Questions 2023

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Hi Shaun,
Have just received both signed copies, thank you, just finished On A Star If the rest are as good we are in for a treat.
Having read and collected all Your books I cannot understand why none have been made into Films or TV series (except Slugs).
We don’t need more Stephen King and Police Detective series.
Let’s have some Horror and Gore!
I will have to stop now and read Sea Air. Can’t wait
Will get back to You when I have finished both books?
Kind Regards
Mike Blake

Hi Mike, thanks for the message. And thank you for the kind words. It’s great to know you’re enjoying the short stories. I agree with you in wondering why more of my books haven’t been filmed. They are perfect for filming. I honestly think it is a complete lack of balls that has caused this lol. I’m hoping that CHASE finally gets filmed (when the actors strike is over). It might be the start of something hopefully. All the best.

Hi Shaun,
Just enjoyed watching the film adaptation of your novel Slugs and also your commentary on the blu ray track. Sounded like you both had a lot of fun recording that!
I happen to be writing an article on the obscure creature novel you reference a few times, “Eat Them Alive”. It’s that bizarre book about the vengeful eunuch who trains praying mantises to do his evil bidding. It’s certainly a memorable novel, but not a lot has been written about it.
Do you happen to remember reading it back in the ‘70s or later? What made it stick with you? Was this the terrible novel that helped you realize you could write something just as good, almost certainly better? Perhaps there is something profound about Eat Them Alive?
I’d love to be able to quote a significant author like you to show the book’s staying power, even if it is only in memory of what not to do as a writer.
Thanks again for all your contributions to horror literature,
Justin Tate

Hi Justin... bloody hell, the only other person who’s ever heard of EAT THEM ALIVE lol... Slugs was so successful (thank God) that it spawned a whole new sub series of terror by animals books like EAT THEM ALIVE, CATS, CAME A SPIDER etc. etc. I always used to cite NIGHT OF THE CRABS as the reason I started writing. I read it as a cocky little teenager and thought I could do better. I know Guy N. Smith (rest in peace) used to hate my comments in interviews and I wouldn’t be that disrespectful now but, I was young, what the fuck. EAT THEM ALIVE was so inventively dreadful that it is almost immortal lol. It’s like a 50’s giant monster on the loose movie (let’s not forget The Deadly Mantis, I wonder if that was the inspiration). New English Library (who published it) were, of course, responsible for discovering and publishing James Herbert and were the first British publishers to publish Stephen King. The MD at the time, a wonderful man called Bob Tanner was my agent for many years and was also responsible for starting my career with SLUGS so I will be eternally grateful to him for that. I think it was Bob who published EAT THEM ALIVE. People who sneer at novels like that and try to take the piss should remember that at least its author had the guts to write it and get it published. That’s more than most do. If there’s anything else I can help you with let me know. All the best.

Hi Shaun,
Hope you're well and that there's plenty of crap telly to piss you off. I've never watched 'I'm a Celebrity' and I'm not about to start to.
Do you ever write from 'real life'? The reason I ask is that I'm working my way through 'Incisions' and I could really use that vase (the dawdy blue one with the gold patterns). I would wipe out fookin' Ant and Dec for starters by wishing they got a bumper dose of botulism from some shit bush tucker...
Have you got any idea when the eBook omissions are being published, please? I'd love to see Erebus etc. on Kindle.
Anyways, I was going to wish you a nice Christmas... but I'll save it until the postman brings the vase.
Best wishes,
Mark Anthony Smith
Hull, East Yorkshire

Strange you should say that Mark, I’ve just finished writing a rant for the website on just that subject lol... I’ll share that bloody vase with you lol... Erebus is due to be re-issued this year I think, Mark. There’s also a new Doyle novel on the way and another compilation of short stories so keep your eyes peeled. Right, I’ll make sure that vase is well wrapped up...

Thanks to everyone who’s sent questions and queries. Keep them coming. All of you have a wonderful Xmas and New Year. I’ll be back in 2023. Make sure you’re there too.


Will you be writing any more Alain Lausard books?
The series was superb.
Scott Mcsloy

The fact that I might have (Ahem... Cough... ) written the Alain Lausard novels is an interesting question Scott... LOL.
I think it's one of the worst kept secrets in publishing. However, there will hopefully be more Lausard books.
There's one on the go at the moment BONAPARTE'S SWORDSMEN, which picks up directly where BONAPARTE'S HORSEMEN left off.
Keep your eyes peeled. Canelo publishers have done a really good job with them and, hopefully, the series will continue. I'm so glad you enjoyed them. Many thanks for messaging.

Hi Shaun
I've been a fan of your books since around 2018 when I came across a copy of Slugs for 50p on a table near the exit to Co Op, so glad I went in there that day. After reading Slugs I straight away ordered breeding ground and Erebus and didn't stop there. I then read compulsion and found it to be a very powerful book, it really left a lasting impression on me. I was going through an incredibly stressful time of my life by the next year due to leaving an abusive relationship and reading dead head and victims was a huge distraction and was the absolute crutch that got me through court proceedings. Since then things have been great and I've read nearly everything you've written. Among my favourites are Assassin, Shadows, Relics, Skull (liked it being set in Derbyshire as I'm from there myself) and Captives as well as those mentioned before that. I've recently just finished Renegades and I've had to order Testament as I've got to find out what happened after before I read White Ghost and Knife Edge. I really enjoyed Body Count as well, it gave me Manhunt vibes due to the nature of the game they're all forced to play on that film set. Anyway just thought I'd write this as your works really left a lasting impression on me, even motivated me to publish my own book last year.
All the best
Jove W

Thanks so much for getting in touch and it's brilliant to know how much you like my work and how my books might actually have helped in the past. I must admit, Body Count was hugely influenced by Manhunt. I loved that game and I can't understand why no one's ever tried to make a film of it although I know it's basically The Most Dangerous Game... Once more, so good to hear from you and the very best of luck with your own book.
Right guys, that's it for now. Keep the questions coming. It's always good to hear from you.


Hi Shaun
Do you have a release date for the paperback version of Progeny? It feels like a long time since it came out in Hardback. While we're at it any news on the paperback releases for Incisions 1 and 2? Keep up the great work!
Mark Vasey

Hi Mark. I think, I think that the Paperback version of PROGENY is already released... I could be wrong. Probably best to check with Amazon or Caffeine Nights, you know me, I'm bloody useless. Same as INCISIONS one and two... Not sure when they're due out in paperback. Sorry to be so unhelpful and I hope you can track them down.

Just wanted to say that I'm a fan of the books especially Slugs and Breeding Ground. You've helped me stay sane on the long midnight shifts between my rounds in prison.
Keep on keeping on!

Hi Ray, thanks for the kind words. I'm glad I can do some small thing to help you keep your sanity. I wish I could keep my own ha, ha... It must be the sort of job where you need some kind of escape from reality.

Mr Hutson
I have had a shit weekend but got to say logging into your site has just made life worth living again. I have been looking around for your latest two books, Incisions and Requiem and am struggling to find but out again tomorrow so will get them shortly. Knowing what a superb author you are, I think it is seriously time for you to come up with a story concerning these hateful celebs who are breathing good air and maybe concerning a mass murderer ha! Ha! Anyway, great to see a rant and I will find your latest two and send you my thoughts on them. If you are ever in London Shaun, you see my job title, don't ever hesitate to hit me for a few tickets for your good self and family.
All best mate

John Elliot
Security Duty Manager, London Eye

Hi John, many thanks for the message. Someone else just asked me for release dates for Incisions 1 and 2 but I am bloody useless with things like that, John, sorry. I'm working on another novel with Sean Doyle in at the moment. He'd be the one to wipe out a few fucking celebs lol... I could never do a book like that (I don't think) because my seething hatred of celebs would interfere with the cold and detached way I usually write lol... That's very kind of you to offer some tickets for the London Eye John, I will definitely take you up on that but I'll warn you beforehand. Very much appreciated.
It must be a very responsible job... probably a book in there, John... Thanks again for your message, mate. Take care.
Right guys, that's it for another month. I've attached A new rant so hopefully that helps. Also, I've just had a short story published in France (only in French) and thought you guys might like to see that too so I'll send it to Graeme and he can stick it on the site too for your delectation. Also, interesting news about CHAINSAW TERROR... a US publisher wants to re-print it so you might finally be able to get your hands on that most notorious of my novels... We'll see what happens. Take it easy, you lot.


Dear Shaun Hutson's team,
I have recently purchased 2 signed and numbered copies of the Incisions Cut One and Incisions Cut Two for my wife who is an avid Shaun Hutson fan and has read all his books too date. However because of the unique nature of these latest books she does not want to open / read them and i have been searching the internet for e-reader / kindle versions of both books.
Can you advise if these are available as a download to allow her to read both " books " and if so where can they be found?
Many thanks in anticipation
Ian Hemming

Hi Ian. Thanks for your message. I think the paperbacks of both INCISIONS books are on the way soon so that might solve your problem. I also think there's a Kindle version on the way. I hope your wife liked the signed and numbered copies (even if she hasn't read them yet). All the best.
Right folks, that's it for another month. Sorry I took so long answering this time around, let's just say there were technical problems (mainly my lousy bloody memory!)... keep the questions coming. I'll be back again soon...


Hi shaun great win against Manchester United other day just started reading heathen book cant wait for follow up to ere us such a great book what were your favourite horror movies of last year thanks
Steven Houghton

Hi Steven. I must admit, I enjoyed that win against the Mancs as much as I've enjoyed anything for years. Favourite horror movies of last year... phew... I'd go with MEN, X (both of which I bought on dvd) and I also enjoyed PEARL (the sequel to X). I also thought SMILE was pretty decent.

Hi Shaun,
I hope this reaches you. Its been a long time since we motored around the UK promoting your books. What happened was to quote my favourite comedian – Jethro – is I opened a drawer and found a Shaun Hutson UK Tour T Shirt from back then. I hope all is ok with you and Belinda. I'm 76 now and still In MK.
Before rambling on it is best if I find out this email reached you. Sonja sends her best wishes.
Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you.
All the best
Peter Williams
PS I agree with you about Turkish Delight. You can now be sure I have been on your website.

Hi Pete, it's good to hear from you. I hope you're well. It does seem like a long time ago, doesn't it. Mind you, it was.
All the best.


Hi Shaun,
I loved "Incisions" and read it in two days. My question is will you be bringing Sean Doyle back or was Testament his last outing?
Just a suggestion but what about some SD short stories.
Take care.

Hi James. Many thanks for your message. I'm really glad you like INCISIONS, its always nerve racking for me when a new book comes out so to hear you liked it is a relief. Doyle will be back in the next novel which will be called HOLLOW POINT. I haven't finished writing it yet but the old bastard will be back, don't worry.

Hi Shaun,
I've read many of your horror books over the years and enjoyed them all but I was wondering if you would consider writing one about a lonely guy who tries to summon a succubus but then as to turn to a priest to help him get rid of it!
Can't beat a good horror book with Demons, sex and lots of gore and there's no one better to write about the subject than you.
Glenn from Cannock

Hi Glenn, I hope you're well. Do you know what? That is a fucking brilliant idea! If I use it I'll credit you. I really like the idea of a succubus! By the way, I'm serious. I love that.


Hi Shaun, I am a 14-year-old writer and need some advice. Also, you are my biggest inspiration by far. Do you have any advice? John Easdale

Hi John, thanks for the message. My advice would be to write what you want to write. Also, don't get everyone in the family or your friends to read it. The reason I say that is, unless they're publishers or agents, they won't really know what they're looking for. They're not experts. You will know in your own mind if what you've done works. And, as you write more, this will become even clearer for you. Just keep going, ignore anyone who tries to put you off and concentrate on your writing. The more you write the better you'll get. The more you'll learn your craft. So stay focussed and the very best of luck. Keep me posted on what happens.

Hello Shaun
Hope you are well and had a good Christmas and New year. The question I would like to ask is, do you know of where I can purchase your last 2 books?
I have tried everywhere and they are the only 2 I don't have in my collection 😭.
If you can help in any way I would be very grateful.
Thank you
Kindest regards

Hi Debbie. Thanks for your message. You should be able to get them direct from Caffeine Nights (hopefully). However, the paperback editions come out soon so Amazon might be your best bet. Let me know if you have any success getting them.

Hi Shaun,
You've probably answered these questions before but if so, then I've missed them. Maybe the answers are buried under the fookin' 'Kate and Wills' edition of 'Hello magazine' that's left littering the gaff and hasn't been rolled for roach ends yet. Your answers could equally be weighed under the dotty Mr. Tumble Annual that's getting under my feet. I don't know and I digress, in this half-arsed celebrity, carpet-bagging world...
Does 'The Godfather of Gore' do a strict writing routine? Do you write long-hand or on a computer? How many words a day do you aim for?
Talking of carpet baggers, have you ever read any books by 'The Hard Man of Horror'? Mark Anthony Smith's notable classics include 'Brood' and 'Keep It Inside: and Other Weird Tales.' Of course, he wouldn't dare trying to drop any mentions on your wonderful website.
He did ask, rather politely though, that should you bump into 'The Peony of Poetry' or 'The Menace of Mills and Boon', please would you be as so kind as to send them his way.
Thanks Shaun,
Mark Anthony Smith
Hull, East Yorkshire

Hi Mark, thanks for your message, it made me chuckle... well, "The Godfather of Gore" is just grateful if he can get something written everyday to be honest lol. I used to plan everything to the smallest detail but now I just seem to write it then go back and add stuff or correct etc. I'm more "spontaneous" now! I write longhand and then type it up, changing and correcting stuff as I go. If I can do 3,000 words a day I'm happy (or happyish)... but what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. I write when I feel like it basically. At other times, I chain myself to the laptop and sit there until something clicks... it isn't always easy lol.

Dear Shaun
Why were there only 150 copies of Incisions printed? I have other signed books by yourself and own all your books. Really disappointed that I won't be able to add this one to my collection, unless I buy on eBay at an extortionate price.
Hope you are well. Happy New Year. Kind Regards Mike Blake

Hi Mike, thanks for the message. To be honest, Mike, I didn't know there were only going to be 150 copies printed. As you can imagine, that kind of thing is out of my hands. I know the paperbacks are on the way if that's any help so you should be able to get copies of those but I know what you mean.

Hello Shaun,
One of your fans from Australia here. I've parted with some of my hard-earned cash to buy some of your books off Ebay. I am now the proud owner of Compulsion, White Ghost, Spawn, (which I had a copy of but lost) and your first book Slugs. I saw the movie and thought it was absolute shit, to the point I had to stop watching it. Fucking crap it was.
Look forward to the next book.
Pat from Australia

Hi Pat, many thanks for your message. Always good to hear from one of my readers in another part of the world. Glad you like the books. Sorry you didn't like the film of Slugs (I was the same when I first saw it... ). Give it another go, I guarantee you'll change your mind. I did lol.

Hi Shaun
Currently reading Unmarked Graves, seem to have a copy signed with "Best wishes to Joan."
Anyway, been a while since I've read a Hutson and am surprised that 'sodium glare' doesn't put in an appearance until p188.
Keep up the good work.
Gary W-B

Hi Gary, thanks for your message. Well, I'm gutted that "sodium glare" doesn't appear earlier. At least it's there though. There might be a "coppery odour of blood" lurking around too if you look closely. All the best.


Hey Shaun. Good evening. I've been reading a lot about your history on your website, to do with your music, your football etc. your football following and going to and from every home and away games.
I just wondered why you got rid of your entire Liverpool collection? The programmes. The match shirts. The tickets in every away day programme and all the photos etc. that go along with it?
Or was it that you just fell out of love with the game and got rid?
Would love to hear back!

Hi Tyler, thanks for the message. I loved going to Liverpool matches and everything that went with them but, things happened in my life that meant I couldn't keep all the things I'd collected to do with so many wonderful memories and experiences. It broke my heart having to let them go but I'm not going to bore you by going into detail about it. I still love the game even though I'm just an armchair fan now but, having been every single week for 20 years, I feel I've done my apprenticeship lol. All the best.

As someone new to your work and looking to explore your "horror" novels, what would be a good starting point? (Although I'm not limited to your "horror" output - so perhaps 2-3 suggestions).
Thanks Looking forward to digging in!

Hi Don and thanks for getting in touch. Whenever anyone asks where they should start I usually say RENEGADES. That then allows me to also recommend the other four novels with Sean Doyle in lol. However, I'd say start with SPAWN, then RELICS or maybe EREBUS and then ASSASSIN. They really sum up my style (well, the early style anyway) and the ferocity of my writing. Then move on to HEATHEN, RENEGADES and DEADHEAD. I suppose I might as well have recommended everything I've written lol but you want to start with 2-3 don't you... Not 38 or 39. That, I hope, will come eventually.

Hi Shaun,
Have you ever been likened to Clarke's shoe shop? I sit with one of your books and the tone is like the best pair of well-worn slippers you've ever owned. You just never want to chuck them out.
Then I open your books. The plots are like fookin' school sports day! Egg and spoon, javelin, fookin' wheelbarrow. I race in a pair of go-faster trainers trying to find out what happens.
What's your Hutson of Hutson's, Mr. Hutson? Which of your books fires your starting gun?
Back in the early '90's, I remember dragging my Ma into WH Smith's and walking away with about 8 of your paperbacks (I paid for them, of course). The rest of my Army leave was spent reading 'Slugs' and 'Breeding Ground'. I was gripped and very sober.
Fast forward to yesterday, or around 2 months ago, and I've rediscovered your books. Can't believe 'Spawn' went under the radar.
You've got my reading habit back on track - thank you. I've just bought 27 of your books on Kindle. I'm hoping the notable omissions - Captives, Erebus and Shadows et. al. will be released soon. Really looking forward to 'Incisions: Cuts 1 and 2.'
My question, please: If you were a flower, what flower would you be - and why?
Finally, you need a pair of wellies when reading Hutson to wade through all the blood, excrement and gore.
Thank you for the sunny guts,
Mark Anthony Smith
HULL, East Yorkshire

I've been described as many things in my life, Mark, but never as a fucking shoe shop... Lol... Love that. Many thanks for your message. I pissed myself reading most of it (not literally obviously... )... I should have realized you were a squaddie. You have my respect, Mark. Respect also to your mum for buying you so many of my books when you were a youngster. A fine woman obviously. Erebus and Shadows are certainly listed as the next ones for re-issue and Kindle so that's two more to get. Captives will follow in due course I'm sure. If I was a flower I'd probably be a Venus Fly Trap... Lol... Make up your fucking mind!!! I'm either a shoe shop or a flower... Many thanks for the message, Mark. Take it easy.

Hi Shaun
Look at the website regular not seen a new rant for ages but also awaiting the collaboration of short stories you were bringing out. Anyway, looking forward to a new read and wishing you a merry Christmas and a successful New Year and there are plenty of Rose's chocolates in my local Morrisons 😊
All best mate
John Elliott

Hi John, you're right I haven't ranted for a while... I must get back to it lol... Sometimes I actually start off to go bloody crazy and then realize I haven't got anything new to rant about lol... It's the same kind of shit that's been pissing me off for years. I'll go for days at a time without getting wound up and then some worthless fucking celeb appears on TV and I'm off... Well, come to think of it, nearly everyone ON TV is a worthless fucking celeb but you know what I mean. The short stories are out, at least the first volume is. Let me know what you think. I always get nervous when a new book is released and I'm more nervous than usual about these. I hope you had a good Xmas and a Happy New Year to you too, John. I did finally manage to get Roses by the way... Lol... Take it easy, mate.

Hello Mr the fucking dog's bollocks of an author and blog writer Hutson,
I have just had my 14-year-old son in absolute hysterics reading your Christmas blog. Safe to say he loved it as much as i enjoyed reading it out to him.
I'm a 30 year long fan of yours having read Victims at the tender age of 13ish (my best friend handed me your book open at chapter 35 and said read this, you will know if you want to start it from the beginning. I did. That was when I fell in love with reading). Your style of writing and the way it reads keeps me hooked page after page and I can't really big you up any more than that.
I noticed in the fan page on Facebook everyone has got a signed copy of Incisions and i was gutted to have missed out on that opportunity.
I live in Arlesey so not too far afield from you and I would love it if I could get the opportunity to get a copy of your book signed, if it should so arise. I am trying to find somewhere that has the hardback (as that's how books should always be!).
I have just handed over my very well and often reread copy of Victims to my 14-year-old son. I'll know when he's reading it from the giggles it will envelop him in 🤣
Being a recovering addict, I can safely say my addiction for a lot of things are curbed but the reading of your material will never be cured for as long as you keep them coming.
Wishing you all the very best this Xmas and for 2023.
Jenna Albon-Jones
(Ps. If you could name a character Jenna in one of your books i would go mad with happiness knowing you have read this email 😂)

Hi Jenna, I'm still chuckling at your message. So glad your son is a possible disciple lol... I'm always happy when parents say that they've got their kids into my books. Thank you. I also love the idea of you reading my rants to him. I'm even happier that he enjoys them. So I ensnared you when you were young too, eh? Lol... It's re-issued by Caffeine Nights this year so grab a new copy, read my introduction and then give it to your son lol. On the recovering addict side, good luck with that, Jenna. I've got a very addictive personality myself so anyone who gets addicted to anything has my sympathy. Anyone who then beats that addiction has my admiration. Many thanks for the message. And give my regards to your son too.
p.s. I will definitely name a character Jenna in the next book. Keep your eyes peeled... it'll be out in 2024. Xx
Right then you wonderful lot, that's it once again. I just want to apologize for the lack of rants on the website as some of you have pointed out. Maybe I'm mellowing... Yeah, right. I hope you all had a great Xmas and New Year. Let's hope this coming year is even better. On a personal front, the film of CHASE starts shooting this year. INCISIONS CUT TWO is to come in April and also re-issues of EREBUS and the paperback of PROGENY. I hope you like them all. Oh, and just one other thing, people have been asking if the release of two collections of short stories means I've finished with novels... Not a chance. It might be of interest to you all to know that the next new novel from me and Caffeine Nights (probably in 2024) will feature someone you all know well... I think you can guess who I mean...