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Hey, Mr. Hutson
I just wanted to thank you for your books. I've been reading your stuff since senior school - I hope that makes you feel as old as I do. I've not only read all your books (even the Book of Lies you did), you also gave me a reason to discover Iron Maiden, who had sadly passed me by until my twenties. Now here I am, listening to their latest album and fanboying you!
I remember fighting over a hardback copy of Assassin that had somehow (and only briefly) ended up in our school library. I'd already read Slugs, Breeding Ground and Spawn. Since then I've bought them all - some several times over because I've worn them out. Heathen is my favourite.
I've got a good collection of signed paperbacks if you're interested!
I didn't really have a question for you, just wanted to thank you for keeping me entertained throughout my entire adult life.
You're a legend. Thanks again. Looking forward to those short stories.

Hi Jules, great to hear from you. Many thanks for the kind comments about my books. Good to know I sort of introduced you to Iron Maiden too :) It made me laugh to think of you finding Assassin in your school library. I've had lots of messages over the years from people who started reading me like that!! I'm not sure the schools were always happy to have my stuff on their shelves but...who care? lol...Good to hear you've got a decent collection of my books. The new one/s should be out soon. Collections of short stories called INCISIONS. Let me know what you think when you've read them.
You don't have to ask me a question, Jules, it's enough to know you like my books and that I have kept you entertained for at least some part of your life. I appreciate the message.
All the very best.

Hi! Are you working on a new novel?

Hi Suzanne, Yes, I'm always working on a new novel ha, ha... I've got two collections of short stories out soon with Caffeine Nights and I'm also working on a sequel to Erebus called Contamination but I've got no idea when that will be finished if I'm honest....So, keep your eyes peeled and hopefully there should be something new to read soon.
All the best.

I am the guy who reads all your horror books and my daughter laughs at my love for them, Just read your RANT for September and I am horrified. Horrified that you have not got a newspaper column and your own TV SHOW. Now that would be talent A list style. I don’t know how many are in agreement with you but in my opinion a spell on LOVE Island should immediately be followed by a spell in Prison for at least a month, just enough time for the talentless scumbags to be forgotten and for Simon Cowell’s coffers to be drained by the proceeds of crime organisation for turning out the criminal shit he does, conning public to vote and charging them, whatever happened to clubs and pubs where musicians plied their trade and became great musicians
Looking forward to your short stories book and you and family have a great Xmas.
P.S. I know maybe not your thing but Tony Bennet recently retiring at 95, one of the worlds great singers, now that is talent.
John Elliott

Hi John, well tell your daughter to STOP laughing!! lol... Trust me John, a newspaper column and my own TV show would be very nice (can't see it happening though, my friend..) The music "thing" (i.e. modern acts not doing their apprenticeships in clubs and pubs) continues to piss me off. But the problem is that most of the people who apply for shit like The X Factor etc. they don't want to be musicians, they want to be celebrities (that is to say talentless dickheads who just turn up on Reality TV shows now and then). Tony Bennett... Incredible talent and no coincidence that some of the truly talented modern singers (Lady Gaga in particular) look up to him. I saw a video of her singing with him and she was like a little kid, completely star struck. Same with Amy Winehouse who recorded a song with him. True talent never dies, John.
All the best, mate.


Hello there,
My name is Thom. I'm twenty-seven years old, and I'm a visual artist and musician who is neuro-divergent. My very favorite thing in the world is to collect signatures from people who I admire, or who have impacted society or contributed to culture in some way. Is there anyway I can get an autograph from Mr. Shaun Hutson for my collection? I recognize covid could make this difficult or at least delay response.
In any event, I appreciate greatly you taking the time to read my request. I'll keep checking my mailbox, just in case!
Warm regards,
Thomas Null

Hi Thomas, many thanks for your message. I would be delighted to send you a signature if you let me know where it should be sent to. Thanks again for your message and I'll do this for you with the greatest of pleasure. All the best.

Hi Shaun. It's been a while since l last emailed you but after your last 'rant 🤣' l feel the need.
Mate, you are spot on! The Covid shit; while taking the world down is also (occasionally) bringing out the best in true, selfless people.
I work for the NHS. I am a lowly catering assistant/ former chef. It's what l do, l don't want applause, l don't want hero worship or anything else..... but l do want to see this fucking illness GONE!
Where we live is across the road from a gym and the arsehole that owns it opened all through both lockdowns. His clientele when challenged said, 'nah, you're boring me now'.
Toss bag, he should find body bags boring because in the last 18 months l've seen more than my quota.
So, stay safe, l'm reading The Tainted Souls as we speak, brilliant, by the way and incredibly accurate. Jesus, we were sawing kitchen rolls in half for fucks sake..... rough as hell but needs must...
I spoke to a guy in Aldi where the sheves were bare saying, wtf? Is it Covid or dysentery?
I'm saying again, stay safe bud, keep 'em coming.
Best wishes,
Caz Bailey

Hi Caz, I hope you’re well. Thank you for the message. First (and you’ll probably hate this but what the fuck lol..) I just want to say how much your efforts and indeed everyone in the NHS has been appreciated by the rest of us. You say you’re not a hero but, trust me, you’re more of a hero than these z-list fucking so called celebs who have been trying to make money and gain publicity out of Covid. Releasing their crap videos etc “for the NHS.” It’s been nothing but a photo opportunity for them. Now it seems as if no one is exactly sure WHAT to do as far as the bloody virus is concerned. I see some people in masks, many without. I just fear we’ll be back in another lockdown by October. I hope I’m wrong. Glad you’re enjoying The Tainted Souls. There’s a collection of short stories from me coming before the end of the year hopefully and HEATHEN is re-issued in a new edition by Caffeine Nights very soon too so keep your eyes peeled. All the best, Caz and look after yourself.

Hi Shaun not sure if you remember but I messaged you about how me and my wife are recovering from COVID while it was bad we are a lot better now still have the odd day feeling crap but that’s life, anyway glad to here your thinking of doing a follow up to Erebus are there any news on the ebook version or Erebus caffeine nights said it was on its way but that was 2 years ago this COVID really has stuffed things up many things anyway thanks again for all the great stories

Hi Steve, I hope you and your wife are feeling better now. This bloody virus!! I am still working on a sequel to Erebus but the next book you’ll see from me is a collection of short stories called INCISIONS. It’s due before the end of this year or early next year. The next new editions from Caffeine nights are HEATHEN and DEADHEAD but I think EREBUS is due soon too. Anyway, I’m glad you and your wife are feeling a bit better and keep your eyes open for the new books. Take care.

Hi Shaun,
It’s really nice to have an opportunity to get in touch with you.
I am 40 years old now but remember vividly taking the money I got for my 13th birthday down to the local WH Smith’s and buying a copy of ‘Relics’, the first book of yours I ever owned - but certainly not the last.
All these years later, I still clearly remember reading it and loving every grotesque moment. It’s remained one of my favourites of yours, along with ‘Victims’ and ‘Slugs’.
As we’re now entering the spooky season I’ve decided to catch up on some of your books I never got round to and have just taken delivery of ‘Erebus’ and ‘Shadows’ - and I’m pretty set on getting copies of ‘Spawn’ and ‘Deathday’ too.
I’m really enjoying reliving the old nightmares as it’s taking me back to all the hours of enjoyment I had reading your books when I was younger.
I just wanted to stop by to say thanks for how instrumental you were in encouraging my life-long love of both horror and reading.
All the best.

Hi Andrew, thanks for the message and kind words. So, Relics was your first book…people still ask me if I’m going to do a sequel but I always think…”the world ended how can I do a sequel..” ha, ha… I’m glad you’re reliving the nightmares I gave you ha, ha…(I suppose I should feel guilty about that but…what the hell…). It’s weird but with my most recent books having been sequels to Renegades and Spawn it’s made me go back and revisit those early books myself and I must admit, I’m not ashamed of them ha, ha…I’m working on a sequel to Erebus too which will hopefully emerge some time next year. Once more, thank you for the kind words. They’re very much appreciated.

Hope you well Shaun,
Five chapters deep with renegades and the hooks are well and truly lodged, so much so I have ordered the rest of the Doyle books in the finest condition I could find on fleaBay.
Personally in what order would you read the Doyle books?
I remembered sneaking a copy of slugs from my dads collection when I was about ten and been enthralled so decided to pick a copy up recently for nostalgia sake, absolutely loved every page its blistering pace coupled with scene building so sharp you could smell the blood mixed with damp in the first few scenes.
And from that my collection has grown and grown.
Looking forward to reading breeding grounds when I can finally get of a fine original copy!
You have taken joint top spot with my favorite authors along Masterton and Herbert and rekindled my passion to find a few hours out of my busy schedule (work&newborn) to stop and relax with some good old fashioned horror.
Will you be doing any signings?
Be great to meet you but if not do you do signed plates? would love to personalise my collection (to Lewis if so)
Cheers for sharing your imagination

Hi Lewis, many thanks for the message and the kind words. Work and a newborn will always mess up your reading schedules, I sympathise…but more than worth it (well, the newborn anyway ha, ha..) I don’t know if I’ll be doing any signings but there will be signed copies available thanks to my publishers. Keep your eyes peeled. Many thanks for getting in touch. Take care. By the way, with the Doyle books, read them in chronological order: Renegades, White Ghost, Knife Edge, Hybrid and Testament. And let me know what you think!!!

Hi Shaun.. I've been a fan from the beginning when I was a pupil at leon school Bletchley.. love every book. Was just wondering when Progeny is out in paperback so I can add to the collection. Keep up the great work. Can't wait till the next one..

Hello Will, I hope you’re well. Thanks for the message. My God, I remember coming to Leon to give a talk!!! Those were the days ha, ha…Progeny should be out in paperback next year so keep your eyes peeled. The new one will be a collection of short stories called INCISIONS. It’s in two volumes so see what you think. All the best.

Right folks, that’s it for another month. Thanks to all of you who’ve sent Questions in. It’s always fun answering them. The next book out will be INCISIONS which is a two volume collection of short stories so let me know what you think of those. The next “proper” novel should be a sequel to Erebus…I’ve got no idea when that’ll be because I haven’t finished the bloody thing yet and I’ve had so many problems with tech stuff lately (loss of internet, laptop fucked up etc.) it’s driving me nuts!!! Anyway…there’s a new rant on the site too so have a look at that as well. See you next time...


Hi Shaun
I've read all your books Erebus was the first, I think a follow up would be great
It's reading your books that's keeping my sanity during lockdown, hope you're keeping well
Can't wait for your next read, you and your family stay safe

Cheers Gray

Hello Gray, Many thanks for the message. You might be glad to know that I'm seriously considering a sequel to Erebus as the next novel (well, after the short story I just hope that people aren't getting sick of sequels as Testament was a sequel and so was Progeny but, the material is there so why not? Glad something is keeping your sanity during lockdown…let's just hope we don't all end up in another one by September!!!! You take care of yourself too. I'm sure we'll all look back on this one day and laugh…I don't think!!!! All the best.

Hi Shaun
Just finished Progeny and got to say never disappointed and this one kept me guessing all the way till the end. Shocked by the end of the female lead, wow!! My Daughter laughs at my love for your books, she is not much of a reader and I try to encourage friends to give them a go. Also just a thought, your Hammer attempts I really enjoyed, seen attempts of Dracula filmed in more up to date versions but they do not have the same macabre, but with your skills and the way we can do limb and organ transplants, wonder if you have considered a modern day version of Frankenstein, you could pull it off. Listen to me, book writing expert, thanks so much again for Progeny I'm chomping at the bit already for the next book. In the meantime keep safe and hope all your loved ones good.
Many thanks for all the great stories, which I have now been reading since my early thirties, 20 plus years
All best
John Elliott

John, you're a gent…many thanks for the kind words. I am always a bit unsure of how sequels will go down but, if the material is there then I think it's okay and it was for Testament and for Progeny. I'm seriously thinking of doing a sequel to Erebus too. The thing is, the originals were written in the 80's and a hell of a lot has happened since so I don't think I'm pushing it. Well, tell your daughter to stop laughing and try reading one ha, ha... The Hammer adaptations were great fun for me. I loved their 50's and 60's films, so stylish and such a huge influence on my writing at the beginning. I don't think anyone has ever captured that kind of style and decadence on film since. I know some other authors who worked on the Hammer novelizations decided to "re-imagine" them in modern settings but I thought, no, fuck that. If it ain't broke don't fix it!!! Obviously X The Unknown was a slightly different animal and had to be updated for more modern "fears" but, in my humble opinion, you don't fuck with Frankenstein!!!
I'm really glad you enjoyed (if that's the word...) Progeny. The next book out should be a collection of short stories and then possibly a sequel to Erebus or something else concerning a man's obsession with a girl he sees on video and the charming family adventures that ensue... Anyway,, there'll be news on the site as always so keep your eyes peeled.
All the best, John.

Hello Shaun. Wow. Somehow my 16 year old girl self can't believe I can just email you. Very cool. So I guess I'll just start by saying thank you for all the wonderful hours of joy you gave me back in 90/91. Herbert and King were good, but you just... spoke to me, in what was actually the most difficult time of my life.
One of the reasons for that was the song lyrics you quoted. The connection, knowing that you were, are, ‘one of us' made all the difference. Now at 46, as I start to write my first book, that's what I want to do - make that connection through songs, as they set the scene so well, and really connect us.
So, given how well you did this,I thought, I love what Shaun did, I'll channel him, then I realised that you must have gone through so much copyright shit...
So my question is, how did you do that? Was it a world of pain? In my mind I'm thinking that once you quoted Queensryche and it blew my mind at the time, but maybe I made that up, given it's 30 years ago.
Big love, and thanks again, you really made a difference to me.
Charlie x

Hi Charlie, many thanks for the message and the very kind words…I'm touched. But then again people have said that about me for years lol…Glad to hear you're going to write your first book. Don't let anyone put you off!!! Do it!!! Write what YOU would want to read (that doesn't mean just rip one of mine off ha, ha...). You know what I mean. As for the songs…I agree, there is a great crossover between horror and heavy rock/metal and I wanted to try and convey the frantic, thunderous, relentlessness of both in my books. The copyright thing can be tricky but I must admit I've never actually had a problem with it (he says with his fingers crossed). During the 80's and early 90's I was lucky enough to work with a lot of rock bands like Iron Maiden, Queensryche, WASP, Shy, Marillion etc. so using their lyrics wasn't too much of a problem. Well, when I say WORK with them I mean they used to read my books and I was lucky enough to meet them because of this.
It's very kind of you to say that I “spoke to you” in my books, Charlie, I'm flattered and humbled. I've had other people say similar things and it makes me very glad that all my efforts were worth it. I think all us rock fans have always had a huge affinity and, being a rock fan is like being a member of a wonderfully raucous club!!!
The very best of luck with your book. Just one bit of advice (which I seldom give...) Don't show it to any friends or family when it's finished. With the greatest of respect, their opinions count for nothing (unless some of them happen to be literary agents or run publishing houses…). The only people who matter are the publishers and agents because they know what they're doing (well... Some of them do...) But keep at it and I shall expect a free copy when it's published... 😊
All the best, Charlie.

Hi Shaun,
Really into the horror genre, sadly only just discovered you following a recommendation from a relative. Just read Death Day this weekend. Really enjoyed can't wait to read more of your work.
Do you have any particular favourites from your books?
Regards Rob

Hello Rob, many thanks for the message. At least you HAVE discovered me at last, Rob. Better late than never ha, ha.. Favourites of my own, from my own books would be Spawn, Erebus, Renegades, Dying Words and Testament. All for different reasons. Work your way through them all if you can stand it, there are only 38 😊 Let me know what you think as you read them. If you can manage the marathon...
All the best.

Right folks, that's it from me again. Keep the questions coming.
There should be more news on the site soon about forthcoming books and also about an event I'm doing in the Autumn but I won't say too much until it's all been finalized. I've also almost finished a story that will be featured in a collection that Matt Shaw is compiling but, more news on that too when everything's sorted. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and hands, knees and boomps-a-daisy or whatever the fucking government mantra is this time around...
Take it easy...


Read testament absolutely brilliant story sean doyle love him thanks for signed copy progeny that first chapter just wondering what's your favourite books of the year. many thanks

Steven Houghton

Many thanks Steven. Glad you liked the new books. My favourite book of the're asking a man who only reads non-fiction ha, ha...I know I probably should read fiction but, apart from the new Thomas Harris book, Cari Mora, I haven't read any new fiction this year. I bought The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Age of Innocence and a few other "classics" but got sidetracked by a couple of books about horror films I got for Xmas. that's the best I can do... :)

Hi Shaun just read your rant on COVID things looking pretty bad for the country personally Me and my wife are slowly getting over it while we didn't need hospital treatment we were very ill never felt so shit in all my life it leaves you so weak you can hardly move but after 6 weeks starting to feel better at one point I was too scared to sleep but too scared to be awake if that makes any sense but I've now started to read again started on slugs then breeding ground just to get me going again hope we see a few more of your older books out on ebook soon thinking Erebus one of my all time favourites seem caffeine nights said it was coming to ebook a while ago but no sign yet anyway thanks for all your great books over the years please keep them coming thanks


Bloody hell, Steve...glad to hear you and wife are recovering. It must have been terrifying for you!!! this virus is a bastard isn't it? Good news that you're on the road to recovery though. I think I've worried more about my family than I have myself. Everything is so uncertain isn't it....anyway, you take care and I'm glad my books have helped in some small way...All the best.

Not sure if you'll remember me or not. We used to chat regularly a few years back – mainly about me being “the most fertile man in Britain” (your words, not mine) and my love of being a Gunner. I used to sign off as James the Arsenal Fan after every correspondence.

Anyway, how the Hell are you doing?

Looking forward to your collaboration with The Matt Shaw about the ongoing Coronavirus shit-show. I've met Matt on several occasions. He's a lovely chap and a fantastic author/filmmaker. Do you have any solo projects in the pipeline to be released? I am currently reading HYBRID at the moment. This one slipped under my radar, but somebody brought it into work and left it in the canteen...

Well, it went *missing*

Really enjoying it at the moment, and I can see a lot of yourself in the character of Ward, in the way that he thinks and his actions, especially towards the treatment to horror authors by publishers and their insistency to produce the autobiographies of 19-year-old talentless talent show winners, instead of investing and promoting good old-fashioned homegrown horror. It seems that the word “horror” is frowned upon in the writing community nowadays – unless, of course, your surname begins with K and ends in G. There are no offerings from yourself, James Herbert, Graham Masterton, Bentley Little... It's an absolute joke! How can a country which still to this today boasts about their cultural classic “Hammer Horror” years, turn its back on the very same genre which is clearly beloved by its audience even today?

Makes no sense to me – but then, that's not exactly a new thing.

I really hope that you and your family are safe, healthy and in good spirits during these most turbulent and alarming times, and I hope to be getting my feelers on a new Hutson novel in the very near future.
Speaking about futures (if one actually does exist) I am shooting my debut film in April. It's a low-budget apocalyptic horror film shot in the Derbyshire countryside. We were meant to be in the post-production stage by now – the original shoot being scheduled for January – but we had to postpone due to social distancing laws. Growing up on a unhealthy diet of yours and Herbert's classic storytelling, writing and watching horror has always been in my blood, and I am really excited to get behind a camera to film this one. The title is called “ONCE BITTEN” but, with your permission, a few miles down the road, I am hoping to be shooting an “EREBUS” or “DEADHEAD”. Well, you can live in hope, right?

Anyhow, take care, Shaun.

Stay safe.

Much love,


The Arsenal Fan

Hi James, of course I remember you!! I hope you're well and I hope you're enjoying your football more than I am at the moment!!! ha, ha...

Matt Shaw and myself did the collaboration as you probably know. The Tainted Souls (Matt chose the title, not me...) I hope you get the chance to read it.

This fucking virus is beyond a joke. Like you, I spend most of my days worrying about my family (rather than myself). On the subject of you, I find it incredible the way the genre is ignored by main stream publishers. The so called "big boys" just don't fucking care about it. And how many book shops do you walk into now that have a horror section? And if there is one it's all Stephen King. Someone said to me when "It" was such a huge hit at the cinema did I think it would help other horror authors. My reply: "No, it will just mean film companies try and buy even more fucking things with Stephen King's name on." Was I right? Fucking right I was.

Anyway, good luck with your film in April!!! Socially distanced horror?

Always good to hear from you, James.

You take care.

Hi Shaun
It's a small world. My dad was a mate of yours, Colin Cursley. Tonight we were talking about you because my wife, Kim, was talking about famous people she's met and found out she worked with you when you were researching and working at Cineworld. Then dad brought up the book you mentioned him and Julie in (Heathen) and went on to tell me a load of anecdotes about you.

I know we've met. Unfortunately the only thing I can remember is the statue of The Thing when I visited your house. Was a massive fan of Slugs as a kid, but now can't watch it because of the terrible dub.

Are you still local? I don't know how you and dad fell out of touch, but he only ever talks fondly of you. Maybe once lock down is over me and him can meet you for a drink somewhere? Maybe as a surprise for him. Again, I understand if the answer is no as I'm not sure how you lost touch, but I know his break up with Julie wasn't pleasant which may have something to do with it. That and you're famous, and probably very busy.

If I don't hear from you, good luck with your new stuff and short stories. Sorry the Hammer project didn't come to fruition.

Kind regards

Brad Cursley

Hi Brad...I hope you're well. Tell your wife she is a wonderful woman for including me in a list of "famous" people she'd met ha, ha...

Say hello to your dad for me. And I've still got the statue of The Thing ha, ha..

It would be nice to meet up when this shit is over...if it ever is. Keep in touch.

Look after yourself.

Hi Shaun

Have just read Evil Ink by Spike T Adams. Have seen some other books by Spike and was wondering if these are Shaun Hutson books as well.

The books I found are :-

Speed Freaks
Bad Brother
Burn Up
Snap Kick
The Fall
Blood Bond
Race Monsters

Yours Sincerely

Bryan Williams

Hi Bryan

I did one book as Spike T. Adams (and I didn't think up that name... ha, ha...) called EVIL INK, that was it.

All the best.

Hello shaun, toothless here again.

I just wanted to say thank you for replying to my last message, I know you always do but the last one made me laugh (made my dad laugh as well when I showed him what you said at the end)

Im currently slowly making my way through a book at the moment which is completely off beat to what you would usually write, in fact I have the trilogy to get through (inkheart trilogy if it interests you enough to know)

Once im done with these I will most definitely be getting on with the Richard Howard books as I now have the full set (thanks to my neighbours for buying me the last one) I've also bought a few more books by your pseudonyms (both Frank taylor books, Tom lambert, stefan rostov and majority of the wolf kruger books to name a few) I am missing the blood and honour book though and I am keeping an eye out as I want to get the old paperback version of it.

The Thursday just gone as I write this message (31st December) I managed to buy myself a copy of chainsaw terror which I am absolutely excited to get in the post and can't wait to read.

I remember seeing somewhere that the chainsaw terror was supposed to be the first book in a trilogy, what happened with that? I think that would of been absolutely brilliant as a trilogy I think and I know a lot of people on the official Facebook group would feel the same.

1 last thing before I bore you to death (I feel like that's what is happening with my rambling on)

I recently gave my neighbours brother a guitar (he's in his late 20s) today (January 3rd) I am expecting a part to fix said guitar (it's a first for me) because as he was putting the strings on the nut broke (not good) he actually gave me a song to learn and yesterday I managed to get it done, he said that was quick and my usual response is "that's why I've been single for so long, the song is called head in the clouds by gerry cinnamon if you fancy checking out something a bit different, I definitely like it myself.

My neighbours just to throw out something random are amazing, the lad my family has known for years (he's from Manchester) and his other half is from Scotland (the lad i gave the guitar to is Scottish and was in the army at one point) that whole side of the family are slightly nuts but my family gets on well with them, funny how we always attract the nutters but we do 🤣

Right, sorry for going on a rambling free for all but I hope you are well and I also hope that if this year you do any appearances anywhere that I can find a way to come meet you.

Take care.

Toothless (luke)

Hi Luke, good to hear from you again. Good to see you're building up your collection of my books (even the pseudonym stuff). I found, by accident, an article about Chainsaw Terror online the other night which is amusing. I've added the link here for you:

I honestly don't know where some people find out some of the info they find ha, ha..

You're right, Chainsaw Terror was originally meant to be the first of a trilogy. You never know, it might yet become that. I know Caffeine Nights are very keen to re-publish it so we'll see what happens.

I have nothing but admiration for guitarists... (I was a drummer..ha, ha..). I tried learning but came to the conclusion I had two fingers less than were needed and the ones I had were too short!!!

Anyway, you look after yourself and keep in touch.

All the best Toothless.

Right folks, that's it for another month. I hope you're all getting through this latest lockdown or having your vaccine or whatever the fuck is happening around us. Just to let you all know that the next book will be a collection of short stories, I hope that goes down well. Also, how would anyone feel about a sequel to EREBUS?

Let me know...

Take it easy you lot.