters yourself. Still, any successful side will atrract them and moaning won't help will it, so , I'll shut up...Enjoy the new season (but not too much..)

hi shaun love your books but having trouble trying to buy them can you suggest a good retailer in the nw london area
vernon eldridge

I wish I could, Vernon. Get in touch with my publishers and find out why my fucking books aren't so readily available in N.W. London...I'd like to know too...

Hi - I've been there since 82 when I picked up Slugs and followed you since. I'm also the guy with the £5000 War novels listed on Ebay - note though, that's to make sure nobody buys them...they're not for sale at any price.
I'm looking to attend a signing this year if you do Birmingham. if I bring the War books 911) and a few other favourites (maybe another 9) would you sign them for me?
Could you advise either way as I need to plan ahead. They won't be listed for sale by the way - they're for me and you could scribble any insc you wanted on them to make sure.
I saw the note about the scripts and Ebay. Dean koontz releases the odd one for fans and I've seen them hit £2000+. Similar with Simon Clark, but his have gone off at between £200-£500. I'd imagine yours would be mid range. Just for info in case you're thinking of listing. I know Graham has a handle so he'd be an ideal person to do it, failing that I've spoken on and off with graham over the past few years and contributed to your site photos and I'd be more than happy if Graham wasn't interested.
One of Guy N Smith's went for £16.
Thought that would make you smile....
Paul Evans

Thanks, Paul. I'll probably never get around to releasing any ms. Onto e-bay but, you never know (mainly because I'd be terrified of selling one for less than Guy N. Smith...only kidding..). No, I'm not doing an event in Birmingham this year but if you bring your books along anytime or anywhere then I'll sign problem..

Hiya. I'm such a huge fan, but I suppose you get that all the time!
My favourite book has to be Lucy's Child, swiftly followed by Death Day, then Renegades...the list goes on and on!
Any chance we'll see any of those on the big screen? Oh go on, you know you to! I'd watch them and I'd make my long suffering husband - who now reads your books - go with me!
I love the male characters you have, especially Nick Ryan and Sean Doyle; although I do think Sean should have a hair cut...long hair on a man...ew! I always picture him with short, cropped hair!
Also, when's the next book out please? I've nothing decent to read, this torturous gap between books has forced me to read things by Jodi Picoult (Which I can't even pronounce)! and Dan Brown!!! Hang your head in shame!!!
Look forward to the next one! (And hopefully a response)!
Verity in Kent.

Verity, thanks for the kind comments. I agree, it's about time Doyle had a haircut. If he comes back in another book he'll get his flowing locks chopped, I promise...Enjoy UNMARKED GRAVES...(no long hair as far as I can remember...)

Dear shaun,
Its been a while, 3 years in fact, met you at the london dungeon in 2004. Been busy having small people, they have taken all my time up so it has taken me this long to write. Thanks for message after that meeting. My Shaun Hutson library is shaping up a treat. I now have chainsaw terror, took us ages to get but managed to get it from USA.
Read Dying words, good read but not favourite. still like all your old stuff Lucys Child, Purity, Victims. When is your next signing? Anywhere near London, Southend would be good then I wouldn't need to find babysitter!
I agree with you about Bill Hicks, He was a very funny guy or as my husband says a god among men. I tend to lean more towards Eddie Izzard, well I did until he started wearing breasts... that disturbed me slightly.
Looking forward to next book, would love it to have more mental people in ( can relate due to work), more people smoking Marlbro cigs and wincing on cold cups of coffee, loads of violence and scary people. I think you should write another UFO book, know its been a while but that totally freaked me, the univited. We've started to get Wolf Kruger stuff to fill up the book case, not that we are obsessed with you, but just like your stuff. Don't panic wont become a stalker, havent got the energy or time.. too many shitty nappies and crying babies for that. Your books allow me to escape from my bizzare world of nursery rhymes, baking cakes and crappy mother and toddler groups where the most exciting conversations are projectile shits or teething gels.... My days of getting drunk on tequila slammers, smoking lots and watching Rocky horror in bed until the late afternoon are truely gone. But anyhow enough of my ravings, I sound like a bloody loon.
Love Jessica

Hi, Jess, I remember that meeting in the London Dungeon. The BBC were filming for the END OF STORY thing...Ah, happy days...You want more mental people in my books...right, I'll try...(isn't having a mental author enough..) Glad you and your husband like Bill Hicks...what a sad loss that was. It always annoys me that the really talented people in the world die young while talentless bastards go on until they're old...You see, in twenty years time, fucking Girls Aloud will be doing a new album and Avril Lavigne will have been shot...(alright, maybe a bad example...) Can't imagine Girls Aloud being around in five years let alone twenty..(that's more a hope than a belief by the way...) Of course you sound like a loon, you're a mother...All parents go off their fucking heads eventually, I had a head start of course but I think I went mental when our little girl was about 3 months, walking backwards and forwards across the landing trying to beat her in a battle of wills when she wouldn't sleep...(yes, I'm a sad bastard...) Kids, don't you just love 'em....

Hi Shaun
Just a quick question, are you doing any book signing this year? Would love to know if you are I work at a children's home and they are fussy about having hoildays booked. Hope you can help me out on this one.

A quick answer to a quick question, Guy and that answer is...No. Take care, mate.

Hello Shaun
I work for an indepedent bookstore in Cape Town, South Africa
I am currently working with Orbit UK in doing a fantasy promotion for the months of August and September 2007.
Do you know if we sent you a photograph of yourself and a poster of one of your book jackets if you would have time in the next two months to inscribe these two items for us to put up in our store during the promotion?
We would also like to send you around 35 bookplates/ stickers to sign which we could also use in the promotion.
If you could let me know if this would be possible on your side, and I will arrange sending the items up to you as soon as we can?
The event we are planning is called the Fantasy Feast, where for two months we will be carrying an even wider range of fantasy books and novels from Orbit Publishers UK. We are trying to make sure we have bookplated books available for customers to buy from all authors on promotion, and have signed inscribed messages from authors to put up during the event, which fans can read while browsing the books to buy. We have also worked with 3 international fantasy magazines, so we can give out complementary fantasy magazines to any customer buying any fantasy books during the two months.
Looking forward in hearing from you
Kind regards
Thomas Bulpin
Reader's Paradise Bookstore Kloof Street:Cape Town:

Thomas, it sounds great to me. Send all the info, book plates and anything else you want signed etc. to my publishers and they'll forward it to me. Good luck with the promotion in the shop, it sounds brilliant. All the best.

April 25th 2007

Mick from Cornwall and Forest of the Damned...
I assume you could order FOREST OF THE DAMNED from any shop that sells DVD's, Mick. Glad you enjoyed it.... I had nothing to do with the technical side of it, as you could probably tell! ( the director won't mind me saying that, he's a good bloke..) but it was one of the most enjoyable two days of my life being on set... A goth girl killed in a really sickening and disgusting way, eh I'll see what I can do..
Rob and THEM...
Sorry you didn't like THEM, Rob. I thought it was excellent... still what the fuck do I know... HANNIBAL RISING was a strange one. I'd made the mistake of reading the book first so knew exactly what was going to happen.. I like Thomas Harris as a novelist though, especially as he only writes one book every Seven years, that means I don't have to read any more novels for Seven years... Glad you liked the book...
Steve Mitchell in Holland...
I don't have any info on Steve Joule, sorry. I've known him for years, since he worked at Kerrang in the 80's but not seen him for a couple of years. Sorry...
Tony Darbyshire and pseudonyms...
No, would be the answer to your question, Tony... Can we let It drop now?
Thanks a lot, mate... Glad you enjoyed Hybrid ...
Dee and signed books...
Yes, Dee if you send your books to my publishers I'll be happy to sign them next time I go in...
Cheryl ... keep the questions coming....
You can ask me what you like, Cheryl and no need to be star-struck, I'm as normal as the average arsehole walking the streets, honest...
Dean and Birmingham ...
I don't know whether I'll be 'doing' Birmingham this year, Dean. It's all down to whether the shop want me or not. However, if I do then I will be more than happy to sign whatever You put in front of me when I come to the shop (well, as long as I wrote the fucking thing obviously...) I'm pretty sure that there's A character called Hamblett in UNMARKED GRAVES and no, That wasn't just a ploy to get you to buy it ... check it out in August ...
All the best ...
Nicola Holmes and THE BUTCHER'S WINDOW ...
W.H. Smith reckons they can order that book of mine for you do they Nicola? I'd like to see them try. The bloody thing was never published ... I believe it also appears on Amazon (or used to). Yes I did write a book called HOMUNCULUS. Well, that was the original title of THE SKULL then it got changed as the publishers said the title would confuse people ...
How the hell did you find out about that?
Lace Sands (wonderful name... is it real?) and assorted questions...
Glad you liked STOLEN ANGELS... I didn't think I'd left so many Loose ends! I can't explain all the plot points you brought up because I thought I'd already done that in the book... Obviously not... forgive me, Perhaps I was drunk... I'm glad it made you cry (in the nicest possible was, obviously). A few people have said it wiped them out emotionally and for that I can only say thanks...
Good luck with your band (especially your drumming).
Duelling drums eh...?.......Interesting...
Christine Pearson and gory stuff...
It's still gory isn't it, Christine? I know the earlier stuff was very very, very bloody but, what can I say, I was a mere child... Thanks for sticking with me all these years and I'm delighted that you liked DYING WORDS so much. I hope you like UNMARKED GRAVES too, let me know once you've read it...
Right, that's my lot. See you next time and take care of yourselves. Sorry this bit has been shorter than normal but I'm preparing myself to start my new novel (and I'm also going off to Chelsea in a couple of hours to see the first leg of the Champions League semi, Liverpool vs Chelsea, so I'm not really thinking straight.) Speak to you after the second leg....
Look after yourselves ..............

March 21st 2007

Many thanks, as usual, to everyone who wrote in just to say they liked the books. Very much appreciated. Trust me, I never get sick of hearing it...
Matt and wanting to write...
If you want to write Matt then go ahead, mate. I know that the rigours of work and other shit probably sometimes make it hard to find the time but have a go. They say there's a book in everyone. That's probably right. Find out. In the meantime, glad you enjoy mine. Cheers.
Chris Palmer and signings in Southampton...

If my publishers ask me to go then I'll go, Chris. And thanks for including your address so I could send the autograph.
Lee and pseudonyms....
No, it isn't me, Lee. Wish it was though, they're well written books...
Phil from Chesterfield and new books... New one on the way in August called UNMARKED GRAVES , Phil. I'm shortly going to be sitting down to think about the next one to be published in 2008. A few ideas floating around but I haven't settled on anything yet.
Martin Oscroft and my ideas...
As I've said before, Martin, most of them are based on true life events. Real flesh eating slugs, a disease passed on by red meat stuff like that. Nowadays, it's usually an event or something I've read about that sparks the novel. Also, I try to find something I want to say and say it through the central character...oops, got a bit pretentious there for a minute...sorry. I'm just lucky, ideas seem to come to me and I hope they do for a fucking long time...
Mo Safir and the return of Sean Doyle...
Will he ever return...I don't know, Mo. I had a plot idea for him the other day but whether I'll use it or not I don't know. I know that loads of people want him back in another book and I feel that it's time the old bastard had an outing again as well. There's still life in him yet I reckon... Watch this space...
Hello, blowjob...
Please don't tell me how you got that fucking nickname...(unless you're a woman of course but I suspect you're not) Do grimoires actually exist? Well, as described in HEATHEN yes they do. Followers of witchcraft believed in them. Thanks for saying how much you liked the waxworks scene. It's one of my favourites I must admit. Sorry you thought the ending of HEATHEN was 'very poor'... Takes all sorts I suppose... Cheers.
I think I did fall apart at the seams while writing that book, Fee. My wife was pregnant with our daughter when I wrote it but my daughter had been born by the time I read the proofs and my feelings had changed by that time. It had much more of an impact on me reading it as a father. Sounds stupid I knows but there you go. It was meant to be disturbing so I suppose I did something right, eh?
Darren, you're a sick man...I love you for it...I can't kill you unless I know your second name, you plank....Otherwise, yes, I'll kill you but not the way you described...
Right, that's it from me. I'm off to see 300. Look after yourselves until next time....

February 28th 2007

Thankyou once again for anyone who bothered to write in to the site. Here's the answers;
Dean Hamblett in Birmingham and selling manuscripts...
No, Dean, I've never thought of selling any of my manuscripts on e-bay...Do I detect there might be buyers out there....
I just pile them up and leave them in the office to be honest. I've got some lying around that are over twenty years old, unpublished stuff that'll never see the light of day. Perhaps I should get Graeme to put one on the site. What do you reckon? The chance to see an early (or perhaps that should be shite) offering from yours truly.
Any takers....
Scotty the Spurs fan...
Nice to have you along for the ride at last, Scotty. So, someone you manage went to school with me did he? Poor sod. I'm not sure about Liverpool taking Jermain Defoe off your lot, Scotty. Would you really want to lose him?
Good to hear from you.
Ian and news on THE SKULL...
There were, according to Ian, 9 copies of THE SKULL available through and .com, apparently. If they're still there and anyone wants one, good luck. I might get one myself...
David Wicheard and how I keep the ideas flowing...
Er...a case of having to, David....Otherwise all my wonderful readers would find me and fucking kill me....But seriously, I've been very lucky during my career and only had writers block badly once or twice. Just before VICTIMS and just after WHITE GHOST...Usually, three quarters through each book I'm starting to think about what's coming next. At the moment I've got three or four ideas floating about for what will follow UNMARKED GRAVES and, once I've worked them all through, found the one I like best and the one that features something I want to say (sorry, excuse the moment of pretension...sick bags all round..) I'll get started around the end of March time. Best way to get over writer's block, stay the fuck away from the work for a few weeks. I used to throw typewriters across the room but that can get a bit pricey when you start doing it with computers....
John don't want to piss me off..but...
SPLATTERPUNK author... fuck me John, you just pissed me off...only kidding. No, I'm not really, I don't think I am or ever was a splatter punk author but then, what the fuck do I know?
The film of EXIT WOUNDS is nothing to do with my book. The fact that Steven bloody Siegal is in it makes me very grateful for this fact...
What made me sequalize SLUGS and not any of my other stuff? Simple, it was my first big novel, I was young (23) and my agent at the time said I'd get paid well for doing a sequel...There was originally going to be a part three called CONTAMINATED but that was shelved (well, it was never written to be honest).
Beverley Hamberger from Milton Keynes...
Nice to know I've got some local readers too, Beverley (and I don't mean that in a League of Gentlemen kind of way..) Glad you like the books.
Mad dog and Sean Doyle...
Doyle in Iraq...Fuck me, now there's an idea....Keep your eyes peeled...
Tina, a nutty deranged stalker type of fan...
My favourite kind, are you? I'm really glad you like the books and that they help you. Nervous about writing to me...why? I won't bite, well, only if you ask me too...Well done for converting four of your family to my books...We'11 get everyone in the end...Take care.
Tina Cocks from Hull...
Er...linking a 13th century philosopher and the present day...don't know where it came from...I'm not sure where any of the ideas come from in the beginning and to be honest, I'm not always sure I've done things right until you lot tell me I have or I haven't. I can only assume you're talking about DYING WORDS. Glad you liked it.
Tracey Martin and missing pages...
No, Tracey, I didn't finish DYING WORDS the way you told me. You must have got a duff copy. I hope the bookshop/publishers replaced it for you...Not my fault...Honest. If you write and tell the publishers about this appalling fault I'll sign your new copy, how's that?
Cheryl and your loss of faith and then finding it again...
Cheryl, how could you doubt the mighty Red?...If I ever need company at Anfield let you know...Very generous, Cheryl. Are you a local? Where do you normally sit at Anfield? How old are you? Are you taking pity on me?....Only kidding, thanks for the offer. Seriously, whereabouts do you sit? Are you a season ticket holder? Let me know.
Elaine in Derbyshire...
No, Elaine, Roxton, the village that features in TWISTED SOULS is not a real place. What a great family I must have you say. Well, you're right, they are great. I'm just not sure what they think of me...Thanks for writing in.
Someone called Blowjob wrote in...
Now, is this a nickname or an offer? Only kidding? Well, maybe not...No, no more books about slugs I fear. Slugs was originally meant to be about leeches. Any takers....
Sarah from Ireland....
Which part of Ireland, Sarah? Lovely country, smashing people...
Jimmy Bag Bag...
Do I really want to know how you got that nickname, Jim?...
Rock fan, Liverpool fan. Maiden fan...did I have a brother I don't know about? Thanks for the compliments Jim. Maybe see you at Anfield sometime...
Must just mention this as I've mentioned Anfield...I was at a match just before Xmas and Kev, one of the very nice guys who have the misfortune to sit behind me said;
"Shaun, don't lose your head today will you?"
"No, Kev," I laughed, wondering what he meant.
"You will keep your head won't you, Shaun?" he went on.
"Yes, Kev, I will and what the fuck are you talking about?" I wittily replied.
Turns out he'd seen FOREST OF THE DAMNED the night before on the horror channel and seen yours truly decapitated.
Thanks for that, Kev. Him and his missis very kindly bought me a box of forty rolls of wine gums for Xmas as I'm always eating them at matches. I don't know if Pete chipped in...he was probably on holiday...Thanks, folks...
Anyone else seen FOREST OF THE DAMNED? Don't blame me, blame Jo Roberts.... If you're reading this Jo, it's nothing I haven't told you to your face, you wonderfully leaden bastard...
Right, I'm raving again. Time to go I think. Take care of yourselves until next time.....

January 29th 2007

Again, sorry if I've taken a while answering. Same problem as usual...I'm fucking busy...
Apologies to Greg Newton in Sheffield for wrecking your sex life...
Sorry mate, say sorry to your girlfriend too...You've just downloaded the stories from the site for a three hour car journey...You're not driving are you...
By the way, I'd love a Mercedes...Well, the wife would anyway...If you've got one spare, chuck it this way...
Laura and snuff writing...
Korean stories from the murder victims point of view...sounds weird to me Laura...(but good...). As for your own writing, just do as I do, write what you want to write and if it feels right then carry on. Don't show your stuff to friends or family, send it to a publisher or agent for a more dispassionate view...Good luck and keep at it.
Mick in Cornwall...
Yes, I have thought of visiting Cornwall. I'd love to go to ST. Burian, the place where STRAW DOGS was filmed...but I think you mean as a writer don't you?...I'11 go anywhere there's a demand for me, Mick. Send some requests to my publishers and I'll be there...
Des Gardner, you are a wonderful man and I appreciate the kind words about me and my writing...Take care, mate.
Marie Edwards and wanting to be killed...
Alright then, you twisted my arm...if you want to die then I'll kill you (that's in print by the way in case anyone from the Crown Prosecution Service is reading this...) Not in a Sean Doyle related way, Marie...what the fuck does that mean...You don't want to be killed by Doyle? I'll see what I can do...
Thanks, as ever, to the wonderful people who write in just to say how much they like my work, so a special hello to Rebecca Lea, Sue Perrin, Becky and all the rest of you.
Dave Staniland, police officer etc. etc....
So, your teachers used to be disturbed by your choice of reading, eh, Dave? My daughter's teachers are sometimes disturbed to find out that I'm her dad and a couple of the ladies who work with my missis wouldn't believe she was married to me...I think she was hoping herself that it was all a horrible dream...I'm very lucky with being self-employed that I get to go along to all the events and stuff that my daughter does but I do tend to let myself down a bit at the sports events...My daughter played football against another girls team not too long ago and the ref gave a really shit decision against her. Unfortunately, my football mentality kicked in and, forgetting I wasn't at a Liverpool match, I shouted; "That was an orange ball for Christ's sake, do you want these bloody glasses?" while brandishing my specs at him....Didn't go down too well with my daughter's sports master but, ah, well...
Sorry, getting back to your question about the novelization of THE TERMINATOR, I did it for W.H. Allen (God bless 'em) back in 1984 but, unfortunately, they hadn't paid for the rights...just got hold of a script (the third draft) and asked me to do the novelization....That's why you can't get a copy anymore. A kosher edition was done by a guy called Randall Frakes and, to my knowledge, it's the only film that's ever had two novelizations...
Glad you liked DEADHEAD'S anger...reflects my mood most mornings actually....
I'm glad your mum likes them too.
Next book is UNMARKED GRAVES in August in hardback. More news nearer the time...
Woody W....
Hello, again. Delighted you enjoyed DYING WORDS so much. I agree, it was more like one of my older books. I wish every book flowed so easily from my point of view.
I'm pleased you enjoyed the opening chapter of UNMARKED GRAVES...Voodoo...maybe, could be, you'll have to wait and see... I think the collective name for you guys was generally agreed to be Renegades...well, that, apparently, was the name most people chose but I haven't decided yet.
Gene Cody and the horror film...
A deconstruction of the horror film...Give me a break, Gene...I couldn't tell you what makes a good horror film apart from that it has to scare. How's that? Not good enough, right...I think horror is different for everyone. I alway include films like SEVEN, TAXI DRIVER, RAGING BULL and STRAW DOGS in lists of horror films because they're horrific in their own way. Horror to me is not necessarily things crawling about in sewers or graveyards, it's psychological problems, madness, revenge, violence. That kind of thing. Stuff that could actually happen to you. I know that's hardly a deconstruction is it but, what the fuck, I'm only a humble author...
Helen Stevens from Liverpool...
Ghost or witchy books, Helen...Well, I suppose LUCY'S CHILD was a ghost story (in a way), RELICS had elements of witchcraft, so did HEATHEN and so does UNMARKED GRAVES but I'm not sure how you define witchcraft...
You'll be married by now won't you? Congratulations... if things got in the way of your writing before, you haven't got a fucking chance now....(just kidding..) Keep at it. We all have to start somewhere...
Tony Darbyshire...
I remember being in Manchester with Gill Midgley, Tony. A true lady and still is.
I'll certainly say hello from you when I get the chance. Also to Steve Lucas. He is unfortunate enough to have known me for fifteen or so years and he sits next to me for most Liverpool games at Anfield. I'll pass on your regards at the next home game.
Your wife's car reg no has got 666 in it! Fuck that...she's got more guts than me driving it. There is no way I would even get in a car with that on the registration, let alone drive it...
The musical link that I have with Gill's husband by the way is that he was a drummer and so was I...
Simon Jellis...did we know each other at Norton...
Yes, the shops in COMPULSION are based on the ones on the Grange, Simon. I do have some fond memories of Norton Road school actually, one of my best mates still lives on Norton Road and it's sad that the school's being knocked down (it should have been fucking demolished when we were there...just joking...) I played football on the old school field a couple of years ago and it's sad to think it'll be covered in houses pretty soon. Is that progress, I suppose it is...
Gary Fallon also from Norton...
Fuck me, this is turning into Friends Reunited...How are you Gary?
You've lived in Norway, the Middle East, Russia, Ireland and Hitchin...Not much fucking difference....I hope you're well, mate.
By the way, for anyone else reading this who went to Norton School with me then feel free to get in touch with the site unless you, understandably, had enough of me when we were at school.....
Sorry, for anyone who wasn't at school with me, be fucking grateful..
Gary, back to you, mate. Glad to hear you're still a gooner. Martin came to the Arsenal matches at Anfield with me even the one that was called off due to fog...We were so happy...Got there at five, match called off at 6.45, three hour drive home again...Ah, well, pity the other two fucking cup games weren't called off as well...We'11 get you in March...
Take care of yourself, mate.
Jackie White and a couple of questions...
Jackie, four is not a couple...go to the back of the class..
Yes, you probably are one of my longest serving fans with twenty years before the mast...
How can you tell if a book's a first edition...Pass..
Do I benefit more from hardbacks...Probably not as you're supposed to sell more paperbacks, buy both to be on the safe side..
Any chance of me coming to Winchester?... If my publishers tell me to..
Can I use your name in a book...Why not? Consider it done..
See, that's five bloody questions, not two...
If you've seen the photos on my books years ago, or recently for that matter, you'll understand why I welcome the anonymity I enjoy...I am about the least photogenic person you'll ever meet..Well, one of them anyway, several other authors really should ditch the back jacket shots if you ask me...And no, I'm naming no names...
right, that's it for this time...Keep the questions coming, look after yourselves and remember, if something seems too good to be true, it is....
See ya....